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> Die Hard 2 (1990)
Die Hard 2

Directed by:
Renny Harlin

Bruce Willis as Det. John McClane
Bonnie Bedelia as Holly M. Gennero McClane
William Atherton as Richard Thornburg
Reginald VelJohnson as Sergeant Al Powell
Franco Nero as General Ramon Esperanza
William Sadler as Colonel Stuart
John Amos as Major Grant
Dennis Franz as Captain Carmine Lorenzo
Art Evans as Leslie Barnes
Fred Dalton Thompson as Trudeau

Debated Goofs - Commented Goofs - Corrected Goofs - Explained Goofs


  • Thornberg occasionally talks into the wrong end of the sky phone in the toilet on the airplane.
  • On several places dead bodies move and the blood stains disappear and appear strangely.
  • Aircraft phones didn't accept incoming calls until October 15th, 1994 - four years after the film's release.
  • When a black terrorist reaches down for a "present" it is a white hand grabbing the box.
  • During the snowmobile chase, towards the part before the bad guys start shooting at McClane, there is a person towards the right hand side trying to flag the actors with a flashlight to go a certain way.
  • The terrorists are using Kenwood 46AT Handheld Radios that operate on 440Mhz. The Army moves in with a Kenwood TS-850 Radio that operates on 30Mhz-3Mhz. Nowhere close to the frequency the terrorists are using.
  • Near the beginning of the film, McClane is fighting by some luggage with two terrorists. When the African-American terrorist kicks him, you can obviously see the the actor playing the terrorist has been replaced by a stuntman. - David
  • When McClane pushes the painting shelves on the terrorist, you can clearly see the terrorist has been replaced by a really crappy dummy. - David
  • McClane barely escapes from the access hatch on the runway before it is slammed shut by the tire of Esperanza's plane - yet when they cut to the overhead view, you can see the plane's tire tracks in the snow on the runway, but none are going over the access hatch that it closed! - Scott

Commented Goofs

  • Hand grenades do not take 10-15 seconds to detonate, as they do before they blow up the cargo plane.
    • Comment: Absolutely. It takes precisely 4.25 seconds to detonate. They just threw in a few grenades without priming them and the last one primed to detonate all them at once. It is also impossible to prime grenades at that rate (from my own military experience it takes at lease 4-5 seconds to prime and throw a hand grenade). - V. Fux
  • IF the movie took place in Virginia, then where the Fairfax county police dept.? - Big Earl
    • Comment: You do see ONE Fairfax County PD car in the end of the movie on the runway - look for the round county seal & older style markings on the door :) - Scott

Corrected Goofs

  • The scene where John McClane is launched up by the ejection seat is nice, but since when has there been ejection seats on cargo planes?
    • Comment: I can't say for sure but I guess military cargo planes were equipped with ejection seats since WWII. - V. Fux
      • Correction: The plane in question is a C-123, which does not have ejection seats, nor do any other cargo aircraft in the whole US inventory. I was a firefighter in the Air Force for four years, and these were quite an important issue for us. ;-)
  • When they televise Die Hard 2 on the air they dub in some sound-a-like voice in the scenes where Bruce Willis swears. - Chuck
    • Correction: I don't know if you've ever watched a movie on TV before (other than this one of course) but this is a very, VERY common procedure. This doesn't count as a goof. - OKSAN
  • McClane makes a phone call from a payphone inside of Dulles Airport, which says "Pacific Telephone" on it. Dulles is in Virginia, which is served by Bell-Atlantic Telephone. - Scott
    • Correction: Actually, Dulles Airport, although technically in Bell Atlantic's service area, was served at the time by Contel which was subsequently purchased by GTE, so the phones should have said Contel or GTE depending on the age of the phone. Today they would say Verizon now that GTE and Bell have merged, but they NEVER said Bell Atlantic in any case. - Tracy


Die Hard With a Vengeance (1995)
  • Near the end of the movie, when Samuel L. Jackson's character is in the baseball stadium the camera dose a close up on his face you see a vacuum hose on the field and the next scene it disappears. - a channer
  • Someone asked: Has anyone EVER figured out the math to that damn water-in-a-bottle-diffuse-the-bomb riddle? I actually have, in case anyone's wondering about it. If I remember right, they've got a 5, a 3, and they need 4. Fill the five, tip it into the 3, leaving 2. Empty out the three, and put the 2 in it. Then fill the five, and use that jug to fill up the remainder of the 3, which will leave 4 in the 5 gallon jug. - Steve
    • Comment: Concerning the water bottle riddle, there is another way to solve it. Fill the 3 and dump in the 5, fill the 3 again and dump in the 5 until it is full. This leaves 1 gallon in the 3 gallon jug. Empty out the 5, then dump the 1 gallon that is in the 3 into the 5. Then fill the 3 and dump into the 5. You now have 4 gallons in the 5! I know the movie didn't do it this way, but this was the only way I knew how to solve it. - Tony Mallamo
  • When McClane and Zeus jump off the bridge, they free-fall at least 100 feet and land on the deck, yet neither is hurt badly. - Steve
  • When the two officers go to rescue the kids that are stuck in the classroom they for some reason try and escape by going to the roof. However you see that there is a good solid two minutes and fifteen seconds left before the so called bomb is going to go off. Why wouldn't they just go out the front doors? With that much time they could have left, come back, and left again. - Steve
  • Near the end of the film, The subtitles for one of the German terrorists says that the escort goes to Nova Scotia in ten minutes. But the actor says Zwansieg, which means twenty. - Timmeh


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