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> Dogma (1999)

Directed by:
Kevin Smith

Ben Affleck as Bartleby
Matt Damon as Loki
Linda Fiorentino as Bethany Sloane
George Carlin as Cardinal Ignatius Glick
Salma Hayek as Serendipity
Jason Lee as Azrael
Jason Mewes as Jay
Kevin Smith as Silent Bob
Alan Rickman as Metatron
Chris Rock as Rufus, the 13th Apostle

Debated Goofs - Commented Goofs - Corrected Goofs - Explained Goofs


  • Not a very noticeable one, but a goof none the less. In the scene with the Golgothan (spelling?), when Silent Bob is spraying the can of air freshener, when he starts to spray his thumb is pushing down the top. When the camera cuts to another angle, his index finger is pushing down, and when it cuts back again, his thumb is once again doing the work. - Nick Leix
  • In the scene where Loki (Matt Damon) and Bartelby (Ben Affleck) are at the board room, you can see them sitting in the corner on some leather couches. Affleck is reading and Damon is carving a dool out of his onion. If you look closely when they both get up, the head of the doll that is made out of onion falls off. Later on in the next scene, we see Damon set the doll on the table to scare the president of the mooby cow. There, the doll is in complete contact, head and all. - Tom
  • When Metatron is in Bethany's bedroom talking to her while she is sitting on the bed, watch the phone on the nightstand behind her. Whenever the camera cuts from Metatron to Bethany, the phone is in a different position. - Becca
  • At the end of the movie when God is about to clear the street of bodies, as the camera closes up on God's face, the person's foot laying next to her moves, but he is supposed to be dead. - Katie
  • At the part of the movie when Bartleby rips off his shirt (and you can see his armor), he says to Loki "wings, now". Then Loki says, "I'm feeling kind of restricted". Bartleby then turns around and his shirt isn't ripped. - Keith+Paul Moviemistakers
  • When Bartleby is holding Serendipity by the throat, the metallic object that holds his wings in place is revealed.
  • When Bartleby kills Loki, Loki drops to the ground and someone's hand is touching his kneecap. Then, in the part after Jay shoots off Bartleby's wings,and they show the sky view of him laughing, the persons hand is in between Loki's legs. - Keith+Paul Moviemistakers
  • When the gang is in the club, the guy who was going to the bathroom forgets to wipe. - Keith+Paul Moviemistaker
    • That does not necessarily mean it's a goof. Maybe the character that forgets to wipe has a nasty habit not to wipe after visiting the bathroom.
  • This is only seen in the full screen version not the wide screen. When god goes to the street to fix everything Loki (Matt Damon) is right at her feet as the camera closes in on god (Alanis) if you watch Loki he begins to move as if he is getting up. - ash
  • When Bethany is jumping out of bed to get the fire extinguisher to put out the fire, she open her legs quite wide and you can see quite a bit of her pussy. - george
  • There is a scene near the end where Jay fires a machine gun at Ben Affleck's character. When Serendipity and Rufus are running at him, when the shots of Jay firing appears, and when it shows the pieces of wing falling, the footage is all in slo-mo. But the sound of the machine gun is still going regular speed. Not a major flaw, but something that bothers me none the less. - super fetus
  • (Spoiler) (Revealing mistakes) Near to the end of the film when god walks up to Loki's body you can clearly see his hand move out of view of the camera i thought he was dead. (DVD) - army

Commented Goofs

  • The Bible states God is a male, yet in this movie God is female. - The Big J
    • Is the movie based on what the bible states?
    • Comment: Serindipity (Salma Hayek) explains that God is a woman, but that men wrote the bible, and imposed their own interpretations upon it "turning she into a he." You don't have to agree with that, but the movie is consistent within itself. Also note that at the end of the movie Chris Rock says (referring to God) "She's not really a man or a woman." - Natrone Fett
    • Comment: When you say this do you mean that when they refer to him as father, cause I am pretty sure they don't state what sex god is. (No offense to those who believe.) Anyway, the movie is just a satire on it. - ...........

Corrected Goofs

  • When god is in the street she is on the line dividing the street, then without moving she is to the right of the line. - terd ferguson
    • Correction: She's god ya doofus, figure it out. - reno
  • Metatron said the voice of god would cause your brain to collapse, but at the end someones head explodes. - terd ferguson
    • Correction: Actually he said it would cause a mortal's heart to explode, but same difference. - Natrone Fett
  • By Gods own words, the world should have ended half way through the flick. They explained that angels couldn't disobey God and it was said they couldn't consume alcohol. On the train, they're drinking. - Linzi
    • Correction: I haven't seen this movie for more than 2 years, but I still remember that they were holding the drink in their mouth and then spitting it out. They explained why later. - Scra


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