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> Me, Myself & Irene (2000)
My, Myself & Irene

Directed by:
Bobby & Peter Farrelly

Jim Carrey as Officer Charlie Baileygates/Hank Evans
Renée Zellweger as Irene P. Waters
Anthony Anderson as Jamaal Baileygates
Mongo Brownlee as Lee Harvey
Jerod Mixon as Shonte Jr.
Chris Cooper as Lieutenant Gerke
Michael Bowman as Whitey/Casper
Richard Jenkins as Agent Boshane
Robert Forster as Colonel Partington
Mike Cerrone as Officer Stubie



  • One of Jim Carrey's sons wears a gray tank-top with a gray collar, but it soon switches to a black collar, then back to a gray one, so on and so forth. - David
  • In one scene ---- gets their thumb blown off. If you look, you can see their thumb tucked behind his/her fingers. - David
  • In one scene ----- jumps a large gap in a bridge, after he/she jumps it, the gap is gone!!!!! - David
  • In the Restaurant scene. The plate of bread keeps changing position. - pat
  • In the scene where Charlie and Irene are on the motorcycle, Charlie has several splattered bug on his helmet and face, when he gets off they miraculously disappear. - josh murphy
  • In the scene where the bad Guy takes the Trooper's weapon, it was a GLOC. When the bad guys is running across the bridge and points the gun at Jim Carrey it is a Baretta and not the Gloc he had originally took from the state trooper. Totally different weapon. - Rahmil
  • In the scene where Charlie and Irene are at the hotel when the FBI or SWAT panel truck leaves you can se the camera and some of the crew on the side. - Loaded1215
  • After Jim shoots the cow, he throws his gun away and begins choking the cow on the ground. When the camera angle changes, the gun appears right next to him on the road. - Zemog
  • When Charlie is chasing Irene on the bridge the bullet hole in his jacket is gone. In the close up shot at the end of the bridge it's back.
  • When Jim Carrey's "kid" is born, there is no umbilical cord or blood and gunk on the child. - Reddfoxx
  • When Charlie and Irene are on the motorcycle, they meet a cow. When he tries killing it with his gun, he fires about 9 times. But later, the Chief says he shot it 6 times. (VHS) - PerfectOutlaw
  • When Irene enters Charlie's hotel room and finds a picture of herself and some lotion, if you look closely, you can see some black watermelon seeds on Charlie's pillow. These refer to a deleted scene (on the DVD) where Charlie does something quite disgusting with the large piece of fruit (think "American Pie") and then Irene comes in and discovers it. (DVD) - Kay D
  • I was just curious about Irene's wardrobe. In the scene where Irene is first brought to the police station, she is wearing a rather snug fitting blue blouse. So snug that you can see it 'pucker' in the front, clearly nothing could be worn underneath that and not show some sort of bulging. She is also wearing black pants. But when she and Charlie are on the motor bike leaving, she is wearing a similar blue blouse that fits loosely (clearly not the same blouse). She's also now wearing pale blue pants and a dark blue shirt (long sleeves)underneath. Which is clearly visible when her blouse is buttoned at the cow scene, but not visible at the police station. Now it's possible that she could have changed clothes before they left the police station, but it's rather funny that she would change clothes in say an hours time span (my guess of the time laps she spent at the police station) but her and Charlie were on the road for a couple days and she never once changed her clothes, nor did they ever show her with a bag of clothes. And while her purse may have been a little oversized, not big enough to fit a change of clothes and not be seen. (VHS) - Tracie

Commented Goofs

  • In the Police Department when "Charlie" is dropping Irene off, he introduces himself as "Bailey Gates". The bad cop also refers to "Charlie" as "Bailey Gates" when they are in the junkyard. - Carrie
    • Comment: When Charlie is called "Baileygates" is because this is his last name, and this is told a lot of times.

Explained Goofs

  • When Charlie's other bad side comes out and he's walking around doin' all kinds of stuff he comes to a kid with glasses. He says, "what are you looking at four eyes" when his mouth clearly says "fucker" instead of "four eyes". - Paige
    • Explanation: Well that's probably because you watched the TV version or something and they dubbed it in. Duh Duh Duh Duh!! - Jedi_master
    • Comment: If you watch the DVD he CLEARLY says 4-eyes and not fucker but, he mouths it! It hasn't been on public TV 2 be dubbed yet! (DVD) - Mickal
    • Explanation: On the trailers and TV spots, Hank says "Four Eyes" to the kid in the glasses. On the movie he clearly calls the kid "fucker". He just says four eyes on the trailers it would be on TV. - Joe D.


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