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  U-571 (2000)
  • When the plane flies over the sub, the man with the dark hair on the viewer's right, can be seen looking through his binoculars, taking them away from his eyes and turning his head. When the angle changes he repeats the action. - don and david
  • After the radio tower is blown up on the enemy ship it naturally catches on fire, when they show several camera angles on this suspense building event, watch the radio tower as it constantly switches from being on fire, to a bunch of smoke to being on fire and at last being just smoke again. - don and david
  • When the U-boat is trying to seek a safe harbour in England. It is heading east to northeast. But the sunrise scenes would show they are heading east southeast. - pat
  • When the submarine was going to dive, the diving alarm (klaxon), was sounded three times. The alarm for diving is two times. Sounding the klaxon three times is the signal to surface. - Jake
  • The German destroyer that the sub shoots at is a total mock up because the gun mounts are US Navy from the Fletcher Class destroyer. - Bork
  • When the American Navy Gets the The code book from the German Sub the book is soak and wet. On U boats code books where equipped with special ink that when wet smeared so it would not be ledgible. This was invented so that it would be harder to steal. - Jokesta8224
  • During the departure scene of the S-boat (American Submarine) pulling away from the dock, a very modern white painted marine navigational radar is clearly visible above the pilot house of the vessel (P29) at the left/rear of the screen. Radar technology was just emerging during WWII and surface ship emitters of that era were large, parabolic shaped and often constructed of metal mesh rods. (DVD) - Mark


  UHF (1989)
  • (Continuity) During the Indiana Jones-style fantasy sequence at the beginning of the movie, "Weird" Al strikes a Hispanic man with a whip, causing his left arm to fall off. We then see the detached arm on the ground... a RIGHT arm! - GeddyRulz
  • (Continuity) When Philo (Anthony Geary) is installing surveillance equipment at U62's competing station, Channel 8, he's holding a pencil between his teeth. After a short cut-away, we then see Philo again... without the pencil in his mouth! - GeddyRulz


  Unbreakable (2000)
  • When Dunn follows Samuel Jackson's character to his room, there are several newspaper headlines on the wall, reporting disasters. One reads, "Mudslides in Mexico: All Dead Expect Newborn"....expect instead of except. - whit
    • Comment: About the newspaper articles. "Mudslide in Mexico......" How is it wrong? What is wrong about him causing a mudslide in Mexico? How is that a mistake? - Jess
      • The mistake is in the spelling in the headline. I quote: "Expect instead of except."
  • Samuel Jackson's character speaks near the end of the movie about a 737 crashing, killing all 200 (or thereabouts) onboard, but a 737 doesn't carry much more than about 150 persons.
  • When Bruce kills the janitor in the stranger's house, he is clearly still breathing while in shot. - kc
    • Correction: The janitor wasn't supposed to be dead, Bruce just gave him the sleeper. - Matt
  • When you first meet S. Jackson's character as a child, he is watching TV. The reflection in the TV is such that his Right arm is broken, but in the next scene when he runs down to get his gift, his left arm is broken (ruined the whole movie for me). - Chunk
  • When Willis is searching the guy for drugs at the football game, you see a scene with him in a bathroom getting something out of a trash can. He is wearing an orange and blue jacket. When it goes back to the search it is a pure blue jacket. - Gunter Prim
  • Someone else should have played David Dunn, because Bruce Willis has a visible scar even though he is never suppose to have been injured. - kyara


  Uncommon Valor (1983)
  • After the team is assembled and arrives at the training camp, there's a long shot of Gene Hackman walking toward a man (later we see it's Patrick Swayze), who exits a tent and stands "at ease." In the long shot, Swayze casts a shadow and is further from the tent that in the upcoming tighter shot, where he's closer to the tent and now he casts no shadow at all. They did the tighter shot later in the day. (DVD) - Kieth Moreland
  • In the final credits, the name Michael Dudikoff (American Ninja movie series, etc.) is listed twice, once his role is given as "Blaster's Assistant." I've see this movie and few times, and now I own it on DVD, I've yet to see Dudikoff, (or anyone else for that matter) "assisting" Blaster's character. (DVD) - Kieth Moreland
  • I've never been sure if this website considers "stand-in" locations as goofs. In the scene where Gene Hackman catches up with Randall "Tex" Cobb's "Sailor" character, we're told he's in jail in Houston (Texas). The jail rooftop scene was filmed in Los Angeles, at the old Lincoln Heights Jail, that sits next to the (concrete-lined) Los Angeles River, near Dodger Stadium. That's more than a 1000+ miles from Houston. (DVD) - Kieth Moreland
    • Me neither.
  • When they introduce the audience to the training camp.. the words "SOUTH OF HOUSTON" (or something to that effect) come on the screen showing a mountain range...... The nearest mountain range SOUTH of Houston would be in South America as everything South of Houston is coastal prairie. The highest point in Houston is the I-10 Ship Channel bridge! - Todd


