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> The Goonies (1985)
The Goonies

Directed by:
Richard Donner

Sean Astin as Michael 'Mikey' Walsh
Josh Brolin as Brandon 'Brand' Walsh
Jeff Cohen as Lawrence 'Chunk' Cohen
Corey Feldman as Clark 'Mouth' Devereaux
Kerri Green as Andrea 'Andy' Carmichael
Martha Plimpton as Stefanie 'Stef' Steinbrenner
Jonathan Ke Quan as Richard 'Data' Wang
John Matuszak as Lotney 'Sloth' Fratelli
Robert Davi as Jake Fratelli
Joe Pantoliano as Francis Fratelli

Debated Goofs - Commented Goofs - Corrected Goofs - Explained Goofs


  • When Chunk waves down a car, and it turns out to be the bad guys, the guy will start singing. But when Chunk starts screaming, and backing away, if you look in the mirror, you'll notice that the guy is smoking a cigarette, but he's still singing with his mouth closed. - flatley
  • At the end of the film where Mikey's mum shows everyone the jewels in her hand a shot is shown with her with nail varnish on, only for the next clip to show the varnish has disappeared. - LeonPhoenix
  • When Chunk smashes the frame which covers the map Mikey tilts the frame and throws off excess glass. In the next shot, the glass has reappeared nad Mikey pulls the map from under the glass. - LeonPhoenix
  • Although this is extremely hard to see, unless on a large screen. When Brand steals the little girl's bike to catch Mikey. The girl screams "My bike, my bike, I want my bike", this must have been difficult for her, as she never even moves her lips. - LeonPhoenix
  • At the end when Mikey's dad tears up the paper from the bank and throws it up in the air, you will notice someone throws a lot of other small papers in the air behind him to make it appear that the paper was much's very obvious - chris samsonit
  • There is a scene in this movie when Mikey and Brand are arguing in the basement of the restaurant. If you pay attention Mikey calls Brand -Josh-. The character Brand is played by Josh Brolin. I guess it was an honest mistake, someone just didn't catch it in the editing room. - Sonja
  • At the beginning of the movie, Chunk is always complaining about being hungry. Yet, when he meets Sloth, he has a Baby Ruth candy bar in his pocket. If he was so hungry earlier, why didn't he just eat the candy bar? - Sam
  • In the attic Mikey comments on the fact that his mom told Rosalita and Mouth that no one's allowed in the attic but how did Mikey hear her say that when he was in another room ??? - Kate and Shari
  • Strings that hold the bats can be seen.
  • If you watch closely when Mama Fratelli is telling the boys that they only serve tongue, mouth pushes out his tongue after the threat.
  • When Andy is playing the Bone Organ near the near the end of the movie, She plays chords, but on the back of the map, as you can see, they are only single notes.
  • When Troy, Andy and Steph are driving in his convertible, Andy tells Troy to stop moving the car mirror which is aimed at her skirt. Later she tells Brand that he was trying to look down her shirt. (VHS) - Carolyn & Vanessa
  • When Mouth takes the cap off Brands bike tires they deflate, however bike tires don't lose air that way. (VHS) - Carolyn & Vanessa
  • On One-Eyed Willy's ship, Mama Fratelli is attempting to make Mouth and Stef walk the plank. Sloth and Chunk appear and Sloth swoops down on a rope and picks them up safely. Look carefully and the two characters on the plank are lifelike dummies. (One giveaway is that they don't move when Sloth picks them up and they move in a rubbery manner.) - Nate
  • In the scene when the kids are in the attic and Chunk drops the frame holding the map, him and Mikey shake the glass off. In the next shot there is a hand (stunt double-an older man with hairy arms) lifting the map from UNDER the glass. (If you notice, many of the shots where there's just an arm or a leg, it's most likely not the actor but a much older double). (VHS) - Kay D
  • At the beginning at the Walsh's house right after Chunk comes in, Mouth says, "Yeah, and I bet it was even more amazing than the time you ate your weight in Godfather's pizza, right?" Clearly the line has been looped because his mouth isn't in sync with the words. (If you watch the DVD Corey Feldman explains that the original pizza franchise that he said changed their minds so they had to change it to "Godfather's Pizza"). (VHS) - Kay D
  • When Chunk slides down the sail of the boat with Sloth at the end on the ship, it is obvious that it is a dummy on Sloth's back and it isn't really Chunk (this is verified by Jeff Cohen on the DVD). (VHS) - Kay D
  • Also, when Chunk slides down he's not wearing a pirate hat. When he finally lands he's wearing the hat. (VHS) - Kay D
  • In the scene where Andie is playing the bones, she asks, "Is it A sharp or B flat?" Anyone who knows anything about music would realize that they are the same note. A sharp IS B flat, and vice versa. I thought she took piano lessons? - gjc75
  • Right after Data comes crashing in through the Walsh's screen door, Chunk knocks the statue over. There's a shot of Mikey as he knocks it over with NO inhaler in his mouth. Then in the next shot as jumps toward Chunk his inhaler is in his mouth. - Kay D
  • How is it that when Chunk is in the freezer with the dead guy, screaming his head off, that no one hear's him? And yet later when he sneezes while still in the freezer, Mama Fratelli says bless you. (VHS/DVD) - Sonja
  • In the credits sequence, there is a scene showing Data with a pulling gadget which he attemps to pull a barrell towards him. When he is pulled towards it there is a shot showing him almost close to the object, but the next shot, showing only his feet and the object in the background, he is a lot further away from where he was before. (DVD/VHS) - blunderman
  • In the scene after Sloth rescues the gang they start to escape and jump one by one off ship's plank showing mouth, Data and Chunk already leaping off. It then cuts to a long shot showing the entire ship and, if look closely, it shows Mouth, Chunk etc leaping off the ship once more. (DVD/VHS) - blunderman
  • In the title scenes when Data is using a gadget, he tries to a drum towards him, but his pulled towards it. One shot shows him clearly near to the object, showing his feat, but the next, showing him head on with the drum, his shown further away from it. (DVD) - dazblunderman
  • When the kids are jumping off of the plank away from the bad guys you see Chunk and Data just about to leap off. It then cuts to a long-away shot showing the ship and it again shows the same people jumping off the ship. (DVD) - dazblunderman
  • When they are on the ship(when Brand is yelling at Mikey), in the background you can see Andy standing up after she picked up something. Then, when the camera is on her again she is sitting down, after she was already standing up before. (VHS) - nicci
  • When Mikey goes down to where Sloth is to show everyone, you see a shot of them from the back and you can tell that it was older men dressed up like them because Andy looks like a man and her hair is a shorter red wig that doesn't have the clip that she was wearing. (VHS) - nicci
  • When Chunk is watching the police chase, he puts his piece of pizza up against the glass. However, when you see him from behind, the pizza is not on the glass but still in his hand. (DVD) - Chris
  • (Continuity) In the scene where the goonies are at the bottom of the wishing well and Troy sends down the bucket. Right after Data says "I want to go first". I swear that Brand calls him Key which is the actor's real name Key Hy Quan. It sounds like "Key get out of there". Can anyone correct me if i'm wrong? Or did editors forget to fix it? (DVD) - Kim
  • (Revealing mistakes) Well, When Chunk is stuck in the freezer with the stiff, it's supposed to be dead right? When the stiff was falling on chunk, I saw the "stiff" blink. You have to watch it carefully though. - gottaluvdagoonies
  • (Audio/visual unsynchronised) When the group is in Mikey and Brand's kitchen, they are all sitting on the counter holding the treasure map. The first shot of them talking is from behind and the viewer can't see the faces, but when the camera pans to a front view, Mikey is still talking, yet there is no visible mouth or facial movements like there should be. - samu812
  • (Continuity) In this movie you see many different versions of the map. When the group first finds the map in Walsh's attic, it is dratically dirty, which it should be since it's old. But a few scenes later when the group is in the kitchen, the map is miraculously clean! Then when the group is standing on the island looking at the rocks, the map is once again dirty and burnt on the ends. On the DVD commentary, Cory Feldman states that the kitchen scene was shot several months after the inital filming of the movie and was like an after thought so the map had already been cleaned. And the map had been shown burnt on the end because there was a deleted scene where Troy sets the map on fire in the 7-11. - samu812

