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  O Brother, Where Art Thou? (2000)
  • (Continuity) In the scene where Everett and Penny are in Walsworth with the other girls, Penny pulls on a rope that as a daughter attached to the rope. The daughter has black hair. At the end, Penny pulls the rope and a daughter with blonde hair is attached to the rope. Wrong Daughter!!!!! - Peter Naughton


  Odd Couple II, The (1998)
  • While Felix and Oscar are driving in their car, you can see Felix' necktie above and under his safety belt. - Dom
  • Right after Jack Lemmon's character throws the bucket of water against the car window & the view switches to that of the driver, you can see a family in a car in the background that obviously noticed the filming & has a kid's face pressed up against the window with a camera taking pictures! - Scott
  • I don't know how the cast and crew missed this, but in the scene where Felix (Jack Lemmon) and Oscar (Walter Matthau) met Felice at the airport, Felix told Oscar that Felice could be the one he was waiting for; "Even the FIRST 3 LETTERS of our names are the same!" he mentioned. "FIRST 3"? F-E-L-I-x, F-E-L-I-c-e; the "FIRST 4 LETTERS" of their names are the same, not 3! Felice mentioned it again inside a cab when they arrived at the hotel in San Melena! She said 3! I checked the end credits to see if Felice's name was spelled differently but it wasn't! - bitoy


  Ocean's Eleven (2001)

Oceans Eleven (Double Sided)

Oceans Eleven (Double Sided)
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  Office Space (1999)
  • In the scene where he's playing tetris while his boss is trying to talk to him (right before he talks to the Bob's) the tetris blocks are high then the camera turns to his boss then to to him and the blocks are low then it goes to his boss then to him again and the blocks are high again. - jlotiz
  • When Peter finally wakes up the next morning after being hypnotized, he starts to play the 17 messages from Mr. Lumbergh, he pressed PLAY to play the string messages... then he presses the button to play the next message. Then he presses that button again to play the message after that... when he presses a button to play the fourth message, it's a totally different button. - Ryan
    • Explanation: When Peter is reviewing the 17 messages, he uses one button to scroll forward the first three, then his hand makes a small "what's the deal" motion. Then he hits the second button to scroll to the last message in memory, message number 17. - Cory
  • When Peter is quickly ducking out to avoid Mr. Lumbergh asking him to come in on Saturday, he starts to save everything he had on his computer...but as the computer switches angles from looking at the computer, to looking at Peter, you see that the cursor periodically changes places, without him touching the mouse. - Ryan
  • When Lawrence first visits Peter (00h:14m:00s), he exits his apartment and enters Peter's. In the first camera shot, Lawrence is shown opening the door with a beer in his left hand. In the next camera shot from within Peter's apartment, you can see that Lawrence's beer has mysteriously switched hands while he was opening the door! (DVD) - Hermansen Brothers
  • (Revealing mistakes) If you take a look at the computer screen during the shutdown scene when peter is avoiding his boss, you will notice that his computer is running Mac OS. Yet when it finally shuts down the whole way he has a C:\ prompt which is not something that you get with Mac OS (as it does not have a DOS prompt as it is not DOS). - Maarek


  Omega Code, The (1999)
  • When The guy at the beginning is shot and the two men take the code from his pocket, he is still breathing. - Bob
  • Just before the Computer Guy is shot by the clown in the Plaza, watch in slow-motion. Just as his muzzle flashes, an extra walks right in the path of the bullet, and is not harmed! Furthermore, the clown aims at the Computer Guy's head, but he is hit in the back! - Bob
  • When Stone is flipping channels in his hospital bed, he is in Rome, but some channels are showing English words! True, English might be the official language when he takes over the world, but that doesn't explain a USA weather map! - Bob
  • At the end, Cassandra points the gun at Gillian, and the red dot is on his neck. But several times it disappears, and she has not moved the gun! - Bob


  Omega Man, The (1971)     Buy this movie
  • In the movie Charlton Heston plays the last "normal" man, fighting off a band of anti-technology mutants after a plague wipes out most of the world. These mutants cannot stand light and stay indoors during the day... However there are many goofs including showing cars being driven in the background or people walking down the street. Pay attention to the background in long shots where he is driving, supposedly in a deserted downtown L.A. - Blue


