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  Pale Rider (1985)
  • In the early part of the movie, one of the villains shoots a dog. After that, a girl is seen picking up the dead dog. Watch closely as the girl is picking it up and you'll see that the dead dog is a fake because the body is so stiff, too stiff for a dog that just died a few minutes ago. - tochi
  • In the scene where Barrett and the preacher are blasting the mining camp, Barrett throws a dynamite stick in one of the tents, we then see the stick with its fuse lighted as the miners scamper for safety. But look closely as the stick supposedly explodes, the explosion doesn't come from it but in the center of the tent, and after the explosion, when the smoke clears, the lighted "dynamite stick" can still be seen. Funny! - tochi
  • When the preacher shoots Marshall Stockburn, look at the Marshall's back where the bullets supposedly exit, the padding that houses the blood bag is obvious because it made the coat bulge. - tochi


  Panic Room (2002)
  • Diabetic girl drinking regular coke at dinner first night in the new house. (Theatre) - Mike Kalish
    • Correction: I believe her mom makes a mention of it. She makes an attempt to scold the daughter about it, but then allows her to keep drinking it. Plus diabetics can consume sugary products, as long as their blood/sugar level stays within a certain "safety" zone. (Theatre) - Mike Ockhertz
  • Diabetic girl starts to get dizzy. Mom looks everywhere for sugar to feed her. Not finding sugar, she leaves the Panic Room to get her insulin injection kit. (Theatre) - Mike Kalish
  • Door to Panic Room demonstrated by real estate agent to be very safe, yet villain manages to get hand slammed in door. (Theatre) - Mike Kalish
    • Correction: That's because he didn't have his hand near the motion censor beam, like the real estate agent did. Which is why he got his hand caught. You're a genius. - ryan
  • Propane gas heavier than air, yet mom and daughter go to floor to avoid breathing it. (Theatre) - Mike Kalish
    • Comment: Oh, I'm sure that mom and daughter are supposed to know that. - bry22


  Parent Trap, The (1998)
  • When the American twin asks the British twin if she has ever heard of Leonardo DiCaprio the British twin says no. How can this be? Every one in Britain has at least heard of him. Titanic was the highest grossing film of its year in the UK. - steelflesh
    • Comment: Steelefish, how can you make such a broad statement (everyone in Britain has heard of him), what if the British twin hadn't seen Titanic, or there are 1000's of other things. - Tyler Gluefinger
    • Correction: Steelfish when the British girl says that she doesnt know Leonardo DiCaprio it isn't because shes British it's because her life hasn't been as normal as any other girl who obsesses over Leo, she doesn't have time. - Nikki
  • When Hallie play's a trick on Annie's cabin (when they set up all the traps) there are many balloons that fall but none hit her. When the last balloon hits her (the really BIG one) she looks up then looks down. CLOSELY look at the top of Annie's head... There is a pin in her hair so the balloon pops. Trust me, if a balloon that big fell on your head, you would probably want a pin to help it pop! - Foose
  • In some parts the American one has the British accent, and the British one has the American accent. (There isn't really an accent for American's, probably to some people there is). - Keith+Paul Moviemistakers
  • I'm not sure if this is a goof exactly. Maybe it is just Hollywood. During the fencing scene, the British twin turns around to get into her gear. The shot shows her friend helping her put on her special jacket. Then the camera goes to the American twin. When the shot is back at the British twin she is wearing new pants and shoes as well. (VHS) - alicat
  • When the girls are fencing and she is on the hay and she throws the knife up in the air you can clearly see it fall in the backround on the ground, and then she catches it. (VHS) - gapfanatic101


  Passenger 57 (1992)
  • After the hijacked plane lands, they shove a body out the front door supposedly to fall onto the runway, but you can see the blue air bag he falls onto in the reflection of the ground on the polished underside of the airplane. - Scott


  Passion of Mind (2000)    Buy this movie
  • When introduced to Marty at the beginning of the film, she has a telephone call with an ex-boyfriend and says that she is an only child, (and does not have a sister), but she does have a sister. Marie identifies her sister, too. - Mr. X


