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> Kill Bill: Vol. 1 (2003)


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Kill Bill: Vol. 1

Directed by:
Quentin Tarantino

Uma Thurman as The Bride
Lucy Liu as O-Ren Ishii
Vivica A. Fox as Vernita Green
Daryl Hannah as Elle Driver
David Carradine as Bill
Michael Madsen as Budd
Julie Dreyfus as Sofie Fatale
Chiaki Kuriyama as Gogo Yubari
Sonny Chiba as Hattori Hanzo
Chia Hui Liu as Johnny Mo (as Gordon Liu)



  • In the hospital scene Uma Thurman's character's heart monitor is stuck on 69. (Source: Seeing the movie) - Kyzer Soze
  • When Uma Thurmans character arrives in Japan she drives passed a wall with a "Red Apples" brand cigarette advertisement painted on it. "Red Apples" are a fictional brand of cigarettes that Quentin Tarantino used in his film Pulp Fiction. (Source: Seeing the movie) - Kyzer Soze
    • Addition: Red Apple Cigarette Advertisemen is shown in 4 separate scenes. There are 3 separate simulated flight scenes, where you can see Red Apple Advertisement.. (In the first scene, where 3D image of the plane decends into the night of Tokyo, it applears very small (almost at the center of the screen. As the plane closes on Tokyo it gets larager in subsequent scenes.) Finally, as Black Mamba walks down the concourse of the airport, you will see a big Red Apple Ad. I didn't see the Ad in other scenes as suggested (while Black Mamba is driving?). One more thing though... The lady in the Ad appears to be Julie Dreyfus (Sophie, the second Lt. of O-Ren's Gang). (Source: Checked it myself) - imbad
    • Addition: Red Apple Cigarettes is a trademark of Tarantino. "Red Apple is the brand of choice for cigarette smokers in almost all of Tarantino's films that he's written and directed. Butch Coolidge (Bruce Willis), Mia Wallace (Uma Thurman) and other characters smoke them in Pulp Fiction; Ted the Bellhop (Tim Roth) smokes them in Four Rooms; they're seen on the Gecko Brothers' car dashboard in From Dusk til Dawn and The Bride (Uma Thurman) walks past an advertisement for them in Kill Bill Vol. 1. We can also assume that Mr. Pink (Steve Buscemi) smokes one in Reservoir Dogs when Mr. White offers him a cigarette (though he never lights his own)." - (Source: Quentin's World) - Webmaster
  • (Spoiler) In Kill Bill, After "(Bleep)" kills Vernita and goes in her truck,she picks up a notebook. Then she crosses off her name, but before "Vernita Green" says "O-Ren Ishii", but she doesn't die till the end. So obviously they filmed in China where O-Ren dies before Pasadena, California where Vernita dies. Also, it proves they used the same notebook. (Source: Watching the movie) - QT's Biggest Fan
    • Comment: The reason that the bride has already scratched out O-Ren's name is because she has already killed her. When she kills Vernita it's a flash forward!! - Femme_Fatale
  • In the very beginning of the chapel scene a radio having its dial turned can be heard. The sound of the stations flipping by is the same exact sound made by the radio in Reservoir Dogs when Mr. Blonde turns the dial looking for K. Billy's station. (Source: Seeing the movie) - Kyzer Soze
  • After the fight scene between Uma Thurman and Vivica A. Fox, Vivica goes to prepare a bowl of cereal for her daughter while talking to Uma Thurman. The box of cereal she selected was called Kaboom. If you've seen the movie you'll know why. (Source: Seeing the movie) - Kyzer Soze
  • Black Mamba flies from Okinawa to Tokyo to "take care of" O-Ren. (Source: Checked it myself) - imbad
  • When "the bride" is in the House of blue leaves, there is a shot from under the glass where you see the soles of her shoes, it reads F*CK U. (Source: Watching the DVD) - SsstefannN
  • The yellow suit Uma wears is a replica of the Bruce Lee outfit in "Game of Death". (Source: Watching the DVD) - SsstefannN
  • In Kill Bill vol. 1 the Bride's real name is never given. But, if you freeze frame the scenes where she gets her airline ticket stamped, your can clearly see her real name. (Source: The movie) - shaun
  • When the bride gives her little 'Leave your limbs behind' speech, we see the crazy 88 stagger around the place, and one of them is Tarantino himself in a mask. (Source: The movie) - shaun
  • Keith Carradine was not QT's first choice for Bill - it was originally offered to Warren Beatty, but he turned it down. (Source: Myself) - techgirl


Uma wears a replica
Uma wears a replica


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