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> The Wizard of Oz (1939)
The Wizard of Oz

Directed by:
Victor Fleming

Judy Garland as Dorothy Gale
Frank Morgan as Professor Marvel/Emerald City Doorman/The Cabbie/Guardian of the Emerald City Gates/The 'Wizard of Oz'
Ray Bolger as Hunk/Scarecrow
Jack Haley as Hickory/Tin Woodsman
Bert Lahr as Zeke/Cowardly Lion
Billie Burke as Glinda, the Good Witch of the North
Margaret Hamilton as Miss Almira Gulch/The Wicked Witch of the West
Charley Grapewin as Uncle Henry Gale
Clara Blandick as Aunt Emily 'Auntie Em' Gale


  • During the Song "If I were King of The Forest" the Tinman breaks a clay flower pot and that forms a crown. He places it on the Lions Head. Later on when the Lion is scared the the crown falls and bounces on the concrete like rubber. Clay doesn't bounce. - Jeff from Australia
  • The film has been flipped in the first shot of the Scarecrow, Tin Woodsman and Dorothy just after the witch has disappeared from the roof of the cottage (when Scarecrow says the line "stuff a mattress with me'). - KixiBob

Below each description is a time. This is the length of time after the credits end in which the bloopers take place:

  • 2:10 - Not messy after falling in pig sty. - chucky
  • 7:00 - Supposedly mis gulch says d*** but she really says damage. - chucky
    • In 1939 "damn" was a naughty word, but today there is no need to censor it.
  • 21:20 - Munchkin emerges from manhole but in next scene the manhole is gone. - chucky
  • 29:50 - After glinda warns Dorothy to never take her ruby slippers off, glinda hits her head with her wand. - chucky
  • 30:50 - As Dorothy is leaving munchkinland you can see the munchkin mayor adjusting his tummy padding. - chucky
  • 33:50 - Dorothy's pigtail length changes while meeting the scare crow. - chucky
  • 34:09 -The bird which lands on scarecrow is a raven not a crow. - chucky
  • 42:42 - When tinman sings toots his funnel while singing "if I only had a heart" you can see that toto is startled. - chucky
  • Towards the end of the movie, when Dorothy gets out of the Air Balloon to get Toto, and then the Air Balloon starts to float away, if you watch the Tin man, he unwinds the rope!!!! which makes the Air Balloon float away without Dorothy! - Amber
  • In the scene where the tin man, the lion, and the scarecrow are going to the witches castle in search of Dorothy, the tin man has an ax in his hand, the lion has a exterminating device, and the scarecrow has a pistol. Where did he suddenly get a Gun!!!! - missnormadesmond
  • In the scene before they are able to see the wizard, the lion gets crowned king of the forest, and the robe that is laying on the ground that Dorothy and Scarecrow use to throw over the lion Dorothy trips on it. - Kasmira
  • When Dorothy is on the yellow brick road her hair has different lengths. It gets long then short in just a few shots. - cat
  • When the Tin Man is leaning all around in the "If I only had a heart" -song, you can see the clamps that hold his feet in place. - Joe
  • When Dorothy leaves Munchkin land, if the camera hadn't dissolved to the next scene when it did, Dorothy would have run straight into a wall, seeing the background isn't real. - Joe
  • When the Witch goes to get the slippers from the other witch, she is close to them, then far away, then close again. - Joe
  • When Dorothy is talking to the scare crow and tin man and saying how good of friends they are she is holding toto, but then all of a sudden he disappears and there is no movement that she bent down to put him on the ground. - Kara
  • When the main characters are coming out of the poppy field after it has snowed they are skipping and apparently Dorothy trips and has to hold on to the scarecrow. She would have fell right on her face. - Ash
