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> Die Hard (1988)
Die Hard

Directed by:
John McTiernan

Bruce Willis as Det. John McClane
Bonnie Bedelia as Holly Gennero McClane
Reginald VelJohnson as Sgt. Al Powell
Paul Gleason as Dwayne T. Robinson
De'voreaux White as Argyle
William Atherton as Thornburg
Hart Bochner as Ellis
James Shigeta as Takagi
Alan Rickman as Hans Gruber
Alexander Godunov as Karl

Debated Goofs - Commented Goofs - Corrected Goofs - Explained Goofs


  • In the beginning of the movie a big truck is driven into the garage and a few bad guys jumps out, the truck is then empty. Though in the end of the movie just before they plan to escape they drive an ambulance van out of the truck, where did they hide it?
  • In the end when all bond papers fall from the the sky both sides are blank hrrrmmm smart thieves to rob blank A4 sheets of paper. - Christer
  • It is impossible to talk and listen on a CB radio at the same time.
  • The terrorists shoot the same glass twice by Gruber's command.
  • Is it just me, or do you notice that the terrorists constantly switch languages on a whim from German to English and back again. Sometimes in the same sentence! These bad guys are obviously not from Europe and are probably foreign language flunkies! - movieguy
  • After Gruber shoots Takagi and splatters his brains all over the insides of the dooors, McClaine freaks and makes a noise and the terrorists come running through the doors. What's wrong about this is the terrorist who opens the door doesn't get any blood on his hands. - Igore
  • When McClain is sitting on the top of the elevator listening to Hans read "ho-ho-ho" Karl comes down in another elevator which sends John's up. Why? And anyway, it already showed that all the elevators with the exception of the service elevator were locked off. Then why are two operating? - Igore
  • On the film description on the back of the official release DVD it claims McClane is "armed only with a service revolver" McClane only carries a Berretta 92 Pistol. This is a magazine loading weapon and isn't (in my eyes) considered a revolver. (UK Special Release DVD) - sas82
  • When the FBI agents have taken over the operation, they find themselves in a helicopter chasing to the scene. The good cop, from ground level, looks up and sees them yet the scenes of the chopper coming to the rescue after that spotting cover several miles of airspace over several minutes - no way would anybody at the tower be able to see those choppers. Also, the Police RV takes way too much time to arrive at the scene from the first time the bad boys notice its arrival. - saint
  • At the part where John McClane kills the guy with the glasses and sends him down the elevator with the Santa Claus hat and wrote on his shirt "now I have a machine gun Ho-Ho-Ho" as Hans moves the dead guys head over to the left look at the right side of his head you can see his eye blink. (VHS) - T.L.
  • At the beginning, when McClain first enters the Nakatomi building, he uses the touch screen to find his wives office. When he selects her name "Gennero" it becomes highlighted and the spelling changes to "Gennaro"! - justabil

Commented Goofs

  • The eyes of the dead terrorist in the elevator close just before Gruber touches his face.
    • Comment: It was mentioned earlier that when Hans reaches for the first murdered terrorist in the elevator, his eyes close. Actually, his whole head moves about 1 inch as Hans reaches out to him. - freddyg
  • I just noticed this today, and am surprised no one noticed it before. When McClane is on the airplane at the beginning a guy notices his gun, but how does McClane have a gun on an airplane? - David
    • Explanation: McClane could legally have a gun on the plane because he's an officer of law enforcement. - JP
      • Comment: Even if McClane was an officer of law, he still would not be aloud to take a gun on an airplane (he could be a terrorists posing as a police officer). - David
        • Comment: Cops could carry their guns on planes, with certification (airport security calling the police department and making sure he's really a cop, etc.) and filling out a lot of paperwork. For all we know, McClane could've done this. - OKSAN
        • Explanation: The FAA regulations were different back then. In 1988 A peace officer could legally carry a firearm as carry-on if the proper credentials/ID were supplied. The big terrorism factor wasn't considered until Sept. 11. Air Marshals can still carry guns however. - Tube-Man
  • In the beginning John's tanktop is nice clean white. But about half way in the movie it gets dirty and turns brown, but theres never a scence were they show it getting dirty. (Yes there was a scene they shot and never was shown where showed John coming out of the vent and dirt falling, but the scene was never put in the movie, so it is a blooper). - Chubb's
    • Comment: Common sense would indicate that one would probably get dirty while crawling around in a vent like that. - OKSAN


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