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  Road House (1989)
  • In this movie, when Dalton (Swayze) and Wesley nephew Pat (Doe) are in Frank Tilghman office played by Kevin Tighe they exchange words and when pat pulls a knife on Dalton and on the last swing Dalton grabs Pat's hand and goes to punch him in the face, just before he punches him the camera swings to a shot on Pat and you can notice the blood on Pat's nose before he punches him. - Brian Ciolko


  Road to Perdition, The (2002)


  Road Trip (2000)


  Road Warrior, The (1981)
  • Whenever someone in the film gets shot with an arrow, strings can be seen to guide the arrows. - David


  Robin Hood (1973) (Animated)   Buy this movie
  • In the opening scenes, Robin Hood disguises himself as a Gypsy Fortune Teller, and steals the jewels off of the rings worn by Prince John. In the long shots, the empty ring settings are seen on "PJ's" fingers, in the close up shots, there are no rings on his fingers at all. - Kieth Moreland
  • When Robin Hood attends Skippy's birthday party, he gives Skippy his feathered hat. Watch the feather move from right to left, and back, throughout the scene. - Kieth Moreland


  Robin Hood: Men in Tights (1993)
  • Near the beginning of the movie right after he swims from Africa to England Achu is shown fighting with 6 men then they switch scenes to Robin then back to Achu and there is only 4 men shown fighting with Achu I don't know if its supposed to be like that but that's what I saw. - PimpGUy
  • After Robin beats Little John on the toll bridge, Little John, William and Achoo offer to go with him to the castle. Robin response to that is, "One man can get into the castle easier than half a dozen, but at the time there was only 5 of them, Robin, Little John, William, Achoo, and Blinkin. - Dani
    • Comment: If he had said 'One man can get in more easily than 5' it wouldn't have had that something extra robin hoody in my opinion... and besides, maybe he was estimating? - recycledsanity
  • In the beginning of the movie, when Robin finds Blinken and is given the necklace with "The key to the greatest treasure in all the land", he puts it on himself and it opens up. He then closes it and starts talking to Blinken again. I'm not sure, but I think I saw a key inside the case. The fact it opens and you can see a key is a complete goof in my opinion. (VHS) - acc
  • At the archery contest, after the other archer splits the aarow in two, Robin looks at his script to see if he gets another shot. Then the King and the Sheriff look, also. The Sheriff tilts the script down a little bit and reveals that there is nothing written on the script. (TV) - Kelly


  Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991)    Buy this movie


  Robinson Crusoe on Mars (1964)     Buy this movie
  • When the astronaut wanders in the Martian desert and gets exhausted, he opens the visor on his space-helmet to get more air. - Olav Westerman
    • Correction: Draper initially opens his helmet visor soon after leaving the escape pod, in order to test the Martian atmosphere--whereupon he collapses, choking, so he slams the visor shut and breathes suit oxygen. (This is later alluded to when he makes a voice recording stating that "the air of Mars is too thin to breathe.") Soon after this he *does* open his visor again part-way, but only because he hears something 'not human' approaching, and so he opens his helmet slightly in order to hear better. He gets out his gun and goes for it, finds out that the eerie noise is merely the thin Martian wind whistling through the wreckage, so he slams the visor shut again and continues breathing suit air. It is only sometime later, after he seeks shelter in the cave, that he discovers that the Martian air, while too thin, can support him for short periods if he regularly "takes a booster" from his remaining oxygen tank. - EdwinM


  RoboCop (1987)     Buy this movie


  RoboCop 2 (1990)     Buy this movie


  RoboCop 3 (1993)     Buy this movie


  Rock, The (1996)    Buy this movie


  Rocketeer, The (1991)    Buy this movie
  • When the GeeBee (small yellow) plane crash lands and skids down the runway, you can see the cable dragging it. - Mario


