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  • In this direct-to-video movie, starring Ken Wahl, crooks impersonating cops burglarize a jewelry store. When c crook uses wire cutters to snip the wire leading into an alarm control panel, the wire pulls away from the control box, showing us it was never connected in the first place. - Kieth Moreland
  • As Ken Wahl is chased in a car, through a multi-level parking structure, he rounds a curve on the upper level, showing us an entire camera crew, complete with their camera on a dolly. - Kieth Moreland
  • In the control room of the Transit Authority when Walter Matthau grabs Dick O'Neil and shoves him down in his chair, Dick falls to floor and it looks like he was really angry but the scene was cut when it looks like he might have gotten up and gone after Matthau. (DVD) - Tom Chenevert


Tango & Cash (1989)
  • When Stallone somehow forces a semi trailer to stop with only a handgun, the badguys come crashing through a windshield that is apparently made of plate glass, not safety glass. - Jim M
  • (Revealing mistakes) We are supposed to believe that Cash (Russell) is wearing a bullet proof west under his shirt when he gets shot. How come he is sweating through the west and when he runs his breasts/muscles are bouncing? He obviously is not wearing anything under his shirt and still later on he takes off a bullet proof west from underneath it. (TV) - Webmaster
  • When being in prison, Cash says to his friend (who is going to help them escape) Matt Sokowski "What do you say, Max?" afterwhich he claims he has known Matt for 15 years. Hmm, Maybe Cash's long term memory is out of order like his sense of humor? - (TV) - Webmaster
  • (Continuity) When Wyler's car explodes and Tango (Stallone) goes flying through the air, the stuntman performing the stunt is not wearing a necklace. When they show a close-up of Stallone shaking debris out of his hair, he is wearing a necklace. Furthermore; the stuntman's hair looks quite different than Stallone's hair. - (TV) - Webmaster
  • (Continuity) To make him talk, Tango attaches a hand grenade in Requin's mouth. The tape holding the hand grenade in place is changing place and shape from shot to shot. - (TV) - Webmaster
  • (Continuity) At the end, the RV makes a big jump and lands causing the left head light to get turned off. However; in the next shot the head light is on again. - (TV) - Webmaster


  • In the movie Tarzan fights the leopard and gets scratched but when he picks up the lion the cut is gone. (VHS) - kim


Tarzan of the Apes (1918)  Buy this movie
  • In this original Tarzan movie one of the apes wore sneakers.


Tarzan, the Ape Man(1981)  Buy this movie
  • During the closing credit Bo Derek is playing with an orangutan. This film is suppose to take place in the African jungle. There are no orangutans in the African jungle. (TV) - Soulman


Taxi Driver (1976)


  • In one scene there is a camera shot of a store window, and the reflection of the camera is very visible. - David
  • When Travis Bickle shoots ----- by the door ----- falls and a wire for the squib is visible for a second or two. - David

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Taxi Driver -
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Tears of the Sun (2003)
  • (Continuity) About half-way through the film, actor Tom Skerritt is on the deck of an aircraft carrier talking to Bruce Willis over a hand-held radio. I think I saw the watch on Skerritt's wrist read 1730/5:30 pm at the start of the conversation and read 1715/5:15 pm as it was ending. (Theatre/TV) - Kieth Moreland


  • (Anachronisms) In a scene, which takes place in 1974, Ted Bundy is dancing and makes a dance-move (one hand pointing up, the other one down: see image) made famous by John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever, which came out in 1977! (VHS) - Webmaster
  • In the fight scene where Raphael and Keno get discovered by the Foot Clan at the scrapyard, Keno fights a Foot Soldier with a Bo, after he knocks down the Foot Soldier, you can clearly see the Bo bend as the Foot Soldier moves his leg. - DANfan


Teen Wolf (1985)
  • At the very end after they win the championship if you watch when the credits start coming on there is a guy walking down the bleachers buttoning his pants. - Cory
  • When Mr Lolly [the drama teacher] tells Scott that he wants to see Scott turn into the wolf, and gives Scott the 'no wolf no part' speech, you can see that Mr Lolly's mouth is moving but the words are not coming out at the same time, very bad dubbing. - Glorianne Brentleigh


