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  Mad Dog and Glory (1993)    Buy this movie
  • Right after De Niro and Thurman get it on, they walk in front of their window to show off, I guess. So, they're supposed to be naked right? But if you look in the reflection of the window you can see that they are both wearing black undies. - David


  Madeline (1998)    Buy this movie
  • As Madeline, Miss Clavel and Helene the cook are on their way home from the hospital, the roof of the car is open, it is open when they arrive home, but as they are crossing a bridge during the journey, it is closed. - Stephanie


  Magical Mystery Tour (1967) (TV)   Buy this movie
  • When The Beatles are walking down the steps late in the movie and they have their white suits on with the carnations, halfway down the steps, John loses his footing for a second.


  Magnificent Seven, The (1960)
  • In the scene near the beginning of the movie where James Colburn is challenged by the gun fighter to see which is faster his gun or Colburns knife, when the gunfighter falls against the telephone pole the entire pole moves several inches. (DVD) - tom


  • In one scene, John C. Rielly (the cop) is holding a shotgun, but when he enters his car he is holding a night stick and a flashlight instead. - David
  • When John C. Rielly is driving his car saying his dialogue about his job, look at the reflection in his glasses. You will see something black on the front of his car. I'm guessing this is to deflect too much light. - David
  • In the first sequence, the murder of Sir Godfrey is set in Edwardian England at "Greenberry Hill" by murderers Green, Berry, and Hill. Although Charles Hoy Fort cited the New York Herald of 1911 as his source for this story, the actual murder took place in 1678 at Primrose Hill. There is no "Greenberry Hill" in London; and, this strange story of a coincidence between the names of the murderers and the site of the murder was fictitious propaganda. - Mr. X
    • Correction: Primrose Hill was formerly known as Greenberry Hill. - JoseyWales


  Magnum Force (1973)    Buy this movie
  • Although the damage to movie cars many times is not consistent as the movie progresses, this has to rate as one of the worst. Watch the blue LTD at the end of the movie, it his motorcycles and other objects, but the damage is lessened is subsequent shots. At one point, the crew has to cut sheet metal for the car to move, you see neat linear cuts around the front wheels and radiator. - Selsdon
  • When Harry shoots the second hijacker from a distance of about 20 - 25 feet, he never approaches the body to remove and safeguard the hijacker's gun, or to make sure the hijacker's dead.- Kieth Moreland
  • When the pool party is ambushed, one guest in a robe will be shot and he'll break a window. The wires attached to his squib (exploding bullet/blood pack) are visible. - Kieth Moreland
  • When the pimp is killed, the killer will fire only FIVE times. Yet, later in the crime lab, they'll have a set of SIX wires and pencils set up in the car's ddorway to re-create the bullet trajectories. - Kieth Moreland


  Majestic, The (2001)    Buy this movie
  • The band plays the song "Stranger on the Shore" in the mid 1950s but the song wasn't written until 1961. - Tim
  • In onw part of the movie wen Lucas is at the bar drinkin, if u look at his animal monkey, the monkey has a shirt, or sweatshirt on, well in the next scene after he goes into his cart and puts his pet down the shirt isn't there. Must be a goof or mistake or something. - alan


  Mallrats (1995)