  Passport to Paris (2001)


  Patriot, The (2000)


  Patriot Games (1992)
  • In the scene when Ryan (Harrison Ford), is arguing with Marty about coming back to the CIA. Ryan really wants back in, but Marty says no way. Greer (James Earl Jones) walks in to the room and says to Marty that he was just telling Ryan how much they don't need him around, then the camera flashes to Ryan who has an "I told you so" look on his face....I think Greer was supposed to say something about how much we do need him around. The scene is confusing. - Brian
    • Correction: Actually, when Greer comes in the room, he is being sarcastic. He meant to say "how we don't need him here"... he was being facetious. He is basically calling Marty out on his comment as being stupid and that they really do need Jack back at the CIA. - tdog


  Patton (1970)
  • In the first ten minutes of the movie Patton is reviewing the troops in Morocco and comments to the Moroccan leader that they are "fine troops" and then suddenly there is a scene of a cheering crowd and a child sticks his tongue out at the camera! (VHS) - Jack
  • The German tanks were actually American m4's not made until the late 40's. - big jon
    • Comment: The Germans didn't have M4 (Sherman) American tanks in the movie. They had M48 (Patton) tanks. The Americans for the most time had M41 (Walker Bulldoggs) and the British had M24 (Chaffees). All of them on loan from the Spanish army. - Olav Westerman


  Payback (1999)
  • At the end of the movie Mel Gibson arrives to pick up the girlfriend/hooker in the limo. When she comes downstairs to the car she and the dog get into an early 1970's Dodge Charger. They then drive off in the Charger. - Jim Spencer
    • Correction: Actually, though he does drive up in the limo, Rose drove his Charger to the hideout. Therefore, it would be possible for them to then drive off in it instead of the busted up limo. - zazalu
  • Not a goof but when Mel and partner ram the Japanese mafia car they do it in a dodge CHARGER and get away in a Plymouth ROAD RUNNER i.e. charge in a charger and run in a road runner. - dude
  • There's a part in Payback when Mel Gibson (Porter) is going to meet with Val Resnick so he can give Porter the money he owes him. Val has it set up for the Chinese mafia to attack him before they actually meet up. In the scene it starts off with the Chinese mafia hitting Porter with their car. As it happens, his body hits up on the windshield the glass is smashed and caved in from the impact. When the stop the car he falls off and they proceed to get out of the car and throw him onto the hood. At that point and the rest of the scene you'll see the windshield is all of a sudden perfectly intact again. When they drive away at the end of the scene you can see there's not even a scratch. A clear mistake. - osirus


  Pay it Forward (2000)
  • When Trevor brings the bum, Jerry, in his house for cereal the jerry pours trevor a huge bowl, when he puts milk in his bowl there is less cereal. - AM
  • In the movie, Trevor is 11-years-old and in the 7th grade. Usually children that are 11 are in the 5th or 6th grade. (VHS) - Mandy
    • Correction: Actually, when you are 11, you are either in the 6th grade, or you are in the 7th grade, but you can only be in the 7th if his b-day is after august. So maybe his birthday is in november or something, and it's, let's say, September of his grade 7 year. He is yet to turn 12. - bacherz


  Pearl Harbor (2001)    Buy this movie


  Peacemaker, The (1997)
  • During the scene in Austria, Julia (Nicole Kidman) first has on white pumps, cut to a close up of George Clooney, then back, and she is wearing knee-high winter type boots. - Ratman
  • Near the end, as George Clooney and the FBI close in on the hotel room of the suspect with the bomb, Clooney is leading the team with his gun in his right hand, supported by his left hand. As they stop at the door, Clooney uses his right hand in a clenched fist to make the "halt" signal. This may be severe nit-picking, but would Clooney's character (a tactical expert, sharp Green Beret) really do such a thing? Wouldn't he use his non-gun hand to make the signal? - Kieth Moreland
  • George Clooney is talking to Nichole Kidman on a cell phone. She asks him a question, he nods his head and she "heard" his affirminative answer. - DebKG