  • In the scene where Dorothy and the scarecrow are fighting with the trees for apples the scarecrow says, "I'll show you how to get apples" and they are hit with them. In the next scene if you look quickly at Dorothy's shoes they are actually the black shoes and not her ruby slippers. - Ash
  • In the old version of the Wizard of Oz, at the end of the movie, Dorothy is in bed then the camera pans to show the ruby slippers hanging on the wall. - rickyyyy
  • In the 1939 classic the "Wizard of Oz" there a some classic goofs, but this one has never been posted: In the scene following "We're of to see the Wizard" w/ Dorothy and the Scarecow you see the wicked witch behind an apple tree, notice there are glass dangling from her costume, you'll see the light hit them. These were in one of the earlier scripts to make the witch be more connected to Ms. Gulch from Kansas. I guess they had already filmed when they made a script change and decided to leave it. - wayne
  • In many scenes in the movie, Dorothy has on plain black shoes instead of the Ruby Slippers. - RuThiE jO jO
  • During the scene when Dorothy and her friends first meet the cowardly lion, the lion is threatening to hurt Toto. Dorothy picks up Toto to rescue him and hits the lion on the nose. While the lion is whining & carrying on about his nose, Dorothy has to move Toto close to her face because she is about to start laughing. I heard that this scene had to be reshot several times because Judy Garland kept laughing. - Emily
  • When Glenda tells Dorothy to follow the "yellow brick road" you will see the Mayor not far from Glenda but when Dorothy turns around, you see the Mayor behind her. - T
  • For a land to exist "over the rainbow" it would have to be lighter than air, and as Dorothy was already shown to be composed of solid matter, how come she didn't fall back down to earth?
    • What would you do with a brain if you had one?
  • Some of the so-called "munchkins" are obviously children wearing fake facial hair and grown up clothes.
  • In the scene where the munchkin boys are dancing up to Dorothy. They hand her a giant lollipop and sing and dance some more. Later when Glenda the good witch shows her of the yellow brik road Dorothy is holding Toto and a bouquet of flowers but the giant lollipop is nowhere to be found. - bobbin
  • As Dorothy is about to walk into the cyclarama (backdrop) as she leaves MunchkinLand, a Munchkin Soldier on the very far right is too far and becomes transparent with the matted-in flowers. - wyldchyld6
  • Before the lion sings "If I were king of the forest", the tinman breaks a plant pot and places it on the lion's head. The part where it was broken (sharp and pointy) was at top, so was there no bottom to the pot? - chippermonkey_2005
  • In the scene where Glinda floats away in the bubble, you see one of the Lollipop boys (the one that gives Dorothy the lollypop) chasing after it. Then, a few seconds later, when Dorothy comments about people coming and going so quickly, the Lollypop boy is directly behind her. (TV) - Chris
  • After Tin Man, Scarecrow, and Cowardly Lion are presented their respective rewards from the Wizard; Cowardly Lion tells Dorothy, "look at my medal, it says, 'Courage'" . In the long shot, Cowardly Lion is holding the medal firmly by its bottom. In the next shot, a close up of the medal, the medal is hanging free on his chest. The long shot returns to Cowardly Lion holding the medal by its bottom, again. - Kieth Moreland
  • In the scene at the beginning of the yellow brick road there is a red road going with it, but in the scene where Dorothy meets the scarecrow there is no red road. - Jax
  • In one scene on the Yellow Brick Road, a shadowy figure jumps out of the scene on the left of the screen. I have read that it was a still photographer who did not realize the camera was rolling and jumped out of the shot, and the editor left it in the movie. Any other suggestions about this scene? (Theatre) - Dr. Dino
