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  La Bibbia (aka The Bible) (1966)

Michael Parks as Adam

  • In this long ago forgotten, religious epic, Adam has a belly button!
    • Comment: This is the classic creation vs. evolution debate. I don't want to get in depth, but allow me to say that the explanation given by religious people is that during creation, God created everything as if it were mature. For example, in order to create a tree, the tree has to be an actual tree, not a seed from which a tree will grow. If a tree were to be cut down 1 minute after it had been created, it would still have rings, even though it was only one minute old. Hence, Adam was created with a navel, even though he didn't come from a womb. - Dave
      • Now you ruined all the fun!
  • In 1966 my brother was an usher in a movie theater and had to watch movies over and over standing near the back of the theater. In one scene of the movie; the camera is panning across the country side with the narrator speaking. As the camera passes a clump of bushes (after several times of watching the scence over and over) my brother realized that a member from the set crew was crouched over and squatting behind the bushes. If you know of this goof - you are truly a rare individual with a long memory. (Theatre) - Dcrawford36
  • During the Flood-part of the movie, people are seen clinching to a cliff with water splashing all over them. They are seen at a distance, and are in fact lizards filmed at Galapagos... (Theatre) - Olav Westerman


  Labyrinth (1986)
  • When Sarah enters the Labyrinth, there seems to be only one way that goes on forever. Then a worm tells her about the entrance right across, which is not really visible (optical illusion). Could it be possible for Sarah to have been fooled, for she has stereoscopic vision, and should have noticed that the illusional wall was a few feet further than the actual wall? - Ropers Yann
  • (Not a goof) - Sarah encounters two strange dog-like characters. Each one is standing in front of a door. One of them says : "One of us always tells the truth, and one of us always lies". Sarah thinks of a riddle to try finding out who is telling the truth. Why bother? The character who volunteered the information is most likely to be the one who is telling the truth (the other would not have told Sarah about it, or else he would have lied). - Ropers Yann
    • Correction: You are wrong, when Sarah meets both of the doglike characters, both of them are liars, one of them says one of them tells the truth, when that is a lie, they both are liars. - Boo
  • When Sarah is speaking to Jareth in the room of staircases, she begins to quote the Through Dangers Untold poem. Perhaps it was a flub done through editing, but she leaves out one important line: "To take back the child that you have stolen." (VHS) - haley
  • When David Bowie throws the baby up in the air in that song at the beginning the baby's hair is curly in the back. But when you look at the baby up close (the real baby) he has strait hair. - Ryan
  • (Crew/equipment visible) When Sarah is about to encounter Pluto Hogle runs and turns to a corner. When he turns the corner you can see a shadow move back and forth. - Ryan


  L.A. Confidential (1997)    Buy this movie
  • At the end of the movie, when Kim Basinger is talking to Guy Pierce, they are facing each other, but the sun is behind them both... hmm, strange world with two suns? - Sidewinder
  • At the end of the movie, Lt. Exley has received a medal and it is around his neck as he walks out of the building with Lynn (Kim Basinger). When he bends down to the car, it is not around his neck nor is in around his neck when he is saying goodbye to Lynn. - Bud Lover
  • In an early scene where the police are arriving at a house in a rural neighborhood, we can see a red, white and blue mailbox, a color combo not introduced until many decades later. Mailboxes of the time were olive green. - Allan


  Ladybugs (1992)    Buy this movie
  • In the movie Ladybugs, Rodney Dangerfield is driving his soccer team to a game and singing "Great Balls of Fire". At first Jonathan Brandis is sitting behind Rodney Dangerfield. At the end of the song he is sitting in the middle of the backseat. Not behind the driver, Rodney Dangerfield. - Jill
  • When the puggy girl says "This is for you Coach Jester" and starts kicking the ball down the field, in the slow motion shots the legs are much skinnier than her atual legs. - Chuck
  • In the one seen where he runs back and catches the football. He starts walking by the minivan driven by Rodney Dangerfield carrying the football but when it cuts back to him he's carrying a backpack. - Dave SCSA


  Ladyhawke (1985)
  • On the evening before the confrontation in the cathedral, there is a full moon. During the show down with the bishop the next day, there is a solar eclipse — but a solar eclipse can only occur at the time of a new moon, fourteen days before or after a full moon. - Arthur


  La Femme Nikita (1990)    Buy this movie
  • In the scene where the cops drag her kicking and screaming out of the courtroom and down a hallway she twists her body and you can see a large ,white foam pad beneath her clothes to protect her back and rear-end from getting bruised. (VHS) - byron


  Lake Placid (1999)    Buy this movie
  • In the scene where they are in the boat she has a green life jacket on, when she falls off the boat it's not buttoned but then when she is in the water it is buttoned and then she gets on the boat it is still buttoned up. - amz


  Langoliers, The (1995) (TV)    Buy this movie
  • At the end where they get into the future they have to wait 15 minutes for the effects to kick in but earlier in the movie they said once they got through the rip it would take 35 minutes to get to LAX so it would have already happened. (VHS) - pritch25


  Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (2001)


  Last Action Hero (1993)
  • (Revealing mistakes) When Slater plays Chicken With the taxi cab You can see a cable on the ground behind his car as he takes off at the cab. (DVD) - Toddler
  • (Revealing mistakes) When Benedict's dogs stand up on each other, you can clearly see the scaffolding the dogs are standing on. (VHS) - seatero


  Last Castle, The (2001)
  • Goof in the preview! When Robert Redford's character says to the warden on the radio that he's going to take control of his prison, the warden (James Gandolfini) says "Like hell you are" into the radio, but he's holding the radio backwards and says it into the back of the radio. - Scott


