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Taxi Driver (1976)



Taxi Driver - You Talkin' to Me

Taxi Driver -
You Talkin' to Me
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Tears of the Sun (2003)

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  • Tears of the Sun and Training Day were directed by the same person. They also have the same sunrise opening at the beginning only in Tears of the SUn it's been sped up. (Source: Watching the Movie) - IH8HIPPIES


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze (1991)

  • Super Shredder at the end was played a different actor and no he wasn't on stilts. He was played by the 6"plus wrestling giant Kevin Nash. Picture: (Source: - TAZ


Terminal, The (2004)

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  • The scenes that took place in the terminal were filmed inside an airplane hangar and they had to build an entire airport terminal. (Source: Behind the scenes) - Tazz
  • The costume designer who did the costumes for the foreigners entering America was done by the same woman who did the costumes for Catch Me If You Can (another Tom Hanks movie directed by Spielberg). (Source: Behind the scenes) - Tazz


Terminator, The (1984)

  • Those black/silver Nike sneakers Reese stole while hiding from the police in an closed and dark mall are real shoes. It was called "Nike Vandal" and was released on the same year that The Terminator was released, which was 1984. - Max Gardner


Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The (1974)

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  • The cover for The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 is a copy off of the cover of The Breakfast Club. Every one is in the exact same spot. - Robabob

Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2
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  • The movie "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" was banned from television for 25 years. (Source: Common knowledge) - Movie Man
  • People actually walked out on previews for "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre". (Source: Common knowledge) - Movie Man
  • The original name for this film was none other than HeadCheese. (Source: Magazine) - Erin


There's Something About Mary (1998)

  • Jim Carrey was originally casted to play the role of Ted, but was cut buy the directors because he was to wacky. - The Quiz Man
  • The "meat on a stick" and "meat in a cone" jokes were actually intended for a Seinfeld episode that never got produced. They were originally written for George and Jerry to muse about while munching on corn dogs. The Farrelly Bros. bought the joke from the authors after reading the script. (Source: I was there) - Flutterby
  • Green Bay Packer quarterback Brett Favre's cameo in the movie was originally intended to be played by San Francisco 49'ers quarterback Steve Young. Young, a devout Mormon, declined because he thought the movie's content was too vulgar. This is interesting because as a pro football player, just about all of his games were on Sundays, and also when Young was pulled out of a blowout loss to the Philadelphia Eagles in 1994, you could clearly see him yell obscenities at his coach, George Seifert. - Jack


Thin Man, The (1949)

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  • The Thin Man in the Title refers to the murder victim in the story and not to William Powell's character, Nick Charles. The name, however, persisted through out the series due to name recognition. - Dangerous2know
  • Many know that Clark Gable was named the King of Hollywood by Photoplay Magazine and that the name stuck. What many do not know is that Photoplay named Myrna Loy as Queen of Hollywood in the same issue. They have identical buildings stand next to each other on the old MGM lot (Now Sony Pictures) in Culver City. - Dangerous2know


Third Man, The (1934)

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  • Near the end of the film, when Harry Lime (Orson Welles) is being pursued through the sewers, there is a scene above ground which shows Lime's fingers protruding through a sewer grate. In reality, those fingers belonged to the film's director, Sir Carol Reed. (Source: Personal knowledge) - Covenant


Three Men and a Baby (1989)