  • When the cowardly lion is singing the "If I were king of the forest" song the tin man breaks the pot and throws the axe behind him. You can see the axe go all the way back like someone is taking it but when he comes and picks it back up it's standing straight up like it magically moved or something. - danielle
  • When the Lion, the Scarecrow and the Tin man are climbing up the mountain to the castle to rescue Dorothy, you can see a square of wood or cardboard in the Lion's butt where his tail is attached when he is pulling them up the side. (VHS) - Freshcarter
  • During the scene where Cowardly Lion sings about being "King of the Forest", there are a couple of times when the line/wire holding up and wagging his tail are visible. - Kieth Moreland
  • Again, during his, "King of the Forest', song, Cowardly Lion is "crowned" after the Tin Man breaks a flower . See how the flower pot/crown are very different shapes in the close-up and longshots. - Kieth Moreland
  • When the apple tree attacks Dorthy and the scarecrow, Dorthy runs off without her basket. Later when the scarecrow joins her, she has her basket again. (TV) - RecycledSanity
  • Ok when the lion goes after Toto his tail is on the ground but before that his tail was flying around and then after Dorothy hits the lion his tail is back swinging around when he grabs it. (VHS) - Lucky
  • In the scene when the wicked witch of the west is on the house and throws a fireball at scarecrow, tinman puts out the fire with his funnel and puts it back on his head with the handle of the funnel on the left. Then, the movie cuts away in a quick second and when it comes back, the funnel handle is on the right. (VHS) - kookie
  • The one most blatant flaw in this movie that nobody seems to notice IS: when Dorothy wakes up back in her room at the end and realizes that she just hallucinated the whole Technicolor epic saga, OBVIOUSLY Miss Gulch is STILL ALIVE and will STILL want to kill Toto... AND WE'RE RIGHT BACK WHERE THE WHOLE MESS BEGAN, except now it has become a happy ending somehow!!! "One of The Greatest Films Of All Time"??? Puh-leeeze!!! - Junkman
  • Right after Dorothy falls into the hogpen and is rescued, Ray Bolger, Bert Lahr, and Jack Haley (as Hickory) are all around her. Bert Lahr and Jack Haley both take out handkerhiefs to wipe away at their faces and necks. Jack Haley/(Hickory)'s handkerchief magically "jumps" from his right hand to his left. (DVD) - Kieth Moreland
  • In the part where the wicked witch of the west is going to leave Munchkinland the red smoke appears before she disappears. Is this suppose to happen? (VHS) - ChiKa
  • After Dorothy bangs on the Tin Man's chest and we hear the echo, she actually point to the Scare Crow, pretty much telling him it's his line. Feels like 5th grade play all over again :) (VHS) - CJ1017
  • After Dorothy begins to follow the yellow brick road, the munchkins form a semi-circle around to watch. The mayor is on the far right side, and as Dorothy begins skipping down the road, we see the mayor right next to the path heading out of the city, weird how that happens huh? (VHS) - CJ1017
  • If you lived in a house that was by the yellow brick road, like in the woods, how do you know which way it is to the castle and which way to munchkin land. In the movie there are NO signs to tell you which way to go. I mean jeez louesse mr. producer what if you were new to that house and your mom made you go buy some eggs in munchkin land and you walked to the castle, you'd feel like quite a moron. So the no-signs thing, that's an error..right? - Davey C
  • (Plot holes) When the tin man explained how he ended up that way, he said he was "in the middle of a chop and it started raining" and that he was rusted solid. Well why did they find him standing up with the axe straight up and down... what was he chopping..the air?? That's a BIG GOOF! - BAM!!!

