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Eddie and the Cruisers (1983)

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  • On the soundtrack for this movie, 2 of the best 3 songs on the vinyl disc have been omitted from the CD version of the soundtrack. - Cathy


Election (1999)

  • In Election, Matthew Broderick, who played Jim McCallister, holds the job as museum tour guide in the end. But in the original script, Jim sells Saturns in Washington D.C. - Dana
  • The director is very pro-realism, so he almost only used real high-school students to play the parts of the other students. Even most of the speaking-parts. - Obese
  • Election was filmed at Papillion - La Vista High school, in La Vista, Nebraska. Filmed during the school year, they had no choice but to use actual students from the school. To be able to film, you had to wear clothing that would "blend" in to the back ground. Before filming, they painted over all existing school mascots and changed the signs and posters to coordinate with the name of the high school in the movie. Papillion - La Vista High school's mascot is a Monarch. (Source: my life) - Jessi


Empire of the Sun (1986)

  • The "Zeros" in the film were, of course, modified North American AT-6:s, and the plane that explodes in mid-air was a large radio-controlled model, as even the four-engined B-29 that passes by in a short scene, and some of the Zeros and P-51:s in the background in the airfield-bombing sequence were. - Olav Westerman


Empire Records (1987)

  • The song that's sung at the end "Cherry Pie" was written by Liv Tyler's then stepfather, her mother who was her agent at the time got it onto the soundtrack. (Source: Bebe Buell's biography) - Vegasvoss
    • Correction: The song at the end of the movie is called "Sugar High". (Source: Soundtrack) - Banshee


Empire Strikes Back, The (1980)


Enter the Dragon (1973)

  • In one of the scenes where Bruce Lee sneaks out of his room, he encounters several ninja-type guards and has to fight them. Well one of the men (dressed all in black) is Jackie Chan. Bruce Lee has him in a headlock while kicking another guy. Well I guess in real life Jackie Chan was hurt pretty bad (neck injury). Check it out next time you watch. (Source: Viewing and reviewing the scene) - Lynnard
  • Enter the Dragon was shot with only two camera's and three lenses. (Source: AMC Trivia) - Gabe


Erin Brockovich (2000)

  • During the restaurant scene where Erin (Julia Roberts) and her 3 children are dining the waitress that takes their order is the real Erin Brockovich and for a bit of a joke the name on her name tag is "Julia". (Source: Sightings and interviews) - LinnyG
  • Some of the people that were shown in the full room where Erin and Ed discussed the issues of the case, were actual individuals who suffered from the real case when it was occurring. (Source: Sightings and interviews) - LinnyG


E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982)

  • You will probably remember the scene where the young boy lures the alien with Reese's pieces. This was originally not the candy considered. Spielberg was going to go with m+m's, but he didn't get the rights. Reese's were the replacement. - casamann
  • I was amazed when I found this. At the beginning when the aliens are looking for plant life, the camera follows E.T., and several trees pass in front of the camera. At one point, you hear a hiss or a growl. After several viewings, I found that the hiss was actually coming from a tree with a face! It is hard to notice since it is dark, but as the tree begins to disappear to the right, you even see a mouth closing slightly! - myname
  • Harrison Ford had a role in the movie as the Principal but those scenes were removed, however there are rumors you can see his back. And his wife wrote the screenplay. (Source: - TAZ
    • Comment: Harrison Fords divorced his wife, Melissa Mathison, March 23, 2003. They have two children. - Webmaster
  • The voice of ET was done by a 60 yr old woman named Marin County without her false teeth. - TAZ
    • Comment: According to the Internet Movie Database Ben Burtt (E.T's voice design) overheard Pat Welsh talking in a camera store and asked her to audition for the voice of E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982). Chain smoking lead to her raspy voice, which was used simultaneously with Debra Winger in the film E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982). Marin County is not mentioned anywhere. - Webmaster


Evil Dead (1983)

