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Baby Boy (2001)

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  • Snoop Dogg, who played Rodney in this film, had a scene where a little kid named Joe-Joe made a fort around him with pillows in the same living room Rodney was in. Originally, Snoop's character was supposed to kick the kid but Snoop refused because he doesn't like to be mean to kids. So they changed it to him kicking the kid's pillows. Even then, he still didn't want to do it, but decided to just go through with it. (Source: Baby Boy Special Edition DVD: Director's comments (2001)) - Max Gardner


Back to the Future (1985)


Back to the Future Part II (1989)

  • In Back to the Future Part II, Biff Tannen brings a copy of Gray's Sports Almanac back to his younger self and tells him to use the book for betting on sporting events. Biff, skeptical, looks through the book and comes across the entry "Florida's going to win the World Series in 1997 ... yeah right!!"  At the time of the movie, there wasn't even a major league baseball team in Florida. By 1997, Florida did have a baseball team - the Florida Marlins, and they did win the World Series in 1997.
    • Correction: There is no mention of Florida in that part of the movie. This is an old Internet myth, or "fib" if you prefer. (Source: - tom
  • In the future there is an advertisement for Jaws 19 directed by Max Spielberg. Max Spielberg is Steven Spielberg's son. (Source: - TAZ
  • When Marty is walking down the street, he talks to old man who says, ".... I should have bet on the Cubbies." This shows you that the World Series was between the Cubs and whatever team Florida was. The Marlins are the team now but back in 1989 the Florida Marlins did not exist. There is also an image of an alligator when when a screen says " FLORIDA WINS WORLD SERIES!". (Source: The movie) - Moviemaster


Back to the Future Part III (1990)

  • Not exactly trivia but just something interesting. Obviously because Marty McFly and Seamus McFly were both played by Michael J Fox and appeared in the same scenes, they cut them to look like they were talking directly to each other. But when Marty is eating dinner with his ancestors, Seamus passes him the baby (Marty's great-grandfather even!) and because this was impossible to film, they cut it together with a wipe of Maggie walking in front of the camera. - Sidewinder
  • When Marty and Doc are looking at the amp at the train station, standing in the background is Clara Clayton waiting for Doc to pick her up. (Source: DVD) - expert
  • In the first movie the dad was played by Crispin Glover but in the 2nd and 3rd movie he did not want to be in the movie so they used his character as little as possible and used Crispin Glovers picture from the 1st movie for the 3rd one to appear that Glover was still part of the film. (Source: Personal knowledge) - me


  BASEketball (1998)

  • When the two L.A. riots cheerleaders are shaking their breasts, look st the cheerleader on the left. She looks like academy award winner Mira Sorvino. Please correct me if I am wrong. - jimbo
  • At the end when Trey Parker has to intimidate the fat guy, he uses the voice of Eric Cartman from South Park which he and Matt Stone created! (Source: Watching the movie) - Bill


  Bat*21 (1988)

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  • During the scene where the two fighter planes attack Vietnamese ground forces, the two aircraft in question are F-5E Tiger II aircraft. While it's true the F-5 did see combat during the Vietnam War, it was the earlier F-5A Freedom Fighter variant that saw service. The aircraft in question have wingtip missile rails, while during Vietnam the F-5A usually carried fuel tanks on the wingtips. (Source: Experience) - Cooper


  Batman Forever (1997)

  • This film was extensively edited and re-arranged from its original version. The following lists the alternate arragement and some extra 'needed' information which was lost in the theatrical cut of the film. - BatJam
  • The movie was to open in Arkham Asylum, where Harvey Two-Face's escape is discovered. The story then moves to Wayne Enterprises and the introduction of Edward Nygma. Seeing the Bat-signal, Bruce becomes Batman after the speedy trip to the cave and confronts Two-Face at the Bank. - BatJam
  • After the circus, Bruce suffers from his "trauma" concerning the mysterious journal, which originally leads him to think that he was the reason that they (Bruce and his parents) went to the theatre which led to his parents death. That is why he tells Alfred "I killed them". He then sees the Batsignal and proceeds to police headquarters, only to discover that Chase Meridian sent the signal (in the released version, this happened before Bruce Wayne had actually met Chase and invited her to the circus). After leaving police headquarters, Batman is lured into an ambush by Two-Face, leading to the big car chase. - BatJam
  • After the Riddler and Two-Face reek havoc upon Wayne Manor and the Batcave, Bruce Wayne suffers a memory loss from the bullet wound to his head. All that he can remember is a vision of a terrifying giant bat. With Alfred's help, he regains his memory by confronting the terrible bat. He then sees the journal again, and upon reading it, discovers that he wasn't the one who wanted to go to the theatre the night his parents were killed afterall. This ends his trauma now that he knows that he wasn't responsible for the fate of his parents. The finale then plays out as normal. - BatJam


