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Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)


Raid on Rommel (1971)

  • Almost every action-scene where the principal actors are not seen up-close, are re-used material from the movie Tobruk. - Olav Westerman
  • The "German" tanks, half-tracks and trucks are of American origin, the tanks and trucks beeing post WWII models. - Olav Westerman


Raising Arizona (1987)

  • In the scene where Gale and his brother just escaped from prison and are combing their hair in the gas station bathroom, the door behind them has O.P.E. and P.O.E. written on it. This is from Dr. Strangelove, the recall code (purity of essence). (Source: The Coen Brothers biography) - Saucy


Repo Man (1984)

  • The names of the repo men characters, Bud, Oly, Miller and Light- notice a common thread. (Source: script) - bear
  • During the film Miller is talking to Auto and mentions a "plate-o-shrimp", later on, when the Rodriguez brothers are standing outside a convenience store, you can clearly see a sign in the stores window advertising a "plate-o-shrimp" special. (Source: Watching the film really close!) - Mr. Eliminator


Rescuers, The (1977)

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  • When the two mice fly through the city in a sardine box, you can spot an image of a topless woman in a window. - kyara
    • Correction: It's not a window, but a flyer or a poster on the wall. (Source: - marcera
      • has the full story.

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  • Chuck Yeager, who was the first man to brake the sound-barrier in the X-1, and who is portrayed by Sam Shepard in the film, was technical adviser and actually flew some of the aircraft during the filming. He also did a cameo as a bartender at Pancho Barnes "Happy Bottoms Riding Club", the bar where the pilots used to relax. - Olav Westerman

  • Originally someone came up with the idea that the X-1 mock-up should be built flyable. It should actually be dropped from the B-29 and glide to the ground, piloted by Chuck Yeager. Yeager refused to do it, and the idea would anyhow have been too expensive to realize. - Olav Westerman

  • When Yeager near the movies end takes off with the F-104 Starfighter that almost causes his death, one gets the impression that it is an unauthorized flight, just for fun. In reality the plane was a highly modified NF-104, built to train astronauts for the X-20 Dyna-Soar program. Yeager was leading the training-program, and was testing the aircraft. He tried to set a new high altitude record when he lost control, due to the virtually non-existing atmosphere on the high altitude of 104,000 feet. - Olav Westerman

  • The scenes with the X-1 hanging under the B-29 bomber are comprised of old films taken during the real flights and new scenes employing models, since the FAA refused permission for the moviemakers to fly the real B-29 with the mockup X-1 hanging under it. Therefore the real B-29 (owned by Confederate Airforce) is only seen on the ground. - Olav Westerman


Ring, The (2002)

  • The girl who plays Samara, Daveigh Chase, also voices Lilo in Lilo and Stitch. (Source: Self) - mronimusha
  • In the 1959 movie Rio Bravo starring J. Wayne & directed by Howard Hawkes, Dean Martin and Rick Nelson sing the song "My Rifle, My Pony & Me". The melody of this song is the same as one used in the score of the movie "Red River" starring J. Wayne and directed by Howard Hawkes in 1949. (Source: observation) - Singinman 1


  • Was there a scene cut from Road House? When Dalton (Swayze) first comes to the new town and buys his car to drive to work...he goes to the junk yard dealer to buy tires. He knows they will be sliced and diced nightly, but we at that point do not and it just shows him putting one last one in the trunk and the dealer counting up the money. At the theatre when I first saw this, I thought I remembered watching Dalton (Swayze) picking out a bunch of tires, and with each one making us wonder what he's doing... and then having the junk yard dealer ask him what he there reckons he's gonna do with all of them. He just kind of smirks and salutes and drives off and that's when you just see him counting the money. Am I imaging this, or was it a director's cut?? - Karen
  • The gentleman that owns the general store that gets blown up, is Red West; one of the original members of Elvis Presley's Memphis Mafia. Red and his brother Sonny helped Elvis out of a fight in high school. (Source: Personal knowledge) - cjlooney256


Robinson Crusoe on Mars (1964)

  • The alien spaceships have exactly the same shape as the Martian war-machines in "War of the Worlds". - Olav Westerman


RoboCop (1987)

  • Paul Verhoeven (the director of the movie) appears in the car commercial with the dinosaur. - David
  • In the director's cut version of this movie, the scene where the ED209 is shooting the guy in the boardroom in front of all the big-wigs goes on for a few more seconds than in the theatrical version. This is because the censors thought that the scene was too violent. What they succeeded in doing is to make the scene seem more violent. The complete scene takes on a more humorous look with the added footage. - Cathy


RoboCop 2 (1990)

  • Frank Miller (the writer of the film and several comic books) appears in the film as a bad scientist named Frank. - David


Rockstar ( ? )

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  • Kurt Cobain was one of the guitarists in the Chris Cole band at the end of the film. - Glam Addict
    • Cobain died in 1994 and there are no movies named "Rockstar" made before 1995. It is possible they have done the filming in 1994, though.
    • Comment: That guy looks nothing like Kurt Cobain. (Source: Watched the movie) - johng
    • Comment: I HIGHLY doubt Kurt Cobain would have taken part in this lame ass movie! (Source: Self) - Banshee


Rock Star (2001)

