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  Valachi Papers, The (1972)    Buy this movie
  • During the night scenes, the 20s style gangster car is shown driving in traffic among 60s style automobiles. The setting is suppose to be during the roaring 20s. - pat
  • In the opening of the movie there is a shot of Manhattan from the Brooklyn docks and across the river you can see the twin towers which were not built yet as the movie take place much earlier. - marty


  Valentine (2001)    Buy this movie
  • (Spoiler) At the end after Adam pulls the mask off to reveal the killer he and Kate see that it is Dorothy. Well does that mean that Dorothy was the killer? Or was it Adam? We may never know. - Kim/Raymond
    • (Spoiler) Correction: The confusion about the killer really confuses me. See Jeremy Melton supposedly gets revenge against the girls that humiliated him at the valentine's dance in junior high by sending them cards and stuff. Well shouldn't he be the killer then? This is Adam by the way who changed his name and appearance and is dating Kate. Why in the world would it be Dorothy which was one of the girls he's getting back at. It just wouldn't make any sense if she was the killer. I mean why would she want to kill her own friends? Well what happens at the end is really creepy. You'll have to see the movie to find out. The killer could possibly be Adam. I'll never know. - Raymond
    • (Spoiler) Explanation: To clear up the "whodunit?" fiasco, I will help you...JM did the killing, he was the little boy everyone laughed at in the beginning, everyone but Kate. She told him "maybe later" when he asked her to dance, that is why he was so in love with her and he killed everyone else. Dot (Dorothy) just fell down the stairs onto Kate, so she could have been already dying then before he shot her. So there you have it, JM was the killer, was the drunk boyfriend with the bloody nose who didn't kill Kate because she didn't diss him in front of everyone at the dance. Retarded huh? - Mad
    • No more comments on this subject - it's not really goof-material.
  • I'm not really sure if this is a goof or not. But in the scene where Lily and Max are kissing in the hall. The woman named Amy walks up and sees them kissing. Now who is this woman anyway? Is she Max's ex or previous girlfriend or something? He never mentions that at all. He just says "That's Amy". Plus Lily saw her earlier in the previous scene and doesn't say nothing. (DVD) - Kim/Raymond
  • Julius looses his hand because the ghoul is taking effect. After his hand is already gone he is driving Max in the limo and he has a plasic glove on the hand that is suppose to be gone. - Foxybrwn2


  Vampires (1998)
  • In the scene where the prostitute bites ----- in the neck, you can see where he is going to be bit beforehand because the area is really wrinkly and shiny. - David


  Vanilla Sky (2001)


  • In the beginning of the movie in his dream he leaves in his Porsche, you can clearly see a what looks like a yellow Porsche seal on the car. When he wakes up he leaves in the same car, but there no seal on the car! - Chubb's
    • Correction: I watched the movie and in his dream he had a Porsche but in reality he has a 67 Mustang. - Chubb's
    • Correction: It is not a Porsche it is a Ferrari. - larz
  • Look closely at the part where Cameron Diaz and Cruise are in the car driving and she drives it off the bridge. If you look close enough (slow mo) there seems to be no one in the car. What a goof. (VHS) - PixieShaq
    • Addition: Yup, when I saw this movie in the theatre, I noticed the same thing. You can see it without slow motion.
  • (Crew/equipment visible) The scene, where car comes to red lights (don't remember who's driving) you can see cameraman and the whole crew, reflecting from glass of the car. (DVD) - gainsb
  • (Misc.) In the scene where Tom Cruise first goes to Penelope Cruz's apartment and she is showing him the pictures on her fridge, if you look at it in slow motion you can see the ex-boyfriend balls are hanging out of his shorts. (DVD) - michelle


  • All through the movie, the Dodge Challenger that Kowalski is driving sports Chrysler factory "road" wheels. - Travis v.
  • During the final crash scene, though, the wheels have mysteriously changed to a cheaper chrome reverse style! I guess they wanted to save money! (Of course, several versions of the car were actually used in the movie).
    • Addition: It has been pointed out that the 1970 Challenger changes wheels for the end crash. But what happens is not a wheel-change, but a whole car-change. It is easily visible on screen. It's common knowledge among Challenger fans that the car wrecked at the end of the film is a 1967 Chevy Camaro. - Miked
  • In one of the scenes of Kowalski in the desert (close-up), he appears to be driving a right hand drive Dodge Challenger ! (VHS) - Amar Haddadi
  • (Continuity) In the last crash scene were the Challenger is destroyed it is not a Challenger at all, instead it is a 67-69 Camaro. When you see the hood come flying off you can clearly see the change. This was done to save the Challenger, Camaros were a lot cheaper. (VHS) - monte j.


  Van Wilder (2002)
  • (Audio/visual unsynchronised) Van tells Taj to play a Barry White song when he is with a girl to get her in the mood. When the scene comes around where Taj is with the girl, "Stumblin' In" by Susie Quatro and Chris Norman is playing in the background and the girl says, "I like that music." and Taj says, "It is the White, Barry." But Barry White was never played in that scene. (DVD) - lkw


