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Daredevil (2003)

  • Matt Murdock's dad, Jack "The devil" Murdock (named Battling Jack Murdock in the comics) fights John Romita in his final bout. John Romita is an artist for Marvel who drew Spider-man, Daredevil and more. Fallon the mob boss names three other fighters, Miller, Bendis and another, I think it's Mark? Miller is Frank Miller who scripted Daredevil before, Mark Bendis is also a comic book writer. In the forensics lab, the doctor paid off by Urich (more on him later) is named Kirby, after Jack "King" Kirby. He was a fantastic artist, Stan Lee's co-creator of a few teams and an inspiration for many of today's artists. Kirby is played by Kevin Smith. He is Silent Bob in the Jay and Silent Bob movies. Also a comic book writer. He recently revamped Green Arrow for DC comics and has written many more. He was instrumental in getting Daredevil to screen along with his buddy Ben Affleck. Now Ben Urich (Joe Pantoliano from The Matrix, Momento, The Sopranos and more) actually works for the Daily Bugle under J.Jonah Jameson. That's all I could glean from one viewing. More when I've seen it about ten times. Enjoy. (Source: The movie) - gizmo
  • In the movie where young, Matt (Daredevil) is learning to use his other senses he stops an old man before he walks onto a busy street. The man he saved was Stan Lee the creator of Daredevil plus Spiderman and X-Men. - TAZ
  • When Matt and that other lawyer are talking about a client named Mr. Lee. I think they were giving a reference to the creator Stan Lee. - TAZ
  • I heard that some scenes that last 5 minutes took 20 hours to film. (Source: Behind the scenes) - TAZ
    • Well, that's nothing. Kubrick, For example, could shoot for weeks to get one scene right.
  • If you watch halfway through the movie, you will see an extra clip of a certain character that you think is dead but isn't (not Elektra, you know she isn't dead because of the edding), lying in a hospital bed and then doing something he loves to do. (Source: movie itself) - Tazz


Darling Lili (1970)

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  • The six S.E.5a fighterplanes of 1917 design that Rock Hudson and his squadronmates fly, are replicas built for the movie. The planes later appeared in the movies Zeppelin and Richthofen and Brown, In Darling Lili there are also a couple of nonflying S.E.5a replicas employed in some crash-scenes. - Olav Westerman
  • The German planes are replicas that were built for The Blue Max -movie, plus several nonflying mockups. The Fokker D VII that in one scene tries to take off when it is hit by Rock Hudson's character and bursts into flames, is actually a disguised Tiger Moth designed in the early 30:s. - Olav Westerman
  • In one scene at night a couple of cars collide, but one can see that they are replicas built on modern chassis with modern, broad wheels. - Olav Westerman


Dazed and Confused (1993)

  • For those who don't know, Matthew McConaughey plays Wooderson in this movie, and Ben Affleck is also in this movie, I forget his name, but he gets paint dumped on his head. - Devo
      • Explanation: Ben Affleck plays O'Bannion. - marla
  • The shirt that Wooderson is wearing is a picture of Ted Nugent. (Source: Myself) - Lindz
    • Correction: Mooderson is wearing a Bob Marley T-Shirt, NOT Nugent! (Source: The Movie) - Banshee
  • Wiley Wiggins (Mitch Cramer) was actually a freshman at Austin, Tx high school. Austin is where the movie was filmed. Matthew McConaughey was a frat boy at the University of Texas and was cast after meeting the director at a bar in an Austin hotel. (Source: Texas Monthly) - MEHIMHERANDI
  • Randell "Pink" Floyd's belt buckle is also a bowl. He smokes out of it when they are standing outside the "Emporium". (Source: The Movie) - Banshee
  • Not really trivia, but my friends and I have made a drinking game of this movie! Our favorite is that everyone drinks whenever Mitch Kramer puts his hands up to his nose and whinces. It is so annoying when he does that! - Banshee


Dead Man on Campus (1998)