  • When (Ben Affleck) is beating up Brody, he calls him by his real name Ben. - Marywinkle
    • Comment: This is a misunderstanding when Ben Affleck hits Jason Lee {Brody} Ben calls Jason Bruce now these two characters hate each other so why would Ben's character bother remembering Jasons character name. - ash
    • Correction: (in reference to shannon calling Brody "Bruce": In the part of the movie where TS is introducing himself and Brody to Gil, you find out that Brody's last name is Bruce, so it wasn't a goof or a matter of not caring..Shannon was just calling him by his last name. - kate
  • Near the end, when Shannon is being shown on the screen with trish the dish, he is supposed to be on stage, about to beat the living crap out of Brodie. But when they do a wide reaction shot of the crowd, if you look close enough, you will see him sitting there, right next to Rene. - KSfan1
  • When Brodie and TS get to the mall (after the dirtmall) they park next to a black pickup truck, then when the camera angle changes to the opposite direction there are two completely different cars on both sides. - Loaded1215
  • When T.S. and Brodie are talking to Willam (the guy who can't see the sailboat), pause the movie when there's a close-up of the "Magic Eye" picture and, if you know how to work those things, you'll see it isn't even a sailboat in the picture. - Sub-Zero
  • When Brodie and Rene are fighting in the elevator, Rene comments on being with Shannen, in saying "Shannon did the picking up!" Shannen being her real name. (VHS) - daria
    • Correction: They are fighting and she says Shannon as in the guy who did the picking up. The guy they are both talking about, not her real name. The guy she is talking about is the manager at the fashionable male store who hates Brodie and his name is Shannon Hamilton (who is played by Ben Affleck) further more i'm wondering if you actually watched the movie. But that can be discussed other times. - foned
  • When Brodie, T.S., Jay, and Silent Bob meet at the food court, T.S.'s Coca Cola "magically" transforms into a Diet Coke. (VHS) - daria


  Mambo Kings, The (1992)
  • When the mambo kings watch their episode of "I Love Lucy," the intro of the show is the one created for the later syndicated version, not the original network broadcast. - Kevin K.


  Mame (1974)    Buy this movie
  • When Mame meets Beauregard Burnside, she twitters that she "feels like Scarlett O'Hara" though Gone With the Wind hadn't yet been written. - allan


  Manchurian Candidate, The (1962)
  • First of all, the Americans did not put up a fight when they were grabbed from behind in the beginning. - Sue
  • That Korean trader/soldier/servant guy DID NOT look Korean. - Sue
  • A news release went out that Sgt. Shaw was in the hospital, but isn't it strange that being a decorated soldier, nobody came to visit him?
  • Oh and isn't it weird that there was no security at the convention in the end, and that Shaw knew exactly where he was going in the garden?? - Sue
  • As one of the unconscious American soldiers is being carried on a stretcher to a Russian helicopter, his helmet falls off onto the ground. In the very next scene, the helmet is now on his head and is tightly strapped to his chin! (VHS) - Rod


  Maniac Cop (1988)
  • In the scene where the maniac cop is grabbing Bruce Campbell's character, in the two-shot, you can see that the villain's face is smooth especially the left jaw, but when they cut to a close up of the villain, his face is all cut up. The prosthetics change as they switch shots. - tochi
  • In the middle of the movie, the maniac cop loses the glove on his left hand when a girl takes it off, and from that scene on, he is shown wearing just one glove (on his right hand). Detective Maccrae even saw the missing glove in the girl's purse. But when the the maniac cop is being pursued while driving a police van, he is wearing gloves on both hands, and after that scene, the left hand glove is missing again. - tochi


  Man in the Iron Mask (1998)    Buy this movie
  • (Spoiler) When Dartangan (Gabriel Byrne) dies, in one scene Phillipe (Leo Di Caprio) is crying and hugging him and Dartangans' mouth is open and in the next shot it's closed. - alli jinn


  Man on the Moon (1999)
  • When Jim Carrey does his Elvis routine in the nightclub, the acoustic guitar strapped around his chest magically disappears after the first few seconds. - Kevin K.
  • Also, David Letterman didn't wear glasses (on TV) in the 1980s. - Kevin K.


  Man Who Knew Too Little, The (1997)
  • (Revealing mistakes) When Bill Murray's character breaks into the kitchen with the piece of wood there is nothing wrong with the door, then after he hits it and opens the door, he takes the piece of wood out of the door and you can see pieces of wood they tried to use to patch up the other holes. (VHS) - Patched Door


  Man Who Would Be King, The (1975)    Buy this movie
  • Sean Connery's source of power is an arrow shot at him, that sticks in a concealed bandolier under his shirt. The Bashkai people cease their fighting to worship him while he still fighting on horseback. In the long shot you can watch the arrow in his chest, get knocked off by the horse. In the next close-up scene of Connery, the arrow is back in his chest. - Kieth moreland


