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  Miami Hustle (1996)
  • The goof takes when Audie England hits a creep over the head with a bottle of champagne. He's shown lying on the floor. There's broken glass from the bottle on the floor and on the creep, but no champagne. (TV) - Soulman


  Middle Age Crazy (1980)
  • Ann-Margret and Bruce Dern are in a hot tub. Ann is wearing a salmon colored blouse. It gets partially wet in one part of the scene and mysteriously the wet part of the blouse dries and a new wet spot appears. - Mick


  Midnight Run (1988)
  • In the opening sequence, Jack almost has his head blown off by a shotgun through the door of the fugitive he is after. The fugitive runs down the fire escape with the shotgun, runs down the alley with a pistol, then is caught with the shotgun in his hand. - dan


  Midway (1976)
  • One of the main characters climbs into a SBD Dauntless, takes off in a TBM Avenger, and crashes in a F9F Panther (a jet!) during the same flight. Even other planes and ships frequently change shapes depending on the fact that most of the action-scenes are borrowed from other films including newsreel-footage. - Olav Westerman
  • There is a scene somewhere in the movie(I think the Middle) that shows the Japanese carrier Akagi. The camera is moving parallel to the side of the carrier, showing deck guns and the japanese scurrying about. The camera will move up slightly, showing planes. In the background, you can see telephoning lines!!!! By the way, John Williams (Star Wars 1,4,5,6, Jaws, Jurassic Park) does the music, which is very good. - Bob


  Mighty Ducks, The (1992)
  • The announcer says "Number 99, Adam Banks (Vincent Larusso), on a breakaway", but in shots of his teammates cheering from the bench, Banks is among them. - Sean
  • Tammy Duncan's (Jane Plank) hair is under her jersey when Bombay (Emilo Estevez) puts it on her, but in the next shot it is out - I suppose it could have been flung loose, but given her lack of movement, it's highly unlikely. - Sean
  • In the championship game, Banks gets hurt and is taken off the ice on a stretcher. A couple of minutes after that happens, very easily seen is a player wearing a Banks 99 jersey. - Kayla
  • When Adam Banks (Larusso) gets hit his head is next to the bar, but when they come back to him his head has slightly moved. With his unconsciousness I don't think his head would move. (DVD) - Missy


  Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie (1995)
  • In one part when they morph into there suits, at the scene, when Ivan Ooze lets his guys out and to come attack them the first time, you can hear the blue ranger burp, as he morphs, turn it up loud. (VHS) - Bootz
  • When the white ranger and pink ranger are talking on the rocks, the white ranger says that they will get Ivan, but really his mouth says we will get him, and his mouth really doesn't start moving until after he starts speaking. - digiboy
  • When the Ninja Megazord is being formed, for a second, the head is already formed and the Megazord is completed, but just seconds later, we see the head transforming, and the Megazord striking a pose. (VHS) - Asertix
  • After the Power Rangers saved the day and returned to Command Center, they took off their helmets and placed them (their helmets) in front of them as they saw that Zordon didn't end up so well after being attacked by Ivan Ooze. When the Rangers decided to use their "Inner Strength" to revive him, their helmets were in front of them, but when they spread out to raise their hands to touch each other's hands, their helmets magically moved over with them and when Zordon was revived and they came back closer together their helmets moved back to the original spot they were in, please tell me how they did that, I mean are these magically helmets or what? (VHS/DVD) - Hot-T


  Milagro Beanfield War, The (1988)
  • If you turn up the sound in the part where Joe Mondragon finally returns home (toward the end) you will hear a little girl say, "My shoes untied !". That was me ! The editors decided not to take it out, but it certainly wasn't in the script. (VHS) - Eva


  Minority Report (2002)


  Miracles of Jesus, The (1989)    Buy this movie
  • In the beginning scene when Mokey is getting interested in the magic show, the clothes that the magician is using for his trick changes from yellow to blue then to yellow again. (And the trick was to change an egg too a dove, not the color of the clothes!) - Cerasi