  • The actor who played teenager Ash actually was 24 years old when the movie was made. - Karen


Evil Dead II (1987)

  • In Nightmare on Elm Street the movie Nancy is watching on TV is Evil Dead, so to thank Wes Craven Sam Raimi placed a replica freddy glove in one of the fruit cellar scenes and you can see it if you look hard enough. - Ash
    • Correction: Just to clarify, the Freddy glove in the shed was not the first interplay between the directors and was not a thanks resulting from Evil Dead playing in Nightmare. It began with Raimi's placement of a movie poster for The Hills Have Eyes, and early Craven film, in the basement in Evil Dead. Craven then reciprocated. (Source: Knowledge) - SHILLING
  • When Ash puts his amputated hand in the bucket and piles books on top of it, the topmost book on the stack is A Farewell To Arms. - hikkchik


Evolution (2001)

  • The first draft of the script for the film Evolution wasn't called Evolution but in fact Ghostbusters 3. (Source: Making of) - Ryan
    • Addition: "The film opened in the USA on 8 June 2001, the 17 anniversary of the release of Ghost Busters (1984), also directed by Ivan Reitman." (Source: - Webmaster


Excalibur (1981)

  • When they were filming the scene where Guinevere and Lancelot are making love, it was freezing cold and thick with mosquitos. - Cathy
  • John Boorman has Excalibur and Morgana's breastplate from her final scene in the movie displayed above his fireplace. He intends to leave the breastplate to Helen Mirren in his Will. - Cathy


Excess Baggage (1997)

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  • Character played by Christopher Walker throws somebody he doesn't like out off a plate-glass window, his character in the movie Batman Returns did the exact same thing to try to bump Michelle Pfeiffer's character off. - Rebecca-Lynn


Exorcist, The (1973)


  • One of the more memorable sounds, the 360-degree turning of Regan's head, was actually made by twisting a sound crew member's old leather wallet in front of a mike. - Webmaster
  • The actress who plays Chris MacNeil, Regan's mother, was thrown on her coccyx (tailbone) in one scene, and was seriously injured. - Dana
  • To achieve the frozen breath effect in Regan's room, the entire room was refrigerated. Actress Linda Blair, who wore only a thin nightgown, says to this day she cannot stand cold. (Source: Internet Movie Database) - Gibborino

  • Mercedes McCambridge, who played the voice of the demon, smoked cigarettes, ate raw eggs, and tied herself to a chair to create the anguished cry of the demon. (Source: Internet Movie Database) - Gibborino
  • During the filming of the movie, 9 people died. (Source: - TAZ
  • Jack Nicholson was supposed to play Father Karras instead of Jason Miller. (Source: - TAZ
  • The movie is banned in Finland. (Source: - TAZ
    • Correction: It's not banned here anymore. It was banned for 25 years. - Webmaster


Eyes Wide Shut (1999)

  • In the infamous "orgy" scene in "Eyes Wide Shut", computer animated characters were added after Kubrick's death, to cover up the more.. erotic parts of the scene and so to avoid a NC-17 rating. - Rex Fenestrarum
  • Eyes wide shut and all of the other Kubrick-films are made in mono-sound. This is because he "simply don't believe in it". - Obese
    • Correction: Kubrick made three movies in Stereo. "Spartacus", "2001: A Space Odyssey", and "Eyes Wide Shut". 2001 was intended to be a reflective and contemplative film, fully immersing the viewer and Kubrick opted NOT to take the minimalist approach with it. He insisted it be in the best of everything, color, sound, film, all of it. - Draugnar


Face/Off (1997)