  Man With the Golden Gun, The (1974)    Buy this movie

Roger Moore as James Bond
Maude Adams as Andrea Anders

  • Before James Bond interrupts Maud Adams shower, a camera crew member reflection is seen in a mirror. - pat
  • When James Bond flies to Scaramangas island in his Seabee amphibious aircraft it has the two floats under the wings in place, but when he has landed and taxies up on the beach, it has lost the left float. - Olav Westerman
  • In one scene some bad guys chase Bond in a long, narrow boat. Just before Bond rams the bad guys boat and split it in two halves, one can see that the boat is already divided in two parts, loosely held together. - Olav Westerman
  • As the thug in the beginning of the film wanders through Scarmanga's funhouse, he is attacked by a "mannequin" of Al capone. All is well except for the fact that Big Al blinks as he is firing his gun. - chris
  • Also, at the film's start the thug places a silencer on his gun, only every shot he fires can be heard loud and clear. - chris
  • In the scene were the man with the golden gun is shooting the James Bond figure, he shootes five bullets and later in the movie he says that the gun can only hold one bullet. - robo


  Marked for Death (1990)    Buy this movie
  • One scene, Seagal breaks some Jamaican guy's arm. If you look, you can see his real arm tucked in his clothes. - David
  • Later, Seagal throws some guy down an elevator shaft. The guy being thrown down is obviously a dummy. - David
  • When Seagal is in the hospital he is wearing a black jacket, however when he goes besides the bed of his niece his jacket has changed and now has a picture of a panther on it. He then goes outside the hospital and the jacket has changed back again without the picture. - Matt B
  • When Seagal beheads Screwface towards the end of the film you can notice that the body has some sort of pole hanging out it's A**E which is being used to support it and keep it upright. - Matt S


  Marooned (1969)    Buy this movie
  • When the camera follows the spaceship in orbit towards the sunrise, the earth revolves, the sun rises fast, but the starry sky does not move, so obviously the stars orbit the earth at the same speed and direction as the spaceship does. - Olav Westerman
  • When Gene Hackmans character spins around in his spacesuit in open space, the sun must circle around him since it shines on him from the same angle all the time. - Olav Westerman
  • When the film was made the Soviet Union had revealed their spaceship-designs, but despite that, the Soviet spaceship in the film looks ridiculous, even if it resembles a Vostok. - Olav Westerman


  Mars Attacks! (1996)    Buy this movie
  • When the US president (Jack Nicholson) is delivering his goodwill speech to the Martian leader, he adjusts his tie but as the scene goes on, the tie is undone again. - Fer


  Mary Poppins (1964)
  • In the end of the movie, when she is about to leave the house, she is talking to what appears to be a green wooden bird that was on her shoulder in one scene and in the next scene the bird has seem to disappeared. - Anahi_8499
    • Correction: Ummmm... well... isn't the green wooden bird the bottom of her umbrella???? - Cerasi1138
  • In Mary Poppins, which we all know is set in London England, when Mary, Burt & the children are in the street painting when we see the horse race the horses are racing around the circuit to the right but in England they race to the left. - william
  • The fake Robin in the song "A Spoonfull of Sugar" is a North American variety not the tiny UK species. - oasisgjm


  Mask, The (1994)
  • When Carrey is the Mask and is dancing with the Police on the street he flies through the air and slides down a street light pole. As he dances/spins away from the pole his shirt becomes untucked and then it's retucked. - Jim Spencer
  • After Jim Carry pulls off the mask from the dog, the mask is shot and lands behind the bar. Jim jumps after the mask and people shoot at him. When they stop shooting him, they unclip their guns. But, in the next scene you see them unclipping their guns again. (VHS) - Peter P.