  Miss Congeniality (2000)    Buy this movie


  Mission: Impossible (1996)    Buy this movie


  Mission: Impossible 2 (2000)    Buy this movie


  Mission to Mars (2000)
  • Whenever they show scenes from outer space with Mars in the background, no clouds are visible, but when they show them on the surface of Mars, you can see DENSE CLOUDS in the sky, and by the way, it is PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE for Mars to have dense clouds due to its paper-thin atmosphere, there are clouds on mars, just not that thick! - Mr Tragedy
  • The part where _______ (not gonna spoil it) commits suicide by taking off his helmet in outer space, his head freezes, this is another physical impossibility. Yes, it is that cold in space, BUT, before your head freezes, the immense pressure from inside your body would push your head to explode. There is no pressure in outer space, So your head would explode immediately, then the pieces would freeze. - Mr Tragedy
  • The part inside the greenhouse on Mars, Gary Senise takes off his helmet and Don Cheade has been living there for 6 months, they breathe! I know plants produce oxygen, but the number of plants in that greenhouse cannot excrete that much oxygen for one (let alone the rest of the crew later on) human to live on, and plants need carbon dioxide to live, ONE human CANNOT produce enough carbon dioxide to support the life of the plants. Mars' atmosphere is made up of mostly Carbon Dioxide, but the greenhouse is sealed from outside air coming in... and lets say this is so, lets say ONE human is enough, do you know how cold it gets on Mars at night? Way below zero degrees, those plants cannot survive the cold of the night! - Mr Tragedy
  • Near the end, when the three go into that hologram room, they are all holding their helmets. Then when they all hold hands, the helmets are gone, and all lined up in a row on the floor. - Lynara
  • In the very beginning a guy is torn apart into millions of pieces. Later it shows three graves by the greenhouse. Three full body graves. - josh howell
    • Correction: Luke comments that he only found one body, but didn't feel right digging only one grave. - BigB
  • Okay, I'm not so sure of the exact part but it is when the rescue crew is on mars out side after they establish that everything is fine and 3 crew members are dead, Some one asks "how are we getting back?" or something like that and Jerry O' Connell's character says "not a problem, I got 4 round trip tickets right here" now lets think about this... if they are round trip tickets, that means that they could go back to Earth maybe spend a week or two there, then use the "round trip" tickets to get back. Because we all know that round trip tickets cover both ways. They want 1 way tickets cause I'm sure they don't want to see Mars ever again. - Fat Tony
    • Correction: What he meant was... they've already traveled 'one-way' and the need the 'round-trip' tickets to get back!... and just in case you don't like that explanation, here's another... everyone knows that advance-purchase, rule-restricted round-trip tickets are cheaper than one-way tickets! (you just don't use the return) ;-) (Theatre) - Mikey


  Mississippi Burning (1988)
  • At the beginning of the movie when the 3 civil rights workers are on their way out of town they are being followed by two cars (the lead car we learn momentarily is a police car when the red light goes on) Look closely at the opening sequence when both of the chase cars roof lines are clearly visible. No "cherry" or red light is mounted on the police car. - Mike
  • (Audio/visual unsynchronised) In the motel room where Gene Hackman and William Dafoe are talking, there is a gunshot. The mirror on the wall cracks before the windows blows in. (VHS) - Jethro


  Model Behavior (2000) (TV)    Buy this movie
  • Alex Burrows wears glasses, but when she switches places with Janine, she gives Janine her glasses. How could she see without her glasses, and wouldn't the prescription from the glasses ruin Janine's eyes? (TV) - Tavia