  Varsity Blues (1999)
  • When Darcy comes out in her whip cream bikini, she kisses Mox. Some whip cream gets on his shirt, then when they show his shirt again there is no whip cream there. - Liz
  • When the football players go out to the strip club, how did they get in? They are only 18. And how did they drink? Why did they go on a Thursday night when they had a game on the next Friday? (the next night) If they were smart, they would have did it on the next Saturday. - TommyLee
    • Comment: I'm not about to defend this movie, but I thought strip clubs were for 18+. Speaking of underage drinking though, they didn't seem to have trouble acquiring beer at that convenience spot - and how come there was no punishment for stealing a cop car (and even running the lights and siren!) - and how come they made this stupid movie anyway?!? "I give it a ten" ... minus the ten! - Andrew
      • Comment: I agree! The movie itself is a goof that deserves to be slapped silly! - JP
    • Comment: This entire town was built around the high school football team, they were all considered heroes. That's why when they get into the club, the waitress tells them that the drinks are on the house- obviously she knew who they were and they were getting preferential treatment for being football players. Same with the cop car. - Jessica
      • Explanation: In small towns like the one in Varsity blues, Football is life to them, hence the billboard with their sons on it. The kids can pretty much do whatever, and everyone knows everyone else , for instance... stealing cop cars, and getting drinks at a strip club or getting liquor instead of pop is simply overlooked by the people of the city. The whole going to the strip club the night before their game was part of the plot giving a reason to why they played like crap. (DVD) - ligaguini
        • Correction: You people are so fucking retarded!!! Ever heard of fake ID's???? Also, easily getting beer, not getting punished for stealing the car and other things were deliberate you morons!!!!The point of the movie was to emphasize the pressure and grim reality of what American football can be like!!!It was also to show what Americans think of the great game, meaning they take it very seriously.The players know this and take advantage of it, thus you have an absence of penalty when they commit crimes among other things!!!! This isn't even a hard movie to analyze, what the fuck is a matter with you dumbasses?!?!?!?! - Jag
  • When the coach is yell at James Van Der Beek (John) he has his hand on the face mask from the bottom coming up, then in the next scene his hand is holding the mask from the top down. - grant


  Vegas Vacation (1997)
  • Eddie (Quaid) takes Clark (Chase) to the casino buffet for dinner. As they fill their dish with food, Clark tells the server behind the buffet table that the chicken and beef dishes are labeled incorrectly. The server then switches the tags, placing them in each dish. In the next scene he repeats the switch. - Da King
  • In a scene at Wayne Newton's house when Wayne and Ellen (Beverly D'Angelo) are eating pasta and Clark (Chevy Chase) comes crashing through the wall, Ellen throws her pasta into the air. In one frame she has pasta on her shoulder and nowhere else, in the next frame she has pasta on her shoulder and her head. - Ranee
  • When Rusty first gets his fake ID, he plays a slot machine that costs 25 cents. He put in a quarter, and he won the grand prize (the car). At the end of the movie, when he explains to his dad how he won all of the cars, he says, "I put in a dollar, I won a car." (Or something to that effect.) Perhaps he forgot the details of the story from all the partying he did? =) - Janice


  Veggietales: Larry and the Rumor Weed (199?)    Buy this movie
  • When the Rumor Weed First Bursts out of the ground to get Alfred, Her lips aren't red. They're green. The next shot of her, they are red. - Bob


  • Madame Blueberry's hair changes color from blonde to black for no particular reason. - Cathy


  Vertigo (1958)
  • In the scene where Scottie and Judy are driving to the mission, if you look in the background, you can tell that they are driving on the left side of the road. I'm pretty sure you have to drive on the right side in california. (VHS) - whodi
  • When driving to the mission they are on a divided road. The other part is the south road is a split road you can't see it . (VHS) - AL Fleischer
  • Also they are driving north and they were coming from San Francisco. The mission is San Juan Batista. They would be coming from Salinas going north. (VHS) - AL Fleischer


  Volcano (1997)
  • After the rescue crew reached the end of the train in the subway and saw the lava coming at them, the leader said he had to find the driver before they could leave. But they were already at the end of the train, where else could he be? Hadn't they already searched the rest of the train? - Jeanne
  • When they are trying to find a way to stop the lava from going in to the museum, Tommy Lee Jones has an idea to push a bus up against the museum to divert the lava. The plan works but the lava does not melt the bus like it melted the Tommy Lee Jones' car or the firetruck. - Da King
  • When the co-star Anne Heche goes to check out the flow of the lava in the red line tunnel she goes to a payphone and calls Tommy Lee Jones' cellphone but his cell phone burned up in his car. The phone she calls him on is a phone that he took from a news reporter. So how did she get his number to call him. - Da King
  • When they are trying to stop the lava from flowing down the street, they make a "U" shape in the street with the cement highway dividers. If they had laid the dividers the other way, they would have supported themselves, and not need the trucks behind to hold them. - Da King
  • Near the beginning there is a train pulling into (out of?) the subway station and you can see the reflection of the cameraman and his camera in the glass of the train. - Da King
  • In the scene where they are allowing the lava to pool, all of the firefighters are in heavy gear, while the reporters are not. The heat from the lava should have been so intense that they would have been heavily burned from it. - Da King
  • When the crew finds the subway car being overrun by lava, the leader of the crew (forget his name) resuces the conductor by jumping into the lava and throwing the guy. For one, the guy must be adreneline-pumped because he threw a hefty guy. Secondly, he jumped into lava, which should have caught him on fire and consumed him (and the guy he was carrying) pretty dang quickly. Thirdly, if the lava was in the tunnel with them, the heat would have been too much for the crew to handle. - Kraken


  Von Richthofen and Brown (1971)    Buy this movie
  • The aircraft in World War 1 were constructed of wood or metal tubing covered with fabric. In this movie the mockups that crash or burn are clearly made of plywood or cardboard. - Olav Westerman
  • The Royal Canadian Flying Corps squadron that Brown belonged to in real life flew Sopwith Camels and not S.E.5a:s as in the movie, and Richthofen wasn't the only pilot in his Flying Circus who flew a Fokker DR1 Dreidekker, but the movie-company had to manage with the aircraft replicas they could get hold on, since the budget didn't allow them to build new ones. - Olav Westerman
  • When one of the main characters (most people probably know who) is shot down, the plane lands without getting damaged. In real life it got damaged, even if it wasn't totally wrecked. - Olav Westerman


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