  Batman & Robin (1997)

  • When Robin falls into Poison Ivy's pond, he goes under water, comes up, then goes under again, then comes up again. When he goes under the second time, it is just the first scene being rewinded, & played twice in a row for length. - angel


  Batman Returns (1992)

  • Annette Bening was supposed to play Catwoman in Batman Returns, but she couldn't do it because she was pregnant. - Dana
  • Michelle Pfeiffer was chosen for the part of Catwoman when director, Tim Burton saw her climb up the ladder during the song, Cool Rider, in Grease 2 as her movements were so feline-like. (Source: Knowledge) - poshbird


  Battle of Britain (1969)

  • "Spitfire Productions" rebuilt four Percival Proctors to half-scale Ju-87 Stuka dive-bombers. Two of them became airworthy, but since they had no diving-brakes and therefore could not make steep bombing-runs, they were substituted for large radio-controlled models. - Olav Westerman
  • Since there were only three flyable Hurricanes left in the world, the filmmakers filled out some scenes showing Hurricane-squadrons with "Messerschmitts" (Spanish "Buchons") in British markings. - Olav Westerman
  • All the German planes in the movie were Spanish-built versions of German designs. Several of the Heinkel-bombers were assembled from a "scrap-heap" as the type was about to go out of service. The film-company bought 28 "Me-109"-fighters and 2 "He-111"-bombers and hired 29 bombers and 2 "Ju-52"-transports from the Spanish Air Force. All but 10 fighters were airworthy. One fighter was lost in a fatal crash during test-flying before the filming began. - Olav Westerman
  • Oddly enough, the British types were harder to find. Of 27 Spitfires only 12 were airworthy, and several of them differed so much from the right types in their appearance, that they only appeared far in the background in the mass-scenes. Of 7 Hurricanes only 3 were airworthy. - Olav Westerman
  • Many of the planes seen in the airfield-scenes, and all who are destroyed on the ground are fiber-glass mock-ups. - Olav Westerman
  • Several of the main actors had, for the close-up shots, to learn how to taxi the vintage aircraft on the ground. After the British actor Robert Shaw had made a simulated take-off run in one of the Spitfires, he pushed the brakes too hard, and the aircraft went up on its nose, wrecking its propeller. - Olav Westerman
  • In one of the scenes a hangar at Henlow is blown up during a German bombing-attack. When the scene was filmed, only a small part of all the explosives in the building went off, so the special-effects crew had to go into the rigged hangar to fix the problem so the scene could be remade the next day. - Olav Westerman


Battle of the Bulge (1965)

  • The German "Kingtiger" tanks are American M-47:s and the American M-4 "Sherman" tanks are M-24 "Chaffee:s". The observation-aircraft that probably is meant to be a Piper Cub, is actually a Cessna "Bird Dog" designed in 1950. All of the German trucks and half-tracks are of American origin. The miniature tanks used on the plotting-table are "Rocco" plastic-models from the '60:s. None of the characters in the film existed in real life, not even the commanding generals. The whole story is made up, loosely based on historical facts. - Olav Westerman


Bedazzled (2001)

  • In the basketball scene, Brendan Fraser appears to be looking over 7 feet tall. Behind this scene, they had him stand on green elevated wide beams behind the green screen, then with computer technology, they made him look 7 feet tall. I saw on that Brendan Fraser stands 6'3" tall, so obviously that in the basketball scene was not his real height. (Source: Bedazzled DVD; Behind the scenes featurette (2001)) - Max Gardner


Beguiled, The (1971)