Ten Commandments, The (1956)
  • In the scene where Moses is leading the slaves out of bondage, an old man and his grand children catch a golden calf thrown to them. The old man, holds it up and says "A craven image"... he is wearing a wrist watch. (VHS) - Riddleman
  • The floating basket bounces in the water when the lid is closed as would be expected; but scenes in which the lid is open and the baby Moses is visible the basket is stationary, obviously supported under the water. (VHS) - toddler
  • Mel Gibson's character is being chased and he stops to make a quick phone call. When he puts the coin in, it pops back out of the phone but you hear the ping of accepted money and he goes ahead with the call. - barr
  • At the end of the movie, when Natassia Kinski get the medal, she turns to the crowd and salutes the military forces with her left hand. S'posed to be the right hand. - mrg5150



  Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991)  Buy this movie


There's Something About Mary (1998)
  • In the beginning of the Movie (supposedly 1985) when Ted is in the back of the ambulance, above and behind his left shoulder you can see a LifePak 11 Defibrillator, which wasn't invented until 1994. - Scott
  • When Mary and Patrick are walking along the boardwalk talking about movies, in one switch of a shot her cotton candy goes from almost full to half-eaten. - Scott
  • At the end, when Mary says, "I'd be happiest with you.", it should be happier because all of the stalkers and Brett count as one group and Ted is another group. - terd ferguson
    • Comment: Hey Terd we all aren't perfect English speakers give us a break. This comment I sent is probably not in perfect English. - Gabe
    • Correction: I am taking Print Journalism with English/grammar classes day in and day out. There is nothing wrong with her saying "happier" OR "happiest". Just so you know. And we all know movies are just chock full of sentence fragments, slang, etc. I doubt the writers were too concerned. - Saige
  • When Ted get his thing stuck in his zipper a police officer is going to unzip Ted's pants. If you watch closely you can see the officer unbuttons his left sleeve 2 times. - Vince Dad
  • The beginning of the movie is set in 1985. Near the opening when Ted first goes to Mary's house, you can hear the song Mary's Prayer by Danny Wilson, but that song was not introduced until 1987. - Chuck
  • In the scene where Ted zips up his zipper too fast, and people have to go into the bathroom to help him, you see the cop unbutton his cuff, one then the other, then you see him unbutton the first button again. - Reese
  • When Mary is going on the "get together" with Ted and uses the 'gel' to put her hair up but when they get back to her house her hair is perfectly down with no sign of 'gel'! - Meg


They Nest (2000) (TV)
  • Early in the movie, when the main character (Dr. Cahill), is reading a book about bugs, the scientific name of the cockroach he saw is written as PHYLOMENESCUS CEREBUS, but when he talks to the scientist, a bug specialist, the scientist tells it's phylomenescus CERBERUS. Now there's a goof because as a scientist, he should know the correct scientific name of the bug. - tochi


They Only Kill Their Masters (1972)
  • When Peter Lawford is speaking to James Garner (or, actually, to the camera in a "reverse" shot), his mirrored sunglasses clearly reflect the camera (including the "Panavision" logo!) and several of the crew. It's extremely obvious! (TV) - Dave


Thing, The (1982)
  • (Continuity) When Kieth David's character cuts down the door with an ax, the movie switches angles, and when it goes back to David's character the hole in door has moved. - David
  • (Revealing mistakes) In the beginning of the movie when the helicopter is chasing the wolf it lands at the other fortress or something a guy runs after the dog and shoots at it. However, when the pilot jumps out of the helicopter he is about to throw a hand grenade but it slips out of his hand and it lands in the snow and then it explodes and after one second the helicopter explodes how is that possible? The helicopter didn't even move at all and no gas was leaking out?
  • After the helicopter explodes and they are looking at the rest of it, the wreck is veeeery small after the explosion and there isn't so many parts that was spread when it explode?
  • (Crew / equipment visible) When the camera goes through a door to the dog sitting under a table the shadow of the camera/cameraman can be seen moving on the wall/door frame. - Webmaster


Thin Line Between Love and Hate (2001)  Buy this movie
  • When Darnell and Brandy leave the fish market, Darnell closes her car door for her and as they pull away you can see the reflection of the camera crew on the passenger side door of the truck. -


Thin Red Line, The (1998)  Buy this movie
  • The captain synchronizes his wrist-watch while talking to the colonel on the walky-talky. The time on his watch 1:21. A moment later the time is 2:45. - pat
  • In some of the explosions wires are visible. - David


