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> Pulp Fiction (1994)

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Reservoir Dogs
Jackie Brown

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Pulp Fiction

Directed by:
Quentin Tarantino

John Travolta as Vincent Vega
Samuel L. Jackson as Jules Winnfield
Uma Thurman as Mia Wallace
Harvey Keitel as The Wolf
Tim Roth as Pumpkin
Amanda Plummer as Honey Bunny
Maria de Medeiros as Fabienne
Ving Rhames as Marsellus Wallace
Eric Stoltz as Lance
Rosanna Arquette as Jody
Christopher Walken as Captain Koons
Bruce Willis as Butch Coolidge



  • During the opening scene, you can see the bottom half of Vince as he makes his way to the bathroom. Look out for his book, shorts, T-shirt and 'strut'.
    • Addition: In the opening scene you can also overhear Jules in the background talking about having his "moment of clarity." Listen hard. (Source: the movie) - Gibborino

  • The Buddy Holly waiter in Jack Rabbit Slims is played by Steve Buscemi, who as Mr. Pink in Reservoir Dogs, refused to tip waitresses. - Mr. White: "You don't tip?" Mr. Pink: "No, I don't believe in it."

  • Lawrence Bender (producer) plays the 'long haired yuppie scum' in the restaurant hold up.

  • The guy who comes out of the bathroom is played by Alexis Arquette who is the brother of Rosanna and Patricia.

  • The innocent bystander shot by Marsellus Wallace is the same actor, who was pulled out of her car by Mr. Pink in Reservoir Dogs.

  • When Butch (Bruce Willis) goes to leave the pawn shop after freeing himself, he pauses for a moment - he can either go to Tennessee and collect his money, or go back to help Marsellus Wallace (Ving Rhames). Near to where he pauses is a Tennessee license plate, and a neon sign for "Killians Red" on a shelf. The only letters that are still lit spell "Kill ed". We are then shown a shot of Zed's keyring with the "Z" trinket: we are left with the subliminal message "Kill Zed", which is exactly what Butch proceeds to do.
    • Correction: Actually Bruce Willis' Character Butch does not "Kill Zed" as the Keychain and Killian's Red sign direct. He kills the pawn shop owner with the Katana and lets Marcellus get Midevil on Zed. - Quikkill

  • When Quentin Tarantino wrote this script it was in three parts Reservoir Dogs then Pulp Fiction then From Dusk till Dawn the diamonds from reservoir dogs is supposed to be whats in the Golden Briefcase. Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction can be easily put together but in From Dusk Till Dawn it takes a little looking at to find the connection. - Jack
    • Comment: This question has reached "urban" mythic status. Besides the Reservoir Dogs connection, I have also heard that the briefcase contains Marcellus's soul (which explains the random band-aid on the back of his head). But I once read an interview where Quentin Tarantino said he never had a specific thing in mind for the inside of the briefcase and that he simply thought of it as "the most beautiful thing in the world." I read this in some Pulp Fiction web site dedicated to all of the weird things going on with this movie. - Japhysun79
    • Comment: About Marcellus's briefcase, I read an article that said it contained his soul. It pointed out that the combination for the brief case was 666, and also mentioned the bandage on his head, and that perhaps Jules was right when he said that he and Vincent not being hit by the hand cannon was divine intervention, after all they were saving a soul. - derrick
    • Comment: The band-aid on the back of Marcellus' neck is in fact to cover up the hole after removing his soul; In the bible you can read about the devil, and how he takes your soul from the back of your neck. Marcellus' had by that definition sold his soul to the devil, and Brett+Flock of seagulls (the guy on the couch) had stolen it from him again. The guy on the couch is named Flock of seagulls (by Sam Jackson) because of his hair. A band in the mid-80's wore these characteristic hairdoos. - Obese
      • According to the Pulp Fiction FAQ "The actor Ving Rhames simply had a rather ugly looking scar on the back of his neck and so the make-up artist covered this up with a band-aid so that the scar didn't distract the audience too much."
      • Also, nowhere in the Bible is it stated that when the devil takes your soul, he takes it from the back of your head.
      • Correction: Actually, "Flock of Seagulls" is an old way of sayin "full of shit". - me > you
    • Oh my god. I just rewinded my Pulp Fiction videocassette (fast rewind) to the exact place I wanted to. To the exact frame! Amazing! What happened here was a miracle! Anyway, I wanted to check what Ringo (Tim Roth) says when he sees inside the briefcase. He says: "Is that what I think it is?" and Jules nods and replies with a "mm". Ringo then says "It's beautiful." - Now, if Marsellus' soul is in the briefcase, why would Ringo recognize it? Makes more sense if the briefcase was full of diamonds from Reservoir Dogs. Besides, Tim Roth was in Reservoir Dogs as Mr. Orange, so technically he should recognize the diamonds, although, yes I know, Ringo and Mr. Orange aren't the same character. This whole briefcase mystery is meant to be a mystery. Sure is fun to wonder over it, though :)
      • Comment: As I have said before, the reason Ringo would say "Is that what I think it is", is because if you read what the bible say about the soul (the bible is really the artstick of this whole movie), it says that it's the prettiest thing in the world, and therefor a person would just recognise it instantly, even if it isn't his own. This explains the glownig light as well... Diamants don't glow, or at least not that much! - Obese
        • Comment: Just to disagree with what Obese said: Tim Roth, when asked 'do you read the bible, Ringo?' answers 'not regularly no' how is he to know what a soul would look like as he doesn't read the bible? - Veck
      • Statement by Roger Avery, co-producer of Pulp Fiction: "Originally the briefcase contained diamonds. But that just seemed too boring and predictable. So it was decided that the contents of the briefcase were never to be seen. This way each audience member would fill in the blank with their own ultimate contents. All you were supposed to know was that it was "so beautiful." No prop master can come up with something better than each individual's imagination. At least that was the original idea. Then somebody had the bright idea (which I think was a mistake) of putting an orange lightbulb in there. Suddenly what could have been anything became anything supernatural. Didn't need to push the effect. People would have debated it for years anyway, and it would have been much more subtle. I can't believe I'm actually talking about being subtle."
    • Addition: An additional point to the soul in the briefcase: When the guy gets shot after the Ezekiel speach by Jackson, the same light is seen as in the briefcase. If the soul is in the briefcase, then the light was the guys soul leaving when he died. - CDX
    • Comment: According to Tarantino, Mr Wallace's briefcase contained batteries and 2 light bulbs. (Source: Tarantino interview) - randawg