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  • Pamelyn Ferdin, plays the little girl in the film who picks the poisonous mushrooms for Clint Eastwood's character's final dinner. She was the voice of Lucy in the late '60s Charlie Brown TV specials and a voice on 1971's "The Cat in the Hat". This is the only movie I can think of where Clint Eastwood dies on film.  (He plays ghosts in "Pale Rider" & "High Plains Drifter" but would already be dead). Please correct me if I'm wrong on this. (Source: Memory, my ears & - Sir Ompey


Behind Enemy Lines (2001)

  • In the beginning of the movie, you can clearly notice the names on the side of the Harrier jet when the two aviators step out of the plane. The call-sign for Owen Wilson's character is "Longhorn". The longhorn happens to be the mascot of the University of Texas, which is Wilson's alma mater. This is the only time Wilson's call-sign is ever seen, and no one ever vocally refers to Wilson as "Longhorn" in the movie. - whiteb0i


Ben-Hur (1959)

  • During filming of the chariot race scene, one of the extremely expensive cameras ($100,000.00 in 1958) was completely destroyed when a chariot ran right over it. The footage right up to the camera's destruction was used in the final film. - Cathy
  • The mountains in the background and the upper crowd-seats in the wide-shots race-scenes were glass paintings, that were optically blended with the live action during post-production. The special-effects department went furious when they got scenes filmed with a moving camera, that needed background paintings to be completed. Those days computer-animation was not even heard about, so the painting artists had to calculate every single frames movement to get it right, so the background didn't move relative to the foreground. - Olav Westerman
  • In the big sea battle scene, the same footage of a sinking galley is used several times, apparently to represent the sinking of several galleys. The galley in question is the white one in which Ben-Hur was a rower. (Source: I saw the movie a hundred times) - ian
  • It is widely said that a stuntman was killed in the famous chariot scene, but in fact there was no death at all. Charleston Heston specifically says in his autobiography that no one was killed during the filming of the epic movie. (Source: - Moviemaster


Big (1988)

  • The part of Josh (played by Tom Hanks) was originally intended for Harrison Ford. - Nate


Big Daddy (1988)

  • Kristy Swansen who plays the small role of Adam Sandler's girlfriend at the beginning of the movie was also in a college football film called "The Program." Believe or not, Joey Lauren Adams who plays Adam Sandler's new lawyer girlfriend in the movie also played in "The Program." She plays the coach's daughter (James Caan) who seems to be sleeping with the backup quarterback. Looks like the tables have turned as far as starring roles between these to actresses huh. (Source: movie) - Kid Dragon


Big Lebowski, The (1998)

  • Sam Elliot wondered what the hell he was doing in the movie and the Coen brothers don't know either. He just is. - Webmaster
  • The Coen brothers wrote the part of the Dude specially for Jeff Bridges, who fits in the part as a glove. - Webmaster
    • Comment: Then the Brothers must have been lying in the interview featured on the DVD when they say that they in fact did not write the part specifically for anyone, but once they saw Bridges in the role, they knew he was a perfect fit.
  • You don't see Jeff Lebowski (The Dude) bowl any time in the whole movie. Despite this, he is a "bowler". - Obese
  • Every time Steve Buscemi's character bowls he gets a strike, except for his very last throw. (Source: I watched the movie) - ricachica


Big Trouble in Little China (1986)

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  • In a deleted scene from the movie, in which "magic" is thrown around a Chinese butcher shop; the carcasses come to life, including a beheaded beef (which lumbers out of the refrigerator/freezer door), Peking ducks and other assorted goodies. I have been unable to obtain any info on this deleted scene, but I have seen it! - speck
    • Correction: I believe the movie you may be mistaking this scene from was one called "Dead Heat" with Treat Williams and Joe Piscopo. The movie has a very similar air to it as Big Trouble. - Manco


Bikini Beach (1964)

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  • In American International Pictures' 1964 release "Bikini Beach," veteran character actor Keenan Wynn plays a bad guy named Harvey Huntington Honeywagon. "Honeywagon" is movie-crew slang for a trailer or truck that contains toilet facilities. The term supposedly came into use because it sounds a lot nicer than "shitwagon." (Source: employment in movie industry) - Scot Penslar


Billion Dollar Brain (1967)