Debated Goofs

  • URBAN LEGEND: If you look very closely in the scene where Dorothy and the scarecrow find the tinman, and then start skipping down the yellow brick road, you can see one of the munchkins actually hanging himself in the background of the trees. - Mike Silvani/TUBAMAN
    • From the Internet Movie Database: At the beginning of the "We're off to see the wizard" sequence, there is a disturbance in the trees off to the right. This was rumored to be one of the crew hanging himself, but is in fact an animal handler recapturing an escaped animal.
    • If you still believe this legend to be true, go to Urban Legend Reference Pages and read all about it.
    • Comment: It is an legend about the munchkin hanging him self, if you look at the scene when Dorothy and the scarecrow find the tin man. Then as they start oiling him there is a large bird infront of the shed if you look it spreads its wings, its wings are a purple and black. And in the scene when all three of the characters are skipping down the yellow brick road the supposed to be hanging munchkin is really the bird spreading his wings. - Mishel
      • Correction: About the hanging munkchin, in the scene after the witch throws a fireball at the scarecrow and they start to sing we're off to see the wizard, well its not a bird (I just got done watching that part like 20 times) It was actually the producers daughter hanging herself because she didn't get a part that she wanted. - Angel
    • Comment: In regards to the munchkin hanging himself in the Tinman scene its really a bird please people get it right if you think its still a munchkin hanging himself get your eyes checked. - Ash
    • Comment: This is a comment on the munchkin thing. It was not a munchkin it was really a worker who fell off a ladder and his neck got caught in a rope and he hung himself. It was in the news. - sahasrala
    • Comment: It really is a munchkin hanging him self because there is a website dedicated to him that his parents made for him. In the movie Judy looks at him and so he waves his arms and she turns away. And you can compare the old version to the new versions that they put an animated beak on the guys face in the new versions. It's true!!!!! - Kendra
      • Huh? His parents made a website for him? Wizard of Oz was made in 1939, so his parents would be pretty darn old by now.
    • Comment: For the people's theory on the hanging. When some one hangs them self their arms are parallel with their body its a straight line sohow can some one hang themselves and stretch their arms out, easy they cant! And wouldn't Dorothy, lion and tin man notice someone supposedly hangin them selves it was right in front of them further in the forest! Its a damn bird you non believers. - Jester
    • Correction: In the scene where it is believed that a Munchkin hangs himself or as others believe, that it is a bird, the TRUE story is that one of the producers was under severe stress and hung himself behind the backdrop, unknowingly during filming. That is the reason why Dorothy, the Scarecrow, and the Tin Man do not see him because it is BEHIND the backdrop. IT IS ONLY A SHADOW. This was not discovered until years later when a viewer pointed it out. The fact that the producer hung himself is public knowledge and many interviews and documentaries talk about his death, but not in detail. - Nasty1
    • Correction: The truth is that it is a bird not ANYONE hanging themselves. Do you really think someone hanging themselves would have made in the movie...someone would have noticed them doing it. - sara
    • Comment: About the hanging man, woman or munchkin. I honestly think if you can see the "hanging thing" on your TV screen, then someone would have saw it during the making of the movie and cut it out, it is a childrens movie by the way. - scoob
    • Comment: Why do they still have that man or bird or what ever it is in the movie if people think it's a hanging man? Why don't they remove it? - christyc666
    • Correction: The "hanging person" in the back round is only a bird i watched it 276 times. - phil
    • Comment: Most people think that there is being a munckinn hung in the backround of the scene "where of to see the wizard" by the woodmans hut but it is actully the real witch in the scene in munckin land where the witch of the west goes up in smokes the red stuff in the smoke was a conter active of the green stuff in her face and she got burns all over her face so they fired her cause they couldent cover the burns up. So she went in the woodmans hut scene and she got a box throw a rope of the tree and hung herself! - Cate
    • Explanation: You mindless people think that you are so smart. Think about it, there is a dead person in the backround, don't you think, after this scene was filmed, they would have FOUND SOMEONE WHO IS DEAD THERE???? its a set, the guy isnt gunna hang there forever. After they found him, they would obviously have re-filmed any previous scenes where he could have been seen. I read all of the stories, come on, NONE OF THEM MAKE SENSE! A producer, a producers daughter, a munchkin, COME ON!!!!! I have watched the movie so many times before. I have done so much research on this movie, and I can tell you for a FACT that this is a bird. This bird was rented from the film-makers from the San Diego Zoo. They bird was spreading its wings in the backround. The bird is previously seen in front of the cottage when they find the Tinman and they oil him. So stop making up those phony stories because you think you are cool! Listen to smart people like Mishel and I! My gosh. - Joey