  Rock Star (2001)
  • There is a scene where they go to a party after Izzy's (Mark Wahlberg) first gig with "Steel Dragon" and it was in 1985. The music playing at this party is "Devil Inside" by INXS. This is wrong. "Devil Inside" was on the album "Kick." Which wasn't released till 1987. - Sydney
  • During the opening credits of the movie, scenes of Pittsburgh are shown. In one of the frames a new Chevy S-10 pick-up is shown driving by. - TheOutlawTorn3
  • During the scene when Chris walks into the basement and discovers he has been replaced, you can see the drummer is wearing a Metallica shirt. The font that the name Metallica is written in was not used untill Load was released in 1996. The shirt was not sold untill Re-Load was released in 1997. - TheOutlawTorn3
  • When Jennifer and Mark are kissing at the club some guy comes over and goes around them and when he does he looks at the screen first. (VHS) - FrEaK
  • Also after the party and Jennifer wakes up the cover is over her in the bed but when she gets up the cover is raped around her. (VHS) - FrEaK
  • (Anachronisms) I have two goofs. They are not found by me but by a friend who is a musician. When he spotted these goofs he immediately turned off the movie because of their inaccuracies and bad research. Both take place in the "audition" scene in the lead guitarists Los Angeles mansion' recording studio. First, the cymbals used in the drum kit weren't made until the 90s and the movie takes place in 85-87. - gizmo
  • (Revealing mistakes) Second when Mark Wahlberg's character is auditioning, my bud told me that it would be a clean singing voice. Wahlberg's character sang with reverb in his voice, that is an effect added by the recording equipment which would basically give the listeners a false impression of an auditioners voice. It may sound anal retentive, but it blew the movie for my friend. Thanx. - gizmo


  Rocky (1976)
  • In the scene where Micky is talking Rocky into having him as a manager, and Rocky is throwing darts into the bathroom door of his apartment, there are two darts when Rocky goes into the bathroom. When he comes out for a second to see if Micky left, there are three. When he finally comes out for good, there are three darts again. - Mat/DSL_MTLCA
  • In every Rocky movie, when all the boxing fights are taking place look at the corners, they'll be fighting in one corner (which will be a certain color), the next shot will be of a different corner (a different color). But who cares all the fights are great. - Devo
  • When Rocky and Adrian are walking down the street with the camera in front of them a boom mike's distinct shadow can be seen on the ground... then suddenly the boom mike in in shot also! - SpOOnMaN


  Rocky II (1979)
  • At the end when Apollo is walking to the ring his robe is nice and neat, then the next shot it's all messed up, and then in the next shot it's nice and neat again. - Devo


  Rocky III (1982)
  • When Rocky is in training to fight Clubber Lang the second time, he flashes back to the first fight with Clubber. The trouble is that in the flashback, he is wearing the red, white, and blue trunks given to him by Apollo right before the second fight. He did not wear these trunks in the first fight. - The Snake
  • During one of the fights between Rocky Balboa and Clubber Lang, Clubber refers to Rocky as "Sly Stallone" -- ("C'mon Sly Stallone, hit me.) - Shawn
  • During the rematch with Clubber Lang, between rounds Clubber is standing in his corner, the name on Clubber's trunks is backwards. - Victor
  • The scene were the family Balboa is sitting around the table Burt Young says: "You're looking great Miss. Shire." but it's supposed to be Miss. Balboa. Stupid huh. - rocky balboa
    • Info: Talia Shire plays the role of Rocky's wife.
    • Correction: He doesn't say "Your looking good, Ms. Shire". He says "Your looking good Mrs. Stalion." Because that is Rockys' nickname. - jay


  Rocky IV (1985)
  • When rocky and the black guy are playing chess in russia, rocky says checkmate and the black guy agrees, but it isn't checkmate. - doug
  • At the end of the movie after Rocky defeats Ivan Drago he is picked up while wrapped in an american flag. While he is up on someone shoulders there's no sweat on his chest at all. The camera leaves Rocky for one second and when the camera comes back he is soaking wet with sweat. - jd
  • Right before Apollo fights Drago, when he says "I want you." he has no gloves on. In the next shot he has them on. - roddy
  • At the end of Rocky 4 rocky's son is no more then 9 or 10 years old. In the beginning of rocky 5 his son is much older 15 or 16. Even though the movies are set in the same time frame. - NDS
    • Comment: It's the same with the other sequels. In Rocky II his son is a new born but in the sequal he is around 4. Of course in Rocky III he is 9. They do this in every sequal. - TAZ


