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  X Files, The (1998)
  • I just have one question; How in the blue hell did Mulder and Scully get off of that iceberg?
    • Those who have not seen this movie have a hard time understanding why it would be a hard task to get off an iceberg. Please be more specific.


  X-Men (2000)


  XXX (2002)
  • Xander's GTO was blue, but in certain scenes in the end it was purple, then a red/fucia color. (By the way, through the whole movie it looked black to me.) (Theatre) - Paige
    • Correction: The paint on the GTO is actually a special stuff that, under different lighting conditions, looks anywhere from blue to purple to black. (DVD) - jinxie
  • Towards the end of the movie, when Yelena (Asia Argento) flip the book shelves and display a bunch different weapons and Xander Cage (AKA xXx - Vin Diesel) picked up a FAL, then towards the end he was shooting at Virg (Joe Bucaro III) and clearly you can tell he wasn't using the FAL he picked up, he was using a M4 with c-mag and foregrip. (Theatre) - Mammoth
  • Big goof for so well-shot a movie here. In the scene of the movie where Xander (Vin) and the romantic interest (Asia) are having lunch in the restaurant during the afternoon after they both found out that there was more to the other and they were discussing it IN the restaurant, there is a rather huge surprise. For a reason that I won't spoil, there are several moments where the couple is shown at the table inside the restaurant from outside the window, and from an elevated angle. In ONE shot, say for about 2 seconds worth, there is the reflection of a man in one of he windows adjoining where you can see Vin and Asia inside. What's so odd about that? Well.. this man is rather heavy-set, wearing a ball-cap and sporting a beard, and wearing a flannel overshirt. Cund be a tourist you say?? Well, not many tourists would be standing there looking at the window in question and wearing one of those wrap-around mikes on their head. Obviously whoever edited the flick either blinked or thought that no one would notice that they had captured for all time one of the production crew. A pretty big goof considering that he could have been digitally removed from the shot after-the-fact.. but it was so quick that I had to get several folks second opinion just to make sure that what I had thought I had seen. I had ACTUALLY seen. It was verified though.. so enjoy watching for it. Anyone looking; just remember that when the couple are eating the only meal that you see them eating together - look for the exterior shots. Enjoy! (Theatre) - JeffnLex
  • When Vin Diesel is snowboarding down the mountain, he pauses and unzips his jacket to get something out (i won't say watch, watch the movie *S*) and never zips back up again.. but a few moments later, as he continues snowboarding down, his jacket is all zipped up. (DVD) - jinxie
  • Same scene as JeffnLex talks about (i'm surprised his sharp eye missed this) the interior shot shows the two walking side by side, and Vin Diesel is clearly the taller, yet in the exterior shot is looking down at the two walking together inside the restaurant, her head is blocking him. Did she walk on a bench or something?? LOL (DVD) - jinxie
  • (Factual errors) At the farm scene when X gets on the motorcycle, if the motorcycle was on it's side wouldn't it be flooded? (DVD) - Stimey Stimey Jr.


  Young Frankenstein (1974)
  • After meeting the girl outdoors, the monster and her are playing on the teeter totter. He sits down and catapults her through the air and through the bedroom window. She lands on her bed and in the next shot when her parents enter the room, she's magically under the covers. - Nate
  • In classroom scene when Fredrick (not Frodrick) stabs himself with scalpel you can clearly see thick padding or board under pants. - Jojomojo
  • (Continuity) All through the movie, Ken Mars uses his left hand to control his right arm. During the search scene as they go through the woods he reverses the process. - RECKLESS5


  Young Guns 2 (1991)
  • In the scene where Billy the kid is about to shoot the chain on on Doc's (Kiefer Sutherland) cuffs, the camera changes angles from straight on to a side shot twice. In both angle changes the gun has a front sight in the straight on angle, but no front sight in the side shot. - kb


  Young Sherlock Holmes (1985)
  • (Continuity) At the start of the movie when the man gets his turkey dinner in the restaurant he is seen tucking his serviette into the top of his shirt. But soon after, when the man hallucinates about the turkey coming to life and attacking him, his serviette has mysteriously disappeared. - Kimberly


  You Only Live Twice (1967)