  Omen IV: The Awakening (1991) (TV)     Buy this movie
  • Near the end of the movie, when the mother is about to shoot the antichrist baby, they cut to a close up of her holding a gun with her right arm while her left arm slowly reaches and touches her right arm. When they cut to a full shot, her left arm repeats the process of slowly reaching her right arm. - tochi


  Once Upon a Time in China (Wong Fei-hung) (1991)     Buy this movie
  • Throughout the film, wires are clearly visible when the martial artists fly around. This also happens in Jet Li's "The Legend" - David


  One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (1975)


  • During the scene in which McMurphy chokes Nurse Ratchet his ever present navy watch cap falls off and is clearly visible on the tile floor nearby, only to reappear on his head while the choking action proceeds. Since both of his hands are occupied in the strangulation attempt and no one is seen replacing his cap, I'd say that's a major goof in a major scene in a major movie. -
  • In the middle of the film, R.P. (Nicholson) gathers a bunch of patients to play a game of basketball. Shortly after he yells at Martini (Danny DeVito's character) for throwing the ball into the fence, R.P. runs down the court revealing equipment on the left hand side of the screen. (DVD) - Nate

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  • When McMurphy is commentating on the imaginary World Series game they all get excited and the tall, lanky, geeky bloke is bashing a pan & brush set together like a lunatic(!). In the next shot there is nothing in his hands. - Austin Powers
    • Correction: The pan and brush the man is bashing together does not disappear. Look at the bottom of the screen after we see him banging them together, and you can see it. - Nate


  On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969)     Buy this movie
  • When Blofeld gets "branched off" at the end of the Bobsled scene, we see he gets stuck in the fork at the end of a long branch. But in the far away shot, he's lying on top of the straight part. You have to see the movie to understand this. - Bob
  • In the first ski chase, after Bond tries to choke Blofeld's henchman with his ski, they fight. During this fight, Bond's goggles keep changing from off to on. - Mark


  On the Line (2001)     Buy this movie
  • The first shot of Brady Francis (newspaper writer) he is playing a game boy, well if you look at the back of the game boy where the game is, there is no game. He acts like he's playing this really hard game, but there's no game. - Cutie247


  Operation Crossbow (1965)
  • The "New York-rocket" was not an intercontinental ballistic missile as shown in the film. It was a two-stage rocket with a winged second stage, and it was never test-flown. Besides, the Germans never fired their big rockets from underground launching-pads. - Olav Westerman
  • When the Peenemünde-facility has been bombed, there are only a few burnt ruins scattered around amidst grass and bushes. It does not look like a destroyed factory-complex. - Olav Westerman
  • The Spitfire that is supposed to have photographed the German rocket-site is not a photo-plane. It has not even windows for the cameras that was mounted behind the cockpit. - Olav Westerman


  Osmosis Jones (2002)
  • When Drix is examing Frank's sore throat, he says: "Hmmm, inflamation and glandular swelling, we meet again." Does that mean that this particular Drixenol tablet has been used before? Are medical companies recycling medicines that people have already taken? - Asertix
  • When Osmosis Jones is talking to Drix about an incident that got him in trouble, he said that it happened a couple of years ago. But according to my Biology class, white blood cells only live for a few days, and when doing battle, only a few hours. How can a white blood cell be involved in an incident years ago, and still be around today? - Asertix
  • Drix said that he works on a strict 12 hour time released schedule, and by the time the movie is up, his work lease has expired. But the movie takes place over a course of several DAYS. Drix should've been done a long time ago, like half way through the movie. - Asertix
  • In the movie, Frank suffers a terrible leg cramp. So bad, he can't even get up to get a fried chicken leg. But somehow he's able to get up, (without showing any signs of pain) go to the bathroom, and take a cold pill. - Asertix