  Rocky V (1990)
  • Rocky calls Adrian Mickey at the beginning when he's taking a shower. - Eugene
    • Correction: Rocky calls Adrian Mickey at the beginning when he's taking a shower. - Eugene
      He was meant to say Micky and not Adrian. It was to show how bad his head had been beat on. That was the point to the entire conversation with Adrian. - Dozer
  • At the end of Rocky 4 rocky's son is no more then 9 or 10 years old. In the beginning of Rocky 5 his son is much older 15 or 16. Even though the movies are set in the same time frame. - NDS
    • Comment: It's the same with the other sequels. In Rocky II his son is a new born but in the sequal he is around 4. Of course in Rocky III he is 9. They do this in every sequal. - TAZ


 Rocky Horror Picture Show, The (1975)


The Rocky Horror Picture Show

The Rocky Horror
Picture Show

  Romeo + Juliet (1996)    Buy this movie
  • Near the end, when Romeo is dead and Juliet is reaching for his gun, you can clearly see Romeo's shirt is unbuttoned and opened, but in the next shot when they show the bodies of Romeo and Juliet, Romeo's shirt is closed and buttoned up. - Joey
  • When Romeo and Tybalt are fighting, Romeo gets a bloody cheek. Tybalt points the gun at Romeo's face, and then we see a close up of Romeo with a bloody cheek. In the next scene the blood is gone, then it reappears in the scene after that. - Joe
  • At the part of the movie when Romeo is trying to sober up from the drugs that Mercutio gave him (Queen Mabb). His face is under water, then he stands up and wipes his face and his mask hits the water, yet when they cut to him again, he pulls the mask off again. - Mackenzie
  • In the modern day aduptation of Juliet and Romeo, if you look closely there are a mixture of fight scenes, some using guns and some using swords. They obviously didn't have guns in those days. Come on Spielberg, this is very noticable and ruined the film totally! - flubber
    • Correction: You said it yourself - a modern day adaptation! We have guns today... Didn't you notice that they didn't have cars with booming stereo systems in Shakespeare's day??? - Jagannatha
    • Comment: Once again, this is a modern ADAPTATION. And another thing, Spielberg had absolutely nothing to do with this movie. It was directed by Baz Luhrmann. - daner21


  Romeo Must Die (2000)
  • When Han and Trish are being chased in the Benz the front passenger side window gets shot out, in the next camera angle the window is back, and in the next camera angle the window is gone again. - Loaded1215


  Romy and Michele's High School Reunion (1997)


  Ronin (1998)
  • The black car that gets covered in bulletholes on its right hand side doesn't have any when it drives off. - Steven
  • During the last car chase, the left hand side mirror on the car Sam and Vincent are in gets shot off. However, throughout the rest of the chase the mirror is perfectly intact. - Steven
  • When Robert De Niro tackles the traitor-guy on the stairs in the colusseum, the guy's glasses fall on the stairs, but in the next shot(s) he has them again. - Hot_Pants
  • When Larry is chasing the guys in the Audi, they almost run into a construction truck. It shows the first car, (the Peugeot I think), turn away and then the film cuts and the you see the Audi already past it. - Kendall
  • At one point in the movie, there is a chase with two cars: one is a Citroen XM, the other is an Audi. The Citroen gets damaged, while it is chasing the other car. If you look closely, you'll see that the logo (the Double Chevron)of the XM at one point is in the center of the hood (which indicates a newer model) and at another point it has moved to the right! And then it moves back to the center... Maybe two cars chasing the same!? (VHS) - cewebe


  Rookie, The (1990)
  • (Factual errors) This takes place when Eastwood's character takes Sheen's character to his house and is showing Sheen around the garage. Eastwood shows Sheen a bike and a comment is made about the model and or year of the bike and that it won't run. Sheen then gets on the bike, plays with it for a second and reaches up and cranks it with the electric start button. The bike, in fact, is a new, for then, Heritage Soft-Tail Classic and not a vintage Harley from the 50's. Harleys in the 50's didn't even have electric start so Sheen would have had to kickstarted the bike if it had been an old one. - RaFollower


