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  Saint, The (1997)
  • In the scene at the English cottage. She (Elizabeth Shue) leaves a pin attached to a note. The pin is sliver and gold with one leg crossed. When He (Val Kilmer) is wearing at the collage, both legs are straight. - navylady2
  • When the saint goes to the lead females house in oxford the outside of the house is shown as a normal size English house. When he gets inside the house it has turned into a semi mansion. It seems to have tripled in size. Ever been to England guys? Have you seen the size of our houses? - sexybuchi


  Salo, or the 120 Days of Sodom (1975)
  • In the beginning of this antifascist masterpiece a soldier spits a woman in the face. The spit covers her whole eye and the area below it. It doesn't really look like spit, it looks a bit like bird dropping. Anyway, a split second later in the next shot when the offended woman hits the soldier, the spit is gone. Her face is completely spitless. - Webmaster


  Salsa (1988)
  • When Robbie and Ken are in the car talking about Margarita's man, Kenny has his arm up on the seat on one view and down beside him on another angle. - Vic
  • A homeless man sings margarita outside a liquor store... by the end of the movie he is gainfully employed singing Puerto Rico in the club! - Teenee


  Sandlot, The (1993)


  Santa Clause, The (1994)
  • Scott Calvin encounters a little girl missing her front baby teeth. A year later her teeth haven't grown back. - pat
  • The Firefighter tells the kids "nothing is more painful than 3rd-degree Burns". I think I've read somewhere that those burns are often painless because it burns down to the hypodermis and kills nerve endings. Granted, I've never had a 3rd-degree burn, but still... Either that or it's a joke that I don't get. Correct me if I'm wrong. - Bob
    • Comment: I've had 3rd degree burns, granted you do lose some feeling but it's still a horrible, horrible pain. - Blanket


  Save the Last Dance (2001)


  Saving Silverman (2001)


  Scanners (1981)
  • The goofs takes place near the beginning of the film during the infamous exploding head scene. After the explosion you'd think the immediate area would be bloody. But guess what? No blood, anywhere. - Soulman


  Scarface (1983)
  • Don't care how much coke you snort. There no way that you can get shot 100 and still not die (I'm referring to the film's infamous climax). - Soulman
  • (Anachronisms) The film is suppose to take place in 1978 the Mariel Flotilla stated in 1980. I know I was there. - al


  Scary Movie (2000)


  Scary Movie 2 (2001)


  Scooby-Doo (2002)


  Scorpion King, The (2002)
  • When Mathias is brought before the African King at the oasis with the sorceress you can quickly catch site of a camera man in the bottom left in a white t-shirt and baseball cap. - Karen
  • (Revealing mistakes) In the scene where the sorceress is about to save Mathias' life by sucking the "poison" spirit through his mouth, she goes to stradle him. Looking in slow-mo, it appears we see a little more of the sorceress' privates than she expected. Do you see what I see, or am I wrong? (DVD) - Jeff
  • (Revealing mistakes) In the scene where the rock is stabbing and slashing people in the tent where he first meets the girl, if you look carefully when he slashes one person you can see they didn't make it look like the guy got slashed because they don't have any cuts or anything. (DVD) - TAZ


  Scream (1996)


  Scream 2  (1997)


  Scream 3  (2000)


  Scrooge (1951)

AKA: Christmas Carol, A

  • (Crew / equipment visible) Scrooge (played by Alister Sym) walks over to a mirror near the end of the film and talks to himself while looking in the mirror. If you observe his reflection in the mirror carefully, you'll notice that in the reflection is a technician wearing headphones. He quickly ducks out of the way but not quickly enough! - John
    • Addition: I have seen with movie I know at least 50 times. It always tickles me at the end when Scrooge wakes up after his night of spirits and realizes that he has not missed Christmas Day. Well, the housekeeper, Mrs. Dilber comes in with his morning tray. At some point he faces a mirror in his room and you can clearly see someone peaking out from behind the bed curtains. This happens twice! I guess there is still a spirit hanging around! - Laurie


