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> Dumb & Dumber (1994)
Dumb & Dumber

Directed by:
The Farrelly Brothers

Jim Carrey as Lloyd Christmas
Jeff Daniels as Harry Dunne
Lauren Holly as Mary Swanson
Mike Starr as Joe Mentalino
Charles Rocket as Nicholas Andre
Karen Duffy as J.P. Shay
Cam Neely as Sea Bass
Harland Williams as State Trooper
Felton Perry as Detective Dale
Rob Moran as Bartender

Debated Goofs - Commented Goofs - Corrected Goofs - Explained Goofs


  • Lloyd and Harry goes to Aspen, although the ski resort plain and simple is Breckenridge.
    • Dumb & Dumber was filmed in both Aspen and Breckenridge, so why do they use footage of Breckenridge when the action is supposed to take place in Aspen? Strange.
  • There's a weird automatic gear in Lloyd's car, he puts the gear on reverse and the car goes forwards.
  • In the scene where Lloyd drops Mary off at the airport and hugs her goodbye, in the background there are two men walking towards them. The camera changes to the angle behind Mary then behind Lloyd and then back to the side. When it returns to the side view the two men are farther away, but still walking toward them.

Harry, Mary and Lloyd and the magic pillow.
Harry, Mary and Lloyd & magic pillow

  • Harry, Mary and Lloyd are handcuffed to the bed in the hotelroom and Mr."Samsonite" is pointing a gun at them. On the left side of Lloyd (Lloyds left), there is a pillow, which he tosses at Mr."Samsonite". But in the next shot the pillow has magically returned back beside Lloyd. - Webmaster
    • Addition: Also the receipts, which are lying on the floor changes places between shots. - Webmaster
  • When Lloyd is driving Mary to the airport he turns around to talk while still driving and a truck skids on the street but no audio impact sound like when you hit a car only the explosion. Trucks can't blow up themselves of course. - christopher
  • When Harry and Lloyd are in the restaurant talking to "Flo" Harry's glass magically changes from one side to another and back again throughout the entire scene. - tboz
  • When Lloyd is in the gas station restroom and reads a saying on the wall he looks at his watch but look at his arm it looks fake and has tiny holes in it!!!! Pretty funny huh? - cowduke
  • In the part were Mr. Samsonite is talking on the phone the door in the background is painted cardboard. - loyd
  • At the end of the movie when Mary's husband is talking to Lloyd, the husband is wearing a blanket, in one shot he has it on both shoulders, then the shot changes and he has it on one shoulder and then two shoulders. - WolfMan
  • In the scene where Lloyd is going to pick up Mary at her house, when he gets out of the car the seat is a black leather. When he is driving her to the airport the seat is a blue fabric. Different limo? - Metallica047
  • The opening scene when Lloyd drives past the chick with the Austrian accent the limo windows are up, but when he returns to the driver's seat the window is down. - Scott
  • When Harry and Lloyd are "making a break for it" from the "gas man" when they leave their apartment there is an old man pissing on the wall. - Scott
    • That can't be a goof, just a funny thing in a funny movie.
  • When Lloyd and Harry are at the ball, upon Harry's return from talking with Mary he takes a quick slip on the floor, and Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels plays it off perfectly! - Scott
  • When Lloyd and Harry are singing MOCKING BIRD with the Mexican hitch hikers in the back Sheep dog, you hear a guitar playing, when the camera looks at the Mexican with the guitar hes not playing it! At least not right anyway. - Road Dogg
  • When Lloyd is driving Mary to the airport, there is a wite car behind them. The guy is turning his steering wheel like crazy, but driving in a straight line. - Josh
  • At the first of the film when loyd talks to the Austrian, there are two guys who aren't really talking to each other. They just keep shrugging their shoulders. Maybe they're deaf? - michael
  • When Lloyd is pissing in the bathroom--his hair is messed up on the opposite side from where he was leaning in the car in the scene before. - keg226
  • While sitting in the restaurant, the guy sitting behind Lloyd keeps moving back and forth every time a camera angle changes. - Sage
  • While being pulled over by the motorcycle cop, the landscape outside the van continually changes. - Sage
  • While Mary and Harry are out on their skiing date, Mary's clothes change. - Sage
  • In the scene where Harry sticks his tongue on the frost you can easily tell that it's a fake tongue. (VHS) - Smarty
  • In the scene when Mr. "Samsonite" is holding Lloyd, Harry, and Mary at gun point, there is a shot where his gun is empty, but in the other scene it is loaded. - andydudeY2K1
  • The airport Lloyd is suppost to take Mary to is Providence, but he drops her off at Salt Lake City International Airport. He runs down the Concourse B enterance ramp, and falls out of the gate. In the distance, there is a Delta plane, at gate C1. The hub for delta is Salt Lake City. It is funny how they drive all of the way from Providence to Salt Lake City in minutes. - Blake
  • (Continuity) When Mental is waiting the road to be picked up by harry and Lloyd they are by a creeck with an island on the left side but earlier in the movie they had already driven past that very same creeck. - Slaughter
  • (Continuity) In the scene where they are drinking beers the beginning Harry throws his beer cap on the ground. In the next scene the cap is moved next to his foot. - kyle and casey
  • (Revealing mistakes) When the two guys are in the apartment before deciding to leave, the camera jumps a bit high and shows a studio ceiling, not an apartment ceiling!!! - iq
  • (Continuity) In the bar scene, Lloyd grabs the bartenders collar with his left hand but when the camera angle changes he has him by the right hand. - Newton
  • (Plot holes) Lloyd is supposed to be virtually illiterate, right? How is it that he reads the framed newspaper entitled, "we landed on the moon!" on the wall of the bar so easily? - Lenny
    • Wasn't there a picture of the moon landing?
  • (Continuity) When Harry and Lloyd return to the apartment after loosing their jobs, there's a beer bottle on the coffee table next to the couch that that is standing upright and throughout the next series of shots it goes from laying down to standing upright again... crazy. - Lithium Man
  • (Continuity) When Harry and Lloyd come into their house after both getting fired. Harry has a bottle of beer, look where the bottle cap is on the floor, when it comes back to the scene, now it has magically moved across the floor. - Juztin187
  • (Continuity) When Lloyd is driving Mary to the airport the steering wheel is an old Cadillac wheel. When he drops Mary off and rear ends another car the steering wheel is a newer one with a place for the air bag before it goes off. - Andy
  • (Continuity) When Lloyd is in the bar of the hotel where he expects to meet Mary, he has two beer bottles sitting in front of him. The bartender offers one to him for free, and you see him opening the bottle(from lloyd's perspective). When the camera goes back to Lloyd, there are is only one bottle sitting in front of him, and the bartender is handing him another bottle. If you watch the shot of the bartender opening the bottle, you notice he never reaches down to pick up the suddenly missing bottle, there is no explanation for this. - [team kcf32] avgr