  Pee-Wee's Big Adventure (1985)
  • In the scene where Pee Wee is chaining his beloved bike to the motorized clown, he starts pulling a heavy duty chain from his bicycle basket. The chain keeps coming and coming, a visual joke that the basket is too small to hold so much chain.  But at the very bottom of the screen you can see the chain as it is being pulled through the bottom of the basket, obviously through a hole. - Leigh
    • Addition: The chain goof is visible on the VHS version. - Nate
  • When Pee-Wee puts in the code to open the door for his bike, there's a close-up of the door coming up. If you look to the left, you can see someone's leg move behind the wall, so it would be out of the shot. - Eric Peterson
  • When Pee-Wee is driving at night in the convict's car and he drives by the yellow road signs, you can see that the signs are moving on a track, as you can see at the base of the signs. - Eric Peterson
  • Here is a GOOD one that escaped me for years: When Peewee is dancing on the bar (The famous scene danced to "tequila") watch as Peewee accidentally SLAMS his head into a rafter above.... Pee-Wee continues, but you can see that it surprised (and HURT) him. (DVD/VHS) - Mctwist
  • (Revealing mistakes) Two reporters are interviewing Francis at the drive-in. The male reporter writes down the answer to a question that he asked, but if you look at this you can see that he is only pretending to write as his pen never touches the paper. - Kimberly


  People Under the Stairs, The (1991)    Buy this movie
  • In the very begining of the movie Fool is exploring the house and is chased by the Man into the basement. When the Man finds him there, Fool is on the steps/ramp. Fool is wearing a purple and black striped shirt as we see him fall down the ramp. Later in the movie, a similar scene occurs. However, this time, Fool is wearing a solid green shirt: except for when he falls down the ramp: he is back in that striped shirt. But, when he stands up, he is back in the solid green shirt. (It is also interesting to note that the Man and the Woman were played by people who were on 'Twin Peaks'. Ironically, they played a psycho married couple there, too.) - Tankgirlmomma


  Perdita Durango (1997)    Buy this movie
  • In the scene where they are in the airplane graveyard you can distinctly see the shadows of the camera crew following them. - minxeee


  Perfect Murder, A (1998)
  • In A Perfect Murder when David gets Stephen on tape, why did he not go to the cops right then? - Shane
    • Correction: David cannot go to the cops when he gets him on tape anymore than he could when he first approached him. Stephen has information that would get him charged with another crime which obviously Stephen would still use--even if he were arrested. - Chris
  • When Gwyneth Paltrow's character is being attacked, her hair is in a pony tail, then suddenly it isn't, then suddenly it is again. - David
  • In the scene where Douglas and Paltrow are being interviewed at the police station, the collar of her sweater goes up and down 3 or 4 times. Sometimes it's over her chin, then it's rolled down again. - Chris
  • When Paltrow is with her lover, and they are kissing in his bed, she touches his nose and a snot rolls down her cheek. I think he saw it because he brushes it off. This is by far the greatest film flub I have ever seen... - cxl