Sweet mother of god! It's a boy! It's a ghost boy!
Oh, hang on a sec... It's just a fake Ted Danson.
(Images provided by Urban Legends Reference Pages)
  • URBAL LEGEND: When Ted Danson is talking to his mother in the back ground behind the curtains you can see a kid looking at the camera. Rumor has it he is one of the producers kids, he is a kid that wonder into the set, or he is a ghost from a kid who jumped out the window. OOOOHHHH Spookie. - Dude
    • Correction: What the Dude mentioned about the kid in the back of the scene is not true. When the rumor first started, it was said to be the ghost of the boy who lived in the apartment where the movie was being filmed. He died when he fell out the window. When his mother saw the movie, she saw him and screamed, "That's my son!" The result was a run on Three Men and a Baby at the video stores as everyone rushed to see the ghost of the dead boy. As it turns out, there was no dead boy or mother. The boy in the background was actually a cardboard cutout of one of the actors in the film, Ted Danson, I think. They even took a picture of Ted posing with the cardboard cutout and put it in People magazine, with a small article explaining this urban legend. - Jim M
    • Comment: In that same scene where Jack passes the two windows while his mother is there, yes, the second window does have a cardboard cutout inserted into one scene and as Danson goes by the window again it is gone..but also in the first window. Danson goes by the window and there is a rifle in the window, when he repasses that first window again, it is gone. I was told that this was the gun that the boy who killed himself used, but we all know now that this was not a goof, just a publicity stunt to get viewers interested in the movie just in case it did not do so well at the box office. - lisa46224
    • Comment: Everybody knows about the boy behind the window. Well if he was a fake then why does he appear again. When they are all singing Goodnight sweetheart its time to go, and the baby is sleeping in the crib. Look in the round window above the crib. At first he is not there, but then you will see his head float up in the window, then it will float back down. I have done research on where the movie was taped, and it was filmed in a real apt, and filmed on the 2nd floor. So why would they go to all of this trouble for a fake ghost sighting. - wazzzup
    • Comment: There is a ghost in the film and yes it is of the boy that lived in that apt. The film makers paid the mother of the boy a huge sum of money to film the movie in her apt after her son died of leukemia. When she saw the premier of the film she saw him, still dressed in the same outfit he passed away in and yes she tried to get the movie stopped. If you notice that the new movies don't included that scene or it was dubbed out. Answer this, why would they keep filming if there was a boy standing in the window? Because you can't see it in real life only on film since it goes so fast you have to really look, I never knew it was there until I was told it was. Stunt or not, I still believe that it's a ghost and it's of the woman's son. Rest his soul. - Just Me
    • Comment: Do you people also believe that The Blair Witch Project was true?!? There is no ghost in Three Men And A Baby. Here, straight from, is the truth about the (rofl) "ghostly figure." "The strange figure seen behind the curtains of a window in the background of a Three Men and a Baby scene is a cardboard cutout of Ted Danson, not the supernatural image of a dead boy. Also, all filming took place on soundstages, not in any real house or apartment." Read all about this urban legend at the Urban Legends Reference Pages. - hikkchik
    • Comment: Not to beat a dead horse so to speak but it is widely believed the cardboard cutout was actually "planted" in the window to create the illusion of the "ghost boy". An alleged ploy by the director/producer to drum up interest in the video release. - K2000kid
    • Comment: There's no way that little boy in the window is Ted Danson's cardboard cut out. Look at the pictures! Ted's cutout is full sized - that little boy in the window is not! - jenn4516
      • Correction: It is in fact a cardboard cutout of Ted Danson and NOT of a child ghost...he isn't standing right next to it in that particular scene so it makes it look smaller. Freeze the scene and you will be able to tell it is his cardboard cutout. It just made it in to that scene by accident. - sara
    • Correction: About the whole ghost story thing. It's a good story, a great way to entice some date into watching the movie with you. A fun little gag for friends. However, it is, in fact, a cardboard cut out of Danson. And there is no validity to the apartment story, because that scene was filmed on a soundstage in Hollywood. Sorry to anyone who truly believed it, but hey, play a prank on your friends. This is the perfect set up, don't you think? - nloding

Thunderball (1965)

  • When James Bond discovers the sunken Vulcan-bomber, he swims through a door between the bomb-bay and the cockpit. When the movie was shown at a Royal Air Force base, the Vulcan-pilots who saw this scene laughed, since the real Vulcans didn't have such a door. - Olav Westerman

  • The flight scenes with the Vulcan bomber were made with a actual airplane flown by Squadron Leader Brown. Only the crash and sinking scenes were done with models. (Source: Personal Knowledge (I knew the pilot)) - Spoc42



To Have and Have Not (1944)

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  • Lauren Bacall is miming to a song sung by Andy Williams - yes, Andy Williams. He was 17 at the time. (Source: Interviews with Lauren Bacall) - Phil


Tommy Boy (1995)

  • I wondered if anybody ever noticed that Rob Lowe is not credited at all for his rather large part in Tommy Boy? (Source: Me!) - DocBrosnan
    • Comment: True. Rob Loew is uncredited. His plays Paul Barish. (Source: - Webmaster


Tootsie (1982)

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  • The movie was originally called "Would I Lie to You?" Dustin Hoffman suggested the named TOOTSIE because it was his childhood nickname. - Nate


Top Gun (1986)


Tora! Tora! Tora! (1970)


Torque (2004)

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  • During the opening scene, the guys on the bikes drive by a speeding red car and an old oil truck. The same ones in Duel directed by Steven Spielberg.
  • The director [Joseph Kahn] of this movie also directed music videos for EMINEM 'Without me' and Britney 'Toxic'!!! (Source: Seeing the movie) - Shaun


Touch of Evil (1958)

