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  Naked Prey, The (1966) †† Buy this movie
  • Toward the end of the movie which is set in the wilds of Africa, circa 1910's - 1920's, Cornel Wilde is in a thick growth of trees trying to elude his pursuers. A highway with " automobiles is visible in the distance. - Kieth Moreland


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fnbsp; S National Lampoon's Animal House!(1978) †† Buy this movie
  • In the love scene with Mrs. Wermer, she kicks her shoe in the air and it breaks the glass0table top. It's only a sound effect, nothing happens to the table. - Burke
  • During the scene where the guys take out four sorority girls from Emily Dickinson College, one of the girls is wearing a pin on her left side. Then the pin jumps back to her right † side, then back to the left and so on. - Jess
  • In this(movie, when Donald Sutherland is teaching$his class he writes the word &q}ot;satin" " on the blackboard. In The middle of the blackboard there is a break that separates the two, and when the scene changes the word is off centeref from its original position. - Nuchi
  • There are two more subtle goofs in this ` movie. In the scene where Bluto is walking ` down`the cafeteria line, placing food on his tray, look closely and in the mirrors you can see the cameraman's feet moving along with him. In the scene where Pinto and Scioenstein go out sŤopping, they get to the cashier and ` she rings up their purchases and the register features a digital LCD display. Pretty high ! tech for a movie that takes place in 1962. - jodeerules
  • !
  • The movie was set in 1962, but Flounder's car was a 1964 Lincoln. - RJS


  National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (1989)


  National Lampoon's European Vacation (1985)
  • Towards the end of the movie, Ellen is kidnapped in Italy. As Clark is chasing the kidnapper through the streets, he yells,"Darn it all". If you read his lips, he actually says, "Oh f***". Maybe not a flub, but kinda funny to watch :) (VHS) - nursegirl74
  • And, if you listen, you'll hear Clark's daughter Audrey actually saying 'Oh f***', she gets cut off half way. - Daria
  • In the scene where they are "supposedly" in Clark's cousin's fritz house, watch the dinner scene. When Audrey is talking to Helga, she puts 1 sausage on Audrey's plate. Clark says "What are you talking about hun?" and when the camera cuts back, there are two sausages on the opposite side of the plate. - Chuck


  National Lampoon's Vacation (1983)


  Natural, The (1984)
  • When Roy Hobbs is in Chicago, the day after he meets his old girlfriend, you hear the announcer saying "Bottom of the first - "Good by Mr. Spaulding" and basically the same thing for the bottom of the third, sixth, and ninth. Everyone knows that the visiting team always bats at the top of the inning and not the bottom. - Gary
  • When they show the plaque in the outfield, dedicated to the player who died after crashing into the wall head forst, it says his name and "In Memorium" under it. The correct phrase in Latin is "In Memoriam" (feminine noun) and they would have looked that up ahead of time. - Oaks


  Natural Born Killers (1994)
  • At the end of the movie, when Mickey and Mallory shoot ----- with shotguns, Mallory cocks her shotgun numerous times and no shells come out. - David


  Navy SEALS (1990)
  • The SEAL team embarks on a mission that will require them to do a high altitude-low opening (HALO) parachute jump into the ocean, then begin SCUBA diving the rest of the way in. The team gets on the airplane wearing their spit-shined combat boots. They jump out of the plane and free fall, wearing their spit-shined boots. When they land in the water, they have their neoprene dive booties and swim fins on. Where did they stop to change their footwear? - Kieth Moreland


  Net, The (1995)
  • This isn't really a goof or maybe it is, but as the movie, The Net was going off, you can see a street corner that has a stop sign on it, then you see a car just goes right through without even stopping. When I saw that I burst out laughung thinking to myself that maybe that was the bad guy who isn't really dead trying to escape. (DVD/VHS) - Hot-T


  NeverEnding Story, The (1984)


  New Guy, The (2002)
  • Towards the beginning of the movie when Dizz is learning his ish in the jail when its Luther, Dizz, and the Funkmaster walking back and forth theres a short portion where you can clearly see the boom mike at the top. I caught this the first time I saw the movie and i think the editors should have paid a little more attention. (Theatre)


  Newsies (1992)
  • In one of the restaurant scenes, all the newsboys are gathered and they are planning their retaliation against the Newspaper giants. The bartender is pacing around drinks for them and they make a toast. Christian Bale and another actor in the back both reach for a glass, but only one boy gets one, so they look at each other, shrug and they each take a hold on the one glass, and raise it for the toast. - Melissa
    • Explanation: In the bar scene, Racetrack is the name of the boy who hands back the drinks. He hands one to Kid Blink instead of two, and Kid Blink and Mush have to share. Just in case you're interested in names. - spacemonkey
  • When Medda is singing at the rally, her mouth isn't matching what she's singing. - Cerasi
  • When the Newsies are around the statue and saying they shouldn't strike because Brooklyn won't join, Mush puts his hand on Jack, then the camera cuts and comes closer and Mush does it again. - Cerasi
  • (Continuity) When Pulitzer is reading with the magnifying glass he reads a word from the next line that he hasn't scanned over yet. - Kello