This Gun For Hire (1942)  Buy this movie
  • Robert Preston and Veronica Lake are at a small street-side carnival when Preston is called away by the honking of a car horn. As they walk down the sidewalk, you can clearly see the shadow of the boom on the brick wall ahead of them. This isn't one of those "look-fast-or-you'll-miss-it" goofs, this one is long and obvious. - Jim Kaiser


This is Elvis (1981)  Buy this movie
  • In the movie "Loving You", Elvis's character is Deke Rivers. However, in a scene outside a theatre, when Deke drives up in his car, a fan says "sing for us Elvis". - Grey Ghost


Thomas Crown Affair, The  (1999)
  • The actor takes a framed painting off the wall and lays it into an open briefcase. The painting was the exact size of the open briefcase. He shouldn't have been able to close the briefcase with the wood frame? - LS
  • In the scene where Mr.Crown has just come from identifying the suspects at the police station he then is being asked questions by Dennis Leary. Rene Russo says something about coffee and goes to the jug and gets one. Watch this scene closely the paper cup she uses has a intricate design on it in green. The next scene where she is admiring Mr. Crown as he gets into his car she has a different paper cup in her hand. It is of a different colour and design - Coombe
  • After placing the wood frame painting in the briefcase and closing the case. Once at his home he opens the briefcase and places the stolen painting on the wall. The frame is not broken even though folded in half in the briefcase. (TV) - Jason


Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines  (1965)  Buy this movie
  • When Count Ponticelli takes off with the "Annular Biplane" (in the scene where the German and the Frenchman duel by balloons) he obviously has an electric starter in his 1910 aeroplane, and furthermore takes off vertically! - Olav Westerman
  • In some scenes taken from above, one can see modern cars on the ground, and the ships in Dover are absolutely not from 1910! - Olav Westerman
  • When the French guy is about to fly low over the germans, after he flies his wing over Benny Hill in the wind mill, there is a shot with the French guy on the left of the screen (we see the right side of his face). He has his goggles on. The next shot shows the front of his face and his goggles are off! - Bob


Three Amigos! (1986) Buy this movie
  • In the closing scene when all the townspeople are running around, I'm curious to know where all those guns came from. - blackhammer


Three Kings (1999)  Buy this movie
  • When the lady gets shot, the gun is pointed to her temple, but the blood that comes out of the other side is too low. It's closer to her ear than her temple.
  • In one scene, Ice Cube's m-16 has something in the middle of its barrel, this occurs because it is a blank gun. This same thing happens in numerous movies, such as "Predator". - David
  • The movie shows one of the characters talking on a military radio that is mounted in a HUMMV. The radio, the Hummer, and the radio procedures are correct - I know because I am in the Army. What is wrong is that after the radio conversation, he walks to the back of the Hummer and the camera shows the antenna base (Matching Unit) which is missing the antenna. How did he receive any commo. - Jerry McIntyre


Three Men and a Baby (1989)  Buy this movie


Three Musketeers, The (1993)  Buy this movie
  • In the shooting scene where Kiefer (Aramis) tells Chris (Dartanion) to go to Kalay to stop Rebecca (Milady) when he runs and jumps on his horse you can hear his pants tear and him moan in pain as he gets stuck on the saddle. - Shaggibear
  • In the scene where Chris O'Donnell, Dartanian, is running through the village to escape, if ask a man to watch his horse for him and then proceeds to keep running. When if jumps off the wall down into a pile of hay, his sword changes from the gold handled one that used to be his dad's, that he always keeps with him, to a black stick. - Nasty1
  • When Rebecca DeMornay, Sabine, is with Father Wishlow, Tim Curry and takes the dagger out of her hair and uses it to defend herself against him, she then replaces it to a sheath in her dress, at her chest, NOT in her hair! - Nasty1


Three Thousand Miles to Graceland (1999)  Buy this movie


Three to Tango (1999) Buy this movie
  • Matthew's character and his business partner realize they have to raise $150,000 to pay for a model project. After Matt says not to raise the money by getting a second morgage on the house they come up with the money and start the project. The only thing is, the directors forgot to show how they raised the money. What did you think we wouldn't notice? Sheesh! (A huge blip to the plot) - LeonPhoenix