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  • Orson Welles was not originally slated to direct this noir masterpiece, but Charlton Heston balked until the producers allowed Welles on board. - Covenant
  • The titles of the books on the boy's bookshelf are the titles of many of Pixar's animated short films. If you can get your hands of a videotape called Tiny Toy Stories you can see five of the best ones. My personal favorite is one called Knicknack. - Cathy
  • When Buzz and Woody are fighting under the family car at the gas station you can hear either Buzz or Woody mumble rape me or something along those lines when Buzz jumps on Woody. - pat
    • Correction: Neither one of them say "rape me". Woody says "make me". - Jeremy
  • Towards the end when we see the inside of Sid's house, look at the wallpaper. The design sure looks like pot leaves to me and the people I've talked to. - thunderbolt
  • When Sid traps Woody under a crate in his bedroom there is a brand name on the crate which is visible to the audience. The name says "Binford". Binford was the name of the sponsor of Tim Allen's (who does Buzz Lightyear's voice) character's show "Tool Time" on the ABC sitcom Home Improvement. - Philthemovieman
  • Throughout the movie, there is a ball with a stripe and a star. It bounces through scenes and sits in others. Try to count how often it shows up! It is almost every scene for a while. The ball is from one of the original Pixar shorts where lamps and playing ball then one jumps up and down on a ball then squashes it. There are a lot of other references to Pixar shorts, including many shots with the lamp in it. - mellodie
    • Addition: The short animation that the ball first appears in was the first ever animated short created by Pixar. The two lamps that feature are the reason that there is a lamp in the logo of Pixar. (Source: Common knowledge) - Lizzie
  • Billy Crystal was originally going to play Buzz but at the end we all know Tim Allen go the part. (Source: TBS) - Tazz


Toy Story 2 (1999)


  • Frank Oz is the policeman who finds the PCP on Winthorpe in Trading Places. (Source: The Movie and my eyes) - Olorin
    • Addition: Oz is credited as "Corrupt cop". - Webmaster


  • The singer Macy Grey has a cameo in the movie. - TAZ
    • Addition/Correction: She is credited as "Sandman's Wife". A cameo is an uncredited appearance. - Webmaster
  • The film uses the same music as "badlands" the Terrence Malick film about young lovers on the run. "True romance" also uses voice-over narration by the female lead, ala once again "badlands". - David
    • Comment: The comment about having the same music as Badlands... Actually I thought this but upon checking the Badlands music is actually by Carl Orff (of Carmina Burana fame) and is part of his music for children. The prolifix Hans Zimmer did the music for True Romance and but similarities between the two pieces are too close to be accidental. Anyone know the story behind this? - AndyB
  • In some ways the Christian Slater character is an homage to "Taxi Driver's" Travis Bickle. Slater's character is a loner who wears a military jacket, is infatuated with a prostitute, and finally guns down a pimp. Travis Bickle is a loner who wears a military jacket, is infatuated with a prostitute, and finally guns down a pimp. - David
    • Addition: Clarance and Travis both also go alone to the movies. The difference is; Travis prefers Swedish porn and Clarance old Kung Fu movies.
  • Tarantino's screenplay originally had the film told out of order ala "Reservoir Dogs", and "Pulp Fiction". In the original script Clarence dies in the end, and Alabama goes on to work in crime meeting up with "Mr. White" from "Reservoir Dogs". - David
  • According to the great actor Sean Penn ("Dead Man Walking","The Thin Red Line") the magnificent scene between Christopher Walken and Dennis hopper is "The best pop-culture scene ever shot...". A very high mark from one of our best actors. - David
  • Kahuna burgers are mentioned Pulp Fiction, From Dusk Till Dawn and in True Romance too. If I recall correctly when Clarence (Slater) takes his first bite of the Kahuna burger he has almost the exact same reaction as Jules (Jackson) has in Pulp Fiction when he takes a bite of Brett's burger. Both liking it very much. - Webmaster
  • Clarence's Elvis mentor (Val Kilmer) appears in two scenes to advise Clarence. Clarence is nearly killed shortly after both scenes, the first one when he killed the pimp, and the second one when he was shot by the cop. - Gibborino
  • Clarence grows up to be Mr. White. In Reservoir Dogs when Joe is 'interviewing' his friend Mr. White he asks "How's Alabama?". Mr. White comments that he hasn't seen her in a long time. - Tracy
    • Correction: Hmm, that's interesting... did he somehow grow back the eye that was shot out in True Romance? I wish I knew how to do that trick! (Source: I watched both movies) - marcera
    • Correction: Clarence doesn't grow up to be Mr. White. Mr. White's first name in Reservoir Dogs is Larry. (Source: Snypes) - snypes


Truman Show, The (1998)

  • Every car in the movie is a Ford. (Source: movie itself) - Di@n@


Twelve O'Clock High (1949)

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  • Veteran stuntpilot Paul Mantz was paid $4,500, a large amount of money in 1949, and the largest sum paid for a single stunt until the early 1970s, to crash-land the B-17 in the beginning of the movie. The bomber was contaminated after it had been at the test-range during a nuclear bombtest. (Source: Aircraft magazines and the web) - Olav Westerman


Twister (1996)

  • Jan de Bont is a great Stanley Kubrick fan so two of the characters are named Stanley and Kubrick; and that is why he chose to have "The Shining" playing at the drive-in theatre. - Cathy
  • Also, because many of the same SFX people worked on Twister as worked on The Abyss, the tanker-truck that explodes is a Benthec Petroleum truck, just like the oil exploration company in The Abyss. - Cath


Two Weeks Notice (2002)

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  • Mike Piazza the catcher of the New York Mets makes a cameo as himself in the film in the scene where they are at the baseball game. (Source: Theatre) - TAZ


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