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> Grease (1978)

Directed by:
Randal Kleiser

John Travolta as Danny Zuko
Olivia Newton-John as Sandy Olsen
Stockard Channing as Rizzo
Jeff Conaway as Kenickie
Barry Pearl as Doody
Michael Tucci as Sonny
Kelly Ward as Putzie
Didi Conn as Frenchy
Jamie Donnelly as Jan
Dinah Manoff as Marty Maraschino


  • In the diner, while Danny and Sandy are in front of the jukebox, you can see the reflection of the overhead microphone in the chrome on the jukebox. - Adriman
  • In the diner when it is just Val and Frenchy, after she shows her easter egg hair color. Val goes over to turn off the light switch with her elbow but clearly never comes close to the light switch and the lights go off anyway. - outlaw
  • In one scene the three girls enter a room and one of them flicks the light on without even touching it. - Mastereel
  • During the song Grease Lightning, when they have the red car with a white background, there is a pair of dice they grab (it looked like it flew to them) and then when they show the shot of where the dice came from, you could see a string where it came on. - Lindsey
  • In the scene where Danny and Chacha receive the trophy at the end of the group dance you can see that Marty falls and then can't get up because she keeps stepping on her dress. - Angen
  • In the "We go together" scene, when they are all in a group, after the first verse, Danny makes two lip synching errors, only on the second one, Sandy notices and they share a laugh. - palibu
  • In the bonfire scene, when Sandy is cheering you can clearly see a string hanging from the letter on her sweater. - kelbel
  • For those of you who don't know, the set of Grease was "hot and heavy". At the end (we go together) Kenicky has a banana in his pocket. But you have to look very closely. You might even have to pause it a few times. - Ryan
  • In the "Grease Lightning" scene the shop teacher is not standing behind the cast while they are singing, when they stop singing she suddenly reappeares. - April
  • In a scene in the diner, after Sandy and Danny are joined by the whole group - Jan, Marty and their blokes prepare to leave. In the shot the dark haired guy has his leg either side of the railing, then in the second shot he steps off without lifting his leg over! - sam
  • At the bonfire scene, while the coach is talking, it shows the crowd, and you can see a guy grab the butt of the girl in front of him. (VHS) - Brooke
  • In the garage when ( Greased Lightining ) was sung when John Travolta is riding the motor down to the red car.. the wires that were keeping it straight were so obvious...Hint Hint ( green screen ). (TV) - cocohuevos
  • At the end when they were at the amusement park on the school grounds and John Travolta sees Olivia Newton-John after her bad girl transformation they sing ( you better shape up ) and he falls to her feet at the beginning of the song he (JT) has on a black T-shirt and he's in the dirt... so how come throughout the song the T-shirts gets cleaner (gives a whole new meaning to shout it out). (TV) - cocohuevos
  • When they're singing, "greased lightening", Danny removes his jacket and throws it on a shelf. When the setting changes however, the jacket has miraculously reappeared on his back! - lil red
  • (Misc.) In the beginning credits they spell Frenchy with an "ie" and then in the final credits they spell it "Frenchy." - Rocky
  • (Revealing mistakes) When Sandy & Danny go to the Frosty Palace after making up, Sandy is wearing a white sweater on her shoulders. She puts it on the back of her chair when she & Danny sit at a table. However, when Sandy & Danny leave, Sandy says goodbye to Frenchy but does not take the sweater with her. Even if the character "forgot" it, Frenchy should have at least let her know that she was leaving it behind!! (Most noticeable in widescreen though) - Mike

Commented Goofs

  • In the slumber party scene the fan on the wall disappears and then reappears again but only when it reappears it is on the headboard and not on the wall. Also in the same scene if you look at the headboard it is messy and clean several times while Frenchy is singing. - Grease Fan
    • Comment: It's not a goof that the movie made, but it is one that someone added. Frenchy doesn't sing in the bedroom scene, Rizzo does. She sings "Look At Me, I'm Sandra Dee." Now Frenchy, Marty and Jan do do some backup singing, but that is Stockard Channing, not Didi Conn. - Wyldkatt88
  • At the amusement park there singing (We Go Together) there is a part when they're dancing on the dirt and Olivia Newton-John jumps into frame. As she does this her feet are bare but as she dances she has shoes on... seconds later...... I guess she didn't want to break her neck jumping in heels. (TV) - cocohuevos
    • Comment: When sandy jumps into the frame you will notice in her left hand she is holding her shoes. - katie


Corrected Goofs

  • In the slumber party scene, you can see Olivia has the champagne and then the other girl who likes twinkies has it, and switching back to Olivia Newton John, now she has it. - Fighter Man
    • Correction: It is not champagne, it's desert wine, and the girl who likes twinkies is Jan. :) (VHS) - Angela

Explained Goofs

  • Sandy's hair is only shoulder length, yet when she is at the pep rally, she has a very long pony tail. Obviously a hair extension. - angel
    • Explanation: It was very common during the time period Grease is set in for girls to wear fake ponytails. - daner21


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