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Old School (2003?)

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  • Megan Chang, who plays the Student Council president and star of the tennis team in Old School, also has a minor role in Rushmore as Max's semi-love interest. A Luke Wilson connection maybe. - moe.ron
  • Snoop Dog has a cameo in the movie in the party scene. (Source: Theater) - Smiley
  • Not only was Snoop Dogg in it, but so is Bishop Don Magic Juan, a former real life pimp who can be seen in the Hughes brothers documentary "American Pimp." In the scene Will Ferrel actually refers to his "green hat" before he goes streaking. (Source: - Woody Holl


Once Upon a Time in the West (1968)

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  • This movie holds the record for the longest opening credit run. (approx. 10 minutes from beginning to end) - Cathy


Others, The (2001)

  • (Spoiler) There are two clues that the father is dead. 1. In the fog you here chains not foot steps, 2. in the bedroom look closely at the mirror showing the bed you don't see his reflection. - TAZ


Out Cold (2001)

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  • The movie Out Cold was set in Alaska but it was actually filmed in Canada. - Ryan
  • When Luke hits his brother's head on the steering wheel for spinning the car around it was improve. Pretty funny aint it? - Ryan


Out of the Darkness (1985)

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  • When Martin Sheen's character Eddie Zigo goes from door to door asking people questions about the murders, one of them who opens the door is Charlie Sheen (Martin's real-life son), whose chin is covered in shaving cream. He is credited as "Man Shaving" (Source: the movie itself) - Webmaster


Panic Room (2002)

  • The role of Med was originally to be played by Nichole Kidman but she got injured during the filming of Moulin Rouge so the role went to Jodie Foster. - Smiley
  • Sandra Bullock was also considered for the role of Meg at one time. (Source: Internet Movie Database) - Gibborino


Parent Trap, The (1998)

  • Johanna Barnes, who played the nasty woman Vicky in the original plays the same character in the remake as Meredith's mother. - Smiley


Passenger 57 (1992)

  • Wesley's character reads the book The Art of War on the plane. (Source: The movie) - Nick


Passion of the Christ, The (2004)

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  • The hand that nails Jesus to the cross is Mel Gibson's. (Source: Primetime interview) - Basia
  • During filming of the scene where Jesus is on the cross and the cross is being lifted. The actor playing Jesus [James Caviezel] was struck by lightning. (Source: Documentary on Mel Gibson) - Tazz
  • During filming of the scene where Jesus is whipped, the actor playing Jesus [James Caviezel] was accidently hit with the whip. He had something to protect him but the whip missed and hit him in the back. The actor said for the first time he couldn't breathe. (Source: Documentary on Mel Gibson) - Tazz
    • Addition: Caviezel got whipped twice, which has left a 14 inch scar on his back. ( - Webmaster


Pearl Harbor (2001)


Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003)

  • The ship known as the Intacept is in real life a replica ship called the something washington. They sailed it from Long Beach, CA to the Caribbean (location of shooting). They spent Christmas, and New Years on the ship. It left somewhere around early December and got there mid January. (Source: DVD extras) - Taz
  • At the end of the credits there is a special scene where they show the monkey getting out of the water all wet, then climbing the chest where the Aztic Gold is and taking one and then moon shines on him and he is cursed again then it ends with him jumping. (Source: DVD) - Taz
  • The scene where Jack Sparrow and Will Turner are walking under water using a boat is a reference to the great pirate movie The Crimson Pirate (1952), where Captain Vallo (Burt Lancaster) and Ojo (Nick Cravat) do the same exact stunt. (Source: Childhood memory verified by - Webmaster


Pitch Black (2000)

  • The spaceship is called Hunter/Gratzner -- also the name of the visual effects company that designed and built the actual model of the ship. - Shawna
  • Desert scenes filmed in the same location used for Mad Max. - Shawna


Planet of the Apes (1968)

  • Planet of the Apes holds the record for the largest makeup budget for $1 million for the 78 makeup artists. (Source: Book of Records) - TAZ
  • The veteran gangster actor, Edward G. Robinson, was originally slated to play Dr. Zaius in the film, going so far as to have an early make-up version screen test. However, the older and unhealthy Robinson decided to bow out due to the hours and discomfort in the make-up chair. (Source: TV special) - Sir Ompey


Plan 9 From Outer Space (1959)

  • During the Filming of the movie Plan Nine From Outer Space (considered to be the worst movie ever made according to the book "Ed Wood and other cinema history mistakes") Bela Lugosi, famous actor of that time period, died. So for half of the movie his character's face is hidden behind a ridiculous cape that was never part of the characters outfit. (Source: DVD documentary) - Grimpen87


Platoon (1986)

  • Director Oliver Stone makes a cameo as an officer at the bunker which gets destroyed by a suicide runner.