  Perfect Storm, The (2000)
  • Towards the middle to end of the movie the wrong guy says something about Irene, Irene being the woman that Michael "Bugsy" met in the bar. - Shawna
  • Oops. Bobby Forgets That He Is Making A Movie. Sorry Marky Mark but I had to do this. Ok. Around the middle of the movie when the storm is already raging and the crew of the Andrea Gail are getting tossed around like fish in a whirlpool, Bobby is talking to the captain, Bill Tynes. Well, Bobby (played by Marky Mark) he slips up and says "Hey George! ..." Well, the man who plays Bill Tynes is George Clooney. I had to do a double take on this one. I said to myself, "Who the hell is George? I thought his name was Bill." It was not until I found out that George Clooney played the character Bill Tynes. How could the directors and editors miss this? Most of all, why didn't George cut the scene and say "Hey, Mark, I am Bill, man". Man, I rolled when I found this one. - The Blaq Gypsy
  • This happened in real life so I'm not spoiling anything. But when the helicopter ditches and the cockpit fills up with water the pilots night vision goggles fall off and in the very next shot there back on. - Andrew
  • When Sully is talking about how the lasgana weighs alot in the background you will notice that there are 2 little debbie boxes in the back. They look the same as they do now and back then they were different. I remember they were older looking and the two in the movie are the ones used today. - jonathanbooth
  • When Billy is removing the fish hook from Murph's hand, Murph bites down on a wooden spoon. We see him again, just after that, with the spoon still in his mouth but facing the other direction. Murph intentionally stalls Billy so that he can get the spoon in his mouth so it seems like a big deal...but then messes it up. It's very obvious since the two shots are so close together! (Theatre) - Jules
  • (Spoiler) Ok, if the whole movie was supposedly based on a true story... how did they know all of this stuff? If everyone dies at the end, there was no one to go home and tell the story. - recycledsanity
    • Comment: Hey 'recycledsanity'! The reason why the movie claims to have been 'based' on a true story is because no one was left to tell it. Otherwise, they would have claimed it was 'A' True Story. - bitoy


  Pest, The (1997)    Buy this movie
  • When Pest and Gustaf are having a toast right before the hunt, Pest's glass is less than half full, then in the next shot it is almost completely full. - KilljoyTheKlown


  Philadelphia Experiment, The (1984)    Buy this movie
  • In the scene where the main character, "Davey" and the girl helping him are in the hotel room they rented, he's playing around with a talking alarm clock. He hits the time button 3 times, and while still hearing the 3rd, the scene cuts to the girl in the other bed and you can see the same alarm clock still on the nightstand. The scene cuts back to "Davey", and he sets the clock back down. The scene again cuts to the girl, and you can see the clock still there, but you also hear the sound of him setting it down. Maybe there are 2 clocks? - pitboy


  Phantom of the Megaplex (2000) (TV)    Buy this movie
  • I think this is one: There's two parts where people get wet, in both of them some peoples whose close aren't wet. - Keith+Paul Moviemistakers


  Pikku Ilona ja hänen karitsansa (1957)   Buy this movie
  • When the little girl, Ilona, goes to make a complaint to the governor, the portrait of President Paasikivi can be seen hanging on the wall. He was not yet the president of Finland. The car in the film is also too young, because the film describes the years 1944 - 1945. - jukka lankinen
    • Info: Paasikivi became the president of Finland in 1946.


  Pink Panther Strikes Back, The (1976)
  • In the beginning a car drops off Inspector Cluseau at the asylum, the steering wheel is on the left side and the car was in the right lane. And of course it takes place in Europe. - Road Dogg
    • Comment: What's wrong with that? The movie is set in France (despite the British actors), and the French drive on the right side of the road and have the steering-wheel to the left. It's only the British who do otherwise... - Olav Westerman


  Pinocchio's Revenge (1996)
  • In the scene where Zoe and Pinocchio are in the doctor's office arguing about (blank) Pinocchio talks but later when the doctor shows the mother the tape of them you can't even hear Pinocchio you can only hear Zoe. That's kind of odd. (VHS) - Smiley


  Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003)


  Pistol Pete (????)
  • While Pete and his dad are playing horse the director is in the garage. You can clearly see the shadow of his head bobbing up and down. - jake44zack57


  Pitch Black (2000)   Buy this movie
  • When Frye is in the cave, trying to get out, you can see the cave walls shake slightly, showing they are is not as solid as a cave should be. - zazaluo
  • When the ship crashes and they find the co-pilot or whoever he was, he has a big metal piece sticking out of his chest and he tells them not to touch it, but when it shows Frye sitting with him while he dies, it is gone. - Shawna
  • Did anyone other than me notice that Riddick's sensitivity to light only happens when it is convenient? - Shawna
  • The Planet in this movie is surrounded by 3 (in words: THREE) suns, two of them are even circling each other. The gravitational forces had to be so chaotic that the planet would break apart, or at least no human could survive on it. - DarkPaladin