  Rookie, The (2002)
  • In the beginning where Jim's son asks when did your arm stop hurting. He does not give right answer he answers by saying "I did not hurt in High School because we didn't have a team and not in College because I was drafted." He answered the question like he was asked When did it not hurt. (DVD) - TAZ
  • Throughout the movie they mention that he hurt his arm 10 years ago. But if is 37 that would have made him 27 and he got drafted right after High School. I guess he got left back 9 times for him to be 27 to get drafted after High School. (DVD) - TAZ
  • In the movie the Devel Rays were holding tryouts in Texas or somewhere close to Texas. Why would they have tryouts thousands of miles away from their stadium. They play in Tampa Bay, Florida not Texas, if they were going to have on outside of the state they could have done it somewhere close. (DVD) - TAZ
    • Explanation: I live in Kansas. Being a pitcher in high school, I have gone to some form of a "try out" for the TEXAS Rangers, and the MINNESOTA Twins. These took place in my home town of K.C. This person knows nothing of what they are talking about. Baseball scouts travel all over the country looking for talent. Think... if they just focused on their own area, they would lose out on the other 99% of the talent in America. - schmity3
  • (Anachronisms) I'll be glad to be wrong on this one, and someone is welcome to boot this submission off (or validate it!). When I saw this film in the theatre, in the early days of coaching his losing high school team, the high school field was already named "Jimmy Morris Field." Wasn't that honor a little too early for someone who hadn't accomplished something big, yet? (Theatre/TV) - Kieth Moreland
  • In the movie the Devel Rays were holding tryouts in Texas or somewhere close to Texas. Why would they have tryouts thousands of miles away from their stadium. They play in Tampa Bay, Florida not Texas, if they were going to have on outside of the state they could have done it somewhere close. In response to the Devil Rays holding a tryout camp far from their home city, teams have scouts all over the world looking for talent. The Devil Rays were an expansion franchise at that time, and were probably trying to find all the players they could. Teams also do hold tryout camps far from their home cities sometimes. I live in Philadelphia, and once participated in a tryout camp for the Chicago White Sox that was in the area. -


  Rookie of the Year (1993)
  • At the end of the movie the one ball that was hit by the big guy is shown in a scene where it's flying through the dark sky. If you look closely at the bottom of the screen at a point you can see a part of a persons' hand throwing the ball into the air. - minnie
  • At the climax of the movie when the homerun is foul you see a hand throw the ball on the corner of the screen. - Matt Haggard


  Rounders (1998)    Buy this movie
  • When a certain character is sitting down at a poker table, there is a boxing match on the television behind him. In the next shot, its a wrestling match that's on the TV. - steel flesh


  Route 666 (2001)    Buy this movie
  • In a scene where Lou Diamond Phillips' character is riding a car with another person, the angle changes to a one-shot of him talking. Watch closely and you'll see the background moving to the opposite direction, creating the impression that the car is moving backwards. - tochi


  Royal Flash (1975)    Buy this movie
  • At one point when Flashman's holding the guy over the side of the bridge and is about to cut the rope to which he's clinging on to, the boom mike is seen briefly at the top left hand corner of the screen. - Nate


  Royal Tenenbaums, The (2002)
  • When Margot and Richie are lying on the bed, there is a record playing, and you can see a couple of toy cars close to the record player when the record is playing. Margot then gets up and leaves the tent saying something to Richie. Throughout this scene, the toy cars disappear and reappear a couple of times, like magic. - Glorianne Brentleigh


  Rudy (1993)
  • Notre Dame football team uniforms don't have the players' names on them.
  • In the final game, Notre Dame has two players with the same number of 75. - Juoko
    • Correction: One of the goofs you list for Rudy is 2 players with the same number, but that is common with almost every college football team in the nation. (What's a team to do with more than 99 players?) - paul
    • Comment: The teams only dress approx. 80 players for games depending on home or away games. It is not common for teams to dress more than that except at practice when it does not matter. - RZRBCK
  • Scene at bus station with Rudy and his father has wall in background with scenic view of NYC. The World Trade Center towers are shown... Scene set in about 1971. Towers were not completed until 1976. - Juju
    • Correction: Actually, the towers were completed in 1971. One mother who lost her son stated it was odd that her son was born the year they opened, and he died in them, 30 years later. - David
    • Info: The north tower was opened in Dec. 1970 and the south tower in Jan. 1972; they were dedicated in April 1973. (source:
  • In "Rudy" where they show the Notre Dame Band marching before the final game, the music playing is "Down the Line". Anyone who is familiar with the band and their routine knows that not only is "Down the Line" traditionally played post-game and not pre-game, but the band is shown doing the "hike step" that is only done to the tune "Hike, Notre Dame" and never with any other song. - irishbelle


