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  • Right before the big dude shoots the dog Buford does a roll thing and grabs his holster but the only bad thing about it is that his gun falls out. (VHS) - josh
  • In the scene where Gordon Gekko is meeting with the union representatives in Charlie Sheens apartment, his shoes change.
  • When he is behind the couch he is wearing white tennis shoes. In his next shot, in the middle of the room, he is wearing dress shoes. They change back to tennis shoes in the third shot.
  • Additionally, during the entire scene, as he walks you hear the click of heels on the hardwood floor.
  • Beginning of movie shows year 1985. Sheen is talking to his partner and his partner talks about how Gekko had no heart and was selling NASA stock short just after the Challenger blew up which happened in January, 1986. Next scene is of Sheen's home computer day planner showing the day was Gecko's birthday which was August, 1985. - John
  • When Sheen explains to his partner that Gordon is so cold that he sold NASA stock short just after the Challenger explosion is erroneous. NASA is a governemnt agency, not a company, and does not offer shares for sale. - Jeff Kremer
  • In the scene where Gecko is on the beach at sunrise talking to Bud Fax, he looks at the ocean (the east) with the sun at his back (the west). I always thought the sun rose from the east, not the west. - Snoffsinger
  • In one of the scenes showing the Russian troops marching to the battle of Austerlitz, there is a very clear, close-up shot of a soldier carrying a bolt-action rifle rather than the flintlocks used at the time. - rich


  • (Misc. errors) There is a scene where Danny DeVito and Michael Douglas are talking I believe in DeVito's office. At one point in the conversation douglas refers to danny by DeVito as apose to his character's name. - Nikki


  Wasp Woman, The (1959)
  • Cabot can be seen injecting herself in the arm with a mad scientist's youth serum. She depresses the plunger, and the serum goes in one side of her arm - and can be clearly seen squirting out the other side onto the floor.


  Watcher, The (2000)
  • While the police are collecting tips and information regarding the first girl, there is a shot of a red-haired police lady in front of a computer screen - the screen contains a picture of the second girl, whose photo has not yet been sent to Joel Campbell, not the first girl. - Lisa708


  Waterboy, The (1998)   
  • When Bobby is in class, the professor asks what the source of aggression and rage is. The professor says that these emotions originate in the medulla oblongata, which is in the brainstem. The medulla oblongata however, functions only for basic life processes such as respiration, rhythmic heartbeat generation etc. Aggression and rage have been shown to be associated with the amygdala and limbic structures. - Jen
    • Jen is right. But, however, aggression is actually a basic life process. It's necessary for the survival of the species. I read about it in psychology.
  • Near the beginning, when the football players are hassling Bobby, they knock him over the table. The next scene he has a bucket beside him. After the coach says that he is fired, there is no bucket. - Will
  • In the beginning, when the big football players squirt water on Bobby's face, you can clearly see the water dripping form his face; but in the next scene, his face is dry. - Vic Cherubini
    • Apparently Vic means the next shot, not scene: See difference between scene & shot.
  • The linemen on Bobby's new football team wear recieer and quarterback masks. A lineman mask has bars coming from the top to the middle. - Vic Cherubini
    • Comment: When the linebackers are wearing the wrong mask its not a goof. The field goal kicker said they had to share Equipment. So they were just sharing. - Shorty
  • When Bobby meets Coach Klein, he hands him that blue fold out cup and fills it with water. Coach drinks it but doesn't hand the cup back to Bobby, but in the next scene, Bobby has the cup sitting in his hands. - Vic Cherubini
  • In the scene where the team mascot is drinking some sort of alcohol, he drinks from a bottle and the cap is still on! - genwa
  • (Factual errors) On the final play of the Bourbon Bowl, Bobby throws a touchdown pass to the quarterback on a halfback option. The problem, however, is the quarterback lined up under center. A quarterback can only be an eligible receiver if he sets up in the shotgun formation. In real football, this would have been a penalty for illegal touching by an ineligible receiver. - Jack


  Waterworld (1995)