  • Here something interesting I dug up. In classical mythology Castor and Pollux are twins, the children of Zeus and Leda. The twins purportedly hatched from an egg and were the brothers of Helen of Troy. Ancient Romans sometimes confused Castor and Pollux with Romulus and Remus, the legendary founders of that city depicted on coins each wearing half an eggshell. - The name of Nicholas Cage's (and Travolta's) character in this movie is Castor Troy, who has a brother named Pollux Troy. - Webmaster
    • Addition: In my astronomy class we learned that 2 stars in the constellation Gemini are named Pollux and Troy. (Source: college class) - Courtney
  • It's true that the original leading actors in Face/Off were meant to be Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger. More like ****/Off.... (Source: Magazine) - Erin
  • This movie was originally just titled Faceoff, but test audiences thought that it was a hockey movie, so they added the slash to make it Face/Off. (Source: Other trivia site) - MJCheezz


Faculty, The (1998)

  • This is not really a big trivia, but I thought it was comical that the guy that played Mitch Kramer in Dazed and Confused, (a classic movie about drugs and stuff), also played a small part in The Faculty as one of Zeke's "clients". You have to watch carefully, it's in the courtyard and it's right about when everyone is drinking from the water fountain. - Ericans
  • The Faculty was loosely based upon John Carpenter's "The Thing" starring Kurt Russell. (A remake of the 1951 movie directed by Christian Nyby. Originally a short story by John Campbell titled "Who Goes There?") (Source: Just an Observation) - McCready


Fantasia (1940)

  • The Sorcerer in the one with Mickey is Yen Sid, that is disney spelt backwards. (Source: - TAZ


Fast and the Furious, The (2001)

  • The house where the cops work was the dads house in Hanging Up and at one point was Elizabeth Taylor's house. - The Movie Guy
  • Many of the hills during the ending chase were used in the movie Speed. - The Movie Guy
  • Those who have the DVD may already know this but at the first race when the pizza boy shows up this is actually the director of the movie Rob Cohen making a cameo. - T Bone
    • Addition: The Ferrari guy is the producer making a cameo. - Gonzo
  • The engine that was in the green Eclipse is the same motor that Dodge puts in the Avenger. - slugbug
    • Comment: Eclipses and Avengers actually share more then just motors. The doors from both will fit either car. Chrysler and Mitsu have connections, this will explain the Plymouth Laser etc... Eagle Talon etc... So yes the motors are the same. (Source: slugbug)
  • When Paul Walker and Jordana Brewster decide to go on a date, everyone else is watching a movie. That movie is "Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story". (Source: I watched the movie) - killaclown


Fatal Attraction (1987)

  • Michael Douglas is said to have been disappointed that a planned sex scene with Anne Archer (who played his wife, Beth) was not filmed.
  • In the director's cut Glenn Close's character actually kills herself instead of the original version where Michael Douglas kills her. - Devo


Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1988)

  • In the beginning of the movie, when Johnny Depp and Benicio Del Toro pick up a hitchhiker in desert, this young actor is in fact, Tobey Maguire. - Lindsey
  • In one scene as Johnny Depp walks through a casino, he looks down and sees a small waiter and watches as the waiter disappears under a passing woman's dress. The waiter was Verne Troyer. - Movie Fan
    • Info: Troyer plays the role of Mini Me in the Austin Powers movies.
  • When Depp is walking through the bar and is about to take the acid he sees himself sitting at the table, that is the real Hunter S. Thompson. (Source: DVD)- chicken


Ferris Bueller's Day Off (1986)

  • In the movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off, I am sure there were scenes present in the theatre that were removed for the home video version could you verify that for me please? There was a scene at Sloan's place where they will be disrobing to go swimming. Sloan wants to remove her clothing but there is no where to be covered and Cameron is sitting on a chair supposedly catatonic. So she waves her hand in front of his face tries to get a reaction to see if he's all there before she proceeds to shed her outermost layer of clothing. Cameron's eyes move and look at her and then go back to staring forward. So that later when he has come out of his state of catonia and Sloan asks if he saw her changing in the back this has more potency. Am I imaging that this happened or was this a director's cut?? - Karen
    • Comment: You are right, this scene is in the movie. In fact I have seen this movie a couple of times (German TV-version, though) and this scene has always been a part. - LibbyDoe
  • If you look carefully as Jeanie's car pulls up to her house, her license plate reads "TBC," which most likely stands for "The Breakfast Club," a reference to one of John Hughe's earlier films. - andrewrocks
  • The school used in Ferris Bueller's Day Off is the same school used in The Breakfast Club. (Source: Ferris Bueller DVD commentary) - Ed Rooney
  • The license plate for Ed Rooney's car reads 4FBDO. I guess this stands for "4 (for) Ferris Bueller's Day Off." - jc


