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Goof Posting currently is unavailable.

If you know a good and simple Content Management System (CMS) that would fit this site, let me know. I need a system that would add the goofs to the site automatically. It also needs commenting capabilities. I don't have time nor inspiration to add everything manually one by one.


Getting frustrated with no updates?
You can post goofs and comments in the
Movie Goofs Forum



Follow the rules to insure that your submission will be accepted:

  • Do not type in CAPS! Use capital letters where they are supposed to be used. Follow the correct rules of grammar.
  • Do not reveal anything crucial about the plot line.
  • Do not post a goof that you are insecure about.
  • Do not act like a moron. All moronic comments are ignored.
  • Do check whether the goof you are submitting is already added!
  • Do assume that you explain the goof to a person who has not seen the movie!
  • Do submit several goofs from the same movie at once. (?)

Commenting / Correcting / Explaining:

  • Highly important: Describe what goof you are commenting/correcting/explaining!
    E.g: Copy/paste the text of the goof you want to comment/correct into the form (the large text field) and place your comments under it. Thank you! (Why?)
  • Do comment on goofs or previous comments/corrections. Do not comment on the movie in general.
  • Do make constructive comments only.
  • Note: Movie trivia facts, hidden jokes and sexual references are not goofs.
    Submit them in the Movie Trivia section.
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