  Searchers, The  (1956)
  • In this John Wayne classic, I was amazed to see this goof. I need to know from someone else if it's the real deal! About half-way through the film, there will be the campfire/ ambush scene. I swear that in the longshot of Mr. Futterman on the ridge, about to shoot Ethan and Martin, the top of the backdrop and the catwalk with studio lights can be seen. (VHS) - Kieth Moreland
  • (Revealing mistakes) After the Indian's kidnap/murder raid, the first search party will find a large rock with a "dead" Indian warrior underneath. As they pull back the stone and the camera closes in, watch the half-buried actor take in (and let out) a very deep breath, before he can hold still. (VHS) - Kieth Moreland


  Second Jungle Book: Mowgli & Baloo, The  (1997)


  Secret of NIMH 2: Timmy to the Rescue, The  (1998)
  • At the beginning of the movie, when Timmy receives a key that is placed around his neck. If you do slo-mo as he is walking out the door, there is no key around his neck. In the next scene the key necklace is back. - BrandiB


  See No Evil, Hear No Evil  (1989)
  • As Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor's characters are attempting to escape from the police, they are forced to crawl through a hole in a wall. Since Wilder is handcuffed, he has a tougher time getting through the hole. You can clearly see the outline of kneepads underneath Wilder's pants in this scene, but they disappear after that. - Andrew D


  See Spot Run (2001)
  • There is a part in the movie where the robber is taking the ladys purse and then she screams "Help Help" Then Spot runs to get the purse from the robber and then Spot jumps onto the robber and takes the purse from him and then he brings it to the lady and then Arquette trys to make up for the purse but then the lady magically starts doing sign language. (weird) - Movie Fan


  Sense and Sensibility  (1995)
  • Emma Thompson, in the scene where she is waiting for her sister, is offered a cup to tea by the husband of one of the characters. The wife in a very short time after offers yet another cup of tea to Emma Thompson's character. - prootski
    • Correction: When the wife (I don't remember her name) hands Emma Thompson the cup of tea and then a moment later is handed another, this is suppose to show that alot of time has passed by while col. Brandon finds Kate Winslet. - Kelly


  Serendipity  (2001)
  • Shoot the cameraman! For he has shot himself. Opening sequence, panning down the department store, you can see both camera and clever gantry thing reflected in the windows. (Theatre) - captaincaveman
  • Sara is in the Ballroom talking to a Hotel employee. She turns her back as if she is leaving [there is a small amount of sweat on her back]. Then she turns back again to talk to the Hotel employee. Now there is a large amount of sweat on her back at the end of the conversation. (DVD) - The Tonester


  Seven (AKA Se7en)  (1995)
  • When Detective William Somerset (Morgan Freeman), returned to the house where the fat man was murdered, he had to break the police scene crime tape from the outside (he introduced a cutter through the door). How the police sealed the house from the interior? - Silvia Fong
  • In the scene where Mills (Pitt) and Somerset (Freeman) are in the car on the way Back from the fat guy "homicide", the camera switches from Mills to Somerset as they talk. The scene is shot in the rain but the feeling continuity is lost as you see it is raining hard when the camera looks at Somerset and it is barely drizzling when it looks at Mills. - Lefty
    • Explanation: This scene has been noted by the director in the 2nd disc of the DVD edition. Apparently, the original filming didn't quite capture the scene. So, they had to fill it again. However, in doing this, they had to fill Pitt with a rain machine (some of the extras are not using umbrellas, you'll see), and Freeman's character with real rain. Rent the DVD and check it out! - TankGirlMomma
  • When the delivery guy is driving the van to where Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman, and the killer are, and Morgan Freeman goes to meet it, we hear him say over his radio, "There's a van coming in, from the north." Well, if the van was coming from the north, the sun was in the wrong angle. Because it was supposed to be morning there. - JP
  • In the scene where Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman walk in the room where there are tons of air fresheners and a supposedly dead guy strapped to a bed, they look at the pictures taken daily. When the find out the guy on the bed is still alive, he starts to move in the bed. Towards the end of that scene, you see the guys arm covered with cuts and bruises. If you look at the body you see the actors real arm next to the bloody arm. (VHS) - hellokitty
  • When Morgan Freeman finally picks up the package which is delivered at the end of the movie and turns it halfway around, it looks like the box is empty by the lightness of his moves. However, he's picking up at least 10 pounds. (VHS) - [Blunt K12]
  • When the box is delivered at the end, it has stickers on it that UPS uses for international shipments... I.e. Expedited/express/etc.... and seeing as how the package was sent out from locally, it wouldn't have that documentation. - Mandinga