  Rules of Attraction (2002)
  • (Continuity) When Sean and Lauren meet each other in the hall they have the split screen. She asks to see his eyes and she takes off his glasses. When she does it she is totally upright. When they pan back and connect both screens she is way to far away to have been able to grab his glasses by staying upright. Unless she was that stretchy guy from Fantastic 4 that would be impossible. (DVD) - Road Dogg


  Rules of Engagement (2000)
  • In the movie Rules of Engagement, staring Tommy Lee Jones, I am pretty sure that I saw a picture of his ex-roomate, Al Gore, on the wall of the US Embassy during one of the scenes. If I am correct, I can only assume that someone expected Al Gore to be the president of the United States when the movie was released. And that someone was probably Tommy Lee Jones. The scene took place during the evacuation of the ambassador. The picture on the wall was crooked. - Jim Charters
    • Correction: If you look on the wall at the embassy, it has a picture of Bill Clinton on one part of the wall, and another of Al Gore. It's true that Tommy Lee Jones and Al Gore were roommates at Yale, however this isn't a goof at all. It's someone not looking close enough before submitting a goof. - mbmott21
  • (Revealing mistakes) A CH-46 Sea Knight takes off from a carrier heading toward land. However, when the helicopter is over land, it is now a CH 47 Chinnok. I do not believe this is a mistake, but done purposely for logistical reasons. Although the Sea Knights are Marine helicopter based on ships, they most likely filmed the movie at an army base, and had access to Army helicopters. - crimsonblue


  Rumble in the Bronx (1996)
  • When the female gangmembers son is playing on the Game Gear, you can hear sound coming from it, but there is no game in the back. Hmmmm? - Vic Cherubini
    • Does Game Gears have Built-in games?
    • Correction: It is not the female gang members son, it is her little brother danny, who is is a wheelchair. - Tom
  • Humor: When white tiger is telling jackie the address where he is the address include 100 beach avenue if you listen carefully it's sounds like he is saying 100 b**ch avenue. You can comment me if you want. - chris
  • There are many scenes with mountains in the background. (It was filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia.) - Billy
  • You can see mountains in the background in some of the scenes when in actual fact there are no mountains to be seen in New York or its various burroughs. (This is because the movie was filmed in Vancouver and was originally only going to be shown in Asia where they probably wouldn't notice this. It was decided late in the filming of the movie to release it in the West.) - Cathy
  • When Jackie is fighting with the thugs in the alleyway, he jumps up backwards onto a metal fence only for him to be wearing protective gloves which blend in with his jumper. Such a dangerous stunt? - Matt S


  Runaway Bride (1999)
  • Standing at the railing in his apartment speaking to Julia Roberts Richard Gere has nothing in his hands then on an over the shoulder shot he has a piece of paper then the next frontal shot it is gone. - tom
    • Addition: There is a scene near to the end where both Richard Gere and Julia Roberts are talking out on the balcony and you can quite clearly see Mr Gere holding a script and reading from it! - Swampy
  • During the Hawaiian scene, Richard Gere's lei keeps moving around. Sometimes it hangs down his back, sometimes it is up against the back of his neck. This lei moves at least 10 times during this particular scene. - Sam


  Runaway Train (1985)
  • Near the start of the movie Ranken makes a speech to all the cell mates, telling them they are lower then the dogs in the kennel. If you look there seems to be a fire burning next to him, because you can see the light from the fire reflect off of him. But then they pan out and there is no fire. - Chubb's


  Running Man, The (1987)


  Rush Hour (1998)


  Rush Hour 2 (2001)


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