  Next Friday (2000)
  • When Day Day is getting sprayed by his dad with water because he got pepper sprayed. His dad says he has been sprayed by pepper spray like 19 times with it and when you get sprayed with pepper spray around 19 times in real life it doesn't really hurt at all usually after the first 1 or 2 times you get pepper sprayed it doesn't even hardly hurt. - Ben VerSluis
    • Correction: When Uncle Elroy is spraying Day Day with the hose he was talking about himself been sprayed with pepper spray about 19 times, not Day Day. - mammasangel
  • Also right after Day Day gets sprayed down with water after the pepper spray. He goes to his room to get a new shirt on and he puts his shirt on the wrong way and starts to put it on the right way then the camera cuts to another scene for about 1 sec and Day Day has his shirt on the right way already it's impossible to do I tried it. - Ben VerSluis
  • When joker (the small Mexican) rips his pants off you clearly see them rip but right afterwards when day-day and roach are knocking at the door he comes out with the same pants around his legs! Must be magic pants. - Daniel Clemmons
  • When DayDay and Roach are sitting on the couch talking to the 3 ladies Little Joker has his shirt off. When he kicks the ladies out he's wearing a shirt. Then when he's back inside there's no shirt on. - Ryan
  • There's a women on the front cover who was never seen in the movie. - ange
    • Correction: The woman on the front cover can be seen when Craig goes into his uncles room to tell him about the "certified mail" she is on the television. - Travelle
      • Correction: The lady on the front cover is not the person on the TV it is Day Days dad's girlfriend.- jon boy
        • Correction: It seems to me the noone watches a movie. The lady in red on the cover of the movie "Next Friday" is Suger or Suge the Step-Aunt. The only time you see her in the outfit she has on on the cover of the movie is when she is on the projection screen doing a dance for the 8mm camera playing in the room while their asleep as he enters. (VHS) - mrknowitall420
  • Near the end when Craig and lil joker are fighting in the back yard... Craig tackles lil joker and they hit the ground at that time lil joker's left shoe ( Nike ) comes off when they jump up to continue the fight lil joker's shoe is back on... the sequence take's all of 5 to 10 seconds..... magnetic shoes.. I like that... (VHS) - cocohuevos


  Nico (1988) †† Buy this movie


  Night at the Roxbury, A (2000?)
  • Well you know that next door from the silk flower shop there's bright idea the lamp shop. But in the scene when Doug and Steve are walking down the side walk listening to stayin alive if you push the slow motion button right away you can see that the walk right by the bright idea lamp shop! - becky
  • In the scene where Steve & Doug are driving to the Roxbury the second time, Steve gets upset because he is afraid that they wont get in. Well when he stops the car to tell Doug his feelings about not being able to get into the Roxbury you can clearly see that the keys are in the ignition, but about a second later after the camera goes off Doug and back onto Steve you can clearly see that the keys are not in the ignition or anywhere to be found! (DVD - assume the goof is probably on every version) - Adam


  Night of the Demons III (1997) †† Buy this movie
  • When Holly is talking to the demon police at his car, he takes his hat of and he has a chunk of skin taken out of the left side of his head, then when the camera gets a different look, it is on the right side of his head. - Dita