  Mask of Zorro, The (1998)    Buy this movie
  • The setting of the movie is in 1841. It is true Jacquin Marrietta was killed and decapitated by Capt Harry Love, but this event didn't occur until 1853. Gold wasn't discovered in California until 1849. The governor claimed that Santa Anna was engaged in a costly war with the U.S. The Mexican-American started in 1846. - pat
  • Anthony Hopkin's wig ungluing from the back of his neck. - Ben Labédaine
  • Out of focus shot when Zeta-Jones is brushing the horse (focus on the horse but she is off). - Ben Labédaine
  • Dancers *obviously* not Banderas and Zeta-Jones. - Ben Labédaine
    • Correction: That is a real dance, the "Pink Flamingo". - Jess
      • So what if it is a real dance? The dancers are still obviously not Banderas & Zeta-Jones.
  • Zorro (or some other guy, I don't remember) slides on a shovel. - Ben Labédaine
    • Correction: It was Banderas, and why not, he had to get down the slope it looked like a good form of transportation. - Jess
  • At one point loses sword but gets it back miraculously in a following shot. - Ben Labédaine
  • When Don Diego de la Vega (Anthony Hopkins) finally confronts Don Rafael in his home, pointing his sword at Don Rafael from behind a pillar, he says "Go on, reach for it, Captain. I warned you long ago, Rafael, that you would never be rid of me." However, his lips' movement does not correspond with the words. His lips move, and a second later, the words come out. Editing goof! - jbillips
  • At the beginning of the movie, when Anthony Hopkins goes to see his baby daughter, the nanny talks in Spanish to him. Yet if you read the bottem of the screen and look at her lips moving, you can tell that she was talking in English. (VHS) - birdie
  • When Antonio Banderas is drunk and fights Anthony Hopkins after he sees Capt. Love, he falls into like a column of hay (for lack of a better term) and knocks it over. But in the next scene it disappears. Also when Hopkins hits the sword from Banderas' hands, it flies outward. So Hopkins couldn't have reached up to catch it. (VHS) - birdie


  Matrix, The (1999)    Buy this movie


  Maverick (1994)
  • At the end of the poker tournament before the big game the dealer goes to shake Mel Gibson's hand but his chair sticks to him. You can see Mel Gibson laughing. (VHS) - day


  Max Keeble's Big Move (2001)
  • When Robe takes a string of spaghetti off Max's shirt he takes off strand. During the close up he had a handful. (DVD) - elvega
  • On the bus in the beginning, a can roles up to the freak in the robe. When he opens it nothing happens. I'm not a rocket scientist but when a can roles like that it causes air pressure. So when he opened it, it should have exploded. (TV) - TAZ


  Meet Joe Black (1998)    Buy this movie
  • At the beginning of the movie when the daughter first meets Brad Pitt in the coffee shop, they shoot the scene from several angles. Watch her coffee cup. She sugars, adds cream and moves it three times!


  Meet the Parents (2000)    Buy this movie


  Memoirs of an Invisible Man (1992)    Buy this movie
  • Chevy Chase's character is supposed to be invisible to mirror reflections. However, when he bangs on a window pane begging for help, his reflection is clearly seen in the window pane. (Theatre) - Mr.MTG


  Me, Myself & Irene (2000)    Buy this movie


  Menace II Society (1993)
  • In the scene with Kane and O-Dog robbing the liqueur store, O-Dog grabs the female clerk and takes her to the back to get the video tape. While he's taking to the back, he's talking to Kane telling him to get the money out of the register. If you look in the store's mirrors above the liqueur refrigerator you will see the camera man following O-Dog and the female clerk. - rceaser
  • In the part when Cane steals the alloy wheels, you can blatantly see his modern day Rolex on his gun hand. This would really not happen in the period in which it set! - bum boy
    • Correction: Menace II Society was set in 1993, didn't they make Rolex's back then? - mottadog


  Men in Black (1997)