Commented Goofs

  • At the end of the of the movie when the kids are talking about their adventure to the reporters, data mentions that there was a big octopus. Did the writers or the editors screw up? - SFTBALL19
    • Comment: There are three versions of the movie. One is the original one is the TV version and one is the Disney version. In the Disney version there is a seen when the kids get to One Eyed Willies ship and while in the water Steph and Mouth Are attacked by an Octopus, and good old Data saves them by sticking a tape player in its beek. There is also another seen where Mickey and the gang are in a Store and they run into Troy and he sets fire to the map notice the burns aren't there in the beginning of the movie. - Ash
    • Addition: The octopus scene was deleted from the video version. I believe it was in the theatrical version, because I own the novelization of the film and one of the stills inside is of Data struggling out of an octopus's tentacle. Another deleted scene that's mentioned is that of Andy saving Mouth's life. In the video version after the kids escape from the cave in which One-Eyed Willy's boat is hidden, Mouth comes up to Andy and thanks her for saving his life. - Nate
  • (Plot holes) When Mikey's mother introduces the kids to Rosalita the maid she tells them that 'Rosalita doesn't speak a word of English' and Mouth immediately volunteers to translate things into Spanish. But when the kids tie up Brand with his own exercise equipment, Mikey and Brand's mother and Rosalita come home later. Brand asks his mother to untie him and when that fails he asks Rosalita to untie him and Rosalita says 'I think not'. I thought the mother said she couldn't speak a word of English. - Rebecca-Lynn
    • Comment: This may not be a goof but an attempt at humor. - Matt

Corrected Goofs

  • At the start of the film, Jake Fratelli is hanging in the police cell and the guard reads the note he has left. He says "you shmock, you really think I am stupid enough to kill myself." The next shot shows him saying the words "kill myself" again, but it is obvious that they are exactly the same words he previously said, a bad editing.
    • Correction: The guard is repeating the words "kill myself". (VHS) - nik
  • (Continuity) When Sloth first meets Chunk he's wearing a Raiders shirt. However when they get to the pirate ship he's wearing a Superman shirt. (DVD) - Pretty girl
    • Correction: That's because Sloth in a brave moment rips his Raiders shirt off to reveal the Superman shirt underneath. - samu812


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