Thunderball (1965)
  • The Vulcan airplane with "major Derval" on-board, has the call-sign KKT5-6, but one minute later, the call-sign suddenly changed to MBX7-9. - V. Roger
  • As Bond begins his contact with Largo and Dominoe, he's being trailed by the sunglass-wearing CIA man, Felix Lieter. There is no contact between them until later in the film. However after Bond parts company with Dominoe from their first meeting the camera follows her departure, in the background, you can see actor Rick Van Nutter whip off his sunglasses and join with Sean Connery in conversation. - Kieth Moreland
  • Bond does a nighttime dive to check out Largo's yacht. When he emerges from the shore, he peels off his wetsuit top to reveal a dry polo shirt. Can't happen. Wetsuits only keep you warm but you do get wet, hence the name. - Kieth Moreland
    • Correction: And a dry suit? - Kevin H
      • Addition: Yes, there are dry suits for SCUBA diving - dry suits are best used in cold water diving. What Bond's wearing in this movie is a wetsuit. Dry suits are more baggy, waterproof to hold just a bit of air inside, and similar to the type Bond wore in the beginning of Goldfinger, where he steps out wearing a tuxedo. - Kieth Moreland
  • After the scene where Dominoe walks off and in the background Leiter removes his sunglasses and speaks to Bond, the next scene they cut to is a shot of Bond standing by himself, and Leiter is far away, still with his sunglasses on. - Kieth Moreland
  • When Bond investigates the missing plane underwater, he searches the dead pilots' bodies. Watch for the first dead pilot when Bond searches the body, he blinks. - tochi
  • When Bond and Domino are on the beach, Vargas sees them and puts a silencer on his gun. But watch closely, he puts the silencer, then the camera switches to Bond talking to Domino, and when it switches back to Vargas, he starts to put the silencer on his gun again. - tochi
  • When Bond is swimming in the pool with the sharks, you can clearly see him push his hand against the glass seperating him from the sharks in the pool. (DVD - Special Edition) - sport23b


Tidal Wave: No Escape (1997) (TV)  Buy this movie
  • (Spoiler) In the cover of the movie why would they show a huge tsunami going to destroy a city when in the end of the movie the tsunami doesn't hit. - Al
    • It's called marketing.


Time Machine, The (1960)
  • (Continuity) When Rod is in the cave and lights the matches you can see a bandaid on his finger, then no bandaid later. - bobby


Time Machine, The (2002)
  • While the time machine guy and the big-brained white cave guy are talking the time machine guy suddenly goes from clean-shaven to slightly more than a five O'clock shadow. (Theatre) - mandie
  • Later at the end of their fight on the time machine when the cave man is hanging out of the machine he probably would've walked away because if his arm is what he considers the past it wouldn't be there to hold him up. (Theatre) - mandie
  • When Alex falls into this pit full of water near the end, there are bones floating, how could bones float, they would sink. - Chubb's
  • In the movie when the Time Machine is fighting the smart guy. Yet while the machine is traveling to past the smart guy goes outside of the time fireld instead of growing younger since they traveling backwards he ages. What's up with that? (Theatre) - TAZ
    • Correction: When Alexander is fighting the Uber Morlock on the time machine, they do go into the future. In the DVD commentary, they explain the dilemma they had deciding what sort of future they wanted to show. (DVD) - Rae


Tin Cup (1996)
  • In the scene where Renee Russo shows up at Kevin Costner's trailer home and he's decked out in all the golfing gadgetry, once they make their way outside and talk, Costner's hair is neatly in his hat then wildly out of it then neatly back in it then wildly out of it and so on. This happens while they were talking outdoors. - arrrrghmatey
  • In the final round Don Johnson's gray visor is blank, in the next scene it says Mitsubishi and in the next seen it is blank and then back again. (VHS/TV) - Brad


Titan A.E (2000)  Buy this movie
  • In the beginning of the movie the father gives Cale his ring, but before that the ring was not on his finger. Later when Cale has the ring it always disappears and reappears when it's essential for the animation. - MacX


Titanic (1953)  Buy this movie
  • In the 1953 version, Richard Sturgis (Clifton Webb) tells his wife Julia (Barbara Stanwyck) they are all assigned to Number 6 lifeboat. Later, he tells her he is going to his own lifeboat. - Jim


Titanic (1997)


Titus (1999)  Buy this movie
  • After Titus cuts off his hand, you can frequently see his wrist bend like he has his hand tucked into his sleeve. Weird huh? - David
  • When Titus stabs ---- at the end, you can see the line in his knife were the blade will go in. - David
  • After that guy who looks like Pee Wee Herman becomes the ruler of Rome, Titus and a few others leave the building. If you look closely you will see the shadow of a boom mike moving around. - David


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