  • It says gtu on one of the cars license plates and Gtu means Go Team Usa. - GTU 5000
    • Why would Tarantino put in a license plate that says Go Team USA? Doesn't sound Tarantinous at all.

  • Early in the movie, when Jules gives his "Ezekiel Speech" just before blowing away Brett he finishes with: "And you will know My name is the Lord when I lay My vengeance upon thee!" At the end, when giving the same speech to Ringo in the coffee shop he finishes with: "And you will know I am the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon you." In both instances Jules prefaces the speech by saying this was a "passage I got memorized." At the end he says, "I been sayin' that shit for years." If that's the case why the discrepancies? - methodan
    • This issue has been talked about on the movie goofs site. Not only Jules speech is different, also Honey Bunny's "Anybody move"-warning is different from the beginning of the movie compared to the end of the movie. So here is what they say in the QT FAQ: "A lot of people think this was probably a mistake. It has also been thought by some that Tarantino was showing us the difference between perceptions of different people in the diner, the second time being Jules' perception. It is interesting to note that in a early version of the script the difference isn't there, but it was added in a later version."
    • Honey Bunny's both lines:
      From the beginning of the movie
      Sound-clip1: "Any of you fucking pricks move, and I'll execute every motherfucking last one of ya!"
      From the end of the movie
      Sound-clip2: "...and I'll execute everyone of you motherfuckers!"

  • The roles of Honey Bunny and Pumpkin were written especially for Tim Roth and Amanda Plummer. John Travolta's role was also written especially with him in mind. - Hellbabe
    • Correction: The role of Vega was not written for John Travolta. The role was written and/or offered to Michael Madsen. He is a friend of Tarantino, as well as, he played the character Mr. Blond in Resevoir Dogs. Madsen opted out of Pulp Fiction to shoot another film. - Morticia
      • Addition: Michael Madsen's character in Reservoir Dogs was named Vic Vega, and that's who he was supposed to play in Pulp Fiction. But since Travolta got the role, the name was changed, and Vincent Vega is supposed to be Vic Vega's brother. According to what I've read. - marla

  • All the clocks in the movie are stuck on 4:20. - Olyandy
    • Correction: No, I thought so also until I actually watched the movies for the clocks. When the kid gets the watch it is set at 9:00. I also heard the 4:20 rumor and was disappointed to find out it was not true. - DaJeepman
    • Correction: Actually, the only clocks in the movie that are on 4:20 are the ones in the pawn shop. (Source: Special edition DVD) - jen

  • In the movie, Pulp Fiction, the word "fuck" is used 257 times. This movie it the number one movie for the use of this word. Scarface comes in second. - Erin
    • Correction: According to the Internet Movie Database the f-word is used 271 times in Pulp Fiction. - Webmaster
    • Comment: Pulp Fiction is third for most f-words, Casino has 395 as I counted, and I probably missed a few. - moviefan
    • "Fuck" is actually used 246 times. How do I know? I've counted myself. That is, of course, give or take a few from when Marcellus was gagged. (Source: Myself) - jen