Tommy Lee Jones as Kay
Will Smith as Jay


  Men in Black II (2002)
  • This may not be a goof but in the first one and the cartoon series the Worms were big time coffee drinkers. Most of the time you would either see them drinking, holding or talking about coffee. But in this movie you do not even see anything mentioned about them with coffee. - TAZ
  • During the part when the girl Will Smith likes is about to go to the star he says "haven't you realized you cry every time it's raining?" then he says "every time you are sad and you cry it rains" when she gets in the space ship and goes to the star do you see any rain? NO~! so what is she not sad? (Theatre) - Wicc
    • Correction: Yes! It's clearly raining when she goes up, there are raindrops on the screen of the capsule. - PsychoKitten
  • In the commercial for the movie they show when J bringing Keven Brown (K) to the room where the denerlizer is, in the scene K is wearing his uniform that he wore at the post office. But in the same scene in the movie he is wearing his Men in Black suit. (Theatre) - TAZ
  • (Revealing mistakes) When Will Smith gets out of the black car after arriving at a muddy site, his shoes already have whitish mud on them from the site before his feet hit the ground. - Pailot


  Men of Honor (2000)    Buy this movie
  • When Cuba Gooding Jr. is looking in the mirror at his missing leg the wrong leg is missing. His left leg should be missing. Instead his right leg is missing. - dradak


  Mercury Rising (1998)    Buy this movie

Bruce Willis as Arthur "Art" Jeffries

  • When Art is driving the ambulance he turns the steering wheel to the left and a reaction shot from outside of the ambulance shows it going right. - Webmaster


  Mercy (2000)    Buy this movie
  • Just minutes into the film, police are investigating a murder scene. Keep an eye on the "dead" body because it blinks. - scott


  Merry War, A (1997)    Buy this movie
  • Late in the movie when Gordon Comstick, played by Richard Grant, and Rosemary, played by Helena Bonham Carter, enter a park after Gordon has been throw out of his apartment for getting arrested for being drunk he is carrying two suitcases. They sit down on a park bench and talk. When they get up to leave the suitcases are gone. Next scene Gordon walks down a street carrying the suitcases. - peter d


  Message in a Bottle (1999)    Buy this movie
  • Theresa (Robin Wright) is in her office and she has just received a note/phote from Garret (Kevin Costner) which she opens and reads and looks at the picture. Her work college Charlie (Robbie Coltrane) then walks into the office to speak to her and she then opens the envelope she has in her hand that contains the note/picture, showing it to Charlie as if she has just opened it. Which she had done (alone) in the previous shot. - Alison
  • The rental cars used by Theresa (Robin Wright) had the same license plate on different cars and there were license plates on the front of the cars, however in North Carolina they only have plates on the back on the car and not the front. - jman
  • The location for the movie is supposed to be on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. However the filming took place in Maine and the coastline of Maine looks nothing like the NC coast. - jman
  • During the scene where Garret and Theresa just finished making love and Theresa goes into the shower Garret lights a candle on the night table, the scarf is stuck in the drawer and he opens it, look at the candle holder it is empty--no candle! Then while he is reading the letters the candle holder has a candle in it and the candle is lit again. - Cheryl
  • In the scene where Garrett & Theresa are by the car saying there goodbyes you'll notice that the car door is open, but in the next scene it is closed. Then in the next scene it is open again. - TazLuvr


  Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc, The (1999)
  • When Joan is riding into the French King's castle, a shadow of the cameraman can be seen. - David
  • In one scene, a guy is climbing into a castle and gets decapitated. If you watch this scene in slow-motion, you will see that his head stretches out like in a cartoon. - David
  • In another scene a guy gets his arm cut off. If you look closely at his shirt, you will see it is bulging because his real arm is tucked inside of it. - David
  • In another scene, a guy catapults a ball that says "hello" on it. The word "hello" was created after the invention of the telephone, and I doubt the catapulter had a telephone way back then. - David


  Mewtwo's Counterattack (1998)

a.k.a Pocket Monsters: Mewtwo Strikes Back! (1998) (Japan: English title)

  • (Spoiler) When Mewtwo drains his energy to destroy the two machines that are holding him captive, Ash takes him to the spring to revive him and restore his power. But according to his stats, Mewtwo is 6'9" and weighs 269 lbs. How could a little kid like Ash, lift Mewtwo when he was so huge and heavy? I'm 17, I work out a lot, and I can't even lift 150. I guess the Japanese are MUCH stronger than they look. - Asertix


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