  Night of the Living Dead (1990) †† Buy this movie
  • In one scene of this truly awful remake, the African-American guy (sorry I can't remember his name) slams a door on zombies that are trying to break into the house. If you look in the window of the door you can see a reflection of the camera crew. - David
  • At the end when the girl and the two bounty hunters enter the house after cutting the basement door open we see the guy who looked him self down there come up as a zombie but he barricaded the door so it was impossible for any of the zombies to go down there and turn him into one. - pat
    • Comment: This is just a comment that I wasn't secure enough in to make it a correction. But, pat says that the guy in the basement has no way of becoming a zombie, but wasn't his daughter bitten or attacked and turned into one in the beginning? - Bridgett
    • Correction: Actually the black guy in the basement at the end of the movie was turned into a zombie by the mother of the daughter that was bitten by a zombie... she attacked her mother and was later shot by the black guy (if I'm not mistaken)... and when he locked himself in the basement he was listening to news reports on a small radio and found the key to the gas pump.... then he was attacked by the child's mother. - DarkWolf
    • Correction: As far as how the black guy gets turned into a zombie, your all wrong. The aforementioned mother's husband shot him before he went down in the basement and chances are, without medical attention he died from that gunshot wound. And lets not forget what was happening to all the dead people; and so he became a zombie. The mother never attacked him. - reno
  • In the scene where Ben and Tom go upstairs, they get long pieces of lumber from a room, and when Ben sets the lumber to fall off of the balcony, the lumber is on the left side of a stairknob, but when he calls: "Heads up down there!" the lumber is on the right side of the stairknob. - Boo
  • When Cooper flees up to the attic after Ben shot him, he obviously stays in the attic. This is impossible! The movie obviously takes place in the spring, which makes it rather warm at night. And since that one zombie cut off the power, Cooper would have no doubtibly dehydrated, or fried to a crisp in that attic. It makes no logical sense! - Boo
  • I am a big fan of zombie movies, and the idea that the dead coming back to life is truly creepy, but... I was in my bathroom thinking and the thought came to me, "Rigamortis!" zombies would not be able to walk even if they were brought back, because they would be as stiff as a board! They would be frozen in the position they died in, or the position someone put them in. - Boo
  • Correct me if I'm wrong but Rigor Mortis wears off after a while (I looked it up). I'm wondering how they would be able to get out of there coffins and dig through 6 feet of dirt to reach the surface. - reno


  Nightmare on Elm Street, A (1984) †† Buy this movie


  Nightmare on Elm Street 3, A : Dream Warriors (1987)
  • When Kristen is being "swallowed" by Freddy snake you can see it was filmed in reverse as her long hair goes across her face rather than behind it. - James
  • When a character gets thrown into a TV her slipper falls off but when she is found there is no slipper on the floor. - James
  • When Nancy sees the little tricycle come through the door the door opens inwards but when she leaves the door it slams shut inwardly as well. - James


  Nightmare on Elm Street 4, A: The Dream Master (1988)
  • I don't know if anybody else has noticed this, but in the scene when Kristen got sucked into the sand and she is supposedly crawling on the ceiling, her hair isn's dangling down, it looks like she crawling on the floor that's filmed upside down as the did in part 1 in the famous Tina scene. (VHS/DVD) - Hot-T
  • If I'm not mistaken, when Kristen gets bit by Kincaid's dog, he bites her on her left arm, but when she wakes up and wraps her arm, she wraps her right arm (and very unwisely to do not considering that the dog might be rabid) but anyway, when she shows Joey & Kincaid her bitten arm it's her left arm again. (VHS/DVD) - Hot-T


  Nine to Five (1980) ††  Buy this movie
  • During the scene where Doralee brings Mr. Hart his lunch, he is hiding a broken TV tray leg behind his back to strike her. Doralee sees his reflection in the mirror and picks up a WHITE remote to set off the garage door closer thingie he is hooked up to. At the end credits, where Mr. Hart is sitting in front of the TV he hits a BROWN remote and sets off the garage door thingie he's hooked up to. I'm sure it's supposed to be the TV remote but you would think they would make both remotes look the same in the movie. - WomanofFlame


  Ninja III: The Domination (1984) ††  Buy this movie
  • There is a scene where the Ninja is surrounded by Cops shooting him and the Ninja flies in the air do to the barrage of bullets. When he hits the ground you can see the mat that had been buried for the scene. - Rahmil
  • There is a scene where a motorcycle Cop Catches a Ridge hand from a Ninja. The Cop is riding toward a cliff that leads into a pond on a golf course. The Ninja side steps the Cop throws the Ridge hand,the cop Clearly hits the ground and stops way before he would have went over. The next cut the cops is flying through the air like he never touched the ground. - Rahmil


  Nixon (1995) †† Buy this movie
  • When Nixon gives his speech to the press, look at one of the signs the crowd is holding, it says "noxiN". This is because the editor flipped the negative. - David


  No Looking Back (1998) †† Buy this movie
  • When Lauren Holly as the character Claudia sits in a car sobbing, the close-ups of her face show her face soaking wet. Then there's a scene cut in when her face and eyes are almost dry, then cut to the scene again with the sopping wet face. Oops. - "K"