  Undercover Brother (2002)
  • In the infamous fight/shower scene between White She Devil and Sistah Gurl, Undercover Brother's glasses are on, then they're off, then on, then off, so on and so on. (Theatre) - Paige


  Under Siege (1992)
  • Guy guarding Steven Seagal in the meat locker gets shot up you can see that later for a split sec. there are not bullet holes in his shirt. - David
  • When Steven Seagal drops a piece of yellow steel on one of the terrorists, you can clearly see that he is a dummy. Directly after this scene, Seagal punches a terrorist in the face and he gets tangled in ropes, but when Seagal punches him, there is obviously no impact. - David
  • In one scene, Seagal blows up a door, if you look you can see that the terrorists that are getting blown up are dummies. - David
  • (Revealing mistakes) When Seagal is, handcuffed, in the ice box he lays on his back to slip the 'cuffs from his back to his front. We see that the 'cuff's chain is about 10-12 links long (I've been a cop over 25 years, they don't make 'em that long for the precise reason you seeing in the scene). Anyway, when he's out of the cooler and gets the key from the dead guard, he unlocks the 'cuffs, and the chain link is now only the standard two/three links in length. (VHS) - Kieth Moreland
  • (Continuity) Isn't it a little strange? I've always found the water to be grey/blue and rolling in the open ocean. Yet when Seagal swims from the "Mighty Mo" to the terrorist submarine (and especially near the sub), the water is murkey brown and quite calm. (VHS) - Kieth Moreland
  • (Continuity) As Seagal and his crew attempt to destroy the remaining missile headed for Hawaii, we see Seagal's wristwatch showing 0900 hours. The missiles is destroyed, and Seagal asks the Admiral to, "call off the bombers, sir"! Seagal's wristwatch shows between 0903 to 0905 hours. (VHS) - Kieth Moreland


  Under Siege 2: Dark Territory (1995)
  • When Seagal throws one of the terrorists off of the train into a pile of rocks, you can clearly see that the rocks are soft. - David
  • In one scene a terrorist gets blown up by a bomb that says"you're f-cked" on it. When they cut back to the terrorist, you can see that he is wearing a flame-retardant mask with a fake mustache on it. - David
  • When Seagal hits the guy into front of the train, it is obvious that it switches to a dummy. - David
  • Why is Seagal character able to outrun a speeding train? - David
  • When Seagal fights the gray-haired guy, some of the shots are obviously speeded up. This same thing happens in Seagal's load-of-crap movie "fire down below". - David
  • When Seagal is showing the porter how to use the handgun while they are in the baggage car, she says "This is a .45, okay?" The gun is a 9mm Glock. - Admiral John
  • When Seagal gets into the pickup truck and 'hot wires' it when he is giving chase to the train, you can see that the keys are already in the ignition. - Orin Boyd
  • At the end of the movie, when Travis Dane is lying in the ditch, you can see that it is a digital computer image of him. (VHS) - Skorpyo01


  Under Wraps (1997) (TV)
  • When the little boy fell onto the dirt, the sand was brown but in that spot that he had fallen was a dark black, and that spot had seemed to sink a bit as if it was a cushion. (TV) - Yoshi


  Unfaithful (2002?)
  • You can see the microphone above people's heads all through out the movie. (Theatre) - Scuff
    • Explanation: Actually, when you see the boom mikes all through the movie it means it was projected wrong at the theater. It's not a "studio mistake". - barney
  • Richard Gere gets into a tub with Diane Lane but you can see his shorts. If he was getting in the tub to make love to his wife, why would he wear shorts? (Theatre) - Scuff


  Unforgiven (1992)
  • In the closing shoot-out scene, the wimpy writer is last seen trying to escape out the back of the bar. All of Munny's shooting victims are shown dropping to the floor. When the smoke clears, guess who's under one of the bodies, believing that he's been shot? None other than the same wimpy writer who was last seen running for the door. - Saint


  Untamed Heart (1993)
  • One scene where Caroline (Marisa Tomei) went to Adam's (Christian Slater) house, she took off her scarf and unzipped her coat a little bit. Then a few seconds later, her coat is tied up again. Then she unties it for a second time.