  You've Got Mail (1998)
  • Towards the end when Joe is in the boat with his dad and they're talking about the nannies, Joe is fixing two martinis. After he shakes it up and pours it in the glasses, he takes a toothpick and olive and puts it in one glass and then other. There is a quick shot of his father talking and then it goes back to Joe and he is putting another toothpick and olive back into an empty glass. - Sarah
  • In the scene where Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks meet up at a book party, he is scooping caviar from around a plate, in the next scene the colored caviar is in a different order. - Joood
  • When Meg Ryan and her boyfriend are up early and he is about to leave for work the things on her nightstand move around unaided. - Joood
  • When Meg Ryan is in the coffee shop she puts the rose inside the book because it will not balance on the book. Then the camera looks toward the door. When it turns around the flower is sitting on top of the book perfectly balanced. - Michelle
  • When the by this time forlorn Meg Ryan wanders into Fox bookstore and encountered the harried woman trying to buy one of the "shoe books" she misspells the name of the author of these books. It is Noel Streatfield. But Meg spells it S-T-R-E-A-T-F-E-I-L-D. Sorry Meg, but in this case the rule of i before e except after c most definitely does apply.
    • Correction: No, Meg actually has it right - as you would expect. Although it is frequently misspelled, Noel Streatfeild's name is, indeed, an exception to the "I before E except after C" rule. You can check this in the Oxford Companion to Children's Literature, The Cambridge Guide to Children's Books in English, and, of course, copies of her books. (NB All my copies of her books are 20+ years old - it is, of course, possible that a modern editor may have decided to "correct" the spelling.) - Harriet
  • When Joe is out with the two kids and they are playing the ring game, the rings change colors from the time they are in his hand to the time when they hit the stand. - Jessica


Zombie (1979)    Buy this movie
  • When one of the ladies gets bit in the neck, the area where she gets bit is really, really shiny. - David
  • When the zombie is wrestling the shark there are a few things wrong. First: the zombies in the film walk very sloooowwwllllyyyy but this zombie somehow knows how to swim and wrestle a shark very quickly and efficiently. - David
  • Why does the zombie have green blood? No other zombies have green blood. Third: The water goes from deep to shallow in certain shots. Fourth: The zombie bites the shark and blood goes everywhere, but in a following shot the blood disappears, only to reappear again. - David
    • Addition: You can also see the editing/cutting goof of the wrestling scene. Before the zombie rip the part of flesh at shark, the zombie right hand is missing and when zombie rip the flesh, the hand is back again. - Levine
  • When ----- gets her eyeball jammed into the splinter in the broken door there are two things wrong. First of all, she could have either turned her head so she would not get stabbed with the broken piece of wood, or she could have moved the broken piece of wood since her arms were free. And second, the eyeball that gets stabbed is so obviously fake that it's painful. - David
  • In one scene everyone gets into a car and the reflection of the camera crew can be seen in the windows. - David
  • In one scene, a zombie's head gets blown up, but if you actually look at the head it is way too small, and obviously just propped up on a pole with a crew member jiggling it. - David
  • When the police is shooting at the zombie and it falls over into the boat in water, you can see the wire around of zombie. Maybe so that dummy can pull back, off the water. - Levine


  Zoolander (2001)
  • In the graveyard sequence Derek, Matilda, and "JB" will stroll near the headstone marked "King" twice, at DVD markers 49:54 and 51:52, although the scene looks like they continue walking toward the left of the screen all the time. (DVD) - Kieth Moreland


  Zorro (19??)
  • It is quite obvious that Zorro's pants are hanging way down past his butt when he is running to the horse. - the world will never know
    • Comment: I guess the "baggy" style isn't as new as we thought. - tralala


  Zulu (1964)    Buy this movie
  • Just before the scene where Stanley Baker is attacked and wounded by two Zulus a man in a Boer type uniform is shot behind baker the gun on his shoulder has no bayonet attached. When the Zulus break through the barricade and run towards baker he fires his revolver then runs out of bullets he then goes to the man who was just shot and takes his rifle there is now a bayonet attached he is wounded and then the Zulus are overcome by the natal policemen who is using a crutch. - jes
  • Corporal Allen tries to pull wounded Pvt Hitch off the mealie bags. He is then struck by a bullet. He grabs the right side of his chest. Then as he is unbuttoning Hitch's tunic, you can clearly see the bullet hole on the left side of his chest. - pat


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