    • Correction: That never happened. It was a cloth bag of hay that swung down; and notice how it swings just once, because a cameraman caught it. We just finished a unit of assessing Hollywood movies for historical significance, and this is what my teacher, as one of many AP historians, told us. - honeyEMT13
    • Comment: Laws of physics prove that it wasn't someone committing suicide. The body could not have swung only once and then stopped. It would have gone back and forth until the "corpse" was hanging completely vertically. Also, do you think a PROP tree in the back of a SET could possibly support the weight of anything that big (especially since a swinging object's weight is substantially greater than a motionless object's weight)? Think about it. - LogicalGuy
    • Comment: In the scene where the witch throws the fireball at the scarecrow, you can see a hanging body in the background. It is obvious that they shot that scene after the next scene because as they are singing and going down the Yellow Brick Road you can see a girl/woman in the background climbing up a tree. As Dorothy, the Scarecrow, and the Tinman are starting to turn you can see her swinging back and forth from the tree. You can see her hair going back and forth along with her!! I watched that scene like 15 times..IT'S TRUE.. Watch it yourself! - BrItTaNy!
    • Explanation: Ok, I know there is alot of debates on the mysterious figure in the background. We I've taken plenty of time to research, and I have an actual answer. Originally when this movie was being filmed there where an number of accidents and mishaps on the set (such as the tin man suffering from metal poisoning due to inhaling metal flakes of his make-up paint, the witch's make-up catching on fire, and the Lion collapsing during filming due to the weight and heat of his costume). Well it is true that someone did hang themselves on the set. But it wasn't a munchkin, the producer's director, or an accidental death. It was the suicide of the make-up artist. He had hung himself being that it was believed but mostly everyone that the movie was going to flop, everyone was afraid of losing their jobs at the studio, and some even believed that the set was cursed due to the accidents and that they where going to shut down production because of it. In the earlier versions of the movie, the body in this scene couldn't be edited out due to the lack of technology to do it with, and they couldn't refilm the scene being they where on such a tight schedule (due to rental fees and recovery time of the accidents), so they forcibly left it in and prayed that no one would really notice. Now, as time went on, the body in the background became more and more familiar with, but thanks to the advancement of technology, they where able to edit it to look like a "mysterious creature" in the odd woods and denied there ever being a body. Yet as time went on, the "rumors" of a suicide in the background continued and got worse that they all together edited that figure out of the scene completely. So in conclusion, depending on which version (old or new) you have watched, you can be right about the body, the "bird", or nothing being in the background at all. I have personally watched all 3 of the different versions of the movie, so I have been able to see why there is such a debate over it. - Silly Chika
    • Comment: The supposed "munchkin/stagehand/producer/producers daughter/fired witch" hanging themselves, is actually quite funny, and as much fun as it is to believe that something like that happened, it's just not logical. If you look closely, at the very end, the bird spreads it's wings and you can see it from a side view and you can see the beak. People have such an over active imagination, but I'm not one to say anything, because I heard it was a cameraman who got his foot caught in a wire, and is merely hanging by his feet. But the difference is, there is backup to this explanation. If you look, you can see what appears to be a light, swinging around. Now, I suppose, it's just a light that was used to help catch the bird. - Britt
    • Comment: Tell you what. Go buy the DVD version. Play movie to the part where the "producer, or munchkin, or daughter" supposedly "hanged themselves". Pause. Now hit your Zoom button a couple of times. Folks, it is a BIRD, standing in the background, spreading it's wings!! It can be clearly seen, down to the color and the beak! Nobody is dead, trust me!!! - Sharon
    • No more additions to this debate, please. The debate is continued on the Trivia Forum.
  • There's a part in the movie where the Wicked Witch tells her flying monkeys that, "I'm going to send them a little insect!" This is a reference to the next scene, which was suppose to involve a monster called "Jitterbug" to Dorothy and her friends to keep them from reaching the Emerald City. The Jitterbug scene was latter cut. - one_eyed_beth
    • Comment: In comment to the "jitterbug scene" that was supposedly cut from the movie. I saw the wizard of oz on broadway two years ago, and I remember that there was a song sung by Eartha Kitt called "The Jitterbug". I guess even though it was cut from the movie, they couldn't cut it out on Broadway. - kris
    • Comment: The Jitterbug scene of the film was cut out because the trees are moved by people inside, and when they taped this scene you could see the person come out of the tree and move a branch around. - Truxy5
      • Correction: The Jitterbug scene was removed because the directors cut ran almost four hours and the studio said make it shorter so the Jitterbug number went bye, bye. - amycbs