  Modern Problems (1981)    Buy this movie
  • An 80s chevy chase "comedy" about an air traffic controller who gets splashed with toxic waste and gains the ability to move objects with his mind. This movie is riddled with special effects blunders the worst seeming to be so obvious that I can only think they ran out of money to complete the effect. The scene is towards the beginning, chevy chase is sitting in an office, he makes a model airplane statue start up and fly around the room with his mind. In several shots you can clearly see a piece of machined aluminum bolted to the bottom of the statue and coming toward the camera as if it were attached to the camera mount. It seems like they intended to either have a closer shot or that the aluminum arm was supposed to be masked out in post production. - cbase


  Mommie Dearest (1981)    Buy this movie
  • There's a scene in the film where Faye Dunaway is entertaining Steve Forrest. She has young Christina make Forrest a drink. While looking around for various bottles behind the bar, you can spot a bottle of 409 among the bottles of liquor. I'm no historian, but I'm quite sure they didn't make 409 until the 1970's. The scene takes place during the 1940's. - Soulman


  Money Pit, The (1986)
  • In the scene where the bath tub falls through the floor, we see Tom Hanks fill it up with water. But, when it falls through the floor, no water splashes as the bath tub shatters. - jenni
  • Found this one out by watching the show Hey Hey Its Saturday. If I remember correctly, Tom Hanks is looking around the dumb waiter and then suddenly this raccoon (whatever) jumps out at him. If you watch this slowly, you will see that the raccoon is lifted by someone's hand. - Shrill
  • In the scene where he is put down new steps he hits one of them and his wife is in the bed room and the part of the roof falls on her what the chance of it falling right on her head it is very slim to none you tell me is there set falling down on top of them. -
    • Comment: Ok, sergiongeneral, what you're saying is kinda worded confusingly, but what I'm going to answer is, the house is falling apart, this is just another way to show the viewing audience that this is happening, k? - CJ1017


  Money Talks (1997)    Buy this movie
  • When Chris Tucker is being broken out of the prison bus by the diamond thieves "gang" he is handcuffed to the main bad guy. When the bad guys partner enters the bus, the bad guy grabs the partner with both hands to kiss him. You can see that he is no longer handcuffed to Tucker, yet when they are exiting the bus,they are handcuffed together again. - Brian Switzer
  • The officer is checking for a bomb, but the driver starts the engine before he says it its clear of bomb! - [S]isq[o]
  • When Hatchett (Tucker) is in the helicopter with the bad guys, they open the door and they show a shot when he looks down and see a white cruise ship. But, in the next shot, the white cruise ship has disappeared and a cargo ship is there instead. - [C]hao[s]


  Monkey Bone (2001)    Buy this movie
  • When Stu is in the living room eating cake, he gets it all over himself, but in the next shot when the dog attacks him he is perfectly clean. - Joe


  Mononoke Hime (1997)

AKA Princess Monoke (1999) (US version)

  • In the opening when the demon first comes out, prince Ashitaka fires an arrow towards Yakul. But after ashitaka drops from the tree he strung his bow up like he didn't just use it moments before. - Frank 'N' Beans
    • Explanation: Ashitaka fell through a whole bunch of trees. It's reasonable to assume that his bow became unstrung due to catching on a branch. - Shiari
  • (Continuity) Most of the time when you see Jigo you can clearly see the priest beads that he carries in his hand. But... During the scene where he's examining Ashitaka's gold nugget, the beads are there, then disappear, then reappear later. If you look for it it's really obvious. - Shiari


  Monster's Ball (2001)
  • Leticia Musgrove's husband, Lawrence, was electrocuted. Georgia uses lethal injection as its method of execution. - Nikki
    • Correction: Wrong. At the time of the film (1950s), Georgia executed condemned criminals by electrocution. The state did not execute criminals by lethal injection until the 1980s. In fact, lethal injection was not introduced as an alternative form of execution during the 1980s. - Thik
      • Correction: The movie does not take place in the 1950's. When Leticia goes with her son to see Lawrence, the monitor in the prison shows the date 6/5/01. So by take time Georgia had lethal injection as their method of death. (Theatre) - Nikki
        • Correction: The movie actually takes place in Louisiana. - scald
  • (Anachronisms) When Halle Berry sold her ring to the pawnbroker, she was paid in modern-day currency. We were never told what the time frame of the movie was, but if it was any later than the '70s, then the whole movie was an anachronism. (DVD) - edcarol