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  • The bridge used in the movie with the lions is actually in a different city than where the college campus they filmed at is. The bridge is actually the 9th Street bridge in Modesto CA, and if you anything about Modesto then you know its really not high enough to commit suicide off of. You might break a few bones but that is about it. - Stitch


Deep Blue Sea (1999)

  • When Carter pulls out the number plate out of the sharks south just after they landed in the aquatica, it is the same number plate used in Jaws when they gut the shark. - Bert
    • Correction: In the movie Jaws there was a Louisiana license plate shown that a tiger shark at and it read 007o0981 and in the movie Deep Blue Sea there was also a Louisiana plate shown that read the same but the caught is that they WERE NOT the same plates but the same number because in Jaws half the 8 was missing in the number was gone!!! I just wanted to make clear it wasn't the same license plate Thanks. - Barrell Ass
  • When the characters reach the sub pen the submarine that is broken is the same submarine used in the film The Sphere. - Bert
  • The plane that Saffron Burrows flies Samuel L. Jackson to the research facility in is the same plane that Harrison Ford flew in the movie Six Days Seven Nights. - Cathy
  • I heard that the tank they used for the movie is the same tank that used for Titanic. - TAZ


Demolition Man (1993)

  • Demolition Man lists Scott Peterson as one ofthe cyrogenically frozen prisoners! Did they know something we didn't know? (Source: Observation) - Les


Die Another Day (2002)

  • Anyone else who has noticed that this movie seems to be some kind of remake of "Diamonds Are Forever"? Both movies include plastic surgery to change identity, diamond-smuggling and a privately owned satellite shooting deadly laser-beams. (Source: Theatrical) - Olav Westerman
  • Did anyone catch the Monty Python and The Search For The Holy Grail reference? After Bond finishes the hologram training, Q (played by John Cleese) says something to the effect of "Nice job, except you shot your boss in the hand" to which Bond responds "It's only a flesh wound." John Cleese was the actor that played The Black Knight, and one of his famous lines is "It's only a Flesh Wound". (Source: DVD) - Andy


Die Hard (1988)

  • The Nakatomi building, where this film takes place, is actually the Fox headquarters. (Source: Seeing it in person) - Killerlampshade


Die Hard 2 (1990)

  • The scene (around 2 minutes) where Bruce Willis is climbing up the sewer to get out onto the runway and is almost run over by the plane, was actually shot in 7 different cities, but it looks like it is all at one. - Devo


Die Hard With a Vengeance (1995)

  • As McClane and Zeus get out of the car to their first assignment together, McClane (Bruce Willis) mentions that he wanted to spend his suspension "smoking cigarettes and watching Captain Kangaroo." In Pulp Fiction, Willis' character, Butch, drives a car while singing the lyrics to the Statler Brothers' "Flowers On The Wall," in which the lyrics are "smoking cigarettes and watching Captain Kangaroo." (Source: TV) - Sam
  • Samuel Jackson's role was originally supposed to be played by Brandon Lee, But he died during the making of The Crow. (Source: Magazine) - Chickmagnet


Dirty Dancing (1987)

  • Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze were in the movie, Red Dawn together before they starred in Dirty Dancing. They despised each other during the making of Red Dawn and learned to tolerate each other by the end of Dirty Dancing. All that hate sure made some hot dance scenes! (Source: E!) - KristinNH


Dirty Harry (1972)


  • The actor playing the wounded bank robber, on the receiving end of the famous ".44 Magnum speech", is the late Albert Popwell. He appeared in three more 'Dirty Harry' movies, in different roles. Next, he was the doomed pimp in Magnum Force. Afterwards he was activist group leader 'Big Ed Mustapha' in The Enforcer. His final outing in a DH film, was as yet another doomed cop partner of Harry's, in Sudden Impact. - Kieth Moreland
  • What Dirty Harry said about the Smith & Wesson Model 29 is untrue. It WASN'T the most powerful handgun in the world at the time. The Walker-Colt Revolver, Harper's Ferry M1855 Horse Pistol, Gasser Revolver, and Tower Pattern 1842 Lancer Pistol are among a few 1800's pistols that were more powerful than Dirty Harry's gun. Winchester also made experimental bolt-action pistols that were chambered for rifle-caliber ammunition in the 1880's. (Source: Several History Channel documentaries, several gun books) - Dalkowski
    • Correction: No black powder pistol can approach the power of modern smokeless ammunition. Not even close. And the inferior metallurgy of 19th century arms couldn't stand the chamber pressures of modern cartridges. As an example, the .45 ACP was created at the end of the 19th century because no existing military sidearm had sufficient knockdown to dispatch pesky Moro tribesmen in the Philipines. And the .44 Mag has upwards of twice the muzzle energy of the brawny .45. Prior to the creation of the .454 Casull and .45 Win Mag, D.H. was correct. (Source: Common knowledge) - Tsar Nicholas