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  • The first thing that came into my mind when seeing this movie was Austin Powers. Michael Cain as Harry Palmer looks exactly like Austin Powers. He has the same glasses, same haircut and shows his teeth a lot (though cleaner than Austin's) This movie is also a spoof on Bond movies like the Austin Powers movies. Furthermore; the scene where Austin walks around naked seems is like a scene in this movie; Michael Cain is in a sauna, behind him lies a woman, whose breasts are covered by Cain's hat, the same way as different objects constantly hide Austin's private parts in the first AP movie. Also the fembots in AP resembles a woman, who tries to kill Harry Palmer while they're getting it off in this movie. This movie has with no doubt had a major influence on the makers of the Austin Powers movies, mainly Mike Myers I suppose.
    Sidenote: One scene of this movie was shot only 1.2 km from my home (in Finland). It's the scene where a truck drives down a small hill and slips into a snowy ditch, after which Cain escapes into the forest only to be captured and taken to a prison (or such) in Latvia! I drive down that hill every day and the stable on top of it, also seen in the movie, still stands there, barely. - Webmaster


Birds, The (1963)

  • When the main woman in the film is in the bird store in the city, you can see numerous people walk by outside. Look carefully, and u can see the director himself (Hitchcock) walk by with a dog. - casamann
    • Comment: Hitchock is the scene in the elevator when the woman is delivering the birds to the guys apartment. Hitchhock has cameos in a lot of his movies including this one so it would be likely to see him in one of his movies. - TAZ
  • The movie has no musical score. - kyara
  • Tippi Hendren was actually hit by one of the birds in one scene. - kyara


Blade (1998)

  • In the movie on the streets you can see a vampire sucking a persons blood. That vampire is played by the director himself to be in a short cameo like that late Alfred Hitchcock. (Source: TV) - TAZ
  • In the scene where the sun rises and sets over a shot of the city, rapidly showing the passing of time, you can clearly see a giant fly crawling over a scyscraper... Clearly Blade has more than just vampires to deal with! Maybe an idea for the third installment? (Source: DVD) - Gabe


Blade Runner (1982)

  • The end sequence (flying through the clouds) to the directors cut of Blade Runner was footage that Stanley Kubrick discarded from the opening of The Shining. (Source: University lecture) - office_pest


Blazing Saddles (1974)

  • The day they filmed the big "Field full of dead bodies after the big shoot-out scene", the commissary had served up a lunch of Boston Baked Beans. While they were filming the scene, when everyone was supposed to be dead, someone really cut the cheese and suddenly all the supposedly dead people started writhing on the ground with laughter. - Cathy
  • At the end of the movie, when the cast crashes through the set wall to the set where they are dancing "the French Mistake", the camera pans briefly to a pair of men doing synchronized swimming in tuxedos: James Caan and Burt Reynolds in an uncredited cameo. - SAM
    • Correction: That is not James Caan or Burt Reynolds in the scene described, any amateur can see that. Please have a look. It is immediately following the moment where the effeminate man hits the cowboy in the chest exclaiming "you brute, you brute, you brute, you vicious brute" and then the cowboy consoles him. The scene in question immediately follows this, with the two men in the swimming pool. It ain't Caan and Reynolds. The one on the left looks nothing like Burt, and the one on the right only "slightly" resembles James. Do some research before leaving a post like this for God sake!! - OLDMANPERIWINKLE
  • In the TV version, several new scenes are added in. Some of those include one that follows the exploding Candygram scene: Bart tricks Mongo into going diving for Spanish dubloons and stops giving him air to take a lunch break. Another involves the mayor trying to start a conversation with the fake citizens of Rock Ridge. Also on the television edit, the flatulence in the campfire scene has been completely taken out and on Fox Family (now ABC Family), the "Schtupp" in Lili Von Schtupp's name is dubbed out. - Nate
  • During an interview with Bob Costes on NBC's Later, Mel Brooks admitted that although he was told to cut out alot of the offending jokes the only one he did was when Lili took Sheriff Bart in her dressing room turned off the light and asked "Is it true what they say about you people?" proceeded with a loud zip and saying "It's true, it's true!" Mel claimed he took out Cleavon Little's response of "Your sucking on my arm." (Source: TV) - Nineisfine
  • As Mongo makes his first entrance into town, an hispanic man in sombrero exclaims "Mongo, Santa Maria!' This is the name of a recently deceased 60's jazz/pop musician. (Source: Myself) - Terry