  Others, The (2001)
  • (Spoiler) I will try not to reveal too much, but I must ask somebody if this is a goof or not; since Grace ends up being "one of them" in the end, is it a mistake that she was able to get prick her finger while sewing? When she fired at the three servents they weren't injured at all, yet she seemed to feel pain in her finger. Is this just a terrible error, or was it because she was still in a worldly state, not excepting the truth? - kyara
    • Correction: Her mind gives pain to substitute for pain because the mind is still thinking it is alive. - Joel
  • Grace sings to her husband in bed the Art Garfunkel song "I Only Have Eyes For You". I did not know that he wrote that song in the 40's. - Doug Downs
    • Correction: Sorry Doug, Art Garfunkle didn't write the song. "I only have eyes for you," was written in the 1930's. There's a luandry list of people who have covered this song. Garfunkle's way at the end of the list. - Kieth Moreland


  • (Spoiler) If Grace and her children were one of them, how come Grace saw the old woman's face on Anne's through the vail? Was she just crazy? Or couldthe so called "normal" old woman channel through to Anne's face. Also, why was Anne the only one that could see the real people? (DVD) - Steeleoman101
    • Comment: Steeloman101 mentioned Grace seeing Anne with the old woman's face. This is actually an incident when a GHOST (Anne) possesses a living MEDIUM (Old Woman). Grace didn't see Anne, she saw the old woman possessed by Anne! In essence, this is the first time that Grace has seen a living person. The reason why she couldn't see them is because she refuses to do so. Only after accepting things was she able to finally "see everything". (DVD) - bitoy
  • (Spoiler) If they were one of them. I believe their kind cannot eat food. But in one scene you see the children eating a meal. If they are one of them how come they are able to eat food. Comment about ending- besides the ending to the the sixth sense that was the greatest ending with a twist ever. - taz
    • Correction: Don't you remember that the mother moved the papers around when she found out they were dead? I don't remember, but do the children eating the meal said that it tasted funny? - Joel
    • Comment: Who says that ghost cannot eat!? As far as I know, it has never been proven before that ghost cannot eat (let alone they exist...) In addition to that, one can also say that maybe ghosts live in a co-existing world, where they have to eat, sleep, etcetera, who knows. Besides (if they can eat or not), Anne says that she thinks her toast tastes differently than before. One of many little clues given...? - cewebe
  • (Continuity) In the scene where Grace is having a pleasant sit-before-the-fire conversation with Mrs. Mills, Grace places her hands beside her ear and her wrist watch is very clearly seen. The camera switches several times from her face to Mrs. Mills' face, and the wrist watch is clear in all shots, except for the last one, when the watch is gone. It seems unlikely that she removed it, as her hands have not moved from their place beside her ear. (DVD) - Nancy


  Other Side of Midnight, The (1977)     Buy this movie
  • Mic visible in love scene. - barb708


  Other Sister, The (1999)     Buy this movie
  • When Carla's mom is talking to the apartment salesmen he asked if carla is reliable she says "the window might not be left open during a rainstorm" what she ment was it might be left open during a rainstorm. - kat


  Our Lips Are Sealed (2000)     Buy this movie
  • Ok they are climbing on the bridge it's the twins first then Avery then Pete. Well in later scenes it's Pete then Avery yet they are hooked to the side of the bridge so they cant switch. - syd


  Out for Justice (1991)
  • In the beginning of the film, some guy gets shot. Later when they show his corpse, some of the blood disappears. - David
  • In the butcher shop, Seagal throws a guy against the wall. The tight shot shows the guy screaming and his mouth open with the hatchet thru his hand, he is looking at the hatchet. Then they go to a wide shot and the guy starts out looking straight ahead at Seagal and then starts screaming after a short period of time. (DVD) - Bud Broyles
  • At the beginning of the movie the couple is walking down the street and the wife's jeans are clean. She enters the store - husband is shot - she comes out of the store and the knees of her jeans are filthy. How many times did they have to shoot that scene? - Stacie


  Outrageous Fortune (1987)     Buy this movie
  • In the scene after Sandy and Lauren hide from the helicopter and their pursuer in the shower on the beach, and they are running toward the helicopter, there are men in the background where they were hiding, and there was nobody there before! - Sandy


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