  Monsters, Inc. (2001)
  • (Revealing mistakes) In the scenes where Sully (John Goodman) and Boo are escaping from the chameleon (Steve Buscemi), thru the doors, at one point, Boo and Mike (Billy Crystal) and Boo go into one door and it falls and shatters, yet then they come out through another door. Yet the lizard also does this. Goes into one door, and it falls and shatters, only he doesn't come back. What gives? - JP
    • Explanation: When Sully, Mike and Boo's door gets broken, they come back in through another closet door. When Randall's door gets smashed, he gets smashed with a shovel for being an "alligator". - dotlet
  • (Continuity) When Mike and Sully are in the apartment with Boo after the decontamination, and you can perhaps see a speaker or radio thingy on the far right side of the cupboard behind the purple arm chair, and then when Mike trips and gets all the books in his mouth, that same speaker or radio thingy falls on his head out of nowhere for no reason.
  • (Continuity) Also, when Mike tries to talk the office lady into giving him that door key, when he is complementing her some paper on the desk can be seen well, but then it switches the angle and when it comes back you can't see the paper fully, even though she doesn't move. I know it doesn't matter at all but what the hay, it's still the best movie in the world ;) - Anna
  • (Continuity) At the very beginning when Mr Bile enters the training bedroom there is a wooden train set and skateboard on the rug at the foot of the bed. We also see a football at the side of the bed. When the mechanical boy screams and Mr Bile steps back the football is now at the foot of the bed and the train set has disappeared only to be replaced by the set of jacks he falls on. - stanspants


  Moonraker (1979)
  • Hugo Drax's space-station rotates to create artificial gravity by the centrifugal force, but how can the humans walk around with their bodies parallel to the stations axis, when they ought to have their heads towards the axis and their feet straight out from it? - Olav Westerman
  • In the very beginning of the movie, there is a scene where a space-shuttle is hi-jacked while it is mounted atop a 747. The scene implies that the shuttle has a big amount of fuel onboard. In reality the shuttle has no big inboard fuel-tanks, and if it had so, and they were full, it would be too heavy for the 747 to carry. - Olav Westerman
  • There is a ridiculous scene where a big laboratory in the center of Venice, furthermore filled with lethal gas, without explanation in a few hours has been transformed into a luxury office. (When 007 brings M and some other big guy to inspect the laboratory). - Olav Westerman
    • Correction: It is obvious that the Lab stuff was taken away by Drax immediately so the lab would not be discovered. This is part of the confusion of Bond, M, and the M. of D. The Bond villains have been known to do some amazing things. It is either this or maybe Bond had the wrong door! - Bob
  • This is in Holly's hotel room in Venice, just when we learn that she's a CIA agent. She walks over and looks off the balcony. Then she closes the doors. At the very end of the scene, the doors are open again. - Bob


  Moonstruck (1987)    Buy this movie
  • In the scene where Cher tells Vincent Gardenia that she's getting married again, she pours them both some champagne, then sets the bottle on the kitchen table.  During the scene the front label on the bottle keeps moving around from shot to shot. Obviously they're moving the bottle between takes and forgetting to place it back in the same position. - Rob Donaldson
  • During the scene with Cher and Nicolas Cage in his kitchen, keep your eyes on the level of water in her glass -- without leaving the table it goes from empty to full and back every time the camera angle changes! (VHS) - zerodude


  Mortal Kombat (1995)    Buy this movie


  Mortal Kombat: Annihilation (1997)
  • There is a scene where the Emperor hits one of his generals into a pit of fire for failing. Later in the movie Liu Kang gets into a fight with a monster with blades on both arms. Liu Kang kicks the monster into the same pit of fire and the clip shows the Emperor's general getting tossed in again and not the monster. The 2 characters look totally different. - Rahmil