  Shadow, The  (1994)
  • When the hypnotized sailor is poised to jump to his death from the building, one or more U.S. flag are in the background. Originally, I paid attention to see if the flags would have the proper amount of stars for the time period... guess what... when the changed the camera angle, the flags were gone altogether! - Kieth Moreland


  Shadow of the Thin Man  (1941)
  • Asta the dog is seen with a leash starting to leave a building alone and chasing someone. He enters a set of revolving doors with no leash and goes 'round and 'round and 'round. The scene just after shows him tottering from the revolving doors, now with the leash. Obviously going alone into the revolving doors with a leash would kill the poor dog, but it is still a flub. (TV) - driver


  Shadow of the Vampire  (2000)
  • In the first scene of the movie, the actress is holding a cigarette on a holder. The cigarette changes length from short to long, back to short again several times. - Jan


  Shadrach  (1998)
  • Shadrach was given a Mickey Mouse watch when he was 10, in around 1845. - Bonnie
    • Info: That is 83 years before Mickey Mouse was born. Mickey Mouse debuted on November 18, 1928 in the animated cartoon Steamboat Willie.


  Shaft  (2000)
  • I'll say this without giving away any plot lines. When Shaft is confronted by "two guys" who are trying to kill him, his partner, Carmen, sneeks up behind "the first guy" and shoots him in the head and he goes down. She then shoots "the second guy" in the stomach. When the camera gets back to Carmen "the first guy" is still standing up just as he was before he got shot. - swmchristian
  • The scene when Vanessa Williams comes around the corner to shoot one of the bad cops that are about to kill Samuel Jackson, whom had just previous shot her because they thought she had no bullet proof vest on. The goof is when Vanessa comes around the corner and points the gun at the back of one of the bad cops head as they are all standing. Pay attention to the cops shoulder in the left corner of the screen, as she shoots him in the head u see him take the blow and fall towards the ground. Then his partner gets shot by Samuel. Then the next scene she is lowering her gun after she shot him, and u see the bad cops shoulder in the same position standing. Then the scene after that the bad cop she shot is laying on the ground dead. Check it out for validity. (DVD) - E - xtra Money
  • During the scene when John Shaft is chasing the Mexican guy, the guy runs by two women carrying groceries and knocks the two women down causing them to drop their bags and spill their groceries all over the stairs, but a few seconds later when John Shaft runs by the same two women, they are carrying the bags again like they were never knocked down by the Mexican guy. (VHS) - trequan


  Shallow Hal  (2001)
  • In one scene, you can see Hal talking to his neighbor with his door open, and the room number says 419, but later in the movie when he is about to enter his apartment, the room number is now 420. (Format: Theatre) - umyeah
  • In the scene where Shallow Hal is talking to the child burn victim, you can see a microphone dip down and then back out at the top of the screen. (Theatre) - Jessica
  • Hal is arguing with his girlfriend and she storms off and gets a gigantic piece of cake. The camera follows her then comes back onto the cake. There is only a small piece missing. (DVD) - bobby amador
  • Hal's girlfriend falls and breaks a chair in the restaurant. As she is falling, she is wearing black panties. Then the next shot shows her in red panties. (Theatre) - The Tonester
  • (Continuity) Hal is at dinner with his girlfriend. Her chair breaks and as she is falling you can see her panties [Black], Ok as she falls more they turn [Red] OOOps. (VHS) - The Tonester
  • (Factual errors) It is stated that in Kiribati, 100,000 women and children are in need of relief. Trouble is, Kiribati is a very small country and 100,000 is considerably more than its total population! - Tiffany
  • (Plot holes) In shallow hal, hal gives a girl his number, at the end of the movie she says to him,"why didn't u call me?"!!! Hal did not get her number so how was he suposed to call her??? As u can see that is a flaw! (DVD) - kim


  Shanghai knights (2003)
  • (Anachronisms) Okay, it's a small one, but in the scene where Roy and Chon are walking away from their car wreck, look up in the sky. There is a jet trail clearly visible in the clouds. Since it is supposed to be the late 1800's, this is a bit unusual... - di