Commented Goofs

  • When it shows the blind kid petting that dead bird, the two bad guys walk by and the chick pulls her underwear our of her butt. - blackhammer
    • Comment: Blackhammer's observation of the chick pulling her underwear out of her butt - This is more than likely a deliberate small addition by the Farrely brothers, intended to give a small laugh to anyone who spots it! - El Loco


Corrected Goofs

  • (Revealing mistakes) When Lloyd shoots Mary's husband, there are no bullet holes! And when you get shot, the place you get shot does not flash! - brandon
    • Correction: This scene doesn't actually happen, it is all in Lloyd's imagination, and therefore need not be realistic. - El Loco

Explained Goofs

  • In the part where Harry and Mary are Making The Snowman, Harry puts the carrot and coals where your not supposed to, And After Mary's sees they are not in the right spot, she takes them out and even before she puts them in (the face with the 2 coals for eyes and mouth etc...) you can see that there are already indentations where the coals were placed in other shots. Stupid People. - Mikel Tomas Diskin
    • Explanation: Mary had probably made the holes in the snowman with her fingers. It's probably not left from previous shots. - Mandy
  • When Harry and Lloyd are making a run for it, the take the brief case and leave the building out the window. In the next scene when Joe and Shay are at the door, there's a note..."Dear gas man...(etc.) When could they have written this note? (VHS) - J-NO
    • Explanation: The first time Shay and Mentalino call Harry and Lloyd escape through the window and go off looking for jobs. Shay and Mentalino break in and kill Petey the parakeet. Lloyd and harry come back and decide to go to Aspen - They write the note for the gas man at this time. Therefore Mentalino and Shay find it the second visit while Harry and Lloyd are on the road - Therefore there is no plot hole. - GoldDude


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