Pleasantville (1998)

  • The actress who plays David and Jennifer's mother in the 1990's is the same actress who plays the mother in the TV show Malcolm In The Middle. - Daria


Point Break (1991)

  • When Special Agent Utah (Keanu Reeves) tells his partner where the suspect, Bode (Patrick Swayze), went while he was tailing him that day, he mentions that he had lunch at "Patrick's Roadhouse." This is clearly a reference to Patrick Swayze's movie, "Roadhouse". - Andrew Dufresne
    • Comment: There really is a restaurant called Patrick's Roadhouse on the Pacific Coast highway in Santa Monica, CA. It is not a reference to the Patrick Swayze film Roadhouse. (Source: Reside in CA) - tom
      • Even though Patrick's Roadhouse exists in reality, it can still be a reference to the movie Roadhouse.


Police Story (1985)

  • In the fight scene on the park, look closely when the girl points the gun on the thugs with Jackie, you can see in the background a van with the sign written in yellow letters: "THE JC GROUP", it's one of Jackie's stunt team's service. - tochi


Poltergeist III (1988)

  • The actress that plays Carol Ann Actually died in the arms of Tom Skerritt that last five minutes in the film. - Cool Dude
    • Correction: It is a rumor that Heather O'Rourke (Carol Anne) died during the filming of the third and final poltergeist movie. She completed the movie and later died in a San Diego hospital while undergoing surgery for a congenital intestinal odstruction that she had from birth. - Cutie36552


Porky's (1981)

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  • Highest grossing Canadian movie to date.


Powerpuff Girls Movie, The (2002)

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  • When Mojo Jojo shows the girls his plans, you can see ppg 801 on them. This was the official production number of the movie. - Sonic

The Powerpuff Girls

The Powerpuff Girls
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Practical Magic (1998)

  • When Sally (Sandra Bulluck) and Gillian (Nicole Kidman) are lifting _____'s body onto a table you can here Gillian say "Watch his ball's Sal.", if you listen closely you can tell this was said with Nicole's natural Australian accent. - Bo Jangels


Predator (1987)

  • Kevin Peter Hall, who plays the alien in the movie "Predator", also played Harry in "Harry and the Hendersons". - John
  • Jean Claude Van Damme was originally the Predator, but he kept fainting during shoots, that's how the other actor became the predator. - Devo
  • Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that the guy that played as the predator alien was the same guy that played as the alien in the movie "Alien". - stevo
    • Correction: The role of the alien in Alien is played by Bolaji Badejo, who is a 7' 2" Masai tribesman.
  • At Wonderfest 2002 in Louisville, Kentucky, I went to one of William Stout's talks. Anyways, he said he worked on predator (actually he's the one who designed the mask) and he said that the original script had a TINY alien inside the predator costume (like in independence day). Stout, at the time, thought this was a brilliant moral idea (that Arnold beats up this helpless thing) and showed it to the director. Stout congratulated the director on an excellent script. However, the director threw the script back at him and said "Whoah, that's gotta go. We can't have Arnold beating up a wimp!!" (The director hadn't seen the whole script) I think that's really great! (Source: a speech) - Nemesis
  • At the end of the movie when the predator destructs and we are now in a helicopter, the pilot who says "what the?" is Kevin Peter Hall, the actor who plays the predator, this time out of costume. (Source: personal knowledge) - sprnutz


Princess Diaries, The (2001)

  • The two little girls that Mia was signing autographs for are actually director Gary Marshall's grandchildren Lily and Charlotte. - Smiley
  • The sound stage that the princess diaries was filmed on was the same sound stage that Mary Poppins was filmed. Another Julie Andrews film. - Smiley
    • Correction: Mary Poppins was filmed completely outdoors, therefore it would be impossible to have the soundstage used in both movies. (Source: IMDB) - BoJangles
      • Correction: According to The Internet Movie Database (IMDB) Mary Poppins was filmed entirely indoors. See link.
        • Addition: The Mary Poppins DVD also confirms that Mary Poppins was filmed entirely indoors. (Source: Mary Poppins DVD) - ekedolphin


Prize, The (1963)

  • Paul Newman never was in Stockholm. All his scenes were photographed in USA and when his character is seen walking on the streets in the real Stockholm it is the Swedish actor Ulf Palme seen from behind. - Olav Westerman


Private Parts (1996)

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  • In the scene with Howard Stern and the porn star doing the kielbasa trick, the woman who is giving the tour actually performed this same stunt over 10 years ago in one of her earlier movies. An inside joke perhaps. - Garr
    • Correction: The woman giving the tour in that scene is actually Leslie Bibb not some broad who swallowed kitchen meats ten years earlier, because that would have made her like thirteen years old. Dumbass! (Source: My Head) - John
      • Info: Leslie Bibb was born November 17, 1974.


Psycho (1960)


Psycho (1998)

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  • In the scene where Marion is driving through town right after she talked to the policeman before she gets to the car place if you look real carefully on the side of the road you can see a movie poster for "Six Days Seven Nights". Which is actually a film that Anne Heche starred in. This is mentioned by Anne on the DVD. I thought it was hilarious. (Source: DVD) - Eliza


Pulp Fiction (1994)


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