Commented Goofs

  • Whenever Dorothy sings, music is heard, despite the fact there are no musicians/radio's in the area! - The Big J
    • Come on, you can't be serious? It's a musical and it's a dream. Figure it out.
      • Comment: While music in the dream is ok, she sings 'over the rainbow', in the real world.
        • Comment: So what if music just starts. That's the way musicals are. Every musical I've ever seen is the same way. - chelle
  • In the scene where Dorothy meets the scarecrow the length of her hair changes dramatically from short to long and back in the matter of the musical number "If I only had a brain". - Jen
    • Explanation: This is because about 2 or 3 months after shooting concluded they called the actors back to recut a bunch of scenes. The scarecrow dance scene had to be shortened because the studio wouldn't release the picture until they made it shorter. Too bad for us :-( - amycbs
      • Comment: Judy Garland's hair length not only changes from scene to changes numerous times in every scene. When she sings Over The Rainbow, it changes at least three times. Now I know not every scene took months to shoot. - Donica
  • If you look in the scene where they meet the tin man, you can see a toucan in one tree, a peacock by the cottage, and a monkey in another tree. - Joe
      • Comment: These are animals from the LA Zoo released on the set on purpose for the jungle scene, but they couldn't catch them all. This is also where the bird spreading its wings gets confused with a person hanging himself (that did not happen!!) - amycbs

What would you do with a haircut if you had ONE?

What would you do
with a haircut if you
had ONE?

  • When the the scarecrow supposedly gains knowledge he decides to show off by quoting the Pythagorean Therom for calculating the sides of a triangle. He quotes it wrong. - Shoop
    • Comment: You have to remember that this is the dream of a 12 year old. How can you expect a 12 year old to know how to corecty state the Pythagorean Theorum?? - C

Corrected Goofs

  • At the scene when Dorothy meets the wicked witch of the west, she pops up in a cloud of red smoke when she leaves the trap door opens too soon and you can see it come up. - Mishel
    • Correction: In response to the trapdoor opening early, Margaret Hamilton was actually lowered by an elevator that dropped from under her when she was supposed to disappear. There was no trapdoor at all. - summer
  • When the twister comes to Kansas, it blows the windows out of Dorothy's bedroom, knocking her down. This creates a nice big area for her to look out while the house is being carried along by the twister. However, once the house lands, the windows have returned (along with the curtains) so that Dorothy has to walk out the front door to see Oz rather than simply looking out the wall where her window once was. - Jim Kaiser
    • Correction: If you pay attention you will see that Dorothy has a double window that opens in the middle. Only one side blows out and the other is swung open. When the house lands, you see the open window beside Dorothy. - chelle
  • When the Wicked Witch of the East shows up for the first time, one of the Munchkins screams before the smoke even starts to rise. - Tish
    • Correction: Hey tish when the wicked witch of the east shows up she is already dead. It's the wicked witch of the west who shows up for the first time. Who goofed now tish? - fjskhlj
  • At the end of the movie Dorothy is happy to be back at home forgetting why she ran away in the first place and doesn't seem to care that they would take toto away. - lemonhead93311
    • Correction: The reason Dorothy doesn't seem to care about them taking Toto away was because she got him back! He jumped out of the basket and ran home. - Lisa
    • Correction: Hey Lisa, Toto came back before Dorothy ran away. She ran away because they would come back for him. - Catie
  • During one scene during the film Dorothy is called Judy by one of the cast. - paul
    • Correction: Think you're funny huh, Paul. Dorothy is Never called Judy in the film. Stop annoying people with you're mindless nonsense!
  • I was watching the wizard of oz last week, and the thought suddenly occurred to me, if the scarecrow doesn't have any brains, then how did he come up with that brilliant plan of attacking the guards, putting on their clothes and going in after Dorothy? Also, if the tin man doesn't have a heart, then why would he even care what happens to Dorothy while she's in the witches castle? ("I hate to think of Dorothy in there all alone." and he was crying.) -
    • Correction: Proudmom seems to have missed the whole point of the movie, that these characters had what they longed for all along. They just needed someone else to affirm it in them before they could believe in themselves. - Tikkimouse
    • Correction: Not a goof, a correction-At the end we learn oz was just a dream-therefore, any supposed mistake in the movie is not a mistake, as it is a dream, and ANYthing can happen in Dorothy's dream!
  • Just something to think about: if the wicked witch of the west can't harm Dorothy when she's wearing the ruby slippers then why, at the end of the movie, does she threaten to kill her if Dorothy does not hand them over? - Ash
    • Correction: Not a mistake - Although she can't harm her, she sure as hell can scare her, into thinking she can!
      • Correction: Dorothy already knew she could not harm her though because Glinda told what's the point of trying to scare her? - Ashley
        • Correction: Dorothy is going through hell - She has been taken away from home, so naturally her she wouldn't be thinking clearly. Thus, would not recall the fact that witch can't harm her, so, not an error.
      • Correction: The whole point to Dorothy being held prisoner in the room alone, was to allow the Wicked Witch one more hour to figure out just how-to get the ruby slippers off of Dorothy. That's what she said, right before she walked out. - Kieth Moreland
  • Not too sure about this, but when they get to the castle place, there is a purple horse, then it clips away and back, then the horse is white, then its turns purple again in the next scene. Correct me if I'm wrong. (VHS) - pat
    • Correction: The fact the the horse changes colors when Dorothy et al. enter the Emerald City - Remember, Dorothy comments about the horse changing color and is told "That is the Horse of a different color." In a book I read about the making of the movie, the horses were colored with different colored gelatin. - Jeanne