  • In the scene where Sonya and Mileena fight, they both end up covered in mud. After the fight, Sonya takes a dip in the water hole and her muscle shirt is perfectly white again and it's dry. Was she carrying a bottle of bleach or something? - Faby


  Most Wanted (1997)
  • Keenan Ivory Wayans leaps from one building to another with a backpack on. He is then cornered and the backpack is missing. The next scene shows the backpack on again. - pat


  Mother (1996)
  • All credit for this goof, goes to my four year-old daughter, Devon, as she caught it. In this Albert Brooks film, much is made of the fact that his character leaves L.A. and travels north over the Golden Gate Bridge (over 300 miles from L.A.) to stay with his mom, played by Debbie Reynolds. During his stay, they make plans to visit a zoo, which is "fifteen minutes from the house." Devon correctly spotted the elephant habitat as the one from the L.A. Zoo (AKA: "her" zoo!), not San Francisco's. (Theatre/TV) - Kieth Moreland


  Mothman Prophecies, The (2002)
  • When Mary is in the hospital after having brain surgery and chemo she still has hair. There is no sign of surgery. (Theatre) - Simsgirl
  • Gordan's house seem to be on a farm or acreage but it has a house number (1038). (Theatre) - Simsgirl
  • (Revealing mistakes) Toward the end of the movie, someone falls in the river about 40ft deep. In the next scene you can see how shallow the water is, you can see the top of the pool. (VHS) - The Tonester
  • (Anachronism) In the beginning of the movie when Richard Gere & Debra Messing are involved in a car crash. Gere uses a cell phone to call 911. The movie is based in 1966. There weren't cell phones then. (Theatre) - mish
    • Correction: The true story that the film is based on occured in 1966, but the movie has been modernized and takes place in the present. If the setting of the film was the late 1960s, then there are MANY MORE anachronisms than just the cell phone! Just look at some of the cars used. - Mark D


  Moulin Rouge (2001)
  • In one part of the movie, you can see Christian selling his typewriter, but at the end he has it back, while he types the end to his story. See, Lurhmann, it isn't so perfect! (DVD) - kyara
    • Correction: At the beginning of the movie, Christian has an expensive typewriter. He sells it and buys a cheaper one that you see him using at the end. When he sells it they even show a brief shot of the new cheap typewriter. - kel
  • When Christian is lying in bed and talking to Toulous, Toulous gets up to leave. He is a midget in the movie but when he opens the door he is normal height. - CJack14dt
  • When Satine is getting ready to meet the Duke in the elephant, she changes into a red dress, but when she is in the elephant she is wearing black lingerie. Later when she is singing "One Day I'll Fly Away", she is wearing the red dress again. We realize time has gone by, but she's wearing the red dress because the way to win him over is to be a smoldering temptress, which is why they selected the red dress. (DVD/VHS) - Clare and Ann
    • Correction: It shows that satine is changing her dress and then she puts it back on. - JenniferN
  • In the second to last musical number (Hindi Sad Diamonds), where Nicole Kidman is singing and rising onto the stage, her leg is visible through the slit in her skirt. The camera switches angles and her leg is no longer visible. It does this a couple of times. - Jen
  • During the "Spectacular Spectacular" scene in the elephant, there is a stagehand with a baseball cap and sports watch in plain view for a moment behind the bed. He is helping push the musician as he swings through the air. (DVD) - Kacy
  • (Continuity) In between many scenes, the length of Satine's eyebrows change. They go from excessively long, to a normal length. - Stephanie