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Dirty Work (1998)

  • When Chris Farley was explaining to Mitch (Norm McDonald) why he cant crash at his place. Chris totally forgot his Line and improvised that whole scene, it was so funny that the Director (Bob Saget believe it or not) decided to keep it. - J


Dogma (1999)

  • Chris Rocks character is named Rufus, also the character played by George Carlin who also is in Dogma, in Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure is named Rufus. - bilboabadmofo
  • The movie Dogma was written by Kevin Smith before he did Clerks, but wasn't made then, "because we wanted the fx to look good". This was also the reason the big stars in the movie did it for basically nothing, cause they had made a commitment before Clerks to do Dogma. - Obese
    • Correction: Obese watch the DVD with the commentary so that when you decide to act like a Kevin Smith scholar you won't sound stupid. He did write Dogma first but didn't make it first for two reasons. One he knew Jason Mewes (Jay) wasn't ready do to the fact he could hardly remember his lines and two he knew he was going to get shit from Dogma and if he did it first most likely the other movies would of never been made. - ash
  • Has anyone picked up on the fact the DOGMA read backwards is AMGOD Alanis Morissette's initials then GOD, get it? (Source: DVD) - K2000kid
    • Correction: If you saying that Dogma was called dogma due to Alanis Morissette playing god in it, I think you're mistaken as Dogma is a term from the Bible. (Source: The Bible) - The8thplanet
    • Correction: Are you dense? Dogma is sociological terminology with about a 300 year history. It loosely means that the word of god can never be questioned, otherwise religion cannot exist. The fact that its is "am god backwards" and am are Alanis Morissette's initials is pure coincidence. (Source: College, dictionary) - Ceej
      • Info: Dogma means: A religious doctrine that is proclaimed as true without proof / A doctrine or code of beliefs accepted as authoritative. (Source: WordWeb) - Webmaster
      • Addition: "Dogma" is also the Chiristian name for MYTHOLOGY! (Source: Bible Study) - Jeffydw


Drop Dead Gorgeous (1999)

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  • In the scene where Kirstie Alley and someone else are in a parking lot, and they say something like 'You'd think they'd have the parking lot of America to go with the Mall of America,' they're actually in the parking lot of Eden Prairie Center, a mall about 20 minutes away. - Cheese


Dr. Strangelove (1964)

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  • Kubrick didn't film this classic in black+white for authenticity. At the time the film was shot, there weren't big budgets that could allow huge flight scenes. Instead, Kubrick shot the film in b+w so that he could use real cold war footage from the government! Looks good to me! - casamann
  • In the scene where Slim Pickens is going over the survival-gear, he mentions "a fella could have quite a good time in Vegas with all of this". But what was really the line was: "a fella could have quite a good time in Dallas with all of this". They looped in the city because the release followed the assassination of the president, and they didn't want to have people associating to that. - Obese
  • Peter Sellers had problems converting his accent to Texan, but he did eventually do it. One day on the set, he fell down when sitting on the infamous bombs, and broke his leg. This resulted in the hiring of Slim Pickens. - Obese
  • When Ronald Reagan had just become president, he asked one of his no. 2's: "Where is the war room". The no. 2 replied: "But sir, there is no war room in the White house". Ronald then said: "But I saw it in that movie Dr. Strangelove". <- True story! - Obese
  • Peter Sellers did not play the Slim Pickins part, according to the liner notes of the laser disc issue, because of his ongoing and eventually fatal heart problems. He cut back from 4 roles to 3. My favorite movie ever! - corpdating
  • In the War Room, there is a table piled with pies. Kubrick's original ending called for a pie fight, but he and others felt that it would be silly and undermine the film's satirical edge. But the table and the pies made it into the final cut. (Source: Personal knowledge) - Covenant
    • Correction: Actually, the reason the pie fight scene was cut is because at one point the president is struck by a pie and knocked down and George C. Scott yells, "Our young president, cut down in his prime!" Since the movie was released just following Kennedy's assassination, Kubrick felt that people would be disturbed by the line. (Source: Internet Movie Database) - Gibborino