  Untouchables, The (1987)


  • The Canadians probably laughed their asses off when Eliot Ness made his first unsuccessful bust: The movie takes place in the 1930s and you can see boxes decorated with maple leaf logos. That logo was first seen in 1965 when Canada introduced its flag.
  • Ness visits Malone at his home. Malone is seated with his collar buttoned. He stands and collar is unbuttoned. Then he sits with his collar buttoned again. - pat
  • Here's a case of "artistic license." In The Untouchables, Eliot Ness tosses Frank Nitty off the building to his death during the Capone trial. In real life, Nitty took over the mob after Capone's sentence. Guess he didn't die after all. - Jim Kaiser
  • To add to your section on the artistic license in the Untouchables, there is the point that Ness did not marry OR have children until after his days in pursuit of Capone. Yet in the film he is portrayed as a happily married father. - John

The maple leaf logo was introduced in 1965.

The Untouchables
The Untouchables
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  • (Spoiler) By the time of Malone's death (Sean Connery), the guy that's about to kill him with a machine gun opens a red matchbox, in which is handwritten Malone's address, and there is just a few matches on it. Later on, by the occasion of Capone's trial frank Nitty, the guy who killed Malone, is carrying a gun and Eliot Ness asks the guard to put him out of the room. Then, outside Ness examines his pockets and finds the same red matchbox with Malone's address. But this time the matchbox is full!!!! - Olavo
  • Nitty and Ness are on the roof. Ness grabs Nitty and they're right next to a doorway. In the next scene they are shown much further back. - Austin Powers


 Up Up and Away ( ? )        Buy this movie
  • The young black non super hero son rescues a girl from a flaming building. Before going in he is masked and his eyes are painted black behind the eye holes to match the black mask. He looses his mask during the rescue but his eyes look normal. He doesn't have painted black eyes as you would expect. - PANDA1


  Urban Legend (1998)
  • When the two girls look in the back of the truck and find somebody's body it is raining hard. Then when they start to run it is not raining. Then it starts raining again. - Wolf Man
  • After the girl goes inside to get help, she comes running out to her car, and you can see the person in the backseat. - Paigeroo
  • When Natalie is tied to the bed. The killer starts to cut deeply into her stomach. Later in the car she's just fine. - josh howell
  • When Reese goes into prof. Wexler's office she falls in a puddle of blood and her entire back is covered in it, yet in the later scenes there is no sign of blood anywhere. - KlaudiaTheRocker
  • (Spoiler) At the end when the killer (Brenda) is showing Natalie slides of her boyfriend and herself, the last slide is the article in the newspaper. Yet when Brenda gets shot and falls out the window the image on the wall is of Brenda and her boyfriend, not of the newspaper article. - KlaudiaTheRocker


  U.S. Marshals (1998)
  • This is the scene where Tommy is following Wesley into the Graveyard. The scene shows a cab dropping someone off. Well, in one scene this cab has rims on the tires, but in the next scene these rims have mysteriously disappeared. - James Wiese
  • When <blank> drops the scalpel onto Mark near the end of the movie, the blade falls out (visible near his waistline) but in the next shot when Mark picks it up, the blade is back in place. - Scott
  • In the same "graveyard following" scene, Tommy Lee Jones orders his backup unit out of the cemetery. The backup team pulls out in reverse and parks in the roadway, showing the camera crew and their dolly in the car's polished body. - Kieth Moreland
  • On tbs of 02/02/03 U.S. Marshals showed Wesley Snipes in the 18 wheeler - the next scene he was in the swamp and detectives said they need boats before they even knew he was in the swamp - the next scene they found the 18 wheeler in pa and thought he was moving north. It appears sequence out of order with swamp scene in between 18 wheeler scenes. (TV) -


  Usual Suspects, The (1995)


  • The cripple, Verbal Kint, is supposedly unable to open a lighter, but when he checks out of county jail and his possessions are returned to him, a lighter is among the possessions. - Jaymi
    • Correction: The fact that Verbal is given a lighter when he checks out is part of a plot device - it is clearly deliberate so that an important idea about what is about to happen is allowed to begin to form in the viewer's mind. - mister lister
  • When they blow up the cop car, they pan to an aerial view as soon as the lighter hits the car. Instantly the car is in flames, which is usual, but the fire is in three distinct sections- not usual, or possible unless he lit them all separately. - Off my Bach

The Usual Suspects Poster

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  • As they enter the line up room you can see the mike kind of near Hockney's head. - Jesus
  • In the scene where the group is infiltrating the building to talk to Kobayshi, reflections of the camera, director, and crew are all clearly visible in one of the marble pillars by the entrance. - Blue

  U-Turn (1997)
  • In one scene Sean Penn throws some corpses off of a cliff, the second corpse he throws is obviously a dummy. - David
    • Comment: David so are you saying that the first is a real corpse? - Paul


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