  Mouse Hunt (1997)    Buy this movie
  • When the rat catcher is dragged through the house by his safety harness, he starts off being dragged face upwards, but a couple of seconds later, his position has changed, he is now face downwards, and at the end of this scene, he is face upwards again. - Caitlin
  • There is no scientific way that you can determine the gender of an animal just by sniffing one of its droppings. - Caitlin
    • Is that a fact? Humans can't do that, but animals, I believe, can determine the gender by sniffing on droppings.
  • Character played by Christopher Walker tells the Smuntz brothers that he can think like a mouse, that he can anticipate their every move and then catch them. But when he is in his safety harness with his rat-cam, the mouse runs right past him and he doesn't see it! If he really could think like a mouse and anticipate their every move, why didn't he see the mouse running past him? - Daria
  • We find out that the Smuntz brothers are very poor and that Ernie Smuntz spent the last of the brothers life savings on a Jacuzzi tub. They can't pay the mortgage on the house. But, after the whole Jacuzzi tub/house mortgage fiasco, the Smuntz brothers hire a rat catcher! If they have no money, how are they going to pay the rat catcher? - Claire
  • The Smuntz brothers are at the string factory, Ernie is in the office, Lars is downstairs trying to explain to the employees that he can not pay them. The furious workers start to revolt. The Smuntz brothers escape through a window and the angry workers break the glass window on the office door. Later on in the movie, Lars has a unfortunate accident at the factory, he goes up to the office and you can see the glass window on the door now appears unbroken. The problem with this is: according to the story, the Smuntz brothers have no money, so they could not have had the window repaired. Oh dear, this errors not good! - Melanie
  • When we first see Caesar [the rat catcher] he drives his truck up to the house and parks close to the house. But when the Smuntz brothers drive home at the end of the day, Caesar's truck is being towed away! When a vehicle gets towed away, it means that the person parked in the wrong place, but the Smuntz brothers always parked their car in a similar position [close to the house] and it never got towed away, so why is poor old Caesar being victimised? - Coralynn


  Mr. Deeds (2002)
  • During the stadium scene, one of the candles on the table magically goes out, then relights several times. (Theatre) - GBA FREEK
  • If Preston Blake was really 100 yards from Mt. Everest's peak, he should have had on a oxygen mask or he would have died in the thin air. (Theatre) - GBA FREEK
  • Deeds donated the 40 billion to the Black Negro fund but then the company magically has it again later. (Theatre) - GBA FREEK
    • Correction: They have already explained to you that the money was not Longfellow Deeds to give away. He can't give away money that doesn't belong to him. Therefore, the check would be no good. - ClioBaby
  • When Deed's buy the bikes from the kid's they take off riding around. When they ride down the stairs, he has a light on the handle bars & it is turn on but when they stop at the fountain it not even there. (Theatre) - dubloh7
  • (Plot holes) Mr. Deeds inherits 40 Billion dollars but after all of the money he spends when he goes out wouldn't the amount end up lower then 40 billion when he donates it to the united negro fund. - nick


  Mr. Nice Guy (1987)
  • When the kid is watching the reporter's tape, it has different camera angles! She only had one camera and obviously did not edit it. - David


  Mrs. Doubtfire (1993)
  • In the scene where Mrs. Doubtfire is in the kitchen to make tea for Mrs. Selner he is rushing around the kitchen and the wig is messed up. Then when he opens the fridge, the wig is perfectly in place again. - btrfly124
  • I don't know if this is considered a goof but in the scene where Daniel and Mr. Lundy are in the restaurant drinking you can see that the ring Mr. Lundy is wearing on his right hand is fake because it is turned side ways and you can see where it has discoloured his finger.
  • Toward the end of the movie when they are all at the restaurant, Stu chokes on a shrimp. He starts chewing on the shrimp but when he's saved and spits it out, it's a whole, unchewed shrimp. - Reddfoxx
  • When Robin Williams visits the unemployment office, you can see a computer behind the unemployment office employees desk. There is something on the screen. Below the screen is the CPU, an IBM PS/2 model 50 and the power switch is in the off position. - jack ryan
  • (Continuity) When Mrs. Doubtfire leans over the stove, her/his fake boobs catch on fire, burning holes into her/his blouse. After extinguishing the flames with the pot lids, the burn holes are a different shape (they're smaller). (TV) - Sam
  • (Continuity) When the family is entering the swimming pool area, two bikini-clad girls walk past the family. In the next shot, the same two girls walk past the family again. (TV) - Sam