  North by Northwest (1959) †† Buy this movie
  • There are three goofs in this picture, (probably more) two very obvious and one not so obvious. The first is that Roger Thornhill, played by Cary Grant, wears the same suit throughout the entire movie. He travels by train, car, bus and plane. He is shot at, run over and even bussed by a plane in a cornfield with pesticides. But this suit is always pressed and clean for the next scene. - Randy
  • The second comes near the end when Mr. Thornhill is meeting VanDanm, Eve Kindle and Leonard at the cafeteria at Mount Rushmore. When Eve pulls her gun, look to the right of the screen. You will see a little boy wearing a red shirt. He is an extra brought in to fill the seats. He will plug his ears prior to the gun going off. - Randy
  • Next is the hardest one to pick up unless you are pilot. When receiving a weather briefing from a controller, they often refer to the cloud cover as a ceiling. The visibility is reported as well. When there are no clouds and the visibility clear it is reported as such: The ceiling and visibility is unlimited. Got all that ? Ok, here goes. At the end of the movie, Eve is sitting on a couch and Roger is attempting to throw matches at her from the upstairs hallway. He doesn't want to be seen. The matchbox contains a message. VanDamn and Leonard have moved to the window to watch a plane land. As they talk, Leonard is describing what the plane is doing to land. He says it's a clear night. Then he says: "The ceiling and possibilities are unlimited". Possibilities?! I didn't write the script but that line doesn't go with the scene and makes no sense at all. I know it was a long journey but Hey wasn't this worth it ?!! :) - Randy
  • Pay close attention to Eva Marie Saint's lips when she says to Cary Grant in the diner car on the train, "I never discuss love on an empty stomach." They don't match. The actual line she said was "I never MAKE love on an empty stomach" but they went back and overdubbed the less suggestive line (this was 1959 of course...). - Andrew
  • During the train scene where Cary Grant goes to the dinner car to have dinner he is having a drink with Eve, watch the drink closely, when the camera shots change the drink disappears out of his hand only to re-appear again, then disappear. - Nuchi


  North to Alaska (1960) †† Buy this movie
  • At the start of a fight scene, John Wayne is slugged in the face. As he recoils back, his toupee falls back. - pat


  Notting Hill (1999) †† Buy this movie
  • When Hugh Grant sits in a director's chair with headphones to watch a movie scene being filmed with Anna Scott at Hampstead Heath, he's wearing his glasses. The shot switches and films him from behind as he gets up from the chair, taking off the headphones--and he's not wearing his glasses. Oops. - MovieWizard


  Now and Then (1995) †† Buy this movie


  No Way Out (1987)
  • When Kevin Costner is driving back to the Pentagon, evading the "bad guys" chasing him, his car spins out and burns rubber in the roadway. You don't even have to look closely to see that there's an almost identical set of skidmarks to the set he lays down. Either they printed the shot's second take, or that section of road in Washington. D.C. has identical spin-out action on a routine basis. - Kieth Moreland
  • In the scene when Kevin Costner is running from the bad guys (or feds) and goes down into the subway station. Clearly it is that of a DC/MD/VA Metro station, but as he runs around in the subway station and as a train enters the station it is a totally different subway system all together. Different cars, turnstiles and the abbreviation on the side of the train. Then Costner runs out of the station and he's leaving a Metro station again. - Joseph
  • When Tom and Susan get into the back of the Limo for the night tour of DC, Susan is on Toms left, in the next shot she is on his right and then in the next, back on the left. This is before things get hot in this scene so I believe it was a continuity prob. (TV) - Bev
  • (Errors in geography) As Costner is on the run, he ducks into a Metro subway station while supposedly in Georgetown. Any resident of the DC area will tell you - THERE IS NO METRO STATION IN GEORGETOWN! In fact, residents successfully campaigned to keep a Metro station from opening there. - Mark D


  Nowhere to Run (1993)
  • When he's not made up, or had his hair combed over it, Jean Claude Van Damme has a very visible lump of some kind on his forehead. During this movie, somebody must have twisted the film negative, because the lump jumps from one side of his forehead to the other, then back, in the next scenes. - Kieth Moreland


  Nurse Betty (2001) †† Buy this movie
  • When the hometown sheriff "draws" his back-up gun to get into a gunfight, we'll see that his gun is a five-shot Smith & Wesson revolver. Like so many movies before, watch and count as he fires SIX shots without ever reloading. - Kieth Moreland
  • When Chris Rocks's character opens the trunk of the Lasabre and the cardboard cutout of the "doctor" pops out, he throws it to the ground and stomps it with his white sneakers. Moments later when he is inside Betty's apartment, he has on black sneakers. (VHS) - Christine


  Nutty Professor, The (1996) †† Buy this movie

Jada Pinkett as Carla Purty

  • When Carla runs out of the tent after the professor, the battery pack for her mic slides down her leg.
  • At the part when Eddie Murphy and Jada Pinkett Smith are in the club the second time when Eddie is skinny. Look at Reggie's hair when he takes off his hat. In the first scene his hair is in one position. Then the next scene it is in a different position and so on and so on. - KaSToR


  Nutty Professor II: The Klumps (2000)
  • On a place where Eddie Murphy "Professor" is lying on his side, there was one big booger in his nose showing as bright as day. (DVD) - Jus2PasTime
  • Janet Jackson's Sankofa wrist tattoo shows in the scene where a professor faints. I don't think Denise Gaines would have a tattoo anywhere on her body. (VHS/DVD) - Sean


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