Explained Goofs

  • This isn't really a goof, it's more of a question, ok so in Munchkinland the yellow brick road wraps around a red one where the heck does it lead to? And how do Dorothy and the scarecrow know which one of the roads to take when they reach the fork, and where do the others lead? And how do they know how to get to the witches castle? Someone please answer me especially on the first one. - ei
    • Explanation: There is no red road, silly. Take a look around munchkinland. They're not always on grass, the central courtyard-like area is paved. Besides, a red blackground makes the yellow brick road stand out more. As for your second question, they took a guess at the fork and happened to pick the right way. Where do the other forks in the road lead? I suspect they all lead to the Emerald City in their own roundabout ways, because the good witch said "follow the yellow brick road" and did not say anything about "follow the road signs". As for finding the witch's castle, it's been a while since I've seen the movie, so I don't remember how they got started, but after Dorothy gets snagged by the flying monkeys, the others probably just followed them in the direction they flew. - KNIGHTSHADE
    • Explanation: "Where does the red brick road lead to?" I will tell you. Now to answer this question, you have to realise that everything in this movie is a contrast. Dorothy lives in Kansas which is in black and white, obviously emphasizing it's uneventful nature. When she enters Oz, it is bright and colourful symbolizing its exciting and diverse nature. There's a contrast. In Kansas, Dorothy's friends Hickory, Hank and Zeke all have the desired traits of the scarecrow, tinman and lion but the contrast here is that in Kansas, they realise and harness there skills. In Oz, the characters do not. I could carry on and on with the different types of contrasts but I will get to answering your question. So in light of this new knowledge, everything in Kansas contrasts what occurs in Oz(this is a very basic and generalized idea, but I don't feel like much more typing). Now, where is the one place Dorothy wants to be during the course of the movie? Kansas. And where is the one place she does not want to be despite its beautiful surroundings and warn welcomers? Oz. So, if the yellow brick road leads to Oz, the one place that Dorothy does not wanna be, then its opposite, the red brick road must lead to where she does wanna be, which is Kansas. So really Dorothy wasted her time because she could've just gone the complete opposite direction and achieved her goal without the danger of witches or flying monkeys!! It kind of makes you think who the evil characters are in this story doesn't it? But that is a different topic altogether. Finally, to prove this theory(as much as possible, anyway, because in the end this is all mere speculation) what are the things that bring Dorothy back to Kansas in the end? The ruby --RED-- slippers. She had the indicator all along, but did not see the way....or was clouded by evil northern witches posing as good ones.....but anyway, there you go, I hope it helps. - Jag


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