Fifth Element, The (1997)

  • A model builder for the movie told me there is Captain Picard figure in the elevator car that goes by Leeloo when she is standing on the building ledge. I tried to see it by pausing. You can just barely make it out in the last frame before they cut away from it. - Mark
  • The director (Luc Besson) created the language that Leeloo speaks. (Source: Milla Jovovich interview) - killaclown


Fight Club (1999)


Final Countdown, The (1980)

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  • Near the end of the movie, it show the USS Nimitz CVN-68 pulling into Pearl Harbor, HI. At the time this movie was made, the USS Nimitz was stationed out of Norfork, VA. The actual ship that they filmed pulling into Pearl Harbor was the USS Kitty Hawk CV-63. What they did was to make the 3 an 8 using white sheets to show that it was the Nimitz pulling into Pearl Harbor and not the Kitty Hawk. I know, because I was on the flight deck of the Kitty Hawk when we pulled into Pearl Harbor in Feb 80. - Gil


Finding Nemo (2003)

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  • The name of the large shark who goes crazy in this film is Bruce, the same nickname given to the robotic shark used in Jaws. (Source: Obviousness) - Killerlampshade
  • Did you know if you listen carefully when Marlin, the dad clownfish was yelling "Nemo NO!" when nemo was being taken-away, you can actually hear "nemo no! memo nemo". - strategicanamorphic
  • William H. Macy (pleasantville) was originally casted to do the voice-dubbing for Marlin, dad clownfish. But Pixar isn't happy with the result, so they thought of a real comedian actor to do the job, and that's Albert Brooks. - strategicanamorphic
  • End title song "Beyond the Sea" which was performed by Robbie Williams on Finding Nemo, was also played on another Albert Brooks movie a year before which is called "My First Mister", which was sang by Bobby Caldwell. - strategicanamorphic


Flashdance (1983)

  • Demi Moore was originally considered for the lead role. - Andy


Flight of the Phoenix (1965)

  • In this movie a Fairchild C-119 with about half a dozen men and some heavy equipment onboard is forced to land in the Sahara desert. The men's only chance to survive is to build a new, smaller plane from the wreck and fly out of the desert. On screen the actors build a plane, the "Phoenix", but for the real flying scenes another plane, that resembled the movie-prop, was constructed from wood, metal and assorted aircraft-parts. It was flown by the legendary stuntflyer Paul Mantz, but in one of the first flights for the cameras the plane came in too low, the big landing-skis hit the ground and the plane crashed, killing Mantz and injuring another stuntman. The actual flight is seen in the movie, but the scene is cut before the crash occurs. (The plane is seen in distance, flying from right to left in front of some sand-dunes). To complete the movie, the company modified a very rare North American O-47A to resemble the "Phoenix". It is seen flying overhead in a couple of very short scenes near the end of the movie. - Olav Westerman


Fly, The (1986)

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  • The big lumberjack, Marky, who takes on Seth Brundle at arm-wrestling is George Chuvalo, who fought Muhammad Ali for the World Heavyweight Title in 1966. (Source: Film credits/boxing history) - Devlin Shanklin


For Your Eyes Only (1981)

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  • One of the bathing beauties in this classic Bond flick was born a man. After completing the necessary surgeries, s/he began a lucrative modeling and acting career, getting her big break in "For Your Eyes Only". Shortly after the film was released, a British news tabloid 'outed' her as a transsexual. Her name was Caroline Cossey. See for more details about her. (Source: - Aine


