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> Jurassic Park III (2001)
Jurassic Park 3

Directed by:
Joe Johnston

Sam Neill as Dr. Alan Grant
William H. Macy as Paul Kirby
Téa Leoni as Amanda Kirby
Alessandro Nivola as Billy Brennan
Trevor Morgan as Erik Kirby
Michael Jeter as Udesky
John Diehl as Cooper
Bruce A. Young as Nash
Laura Dern as Dr. Ellie Sattler
Taylor Nichols as Mark


  • As the plane is flying through the clouds towards the island, you can see a shadow silhouette of the camera helicopter on the left of the screen. - pat
  • It's somewhat unclear whether this is a goof on the part of the second or third Jurassic Park, but at the end of The Lost World, the flying dinosaurs are as free as any of the others and are even seen flying away from the island at the end. The goof is that in Jurassic Park 3, all of the flying dinos are confined in the aviary, and it is implied that they are only finally set free after the door is not closed tightly by the mother. - Die
  • How about this fact: pterodactyls had wings too large to support by flapping. In fact, experts (like Alan Grant) in a field of Dinosaur study state that a pterodactyl would use its wings to GLIDE. It would never flap them. - Jagannatha
  • First off: This entire movie was stupid... come on... There is an island full of dangerous predators... and a kid survives for what? 8 weeks? Geez... the adults show up on the island and not 10 minutes they are being killed. I really doubt a kid, no matter how smart he was, could survive in that territory. - Rose
  • In the beginning of the movie the mercenaries are testing out their big guns. Note two things about this: 1) The guns make the ship explode. This might be because they hit a fuel tank or something, but that must be really powerful to punch through the plane like that (to get all the way there, I mean). Maybe depleted uranium rounds? 2) Listen to the cell phone ring. It is a very distinctive jingle. - Ian
  • These will make sense in a minute. Another thing you might notice (though not a goof) is that both of these mistakes relate to the Spinosaurus. When the plane lands everyone goes exploring with their big guns, you hear shots. We're supposed to believe that a group of three people armed with guns that blow up airplanes can't kill the damned Spinosaurus? A handgun could put out its eye! - Ian
  • Later... The kid runs to his father in a happy, cheesy, boring reunion. The kid says he recognized the phone jingle from his father's store. The same exact jingle that the mercenaries had. The father's cell was with the mercenary before they ever met? WTF? E-mail me if you have any problems with these or want to talk, alright? Just e-mail me! - Ian
  • This isn't really a goof but, towards the beginning when they're in the plane and fly by a long cliff, there's power lines on the cliff or something. If you read the lost world, it says that the island is powered by sulfur or something, not electricity. - Mike"Blitz"Collier
  • When Paul and Amanda are changing clothes behind the plane you will notice along the widows of the plane the is a green stripe. If u have the DVD and watch the behind the scenes you will see the same green line. This was because the actors did not want to be rolled around by a robot so they were faces were added in with a computer. (DVD) - DBZFan
  • When the T-Rex and Spinosaurus are fighting it out and the Spino twists the T-Rexes neck when it twists it the bottom of the mouth is facing the Spino but when the T-Rex falls the top of the mouth is now facing the Spino. - SpyroClaw
  • In the same scene T vs. S when the T-Rex falls when it loses Alan is facing the ground before it hits! - SpyroClaw
  • In the beginning of the movie, Dr. Grant is explaining to Ellie's little boy that herbavores and carnivores would not be interacting together. During this time Ellie comes out of the house with her bright red shirt tucked into her pants, the camera moves away and a moment later her shirt is showing her belly button. - retrostore
  • During the escape from the pterodactyl cage Dr. Grant's shirt swaps between being tucked and untucked. (DVD) - mandie
  • When the Tyrannosaurus bites the Spinosaurus on the neck, you can clearly see him bleeding. But just a few seconds later the Spino's neck is spotless. Also a Tyrannosaurus's jaws were about ten times as strong as a Spinosaurus's. If that was in real life, the spino would have been dead the first time the T-rex got hold of hit. - nemesis
  • When the T-rex was eating he had blood all over his face. When he met the Spinosaurus, it miracuously dissapeared! - nemesis
  • In the part of the film where everyone is about to cross the bridge Alan stands on it and realises it's not safe so he goes over the bridge carefully and when Eric gets picked up by the petrodon everyone runs over it and it don't wobble or anything. - dan
  • Half way through the film when Alan sees the boat they escape on, it looks like there's boxes or something around it and there's no sign of the bird cage even how big it is, but when everyone gets to it there's nothing around the boat. - dan
  • What I want to know is how the Spino just suddenly appeared in the third movie. Even though Grant said something about it not being on ingens list how could the people from the Lost World (having practically going through the entire island) not see it, and yet they ran into the t-rexs on several occasions. Now I don't know for sure, and if any one does please correct me , but it was only 4 years after the lost world and I don't think such a big animal could grow to full size that quickly. - niggy
  • (Continuity) At the beginning when the plane takes off after just hitting the spino as the plane is falling into the trees you can see that as the right wing gets ripped off the plane turns quickly to the right but in the next seen it is going straight. Please correct me if I am wrong but that is what it looks like. (VHS) - Prince
  • (Continuity) When Udesky is crawling on the ground, you see the velociraptor leg on his back, and the big claw is right on his neck. But when it cuts to another view, you can see that he is stabbed in his lower back. - steph