  • Mark W. is really singing in most of the film. - Ryan
    • Correction: Contary to what was posted, Mark W. did not sing in most of the film, he sang the hesitant lines at the beginning of the song We All Die young, but the rest of the song was sang by Mike Matijevic who sang for the band SteelHeart. The rest of the songs were sang by either Mike M. or Jeff Scott Soto. (Source: and the DVD) - Roadie
  • In this movie there are many appearances of true "rockstars" such as Third Eye Blind's front man Stephan Jenkins who plays the lead singer of Chris Cole's Steel Dragon cover band after Chris is told to leave the band. He also picks a fight with his future band near the beginning. Didn't recognize him with that flamin' long hair. Check out the DVD to see what other rockstars make an appearance. - Kid Dragon
  • The scene where Rocky tells Adrian that all he wants to do is go the distance with Apollo, almost wasn't shot but Sly felt it was necessary, so the director and the producers gave them one take to do that scene and that is the scene in the movie. The director later went on and said that this scene is his favorite scene in the movie. - Devo
  • According to Sly he was offered over $400,000 for the right to film his script for Rocky. The studios wanted Ryan O'Neil to star, as ludicrous as it may seem. Well Sly held out, and on to his dream to star. The studios relented giving Sly $50,000 and 10% of the movies gross. It went on to gross over 150 million and made Sly very wealthy! (Source: Interview) - Scottman
  • A lot of other movie companies wanted to film the movie Rocky, but didn't want Stallone to play the part even though he wrote it. So no matter how much they were willing to pay he refused until paramount bought and gave him the part. - TAZ
  • The name of Rocky's dog is Butkus. - Webmaster
  • The name of Rocky's two pet turtles are Cuff and Link. - Webmaster
  • According to a series of trading cards produced by Topps to coincide with the release of Rocky II, "Rocky" is the character's nickname. On one of the cards (which was Not in a scene in the movie), Rocky is speaking at what appears to be an auditorium. The banner above him says "Welcome ROBERT "Rocky" Balboa. - SlimJim


  • At the end of this film it was originally written that Rocky would die, But Sly Stallone changed it at the last minute because he thought that the movie should have a more uplifting message. (Source: Box-Set Booklet) - Chickmagnet
  • This movie with all its camp lives up to the old cliche that the butler did it. Riff raff the bulter is played by Richard O'Brien the playwright of the show. - billbard
  • One of the original concepts was to have the movie start in black and white and burst into color when we meet the Transylvanians in "The Time Warp" as an homage to "The Wizard of Oz" - you can view it that way on the DVD edition too. - Andrew
  • In the film, Dr. Scott breaks through the laboratory wall in his wheelchair and Brad shouts, "Great Scott!" The only reason the character (played by Jonathan Adams) breaks through the wall is because the carpenters forgot to put a door in the lab. - Nate
  • The house that they use is the same one as all the Hammer Horror films were made. (Source: Knowing My Movies!) - Amy
  • I just saw this movie for the first time yesterday and I know that it is a very sexual movie, but did anyone notice that all of the handles on the machinery are shaped like penises? (Source: The movie) - roseprincess
  • Throughout the movie, easter eggs can be seen because the crew had an easter egg hunt the day before filming. (Source: The Great Big Bathroom Reader) - jamie
  • The editors of the film were forced to slow a large amount of the fight scenes down because Jet Li's actions were too quick to be seen properly, and were slown down so the audience could see what was going on! (Source: knowledge) - Monkeyrama
  • In the opening scene of this Dennis Quaid-starrer, we see a man (actually, just the legs of a man) walking in the desert and stomping his foot on the ground. This guy is played by Randall Wallace, the writer-director of Mel Gibson's WE WERE SOLDIERS. (Source: DVD) - tochi


  • Joshua Jackson of the mighty ducks was casted to be on the movie rookie of the year but he quit due to he got in a fight with Gary Busey. - #1GTUstunaCotti vinsman
    • Sounds fishy to me...


Rumble in the Bronx (1996)

  • When Jackie jumps on to the red cargo ship, he brakes his ankle. He was quite mad about this and insisted on continuing on with the movie. He had a specially made shoe so that his ankle would heal while doing his own stunts. - Vic Cherubi
    • Correction: There is no specially made shoe that Jackie wore after he broke his ankle, it was just the cast but they painted a shoe on the cast. They talked about it in a Jackie Chan documentary. - Gohan
      • Correction: It is not a painted cast, it is a normal cast, but it is a sock that is painted like a shoe that Jackie wore over the cast. - woody
  • In this Jackie Chan starrer, there is a scene where Jackie and a girl are strolling in the park with a kid on a wheelchair. Watch out for a Chinese ice cream vendor. This guy also appeared in another Jackie Chan movie, Mr. nice guy, reprising his role as an ice cream vendor. The actor's name is Emil Chau, one of Jackie's associates. - tochi


Rundown, The (2003)

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  • WWE Owner Vince McMahon was the executive producer. (Source: End credits) - Taz
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger makes a cameo in the movie when Beck (The Rock) is trying get money from the football player. Arnold's character just walks but in from the camera and says something, I couldn't get what he said. Also he got that cameo when him and The Rock were having lunch when Arnold stopped by and the director asked The Rock and he then asked Arnold if he would like to have a cameo and which Arnold said yes and shot right away. (Source: site) - Taz
  • Sean William Scott had gotten a scar from filming. When The Rock cuts ropes attached to Sean with a knife, the rock accidentally cuts Sean's arm aswell. (Source: Behind the scenes) - Taz
  • The Rock has a huge fear of spiders, so during filming the cast and crew put a fake spider in The Rock's pocket and when he put his hand in his pocket he got pretty scared. (Source: Behind the scenes) - Taz
  • During filming in the jungle, a poisoness spider was on The Rock's leg and no one realized it but him, he told them get it off. The Rock was freaked out since he had a fear of spiders. (Source: Behind the scenes) - Taz


Run Lola Run (1999)

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Rush Hour 2 (2002)

  • Jackie doesn't actually do all of his stunts himself. In Rush Hour 2 for example he had a stand in for the end bit where they slide down the lamp wires. I know this as the stunt man was awarded an award at the stunt movie award. (Source: Stunts Movie Award) - Jinx


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