Four Rooms (1996)

  • Oddly enough, Bruce Willis (who plays Leo in the final scene) is nowhere to be found in either the opening or closing credits. I've never seen his name on any of the movie posters either. - Stu
  • The woman tied to the chair in the scene with the psycho guy and the woman in the end scene played Alex in the movie Flashdance, Jennifer Beals. (Source: I own the movie) - ralphdances


Freaky Friday (2003)

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  • Annette Benning was originally cast to play Tess but she dropped out. - Eliza


Freddy Vs. Jason (2003)

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  • There were two endings to the movie, the one you saw and the one they didn't use was where Lori and the guy are making out in bed and Lori says he is hurting her and tells him to stop and then you see Freddy's knives come out of his hand and Lori screams. (Source: DVD extras) - Tazz
  • The scene where Lori is asleep in the police station and where she seed drops of blood appearing, that was done by compute because they couldn't film blood like liquid because it fell to fast. (Source: DVD extras) - Tazz
  • There is an extended version of the beginning with Jason and the skinny dipping girl. It begins with her walking out of a cabin and a bbhoy saying he cant sleep and asks her to stay with him till he sleeps and she refuses. Then they go to where the movie does begin with her about to go skinny dipping and then chase scene happens and she goes to the cabin where it is lock and she begs the boy open it and he instead gives her the finger. (Source: DVD extras) - Tazz
  • The scene where Freddy is making Jason fly through the air and hit pipes and the wall like a pinball, was done by computers but they at first wanted to do it with a stunt double. (Source: DVD extras) - Tazz


Friday the 13th (1980)

  • Kevin Bacon is one of the people killed in this movie. - Devo
    • Kevin Bacon dies in a lot of the movies he is in. Does anyone know in how many?
  • In this cult classic, Jason Vorhees appears only in the last scene, a boy leaping out of the lake to snatch our heroine into the depths. He is played by none other than soon-to-be teen heart-throb Cory Feldman. (Source: Interview) - platinumarble
    • Correction: This is incorrect. Jason Vorhees was played by a young actor named Ari Lehman, NOT Corey Feldman. (Source: - ross


From Dusk Till Dawn (1996)

  • When Seth Gecko brings back hamburgers to the hotel the bag says "Big Kahuna Burgers" which is the place that Jules was commenting about in Pulp Fiction. - Ash
    • Kahuna burgers are also mentioned in True Romance (1993). No wonder, because Tarantino wrote the script for True Romance.
  • I just found out that in the bar When George Clooney, Quentin Tarantino And Juliette Lewis are drinking it was shot backwards. When Juliette Lewis says "Yes I'll have another thank you." They all drink water not whiskey. After that she went to the bathroom and they replaced her shot glass of water to a shot glass of real whiskey. So when she first drinks in the scene that face she makes is an actual bad taste look. - Ash
  • When everyone is in the same hotel room, George Clooney says, 'Ramblers let get rambling'. That is the same line used in the beginning of Reservoir Dogs. The scene had both Harvey Keitel and Quentin Tarantino just like From Dusk Till Dawn. - bilboabadmofo
  • If you notice that the cast from this movie is very similar to the cast of Desperado, it's because one was filmed right after the other--one in the US and one in Mexico. The cast (minus a few) just crossed the border and made another movie. - dhull
  • Remember Sex Machine? The guy with the gun over his "you know what". Not only did he do all the make-up for the vampires, he also directed the movie. In fact, he directs and appears in a lot of B movies. (Source: Trust Me) - Paeyton


From Russia With Love (1963)

  • In a scene where Bond and another man are staking out a villain's apartment, there is a huge billboard of a movie starring Bob Hope and Anita Ekberg entitled "Call Me Bwana". On the upper left side of the billboard, you can see that the producers of the movie are Harry Saltzman and Albert Broccoli, the very same producers of James Bond movies. - tochi


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