  Planes, Trains & Automobiles (1987)   Buy this movie
  • Towards the end when Del Griffith (John Candy) and Neal Page (Steve Martin) are in the car and and Del is steering with his knees (cause his hands are stuck in the seat!), the hubcaps can be seen and heard falling off. A few shots later the hubcaps are back on again. Whoopsie daisy! - Webmaster


  Planet of the Apes (1968)
  • In the legendary last scene of Planet Of The Apes (which I don't want to spoil) the statue is in New York but the sun is setting. So what they're showing is that the sun sets on The Atlantic Ocean! - Road Dogg
  • Towards the end of the movie when Charlton Heston was at the beach fighting off the other Apes with a rifle that he acquired from one of the other scientists, their was no clip in the rifle. In fact, you could see the opening clear as day where the clip goes, but no clip hence no bullets yet he was shooting out something.(VHS) - John Wilson


  Planet of the Apes (2001)


  Platoon (1986)   Buy this movie


  Pleasantville (1998)
  • In several shots on the basketball court at school, the three point line is still clearly visible, even though there wasn't a three point shot in the 1950's. They tried to remove it for the movie, but they would have had to refinish the entire floor for the line to be totally removed. - Andrew D.
  • When the Pleasentville Lions lose their first game, the men in the barber shop are talking about how they had never lost to anyone before. Well, in the movie it is clearly stated that there is nothing outside Pleasantville, so who could the basketball team have played? - Leigh
    • Correction: I don't live in a very big town but even we have more than one high school! It IS possible for the basketball team to play another local school! - Saige
      • Comment: I have no proof, but there is only 2 streets and I didn't see any other schools. And since there is only 2 streets then what need is there for other schools? - tallteen2
    • Comment: If they beat schools from other towns, then there is a flaw in that there isn't supposed to be anything outside of Pleasantville. If they play other Pleasantville teams, there would still be a flaw, as one Pleasantville team would have to lose. - shanker


  Pledge, The (2000)
  • In various scenes, Jack Nicholson has, for example, a cigarette in his mouth and then in his hand. Though these scenes could mean something to the film, until it is corrected, these are obvious mistakes. - HorrorMovies
  • In the beginning of the movie a character of the movie steps out of his car just as some police show up. As he retreats from the car, he gets out from the left hand side of the car to talk to a woman in a yellow car. As he finishes up the conversation, he goes back to his black car. But everything is in reverse! He gets into the right hand side of the car and magically the steering wheel, and everything is right there. - scottie o
  • In the scene where Jerry is cleaning the cut on Lori's lip, he puts a cotton swab to her bleeding lip cleaning off some of the blood, but when he pulls the swab away and the camera pulls back, the swab is clean and unbloodied. (VHS) - Roxie
  • Near the end of the movie Jack Nicholson is seen driving an S.U.V. through some bumpy farmland. At the beginning of the scene, as the S.U.V. leaves the road and enters the farmland, the S.U.V. clearly has a hugh brush guard bumper installed on the front of it. A few seconds later he crashs through a fence and when they do a close up of the vehicle the brush guard disappears. A few seconds later they pull the camera back and the brush guard mysteriously appears again in the next shot. (DVD) - T.E. Dennis
  • Character names escape me. Nevertheless, at some point in the movie, Jack Nicholson is driving his 4x4 vehicle, heading for the church. He has to leave the road, and drive through barbed fences. On the front of the vehicle, there are protective bumper bars. You can see those in most of the shots, except one, where they are absent. In the next shot, just before Jack arrives, the bars are back. - Yann Ropers


  Plenty (1985)   Buy this movie
  • In this otherwise forgettable Meryl Streep movie about the emptiness of post WWII life in Britain, during the Queen's inauguration in 1952, the Canadian flag (the one with the red bars and maple leaf) is shown, which is a neat trick given that Canada didn't adopt that flag until the mid-1960s. - Arthur C


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