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  Queen of the Damned (2002)
  • When Lestat is crawling on the ceiling, his hair and clothes hang towards the ceiling instead of towards the floor. A similar goof is in “Interview With The Vampire”. - Sub-Zero
  • In the scenes where Lestat walks outside in the sun onto the grounds of the secluded hideaway Akasha brought him to, there are tail lights of a car visible through the brush. (Theatre) - The Gatekeeper
  • (Factual errors) When Jessy quotes Redeemer's lyrics to say "Take a walk down the aisle at the end of the mile. Give the life to my charms at the Admaral's Arms." Which leads her to the pub where the Vampires go. Yet in the song Redeemer there are no such lyrics. (DVD) - The Next Best Thing


  Quigley Down Under (1990)    Buy this movie
  • Toward the end of the movie in a shoot out scene in the ranches corral. Every time the camera changes shooting angles the sun goes from just before sunset to mid day and then back to sunset. It does this several times in the same scene. - Zakuska


  Quills (2000)    Buy this movie
  • Plot hole: In the end of the movie de Sade writes his last story with the help of the other inmates and Kate Winslet. De Sade dictates his story through a hole in the wall to another inmate, who does the same to another, who also does the same to a third inmate, the last inmate then dictates the story to Kate Winslet who writes the story down on a paper. The reason they do this is because de Sade has no paper nor quill to write with. BUT: why doesn't Kate just give her paper and quill through the hole in the wall to the nearest inmate, who then does the same, until de Sade gets it. The holes through which they communicate are big enough to have a quill and paper pushed through. If you've seen this movie, you'll know what I am desperately trying to explain. - Webmaster


  Radio Flyer (1992)
  • When Elijah Wood goes into the general store and looks at the comic books and magazines he grabs a "monsters" book. Behind that book on the shelf is a Transformers comic. Transformers weren't created for many more years later. - iceman5416
    • Transformers were introduced in 1980. When does this movie take place?
  • In the part where they come in and his dad or what ever he is A.K.A. the King he pulls the sign that has the last name of the people that lived there before them. He pulls it off right but in one scene it's back again and then it's gone. You need to look good or you will miss it. - surgeongeneral13


  Rabbit-Proof Fence (2002)
  • (Factual errors) Three girls walking North 1200 miles in Australia. At sunset they turn left (South). - Lee
  • (Factual errors) Also, it took them six weeks to cover 1200 miles, approx 20 miles per day and they carried no water!!! - Lee


  • In the final boxing scene, one of the times Jake is punched, he is obviously pushed into the ropes by someone without gloves. And don't say this was the ref. - David



  Raid on Rommel (1971)
  • British plane is strafing convoy. John Calicos dives under truck holding a German sub machine-gun. He is next seen shooting at the Germans with a Thompson machine-gun. - pat
  • In one scene when it's brought to Richard Burton's attention that the trucks they're riding in will leave tracks in the sand, actor John Calicos laments that he wishes there was a "snow storm" and then corrects himself and says "sand storm" to cover the tracks. (VHS) - Big Mike


  Raising Arizona (1987)    Buy this movie
  • After Nicolas Cage robs the store for some huggies and some cash, while he is being chased by the cops and neighborhood dogs through the supermarket the manager shoots at him with a double barrel shotgun four times in a row. - Bobby Ware
  • In many movies you can see inconsistencies in vehicles from shot to shot. But this movie has a classic. Watch the green LTD station wagon John Goodman is in during the blue dye sequence. It changes years!!!! Some shots show a 71 - 72 and some show a post 1974 with the big bumpers and completely change front end. A really blatant flaw. - Selsdon
  • During the chase at the end, Hi and his wife start out driving in their old brown car, but when they stop and get out to get the baby, they're driving a police cruiser! (even though Holly Hunter's character has already quit the police force.) - Mojo


  Random Hearts (1999)    Buy this movie
  • In the opening scenes of the movie, the Washington Monument is shrouded in scaffolding, top to bottom. Later scenes it isn't. But as of 11-14-99 it still was! - Scott