Blink-182: The Urethra Chronicles (1999)

  • In the "All The Small Things" video when Mark is getting hot wax poured on him, in the background you can see Tom making out with his future wife. - Samantha
  • In "Dammit" when the band is playing, Tom mouths to Mark "I love you". - Samantha


Bloodsport (1988)

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  • In one of the fight scenes Van Damme opponent is knocked to the ground and the fight is ruled over. The villain gets up and grabs Van Damme's shoulder. Van Damme turns around and elbows the fighter in the jaw. This strike is real. The actor grabbed the wrong shoulder and when Van Damme elbows the guy in the face he really was knocked out as shown in the scene. (Source: Documentary) - The Equalizer


Blue Lagoon, The (1980)

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  • Brooke Shields spent a lot of time standing and walking in a trench beside Chris Atkins so that she wouldn't tower over him in the scenes that they had together. - Cathy


Blues Brothers, The (1980)

  • Jon Landis (director) is famous for using "See You Next Wednesday" in many of his films - it happened to be the title of his first script which never became a feature. He claims that the movie will never exist, but when he uses ideas from it, he pays tribute. In "The Blues Brothers" the police car hides behind a billboard (shown for a couple seconds) advertising "See You Next Wednesday" right before pulling out and hitting the Good Ol' Boys' van. - Andrew
  • The Blues Brothers held the record for crashing the most police cars in a movie. According to this site "One person has suggested 13 bluesmobiles and around 30 police cars, which were rebuilt as they were crashed. Another person has said 13 bluesmobiles and 60 'Chicago cars'." The record was broken by Blues Brothers 2000.
  • At the end when Jake an Elwood go to the bank to pay the tax the clerk (the guy eating the sandwich) appears to be Steven Spielberg. (Source: familiar face) - violinist
    • Correction: In fact the clerk that Jake and Elwood pay the taxes to is Frank Oz. He was the voice of Miss Piggy, Gonzo the Great and about 10 other muppets. He was basically Jim Henson's co-hort. (Source: The movie) - gizmo
      • Correction: Frank Oz doesn't play the tax clerk he plays the jail worker who hands jake his belongings on his way out, spielberg is the tax clerk..frank oz is also known for the voice of the infamous Yoda... (Source: general knowledge) - jonny
      • Correction: Frank Oz is not the tax man, he is however the police officer at the item reclamation room in the jail at the beginning of the movie. (Source: rolling credits) - PudBoy
    • Correction: Spielberg appears near the end as the Cook County Assessor's Office Clerk. - Nate
      • Correction: The tax clerk eating the sandwich is, in fact, Steven Spielberg. The credits say so. (Source: Film Credits) - amers
        • Correction: It is in fact Steven Spielberg at the end of The Blues Brothers. Check at (Source: - craiger
        • Ugh, someone should make a trustworthy list of who played who.


Brazil (1985)

  • The band Cradle Of Filth has made countless hidden references to this film. Some of the most obvious are the similar settings and objects used in the torture room in Brazil, and the dentist torture room in the From The Cradle To Enslave video, and the sound clip "care for a little necrophelia" from the end of the movie which is inserted into the intro of Cradle's song Lord Abortion. - Raven


Breakfast Club, The (1985)

  • The guidance counselor's name plaque reads "R. Hashimoto". Richard Hashimoto was the production supervisor. (Source: watching the film) - person
  • The quote at the beginning of the film is taken from David Bowie's "Changes". (Source: watching the film) - person
  • The school's "Man of the Year" is none other than Carl Reed, the janitor who talks to the kids in the library. (Source: watching the film) - person
  • Anthony Michael Hall's real mother dropped him off at the school, at the beginning of the film. (Source: watching the film) - person


Bridges at Toko-Ri, The (1954)

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  • The planes featured in this movie are Grumman F9F Panthers, but the aircraft-carrier used for the filming, the "USS Oriskany", was in real life equipped with McDonnell F2H Banshees. Since the F2H:s with their anodized aluminum skins didn't photograph well, a few dark blue F9F:s were taken onboard to fly for the cameras. In some scenes one can see the F2H:s in the background on the flight deck. The scene where several F9F:s are launched to attack the bridges was shot on another carrier, one can see that the identification-number on the fore-deck has been painted over. The reconnaissance-plane that photographs the Toko-Ri bridges while William Holden acts as an escort, is a standard fighter-plane with painted-on camera-windows. - Olav Westerman