  Mulan (1998)
  • (Audio/visual unsynchronised) In the scene where everyone is in the Emperial City, Mulan runs up to Shang to warn him about the Huns, then she turns to the others and says, "Keep you eyes open, I know they're here." Her mouth is out of sync with the words and it looks like she should be saying, "I know them here. - Beck1
  • (Continuity) When Mushu the dragon falls in the snow after the huns attack he says "oh sure, save the horse" Mushu is meant to think the horse is a cow, then Mushu falls into the snow too and his head is to the left, then when Mulan picks him up his head is to the right. - Dragon Lover


  Mulholland Drive (2001)
  • When Betty is leaving the airport, she has 2 suitcases that are put into the trunk of the taxi. Then when she gets to the apartment, she carries 1 suitcase into the courtyard, sets it down, and leaves it there. She gets the key from Coco, goes into the apartment with no suitcase, then is in the bedroom opening 1 suitcase on the bed. - Photon
  • Rita doesn't have anything with her after the accident except her purse and there are no pockets apparent on her dress. In her purse there is only money and the key, but after she has taken a shower and slept and not left the house, her makeup and hair are still perfect. - Photon
    • Comment: To Photon, couldn't the fact that they are in a dream mean that everything is always going to be perfect, including hair and make-up. - Loaded1215
  • Betty sets down 2 suitcases at the airport and they're put in the trunk of the cab. She goes into the apartment courtyard with 1 suitcase and leaves it there when she gets the key. After she's in the apartment, she is shown opening a suitcase on the bed. - Photon
  • Rita has dirt on her face when she lies down in the kitchen, then she takes a shower and comes out with a clean face (but still having makeup on) and wet hair, implying she washed both. She has nothing in her purse but money and a key, didn't carry anything else in with her, and was too disoriented to leave the apartment before then, yet her hair and makeup still look fabulous after she wakes up from a nap. She MIGHT have been able to borrow Betty's haircare products (depending on whether they had similar hair texture; I haven't noticed), but they had very different makeup colors and couldn't have shared that. - Photon
    • Comment: Rita could have found the make-up in the bathroom and it could belong to Betty (women do not always use the same make-up) or her aunt. - RoadRunner
  • When Rita and Betty are hiding the bag in the case, they drop a hat on top. But when Rita later in the movie opens the case to get the bag, there is no hat on top. (Theatre) - RoadRunner


  Mummy, The (1999)


  Mummy Returns, The (2001)


  Muppet Movie, The (1979)
  • During the El Sleazo Cafe sequence, when Fozzie says, "Drinks are on the house," the crowd begins to run out the door. In this shot, a young woman is doubling for Paul Williams, who plays the piano player. - Judy


  Murder by Numbers (2002)
  • During the dialog between the two teenagers at the end of the movie one teen had put on a rubber glove then the other teen asked for the gloves. The glove was not removed by the one teen and he was seen running the glove hand (right) through his hair and no glove was on the hand. - Robbie
  • When Sandra Bullock goes into the school gymnasium to interview the blond haired kid, you can see the microphone clearly on the top of the screen. (Theatre) - ScottyMack


  Murphy's War (1971)
  • The Grumman Duck that Murphy flies has inaccurate national insignias and markings. - Olav Westerman
  • In one scene where Murphy is searching for the German submarine, his aircraft is equipped with the homemade bombs that isn't loaded aboard at that time, but just before the next flight. - Olav Westerman
  • The U-boat in the movie wasn't even close to being a VIIC boat. (The standard German U-boat) It is in fact a "Guppy" a post war modified US Gato fleet boat. - Super Chief