  • When the Wolf calls to work out the plans for the cleanup he calls Joe. Possibly Joe from Reservoir Dogs? - Darkness
    • Correction: No, Mr. Wolfe is calling Joe from "Monster Joe's Truck and Tow"...Joe and his daughter Raquel are "sympathetic" to their situation. (Source: Pulp Fiction) - Marko
      • Comment: Since we don't actually see Joe at the Truck n Tow, it may be possible that it's the same Joe from Res. Dogs. He's a kingpin, they have "legit operations" as fronts for their illegal stuff, aka storing getaway vehicles. (Source: movie) - Steve Buscemi
        • Correction: There is a deleted scene on the DVD with the Wolf and Monster Joe that occurred when the Wolf dropped off the car with Marvin's body. Monster Joe was played by Dick Miller, whereas Joe Cabot from Reservoir Dogs was played by Lawrence Tierney. The two actors look nothing alike are they are not and were not intended to be the same person. (Source: DVD extra features) - bassist005

  • When Butch is going back to get his watch he walks by a car with an open window, you can hear a radio advertisement for Jackrabbit Slim's. (Source: DVD)
    • Addition: the ad that is on the radio when Butch walks by is about Jack Rabbit Slim's, but it says that there was a trophy stolen there last night, so that means that Vince and Mia didn't win, they stole the trophy. (Source: DVD) - JAYRAM

  • Something bad happens every time Vincent goes to the bathroom. - (Source: the movie) - Gibborino

  • In Pulp Fiction, after Butch has gotten the watch back, he is driving in his car listening to the song whose refrain is "smoking cigarettes and watching Captain Kangaroo..." (right before seeing Marcellus). In Die hard With A Vengeance there is a scene after an explosion goes off and Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson have to take cover. As they reunite Willis asks something to the effect "hey, where have you been?" and Jackson replies "oh just smoking cigarettes and watching Captain kangaroo." I don't know the connection but it is neat to point out. (Source: Personal observation) - Dr. Slim Widebody
    • Correction: Actually in Die Hard With A Vengeance Bruce Willis says, "Yeah I was working on a nice fat suspension. Smoking cigarettes and watching Captain Kangaroo." (Source: My Memory) - vadergeek

  • Talk about a coincidence. Marvin gets shot in the face in Pulp Fiction, and a Marvin gets his ear chopped off and shot in Reservoir Dogs. Did QT have a bad experience with someone named Marvin? (Source: Watch the movies) - G Money

  • About the quote from Jules. It's cool, but wrong, read the passage and you'll see it's wrong in both instances. I think it's been condensed for the movie the first time and shortened for the second... the point was made. Also washing Jules and Vince have something to do with washing away your sins since neither have the topic brought up again. (Source: The Bible) - darthpride
    • Correction: Sam Jackson's Ezekiel Speech is not in the bible at all. Ezekiel doesn't have any psalm 25 (or something like that). It was written by Tarantino. (Source: DVD) - superpimp)
      • Correction: Ezekiel 25:17-- "And I will execute great vengeance upon them with furious rebukes; and they shall know that I am the Lord, when I shall lay my vengeance upon them." -- There may even be more, but I had to feed my marmet, and wash up. (Source: Holy Bible) - Brunoleski

  • Wallace has a plaster on the back of his neck, this is meant to be covering up a '666' scar. Wallace is meant to be depicted at the devil, and the briefcase he is trying to collect is meant to hold the souls of people, that he now owns... OOooooOOOoo, freaky! (Source: I'm a Geek!) - Film Geek 2000
    • According to the Pulp Fiction FAQ "The actor Ving Rhames simply had a rather ugly looking scar on the back of his neck and so the make-up artist covered this up with a band-aid so that the scar didn't distract the audience too much."

  • I noticed a couple of things in the scene where Vincent shoots Marvin in the face: In the car, Vincent says to Jules, "You went over a bump or something... The gun went off, I don't know why!" First of all, if you look over Vincent's shoulder when he is asking Marvin if he believed God came down from Heaven and stopped the bullets (where Vincent is turned around in the front seat, pointing the gun at Marvin in the back seat), you can clearly see the road ahead of them. It is a very smooth road, no bumps or potholes. Just smooth, easy-riding road. Secondly, if you slow the DVD down and watch that part frame by frame, you can actually see Travolta squeezing the trigger of the gun. He doesn't do it hard, or so you'd notice if you were watching in real-time, but it is just a slight movement that makes the gun go off. You only see it if you watch frame by frame. But, of course, those automatics are sensitive things. However, I don't think this means that Vincent "purposefully" shot Marvin. Rather, I think that he was just so caught up in the heat of the moment, discussing the validity of the "miracle of the bullets", that he just wasn't thinking straight. But, that seems to be a theme with Vincent... (Source: DVD) - lady k


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