Bring It On (2001)

  • When Missy comes to the cheer casting, she is being told about no wearing tattoos. She looks at her arm, showing that she has a removable one, and she made it because she was bored. It is the same tattoo that has Faith, her recurring role in "Buffy the vampire slayer" and "Angel". - Emepol


Broken Arrow (1996)

  • At the end of the movie, Christian Slater picks up a slightly burned $20 bill. The number of the locomotive in the movie is "1814," the year Andrew Jackson - pictured on the $20 bill - fought the Battle of New Orleans. - Chip Levine


Bruce Almighty (2003)

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  • When Bruce (Jim Carrey) and God (Morgan Freeman) are mopping the floors, God says, "Alrighty then," obviously a reference to Carrey's character Ace Ventura. (Source: Theater) - Nate


Bubble Boy (2001)

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  • If you look at the TV in the beginning when Jimmy's mom is cleaning and the dad is watching TV, he is watching an advertisement for the Bright and Shiny cult. (Source: observation) - Pickle


Buffy The Vampire Slayer (1992)

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  • At the basketball game when the Hawks are down and the one kid on the team is a vamp, he goes up to a guy on the other team and hisses at him. If you pay attention to the kid who got hissed at, it's ol' Ben Affleck! - Paige


Bug's Life, A (2001)

  • Pixar, shows the same trailer and pizza planet truck in A Bugs Life, Monsters Inc, and of course Toy Story 1 and 2. In Bugs Life its when Flik goes to the city and in Monsters Inc. Its when Randall is mistaken for a gator in a trailer. - trapperjohnmc


Bullit (1968)

  • The car that is supposed to crash into a gasoline-station can be seen passing by behind the explosions. The reason is, that in that scene the two cars involved in the chase were hooked together, side by side, with the stuntdriver Carey Loftin towing the car that should crash. He aimed at the gas-station in 90 mph and released the other car, but it missed its target. Despite that, the explosions were set off and the scene used in the finished movie. - Olav Westerman
  • There is a rumour that the motorcyclist that gets involved in the car chase and falls, is a person that happened to drive into the film-shooting by accident. That is not true, the scene was planned and the biker was Bud Elkins, a stuntman. The scene was deliberately shot in a way that it wouldn't look like a planned stunt. - Olav Westerman
  • The actor who played the part of the driver of the bad guys car was Bill Hickman, an expert stuntdriver, who actually drove the car in the chase-scenes. - Olav Westerman
  • Steve McQueen had planned to do all his driving himself, but after the first day of shooting he was replaced in most of his scenes by stuntdrivers, because he wasn't good enough as a driver. - Olav Westerman
    • Correction: According to the director of the movie, in a "behind the scenes" movie report, McQueen did start out doing his own driving, he even modified the mustang himself so it would handle properly, but after a near disaster they decided they couldn't afford to loose the star of the film and used a stunt driver from that point on. While filming the "in car" shots, the brakes went out on the car during the chase down the hill in the city and McQueen had to bring the car to a stop by down shifting the transmission. - Hoss
  • Did you know that during the 9 minute 42 second centerpiece car chase, they went passed the same VW Bettle six times and that they also go passed the same Pontiac Firebird more than once too. (Source: Book) - Dave Gorman


Bus Stop (1956)

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  • In the scene where Cherie (Marilyn Monroe) runs across the rodeo and falls down losing her shoe - this was for real and she actually tripped. The director Joshua Logan decided not to re-shoot the scene as it was shot between real rodeo shows. The crowds cheered and the fall stayed in. (Source: Barbara Leaming "Marilyn Monroe") - Joey


Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969)

  • In the scene where they blow up the box car to rob it, during filming the rail car was made of balsa wood and toothpicks. The crew could not afford a second take and so "just in case," three different people added explosives to make sure it went "boom." It is rumored each didn't know the other had added the extra explosives that the line "you sure you used enough dynamite, Butch?" was an ad lib. (Filmed where and when I went to college in Durango CO) - kayak22


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