  Shanghai Noon  (2000)
  • When Jackie Chan gets upset with Luke Wilson and decides to leave, he is holding his cowboy hat in his hands, when the scene cuts, it is strapped on his back. - David
  • In the bath scene on the table behind them there are two bottles of lamp oil. Later one has vanished. - Michael Farris
  • In the beginning when you see the train coming down the tracks and they are getting ready to rob it you see power poles and lines, but in 1881 they didn't have power duh. - kristie
    • Comment: They could have been telegraph poles, because those were invented back then. - The X Files Freak
      • Correction: Early telegraph wires were either single strand or double hung. These are modern wires. Also a little later in the film when they are on top of the train you can see a modern sign as they pass it. - kar98k
  • (Anachronisms) Just after Chan hits the marshal in the hand with the star badge (shown in the trailer) when Roy and Chan are riding away, you can clearly see several skyscrapers off in the distance. It IS 1881 - I don't think any buildings that large had been built in the wilds of Nevada at that point. (TV - panned and scanned but otherwise uncut) - Blachloch
  • (Revealing mistakes) During a fight scene in the end between Chon Wang and the bad guy (Lo Fong), Chon jumps on the window sill and Lo Fong keeps trying to stab him with a spear. At one point after Chon jumps off the window sill, Lo Fong stabs the wall with the spear. The spear tip clearly bends then is straight again, revealing that a rubber spear was used for this fight scene. - Nico Tosconi
  • When a guy is drinking a bottle of whisky outside the saloon(bar), with a horse right beside him and when he puts the bottle down, you will notice that the cork is still on the bottle with some of the liquid still in the bottle before the horse picks it up to drink the rest of it. - Ice Raider


  Shattered  (1991)
  • In the final scene of the movie when Bob Hoskins and Tom Berenger are about to solve the mystery, Hoskins take a bullet in the chest and falls into the water. Minutes late he manages to survive the bullet and he's bone dry, too. The explanation for surviving the bullet is the old metal-booze-flask-in-the-breast-pocket trick, but never how he ended up getting dry so quick. - Soulman
    • Correction: Bob Hoskins survived the bullet because he was shot in the shoulder, not the chest. The reason he didn't drown because was he used his inhaler while underwater (yeah, right). - Soulman


  Shawshank Redemption, The  (1994)


  • In the courtyard scene where the young inmate is interviewed by the warden, he is shot twice (audible) in the back and killed. The next scene shows four bullet blood stains on his back as he lay dead on the court yard floor. - panda1
    • Correction: You must have a 'cut for TV' version or something, I just got this on DVD and there are clearly 4 audible shots fired. - Austin Powers
  • When the warden in examining the cell after the escape, he punches through a poster covering the hole. In order for the poster to rip the way it does, it would have to be tacked on all 4 corners. How would that have been done from the back or tunnel side of the poster? - bill
    • Correction: The warden through a rock through it. It wouldn't have mattered if the poster was tacked on 4 corners or 2 because of the velocity of the rock. - Dustin

The Shawshank Redemption - Freeman & Robbins

The Shawshank
Redemption -
Freeman & Robbins
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  • Near the end of the movie, Andy (Tim Robbins) has the poster of Raquel Welch - One Million Years B.C. in his jail cell. That movie didn't come out until after the timeline of Shawshank Redemption. - Bill Greenwood
    • Correction: Actually, Andy Dufresne escapes some time in the '70s. ONE MILLION YEARS BC came out in 1966. - Jagannatha
      • Addition: No, Andy escaped in 1966. Red says so. One Million Years B.C. was released in 1967, but it had a screening in 1966, and posters were released for it; that explains how Andy has that poster. - OKSAN
  • When the Warden shoots himself, he points his gun directly under his chin centrally. Yet, the next scene shows the entry wound to his right side of the throat (off-centre)! - weesaint
    • Correction: Actually, the "kick" from the pistol would have shifted his hand a split second before the bullet hit his neck. Thus explaining the "off center" shot. - MrTrump
  • (Spoiler) At the end, when the main character escapes, it is obvious that he is still wearing his prison shoes. However, he was supposed to leave them in the warden's shoebox. I don't think inmates get more than one pair of shoes...Still a great movie!!! (DVD) - JohnnyG
  • How did the poster which covers the tunnel, get back on the wall? The shot of him crawling through the tunnel has he poster off - he cannot turn around in the tunnel so how did the poster get back on the wall when they realised the escape? (TV) - Verajo
    • Explanation: During the flashback scenes of Andy's escape planning, we see him scraping at the wall from behind the unattached bottom end of the poster (it was hinged at the top). I'm sure he used this same trick to climb through. (DVD) - Sam
  • (Revealing mistakes) Andy's escape was through a tunnel he dug through the wall on the left side of his cell. Earlier in the movie, you can see that Andy's cell is not an end cell, rather, it adjoins another cell to the left. If he dug a tunnel through the wall, he would only dig to his neighbor's cell, not all the way through to the interior of the prison. - Xanthe

