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> Hollow Man (2000)
Hollow Man

Directed by:
Paul Verhoeven

Elisabeth Shue as Linda McKay
Kevin Bacon as Sebastian Caine
Josh Brolin as Matthew Kensington
Kim Dickens as Sarah Kennedy
Greg Grunberg as Carter Abbey
Joey Slotnick as Frank Chase
Mary Randle as Janice Walton
William Devane as Dr. Howard Kramer
Rhona Mitra as Sebastian's neighbor
Pablo Espinosa as Warehouse Guard

Debated Goofs - Commented Goofs - Corrected Goofs - Explained Goofs


  • Invisible man walks around city naked on a night cold enough for the bum to need long sleeves and blanket, and then he jumps in a pool- all this without getting cold! - The Big J
  • The soles of his feet would become visible from walking around barefoot on the dirt. - The Big J
  • The blood on him disappears too quickly. - The Big J
  • Almost at the end of the movie it appears when the protagonist and her boyfriend are locked. It's suppose to be very cold in there and they spent a few minutes at that low temperature but, when normally anyone would be weak because of the coldness, the protagonist seems to be stronger because she could open the door in a way in which anyone would need a lot of strength. Plus, her boyfriend is not only weak, he's injured but he's able to hit the Hollowman and when he does he seems very healthy. - Katherine
  • They pour latex on Hollow Man's invisible head to make it look like he has skin. But where does his hair go? After coated in the latex, the shape of his head is bald. - Sam
  • When Sebastian is stalking his neighbor, there is a brief moment where you can see the reflection of camera crew in the window looking into Sebastian's apartment.
  • I'm not sure if this is a goof or not and I'm no burn expert. But in the scene where Lynn sets Kevin Bacon on fire, it shows his skin being burned. If he's suppose to be invisible wouldn't his skin stay invisible chared or not? What do you think? (VHS) - Tracie

Commented Goofs

  • It is claimed that the DNA of humans is significantly more complex than that of gorillas. In reality, they are virtually identical.
    • Comment: That's not entirely accurate, but it brings up a good point. Humans are very closely related to all of the great apes, which include gorillas and chimps. Chimp DNA is 98% identical to our own, while gorillas are less compatable (I'm not sure by how much, but for the sake of arguement, let's say that gorillas are at 97%). To say that human DNA is "significantly more complex than that of gorillas" is not a totally false statement because we can receive a blood transfusion from a chimp but not from a gorilla, so the tiny 1 or 2% difference between chimps and gorillas counts for a lot. The question I have is, if these scientists were really going to test this invisability on animals and then try it on humans, why did they test it on a gorilla before Sebastian? To keep the variables as little as possible, you would think they'd use it on an animal more genetically compatable with humans, right??? - KNIGHTSHADE

Corrected Goofs

  • In the opening scene at the lab when, the creature, supposedly a gorilla, eats a mouse, the cage floor is bare, in the next scene with the gorilla, there are wood shavings on the floor. - sci-fi lover
    • Correction: "sci-fi lover's" goof was a bit pointless. People at the laboratory has been experimenting with different animals. The mouse didn't run into the 'gorilla cage'. It was placed inside a cat's cage. - bitoy
  • In the movie, Hollow Man, Kevin Bacon is supposed to be naked when he is invisible. But when he walks in the blood, it shows shoe prints instead of foot prints. - bob
    • Correction: I just watched this movie the other day and I clearly remember the prints in blood were footprints not shoe prints... now if I'm wrong I'm sorry but I don't think I am.. and I don't think that there is a goof there. - CT
  • Thumb-print is needed to enter lab, yet he enters lab while invisible, without being followed by anyone. - The Big J
    • Correction: Hollow Man can get into the lab with his thumb print, as his invisible thumb makes a print, just like a visible thumb would do. - Bar


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