Kevin Costner as Mariner

  • There is not enough ice in the polar ice caps to submerge the earth. If there was, the resulting sea water would have been diluted enough to make drinkable.
    • Comment: Someone submitted a fact stating that "there wasn't enough ice in the polar ice caps to submerge the earth." This may be true, but if this person read up on the subject, they would find that a great deal of the earth would be underwater. This person should also keep in mind that the entire earth is NOT submerged in the movie. - Sean Dobbin
  • Urine has a higher concentration of salts than sea water, thus the same apparatus used to make urine drinkable would also make sea water drinkable.
  • Support divers are visible when Mariner is diving to the bottom of the ocean. [widescreen only]
  • There's land visible on the left hand side of the screen, just before the smokers turn up. (widescreen?)
  • If dry land was the only place in the world that had plants or trees, that would only produce a little bit of oxygen. - Nick
    • Correction: Most of the oxygen on Earth comes from the oceans’ phytoplankton (microscopic plants and algae in colossal amount that do photosynthesis in the sea). Breathing wouldn’t be the problem on Waterworld. - St Fan
  • When that bald dude with the one eye takes the girl, and he is trying to get her to tell him about the map, he lights a cigarette. Yes, a second later, you see a long ash on the end as if he had been smoking it for some time now. (TV) - Al


  Wayne's World (1992)


  • When filming the public access show Wayne's World, they first show the scene from outside Wayne's house during the evening. When the scene cuts to them filming inside, you can see it is daylight outside the window.
  • When Garth, Wayne, and Casandra go to Ben's [the bad guy hitting on Casandra] apartment, he says "Who want's Chinese?" and he orders take-out on the phone in Canatonese. Then he says he picked up some Cantonese somewhere. The thing is, why would a Chinese place speak Cantonese? Wouldn't they speak mandarin? - Karoto
    • Correction: True, Mandarin is the official language in China, but Cantonese is spoken by approx. 50 million people in Hong Kong and the surrounding provinces. - jef
  • When Wayne and Garth are on their way to the Alice Cooper concert, the camera behind the car shows that Garth is driving. However, cut to inside the 'Murphmobile' and we can clearly see that it is Wayne who is driving and Garth is cutting some liquorish. - Chard E
  • When Garth is getting the "SuckCut" Wayne says, "He is gonna put that thing there on your Mellon". When the tape is being played back at office to impress Noha, Wayne says "He is gonna put that thing there, on ya, on ya Mellon." (He seems to stutter on that statment). - Chris_Hodgetts
  • I'm pretty sure this is a goof. In the scene where Benjamin is talking to Wayne and they have the pizza, doritos, and Pepsi. Have a look at Garth. In one take he's wearing his normal clothes. In the next take he's wearing Reebok gear then in the next take he's back in his regular clothes. Hmmm, what was that all about? (VHS) - kim
    • I guess it's one of the "hidden" advertisements.
  • The scene where Russell and Benjamin are showing the sponsor guy the video of Wayne and Garth. How could Benjamin have gotten that on tape if it was just turned to the channel? He didn't even know about the show till then. (VHS) - Smiley
  • Ok, this takes place in and around the famous Hockey game in the street between Wayne and Garth. When Garth wakes up, and HIS dog comes in and starts barking, Garth is in HIS room. When he walks out of HIS house, it looks exactly like Wayne's house, one of the next views shows Garth walking into the street in full hockey gear. On the other side of the street is a house with Garth's infamous car "the merthmobile" parked in the driveway. Which one is Wayne's house? Any Disagreements, let me know. - The Camel


  Wayne's World 2 (1993)
  • When Wayne is sword-fighting Cassandra's father, her father slashes Wayne's jeans so there are about 10 or 15 slashes on each jean leg. When they cut to the next scene, the pants are perfectly fine and don't have any slashes. - RuThiE jO jO
    • Well, that scene is just a parody insert of old kung-fu movies. Their voices are dubbed too and not in sync in any way. It's a funny scene.
  • When Wayne goes into the church to rescue his girlfriend there's a red electric guitar with a bow on it. The goof is Cassandra plays the bass. - Ryan
    • Correction: While Casandra is the bass player in her band, Bobby Conn (husband to be at the time), as we see earlier in the movie is a great guitarist: "He wails" in fact. As it takes two people to make a wedding I don't think the guitar's presence warrants a "goof". - Nick T
  • When Wayne decides if he should get his girlfriend or not near the end Garth is wearing a band shirt. When Garth is on stage talking to all the people he's wearing a Wayne's Stock shirt. - Ryan


  Wedding Singer, The (1998)


