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> Godzilla (1998)

Directed by:
Roland Emmerich

Matthew Broderick as Dr. Niko Tatopoulos
Jean Reno as Philippe Roaché
Maria Pitillo as Audrey Timmonds
Hank Azaria as Victor 'Animal' Palotti
Kevin Dunn as Colonel Hicks
Michael Lerner as Mayor Ebert
Harry Shearer as Charles Caiman, WIDF Anchor
Arabella Field as Lucy Palotti
Vicki Lewis as Dr. Elsie Chapman
Doug Savant as Sergeant O'Neal

Debated Goofs - Commented Goofs - Corrected Goofs - Explained Goofs


  • In a scene in the first part of the film, a couple of helicopters are seen from above when they fly over a a line of giant footprints (in Panama, I think). In the beginning of the scene the sun shines bright and there are sharp shadows in the footprints, but when shadows from clouds takes out the bright sunshine, the shadows in the prints are just as sharp as before. - Olav Westerman
  • If you search for a creature as big as Godzilla in New York, it is not a good idea to fly the helicopters low down between the high buildings, since your view will be very restricted. - Olav Westerman
  • When the taxi with Nick and everybody is trapped in the tunnel by Godzilla, the big lizard reaches in his hand and scrapes the road, tearing it up.  After the taxi starts moving, under the car, it's smooth! - Bob
  • When Godzilla is chasing the cab across the Brooklyn bridge, he breaks some of the cables on the bridge and he collapses that tower with all the cables on it and they snap. Since the Brooklyn bridge is a suspension bridge, if any of the cables snapped, the whole bridge would come tumbling down. Yet the bridge doesn't collapse, even with the weight of Godzilla on it!! - Joe Skakos
  • When Godzilla is approaching Manhattan, the massive footsteps cause cars to bounce. However the people nearby aren't affected. Shouldn't they bounce too if the force of these footsteps are powerful enough to lift a car off the ground? - movieguy
  • Godzilla is able to out run and catch an Apache attack helicopter, yet has real trouble catching a New York cab. Then again don't we all! - sweetlips
  • Godzilla is strong enough to just run through the biggest skyscraper in New York. However, when he runs through the Brooklyn Bridge, he gets trapped in the cables. Worse, he is not even able to tear up the tunnel where the taxi is hiding. - mellow yellow
  • (Spoiler) (Factual errors) The two fighter jets that bring down the big G were armed with sidewinders, (some one says so earlier) an air to air missile. Aircraft are flimsy targets and don't need much of a blast to destroy, the sidewinder's warhead weighs less than five Killogrames it would hardly grazed some thing that size! Also the wounds look like huge bullet holes, missiles explode on contact and would make a large shallow wound not a neat hole! - Tallon Trooper

Corrected Goofs

  • When Godzilla chases one of the helicopters, the pilot tries to get away by continuing to fly at the same level between the buildings, instead of just increasing the altitude to above the monsters reach. - Olav Westerman
    • Correction: Olav seems to know little about helicopters. If the pilot would increase altitude fast, he would loose speed even faster and his helicopter would end up in a downward spiral, crashing into the street. If you would read the book, there the pilot says it's impossible for him to fly on a higher level at that time. - Bart


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