  Sheltering Sky, The  (1990)
  • In the middle of this wonderful movie when Debra Winger is stranded in the desert, alone and abandoned, there is a huge sunscreen circle indicated the presence of the camera and reminding us of the nearby crew. - allan


  She's All That  (1999)
  • In the seen where the guys dad fins all his collage acceptance letters and is talking to him about which one to go to you can easily see the boom mike at the top of the screen for about 4 seconds. - Moose
  • In the scene where Taylor and her friends are walking down the sidewalk while they are shopping and Taylor is talking about how her entire family has been prom queen, right when she says "and besides not to be a bitch..." something, I don't know what, falls from her ear or her hair or something, it looks like some kind of microphone equipment, or a bug or something. I really want to know what it is, it has been bothering me so much! - kelbel


  Shining, The  (1980)


  Shining Through  (1992)
  • When "Linda" (Melanie Griffith) wants to be sent to Berlin as a spy, she tells her boss that she speaks perfect (low-class) German because her grandparents come from Berlin. This means in fact that she speaks perfect Berliner (kitchen-) dialect. However, when she is asked by a Nazi in Berlin where she comes from, she replies some town on the exact opposite side of Germany - which would mean that she would speak that dialect instead of Berlinish. Now the Nazi doesn't even wonder how a kitchen maid from Dortmund (?) speaks not perfect Dortmundish but perfect Berlinish! It really is the same thing as if somebody said they came from Russia but they only could speak Dutch! Very likely, huh? - Salla


  Shogun (1980) (TV)
  • In EVERY opening scene of the 'made for TV' series Shogun, you'll see the ship, Arasmus, bobbing about. A shadow goes by a couple of times. Freeze frame will show a very good shadow of the Hughes 500C helicopter apparently used in the filming. Not bad for the 17th century! - Paul


  Shooting the Moon  (2001)
  • During a "dramatic" moment when the leads (I remember one was Albert Finney), are having a discussion outside the apartment door, the boom mike appears like a shark fin from the bottom of the screen for nearly the entire shot. (Theatre) - truualwayz


  Short Circuit  (1986)
  • When number five is driving the Nova Van he starts out listen to a radio station that was broadcasting a Ball game of some type. He changes the station a few time and the same station that was broadcasting the game is not broadcasting music. - Loony


  Short Circuit 2 (1988)
  • 3 guys hit Johnny 5 (the robot) with their car, smashing up the fender. In the next scene, the car is no longer dented up. (VHS) - thad


  Showboat  (1952)
  • At the start of the film as the Cotton Blossom arrives and the troop are performing on the River bank there is a dark woman on the steps of the boat watching> She appears and disappears and reappears and disappears at least six times. - Jeff from Australia


  Showgirls  (1995)
  • In the scene where Cristal and Zack are going to get a lap dance with Nomi at the Cheetah Club; after they all walk through the doorway, if you look in the mirror on the wall you can see Gina Gershon (Cristal) tripping over and falling up some stairs. - Geena


  Showtime (2002)
  • (Continuity) At the beginning of the movie when Eddie Murphy's character is auditioning for a TV show he is wearing a shoulder holster, the scene shifts & the holster is gone, the scene shifts again & the holster returns. - ttown


  Shrek  (2001)


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