  Rat Race, The (2001)
  • In the scene where the truck is being pulled up the tower, a platform that is moving the truck up is visible. - David
  • At the end, many of the people in the crowd at the concert are see-through! Terrible special effects. - David
  • In the beginning of the movie when Cuba Gooding Jr. was in the casino, he placed a quarter in the slot machine. The slot machine was still spinning when the gold coin dropped. (DVD) - Johnny
  • In the scene when Duane and his brother are driving next to the girls, Duane sticks out his tongue and its pierced but as the scene progresses you can see in his mouth and he doesn't have it pierced. (VHS) - splitmunky
  • When you see Rowan Atkinson in the train for the first time, the camera looks at him from outside. Atkinson is looking through the window at the landscape passing him. You see him looking fast from his frontside to his backside, which means he is sitting with his head placed to the front of the train. Though, when the camera changes to a camera inside, you see that the landscape is passing him from his back to his front, which means he is sitting with his head placed to the back of the train. (VHS) - Bart


  Raw Deal (1986)
  • At the beginning of the film, when one of the dudes in the cabin is shot a wire for the squib is visible near his foot. - David
  • In the "I Can't Get No Satisfaction" shoot-out, a wire is visible when a guy is shot inside of the building. - David
  • In that same shoot-out, a guy falls into a rock crushing machine...but look! It's a really crappy dummy! - David
  • When the dude in the car is shot in the head if you watch in slow motion you can see that there is a brown lump in the guy's forehead before he is shot. - David
  • When the main mobster dude says "Dump him in the pit." his words are out of synch with his lips. - David


  Recruit, The (2003)
  • When, after breakfast with Colin Farrell, the female character leaves her apartment to go to Langley, she takes a cab; but when she leaves Langley later in the day, she drives away in her VW -- and thus begins the big chase. Am I missing something? - john


  Red Dawn (1984)
  • As the Russian Tank crew stops for gas, you hear a gas station tone sound, announcing their presence. However, there is/was no hose present on the driveway next to the pumps, so how did the tone go off? (DVD) - Kieth Moreland
  • In addition as the Russian Tank crew stops for gas, in the longshot, there is no support bracket for the tanks gun barrel. As the tankers try to attack Jennifer Grey, all of a sudden, there's a barrel support bracket. (DVD) - Kieth Moreland
  • When the "Wolverines" attack the Russian convoy with Powers Boothe along for the first time, Patrick Swayze calls to Charlie Sheen, "Matt...RPG"! For a brief moment (DVD marker 59:23) the wire that the RPG round will fly on, to the intended target is visible. (DVD) - Kieth Moreland
  • In the battlefield/tank scene (DVD marker 1:11:25), Powers Boothe will charge the tank firing his .45 into the turret. There's only one problem. The first time he fired the blank, the slide on the gun locked back. The sound effects indicate that he continues to fire, but he can't - the slide's still locked. (DVD) - Kieth Moreland
  • As Jed (Patrick Swayze) says goodbye to Jennifer Gray (DVD marker 1:36:34), notice that there are no primers in the bullets he's wearing across his chest. (DVD) - Kieth Moreland
  • In the beginning scene where the paratroopers are dropping they all had Ak-74 5.45x49mm Rifles. When they had taken over the town, all the troops changed to Ak-47 7.62x39 rifles. (DVD) - Talon


  Red Planet (2000)
  • Creatures found on Mars are described as nematodes (which are flatworms) by the mission biologist. The creatures have an exoskeleton and legs (at least six of them) and seem to be much closer in appearance to beetles or cockroaches (which are arthropods). - Jason
  • Apparently there was a script change (to make the mars creatures more "Yik"), and no one remembered to change the biologist's assessment of the sort of creature it was. - Jason
  • When the hero and the biologist are talking about faith, the biologist says he does believe in faith, only in what he can do with genetics and DNA. When he says this, he says that the letters of DNA are A, G, T, and P. The real letters are A, G, T, and C. - Lynara
  • (Factual errors) Why did the astronauts decide to "hack" into Mars Pathfinder's rover for its tiny RF transmitter? According to NASA this radio "has a signal range similar to a walkietalkie" ( There's no way a signal from this radio could reach orbit, let alone Earth as it first did in the movie. Wouldn't it have made more sense to use the more powerful ground to Earth transmitter in the Lander instead? - Chuck


  Red Sonja (1985)    Buy this movie
  • Question!: Ah-nold was fighting with the fish monster. He said "sonja-it's a MACHINE!" was "machine" a word yet? (story takes place between the sinking of Atlantis& the beginning of recorded history) -
    • Info: The word "machine" dates back to 1545 according to WWWebster Dictionary.