  Weekend at Bernie's II (1993)
  • In Weekend at Bernie's II, Bernie is sometimes shown blinking his eyes. However, this movie should never have been made at all. (VHS) - Crunchyfrog


  Weird Science (1985)
  • When Ian and Max poor the slushy on Garry and Wyatt it seems as if it's pounds of slushy that is being poured on them. - Ryan
  • When Chet hits Anthony Michael Hall's character and the blonde girl on their heads with his gun, you can see that it is a fake gun, not made of metal at all, as it clearly bends. - Claudia
  • Anthony Michael Hall's character is reminded at the start of the movie that he has a girlfriend. But, throughout the movie he flirts with the pretty blonde girl and is found by Big Bad Chet lying in bed with her. What happened to Hall's original 'girlfriend'? No mention was made of a break up! - Stacey
  • When the boys are at the computer trying to 'make a girl', A.M. Hall's character is wearing a baseball cap. At one point in the scene, the baseball cap disappears and reappears like magic! - Cassandra


  Welcome Home, Roxy Carmichael (1990)
  • When the end credits roll it lists other actors who were in the movie and one of the actors has a y at the end of his last name -------sky. But a couple seconds later when the Cast list comes up and we see that this is the actor who played the mayor we see that the actor's last name now has an i at the end of his last name -------ski. - Kimberly
    • Comment: According to the Internet Movie Database Stephen Tobolowsky is sometimes credited as Steven Tobolowsky and sometimes as Tobolowski. - Webmaster


  Wes Craven's New Nightmare (1994)
  • At the beginning of Wes Craven's New Nightmare when Heather walks up to Dillan with the original Nightmare on you can hear Wes craven say something. He says it as Heather is walking towards the television. - Ryan
  • In the beginning when Freddy calls Heather for the second time she drops the phone on the counter leaving it off the hook. But when the limo driver calls it's back on and nobody ever hung the phone up. - Ryan
  • When Heather gets in her limo (for the first time) she gets in on the right side. But when you see her in the limo she's on the left side. - Ryan
  • When Freddy nails Julie and she's on the ground, the ground is spotless. But in the next shot there's a puddle of blood on the ground. There's no way it could spread that fast. - Ryan
  • In the scene where Freddy drags Julie on the wall there's a gap of blood behind Julie's trail. In the next shot it's filled in. - Ryan


  West Side Story (1961)
  • When Tony drank the soda when he was delivering it, isn't it a little odd that it was jostles around and did not explode? - Sue
  • Hmm... also the temperature was quite warm, but everybody wore their leather jackets and long pants. - Sue
  • Two different playgrounds were used: one in the beginning and a different one at the end. - Sue
  • Tony, Maria, and Anita did not really sing, because at various times their mouth didn't move with their voice. - Sue
  • One thing I noticed while this film is that when Tony is running down the streets of Spanish Harlem yelling "Maria, Maria", but only one person answers. - Soulman


  Westworld (1973)   Buy this movie
  • The guns have heat sensors so you dont shoot other guests, right? But how does a cutting weapon- i.e. a sword- detect if there is a guest? - Tyler Gluefinger


  We Were Soldiers (2002)
  • There's a night scene where Mel Gibson's character is kneeling/crouching next to some body bags. However, in the body bag right in front of him, the "corpse" is taking some deep breaths. (Pretty good movie, though) (Theatre) - RJK
  • It shows the colonels wife walking in her neighborhood to deliver telegrams to wives who lost husbands of the First Cav in VN. The only thing, she lived in field grade housing -- at that time LTCs and up. On-post housing at Ft Benning for majors, company grade officers and enlisted personnel was not in comfortable walking distance from those large stucco houses in which lieutenant colonels and colonels lived at that time. (Theatre) - Vance
  • (Anachronisms) Before leaving for Vietnam during 1965, Mel Gibson addresses the troops. In speaking of the groups' ethnic diversity, he mentions, "Hispanics". I never heard this ethnic description used until the late 70's or early 80's. - Thriftmaster
  • (Revealing mistakes) In the scene where Hal sees a wounded GI and says "We're running low on water" or something like that it changes the camera's angle to that wounded GI, who looks around. Then when it shows the scene where Joe Galloway is taking pictures and they show the pics he took, it shows that wounded GI Hal saw before Joe arrived. - Helwood
  • (Factual errors) The scene where Hal made that charge up the hill after he said "Fix bayonets," never happened in real-life. - Helwood


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