Duel (1971)

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  • During the climax chase, Dennis Weaver drives up to a parked car which looks alot like a police car, but it's only a pest exterminator service called GREBLEIPS, which is SPIELBERG in reverse. (Source: The movie) - Shaun
    • Info: This movie is directed by Steven Spielberg.


Dumb & Dumber (1994)

  • Jim Carrey has that chipped tooth in real life he had that since he was a kid. So, those teeth are real. But he has a cap for his tooth. - Chris
    • Correction: Jim Carrey did not always have a chipped tooth but chipped his tooth not too long before filming was scheduled they thought the tooth fit the description well and had it capped after the movie. - Trips
      • Correction: No, actually Trips, the tooth was chipped when he was a kid. It was chipped after a friend accidentally hit him in the mouth with a baseball bat. (Source: Jim Carrey himself) - dustdevil
  • Jim Carrey and Lauren Holly fell in love during the filming of this movie.
  • If Lloyd Christmas married Mary, her name would be Mary Christmas. - bateman
  • The role of Sea Bass is played by former Boston Bruins' superstar Cam Neely. - Will
  • The license plate number on the back of Lloyd's limo is MF-7TO. - Belac
  • Sea Bass' hat says "Wine Em, Dine Em, Sixty-nine Em!" - tigger
  • If you put your TV on closed caption, and a song comes on you can learn some of the song, but not all of it. You have to write the words down as fast as you can. You might have to rewind the tape a couple times to get all the words for the song. I know that I had to. (Source: The movie) - Sea Bass
  • At the part where Jim Carrey leaving the bar at the hotel, he walks by a newspaper clipping about landing on the moon, and he says something to the effect of "We landed on the moon? Allright!" That part wasn't in the movie- he was well known for ad-libbing, and this was one of those times. - Jessica
    • Comment: Actually, this ad-lib may be funny, but not original. It was borrowed from an old Saturday Night Live skit about a talk show in which people told where they were when they heard that JFK got shot. Jim Belushi said he was a freshman in college when he heard about it, which would have been in the late seventies. He admitted that he didn't really read the news much. Another character admits that he just found out about it right before the show. At the end, the host says, "Tune in next time when we talk to people about where they were when they first saw men walking on the moon", and Belushi says "We landed men on the moon? Allright!" and high-fives the other ignorant character. (Source: Too much TV!!!) - Dr. Popoff
    • Addition: Knowing Jim Carrey, I am almost POSITIVE that this was not Carrey's only ad-libbed line in the flick. - DeJaBu05
      • Addition: You are correct DeJaBu05, in fact I know of 2 other scenes that were ad-libbed. The scene where Lloyd Christmas says "Wanna hear the most annoying sound in the world?" was totally ad-libbed. If you pay close attention you can actually see Jeff Daniels make a face and look out the window as if to say "oh dear god, what's he gonna do now . . ." Also, the part where Lloyd and Harry eat the hot peppers and then proceed to squeeze condiments into their mouths was ad-libbed, no where in the script did it call for them to inhale anything they could get their hands on. (Source: Interviews) - weezecutnioer
  • In the diner scene, the guy sitting across from Sea Bass is wearing a hat that says - "Happiness is seeing your mother-in-law's picture on a milk carton". (Source: Observation) - Wade


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