  Reindeer Games (2000)    Buy this movie
  • Sinise throws 2 darts at Affleck in the scene after they fall through the ice. One dart strikes him in the chest and the other in the left shoulder/left chest area as Affleck is against the wall. During the same scene the camera is behind Affleck and shows the chest/shoulder dart and a dart in his back/left shoulder area. That would make 3 darts and the fact that the one in the back couldn't have been thrown at his back when his back is against the wall. - Jim Spencer
  • The snow that they use in this movie is OBVIOUSLY fake. It DOESN'T melt on their faces, and when they step on it, it doesn't come NEAR to packing. - Bean Boy


  Remember the Titans (2001)    Buy this movie
  • After a football practice when all of the players are friends they huddle around in a circle to get pumped up. In the first scene the character "Ray" is on the outer rim of the circle but on almost the very next scene he's standing almost in the middle of the huddle. Right behind Gerry Bertier. - Alissa
  • When the Haws receiver catches the ball, Rev tackles him he fumbles. When the other Titans guy picks it up and he runs the wrong way and the ref calls it a touchdown. - Jess


  Replacements, The (2000)
  • When Gene Hackman writes fear on the board the "r" has a loop where it turns but when they go back its different and in the next shot its back. - terd ferguson
  • The first time the replacement players are playing football you see the scoreboard in the background. It's fake. It looks like a sheet or something because there are ripples on it. - Cecilia
  • In one of the games kinda near the middle, Franklin has trouble keeping the ball in his hands. The coach takes super glue and puts it all over his hands. While walking out to the field everything is sticking to his hands. Well he catches the ball and when he falls down the ball flies up a little bit out of his hands, but when he gets up he cant get the ball out of his hands! - Dj1280
  • In the last game the team is in the huddle and Falco asks who he should give the ball to. Baitmen then says "Give it to Wilkerson he's going to jail." But the guy who's going to jails name is Smith. - Vince Dad
    • Correction: In reference to the goof referred to earlier, where Danny tells Falco in the huddle to "give the ball to Wilkerson, he's going to jail", that is correct dialog. Danny is the cop, and Wilkerson was the convict that was released to play ball. Smith was his alias. - thirstyears
      • Correction: You guys are both wrong they put Smith on his jersey because he's supposed to be in jail and they don't want people to find out its him. - WARREN SAPP
  • When the cheerleader is driving Falco home (when she's drivin all crazy) she mentions that she has a friend that is a cheerleader for Detroit, well I know that the teams aren't real for this movie, but Detroit doesn't have cheerleaders in the NFL. I consider this a goof. - Floyddog
  • In the first part of the movie when all the players are getting together, "Sumo" is introduced and told to go line up. When you see the coach calling for the next player to hit, you see Sumo is next in line. The scene moves over to Hackman and you hear the next guy hit, when it switches back Sumo is hitting. Did someone cut in line? (VHS) - Matt


  Rescuers Down Under, The (1990)
  • Humor: About 38 minutes into the movie when the mice are flying past a building freeze frame there is a picture of a full naked women (Disney are known for having little sex jokes). -

  • In one scene of a starry sky, supposedly over Australia, an obvious representation of the Southern Cross is seen. But it is positioned such that the south celestial pole is below the horizon. That is a view possible only from the southern reaches of the Northern Hemisphere (such as Central America), not from Australia. - Michelle McBride


  Reservoir Dogs (1992)


  Resident Evil (2002)


  Return of the Jedi (1983)    Buy this movie


  Return of the Living Dead, The (1985)    Buy this movie


  Return to Me (2000)
  • In the very beginning, when Bob Rueland returns after walking the dog in the rain, he uses a towel to dry the dog. He then hangs the towel on the coat rack. When Elizabeth comes home, the towel is laying on the floor, then it mysteriously jumps back to the coat rack. - Ted
  • After the Duchovney's wife dies, the blood on his shirt never seems to turn to the old brown color it should be after wearing it a whole night! - Cheryl


  Return to Never Land (2002)
  • Okay in Peter Pan Captain Hook blows up the nevertree by putting a bomb in a box. However in this movie the nevertree is actually how it was before that happened. HMMM how did they fix the nevertree? - Smiley


  Return to Snowy River (1988)

A.K.A: The Man from Snowy River II

  • (Continuity) In the scene with the so called Black Stallion he rears up but he is a she in that shot. (VHS) - xx_sootie_xx
  • (Revealing mistakes) In the very last scene of the movie the stallion rears up again and for a wild horse he sure has a nice set of new shoes on. (VHS) - xx_sootie_xx