  Music of the Heart (1999)
  • When Meryl Streep's guy friend comes in with champagne, she is fixing her curler. She doesn't have to, though, because in a minute or two, while she is talking, the curlers vanish. - offmybach


  My Best Friend's Wedding (1997)
  • After Julia Roberts is smoking a cigarette and "falls" into the hotel room, in one scene you see an ash in her hair as she is lying down, in the next scene, the ash is gone, and then in the next scene you see the ash again. - Susan Ward
  • When Julia arrives at the pre-wedding party she has a pair of sunglasses on her face as well as another pair of sunglasses hanging from her shirt. Through the next few scenes she can be seen with both pairs. - Tim
    • Correction: In the scenes where Julia Roberts has two pairs of sunglasses, it's deliberate. It's emphasizing her nervousness that she brought two pairs of sunglasses and hasn't noticed. It ain't a goof mate, it's supposed to be funny! - Sidewinder
  • When Julz says that she and George are getting married you never see the ring on her finger again. - MovieWatcher


  My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002)
  • (Continuity) In the restaurant near the beginning of the movie, Tula is standing at a table with a coffee server in her hand. There are no cups on the table, but 2-3 cuts later the cups magically appear and she pours the coffee. - bullfighter


  My Bloody Valentine (1981)
  • The goof takes place during the final part of the film. People are gathering onto a mining car for a ride and beer drinking. While they're drinking you'll notice when one of them tips up the can of beer to take a drink, there are holes punched in the bottom of the can. (TV) - Soulman


  My Cousin Vinny (1992)
  • In the scene where the stuttering lawyer is doing his thing, Joe Pesci, Ralph Macchio and the other kid can be quite clearly seen laughing in the background! (VHS) - Swampy
  • We learn that Lisa (Marisa Tomei) has called an acquaintance, asking him to vouch for the legal qualifications of "Jerry Callow," an alias of Vinny Gambini (Joe Pesci). How does she know to do this, when Pesci never mentions the alias to Tomei? (Theatre) - MarkD


  My Fair Lady (1964)
  • When Eliza is at the horse race and speaking (to Freddy and all the other snobs) about her Aunt who died of influenza she says that her aunt bit the bowl off the spoon, then when Freddy is in front of the Professor's house (where Eliza is staying) singing, he says "and her aunt who bit the spoon off the bowl..." instead of vice versa. (VHS) - Moviegirl24


  My Girl (1991)
  • (Revealing mistakes) In the scene where the children were fishing and the girl catches a fish and the little boy is taking out the hook you can clearly see that the hook is already out before he takes it out. (VHS) - heavenly_bug


  My Girl 2 (1994)
  • If Vada wanted to know so much about her mother why wouldn't she just ask her dad? He was married to her. - Smiley
    • Comment: Her father didn't want to talk about her I am sure. - jrtgem


  Mystery, Alaska (1999)
  • In the middle of the film they celebrate Christmas. People are skating in the middle of the day. In the sunshine. But later we find out that we are in driving distance to Fairbanks. The sun doesn't rise in Fairbanks at Christmas, it's too far north! - ec orb
  • Also, why are the Rangers playing the game in their white jerseys? Those are home jerseys. They should wear their away sweaters. - ec orb


  Mystery Men (1999)
  • During the opening sketch, with the Red Eye gang attacking the old people, an old man had his artificial, left arm torn off, and thrown into the punch bowl. When torn off, the arm had on a gold watch. But when the table was hit, the arm was catapulted into the air, grabbing the chandalier, but it was a RIGHT arm, with no watch, and a rose design on it. And when it came back down, it was back to being a left arm, but without the watch, or rose design. (VHS) - Asertix


  Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie (1996)
  • Waaaay in the end of the movie, when they do the credits for the mst3k part, not this island earth, mike's head is shifting right, then suddenly it's on the left. And you can tell that the film was edited. But who cares really, I guess. It was made to hilarious which it was. And budget wasn't part of the criteria for this movie. So goof or not? You be the judge!!! - Lando


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