Commented Goofs

  • Isla sorna is abandoned but how because it was Isla Nubla that the electricity turned off and even if it was meant to turn everything back on the islands are too far apart to be connected and the electricity is off when it got turned back on how???? - paul
    • Comment/Correction: First off paul, complete sentences. Second, Isla Sorna got shut down by the (Puerto Rican) government. Maybe they came in a shut the power off. The gov did put a restricted access block on the island so it's good to say that it's under their control. - Blanket
      • Comment: Thank you for explainig it to me blanket. - paul
        • Comment: There's no need to say thanks to that Blanket, Paul cause you are right cause in lost world if theres no power how does Nick turn on the radio to call for help!
  • In the first movie Ellie and Alan are married and talk about having kids but in the third they aren't married. - moviefan
    • Comment: Maybe they got divorced.
  • When Alan, Billy, Amanda, Paul, and Mr. Uduskey just got out of the plane and the Spino is chasing them it gets stuck behind a group of trees, but when they see the T-Rex and run back the way they came the Spino is there waiting in front of the trees where it got stuck. - Braxton
    • Comment: So it broke free, or backed out and went round it had time for either. (DVD) - Tallon Trooper

Corrected Goofs

  • A set design goof. At the end of the movie, where Dr. Grant and the other survivors are running to meet the rescue helicopter, they are running through a patch of freshly mowed grass, that has been raked. I have to ask, if the movie is supposed to be believable, who in their right mind, is going to mow the grass on that island? - Mark
    • Correction: Haven't you ever heard about vegetarian dinosaurs? - Bart
      • Correction: There WERE herbivorous dinosaurs, BUT grass was not around until after the dinosaurs became extinct. It is likely that the dinosaurs InGen cloned adapted to the environment and began to eat grass, but wouldn't it take millions of years of evolution to change their digestive systems or whatever? Maybe InGen created the dinosaurs allowing so they would eat grass, but I doubt it. - D
  • Where in the world did the Spinosaurus come from anyway?? In the first JP, when Nedry is stealing the embryos, they are all marked by species, and I don't recall seeing a Spinosaurus. I do understand that it is on Isla Sorna, not the island with the park, but even so, why didn't they see it in The Lost World? They were on Isla Sorna in that movie. Also, how could the raptors have evolved so much in the span of the three movies? One even grows feathers! And they are all much more intelligent. It couldn't have been much more than a 10 year span between the first and third JP. - b.u.m.
    • Correction: You said that you didn't know where the Spinosaurus came from, but when Grant and Billy were talking, Billy said "That wasn't on InGen's dino list." Grant then says "Right, and I wonder what else they were up to." - Tyler Gluefinger
  • The beginning of the movie has two men in a boat who are in deep salt water. The sea is rough. This eliminates the problem of land based predators. The flying predators are in the aviary, not loose. Where boes the large amount of blood come from and where did the men go? It never answers this question. (DVD) - Jesse
    • Correction: When the two men on the boat are gone in the beginning it was the Spinosaurus that ate them because in the end where the four survivors are on the boat the Spinosaurus comes out of the water. (VHS/DVD) - Raymond

Explained Goofs

  • Near the end, after everyone has been rescued, one of the men on the helicopter reports that "we have 6 souls on board". By my count, they only rescued 5 people. (VHS) - camerabugs
    • Explanation: "6 souls on board" means 6 total, including the pilot. - Merlyn
  • When the people are running from the Spinosaur and it gets caught in the tree, it stops and can't get through. Okay, I understand this because trees were tough back then (and are now) but when the kid and his parent unite, there is that really big metal fence. Right? Right. The fence is intended to keep the dinos separated and I understand it is electrified but shouldn't the Spino have some trouble breaking through the fence? - Mew
    • Explanation: The fence was never designed to stop a dinosaur by brute strength, it was supposed to be electrified, stopping any dino from putting its full weight on it. Now the power is long gone, the fence is no match for Spiney. (DVD) - Tallon Trooper


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