  Revenge of the Nerds (1984)
  • The goof takes places at the beginning of the film. After Gilbert's dad drops him and Lewis off at college, they have a father and son talk. While they're talking, you can see the shadow of the cameraman at the bottom of the frame. Maybe the shadow was matted out on the widescreen version, but it's clearly visible on the fullscreen version shown on TV. (TV) - Soulman
    • Correction: If you paid more attention to the story instead of the detail you would know that that was Lewis's dad not Gilbert's. - reno
  • Throughout the movie, Takashi goes from wearings glasses in one scene, to not wearing them in the next. Does he need those glasses or not!? - Asertix
  • When the nerds set up the spy cameras at the PI's dorm, and sat up all night, drinking beer and watching the girls, how come they weren't tired the next morning, and didn't even have a hangover? What's with those nerds? - Asertix


  Revenge of the Nerds III: The Next Generation (1992) (TV)
  • In the movie, Booger states that Louis was considered the George Washington of nerds. But if all of you nerd fans remember correctly, in "Revenge of the Nerds" (the original movie) it was Louis' friend Gilbert that made the speech that inspired the "Nerd Revolution". - Asertix


  Richie Rich (1994)    Buy this movie
  • When Richie is at school he is passing notes through the fax machie. When the teachers asks him if he was passing notes, Richie snatches the piece of paper away that he sent. In the next sho is is gone, but in the one after that it is back again. Magic?! - Kaz


  Right Stuff, The (1983)    Buy this movie
  • In the opening scenes a Bell X-1 crashes. That never happened in real life. - Olav Westerman
  • In the aircraft-carrier scenes set in 1958 with Scott Glenn as Alan Shepard, A-7 Corsair II:s appear, probably standing in for F-8 Crusaders. The A-7 didn't exist until several years later. - Olav Westerman
  • Both the A-7:s and the A-4 Skyhawks in the carrier-scenes have wrong color and markings for the period. - Olav Westerman


  Ring, The (2002)
  • (Crew/equipment visible) Towards the end of the movie during a scene in the editing room (I think), the boom mike is slowly lowered into the picture!! I laughed my ass off, the movie already had alot of mistakes and plot holes (Like where is the kid during the whole movie), and the boom mike sealed the deal. - Something679
  • (Factual errors) Also, skull of dead child in well is wrong size. - ScrapIron
  • (Revealing mistakes) When the main actor sits in front of her computer, searching for the true story of horses etc. She's actually browsing web pages saved on her own computer... look at the addressbar: C:\windows\desktop\... (Theatre) - Montago
    • Comment: It is possible that she saved the .html file on her computer.
  • (Continuity) When Aidan is watching the copy, you see the last part of it, and right before the video is ended, you see part of Samara coming out of the well. But before, when Rachel was watching the video, you only saw the well, then the black screen. And it wasn't something new on the copy because in the end of the movie, you see the last scene of the video, and there is no Samara coming out. (DVD) - Steph
  • (Crew/equipment visible) If you have the DVD version of this film, skip to chapter 20 (if you have vhs its just near the very end). Near the end of the chapter you will see Noah picking up Aidan after he has fallen asleep on the floor. After he picks him up you can look in the back of the room near the lit window and see an outline of a person which appears to be a crewman. (VHS/DVD) - Kris


  Rio Bravo (1959)
  • In the bar scene where John Wayne enters from the rear, he carries a shotgun. He comes in and pulls the action on the gun, thereby preparing the weapon to fire. A moment later, in a threatening gesture, he pulls the action again, but he hasn't yet fired the gun. - Stephen (SLB.)


  River Rat, The (1984)
  • In the flashback scene, the old woman is still breathing after Whitey kills her. - Glorianne Brentleigh
  • At the start of the movie, there is a sign at Jonsy's grandmother's shop. The sign has a skull and cross bones and it has five words 'this water not for drinking' on it. But when Billy comes home he gives the shop a good look over, and the water warning sign is not the same sign we saw before, it still has a skull and cross bones but now only two words appear on the sign. - Stacey
  • Jonsy's grandmother insists that she eat her breakfast and then go to school. Jonsy leaves the store with the breakfast and takes a bite out of it to satisfy her grandmother. The next time you see Jonsy's breakfast it is on top of her school books in her bicycle basket. But a couple of seconds later, when Jonsy is riding her bicycle, her breakfast isn't on top of her school books anymore. It isn't even in her bicycle basket anymore! Where did it go? - Claudia


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