  Last Man Standing (1996)    Buy this movie
  • When John Smith (Bruce Willis) walks into the building with the blonde lady and Georgio says "Took you long enough", a few seconds later the shadow of the boom mike is clearly visible. - David
  • When John Smith (Bruce Willis) pops out of the trunk and shoots the big dude with the small dude's gun, he fires at least 9 shots from a six shooter without reloading. - David


  Last of the Mohicans, The (1992)


  Late September ( ? )    Buy this movie
  • The movie opens with a soldier (Circa 1920) dancing with a young girl in a garden. They are being trailed by another soldier dancing with a early Victrola in his arms. We hear the sound of the record playing throughout, and despite the second soldiers dancing the record never skips. I doubt a CD player could do as well. - al


  Late for Dinner (1991)    Buy this movie
  • Near the end of the movie, at a very dramatic moment with his wife, the actor playing the husband mixes up his wife's name with his daughter's name. At that moment, the "wife" tries to correct the actor then looks off-camera, and appears to be waiting for the director to say, "Cut!". - Ripley


  League of Their Own, A (1992)    Buy this movie
  • When the list is posted showing whether the girls made the team, Babbitt is posted before Baker but when the camera shows the same list a few seconds later the names on the list are reversed. - pat A
  • When the Peaches are going out to their first game, one of the players falls down. - dot
  • During the scene where they are at beauty school and they are learning how to walk gracefully, Marla is in the front and then in the next scene she is in the middle. - dot


  Leaving Las Vegas (1995)
  • In the scene where Nicholas Cage is packing everything up to move out of his hotel room he pours himself a drink. The glass is half full in one shot the next it is full then it is half full again. - whitney
  • In the scene where Cage and Shue are out gambling they are playing Blackjack on a Carribian stud game layout. (That would be like trying to play roulette on a craps table!!) - yarm


  Legally Blonde (2001)
  • Elle's friend with the brown hair, tells Elle she just got bangs but she had bangs throughout the whole movie. - qwet
    • Correction: Actually, she didn't have bangs the whole time. It was just at the end. (VHS) - Becki
  • When Elle is in the elevator of the law firm you can see Vivian's reflection in the hallway sign waiting for her cue!!! (DVD) - Dee
  • When Elle is in line to get a drink after court before the gay guy does, a lady gets a drink before Elle but no water comes out!! Lol, it's funny because the gay guy like slurps it right after the lady. (DVD) - amy
  • When Reese’s character decides to quit law school, she goes to see Jennifer Coolidge at the nail salon. When she arrives she’s crying and her face is wet with tears. In the next camera angle her face is completely dry and her makeup is normal. - Kristy
  • (Continuity) In The movie, in the scene where Elle goes to visit the manicurist's ex husband, she is wearing a pink watch when they leave the house, but when they get to the ex husbands trailer, the watch has magically turned from pink to purple! - Stace
  • (Continuity) When Elle hears Vivian talking about the 'costume' party her bedroom door is closed. But when she goes to talk to Vivian her door is automatically open! She never actually opens it! - Coz
  • (Continuity) The person sitting behind the counselor's bench in the seat nearest to the aisle. First David sits there, then he suddenly shoots to the end of the counselor's table, then Callahan sits there, then he moves and Elle's friends are sitting there! - man_eater


  Legend (1985)
  • (Revealing mistakes) When that little fairy is leading Jack into the cave to get his armor, you can see the string holding it up! - Cerasi
  • (Continuity) There is a scene where Lily is alone in a room of the castle. She turns and notices a large jewelry box behind her. As she heads over to it, if you look behind her and to the right you can see the statue on the fountain get up and look at her. And yet, about 5 seconds later when she pulls a necklace out of the jewelry box there is a close up of the statue, and he gets up and moves the exact same way he did not 5 seconds before. - Sonja
  • (Revealing mistakes) There are several points when the wind is blowing Jack's cloak about that you can see a safety pin holding it together near his shoulder. - Dave Brohman


  Legend, The (Fong Shi Yu) (1993)    Buy this movie
  • Throughout this film (as in Jet Li's film "Once Upon a Time in China") whenever the characters fly around wires are clearly visible. - David
  • Wires are also clearly visible when Li fires the arrows at the end. - David
  • At the beginning, when that bad dude throws the guy in the fire, the guy's body is clearly a badly made dummy. - David
  • When Li straps his dead friend to his back and starts kicking major booty, in numerous shots the dead guy is obviously a dummy (look for his arms bending the wrong way and light reflecting off of his plastic head). - David
  • When Li is hitting everyone with those flaming ropes, if you watch in slow motion when the ropes hit the guys' heads they are obviously plastic...the heads that is. - David
  • At the end, the fuse on the dynamite stick gets smaller and larger between shots. - David


  Legends of the Fall (1994)    Buy this movie
  • In the war scene when Samuel gets shot and Tristen is crying over him, blood flows from Samuel's mouth. There is a shot of Tristen crying again, then the next shot Samuel spits up blood for the first time....again, then there is another shot of Tristen, and when the camera comes back to Samuel the first "spit-up" is present. Check it out! - Infinity
  • In the battle scenes, numerous times you can see air-ramps that launch some of the soldiers up. - David


  Legend of Bagger Vance, The (2000)    Buy this movie
  • When the golfer and the girl are having a conversation you can easily tell that Matt Damon is being boosted up in different wyas and heights. - Mikee


  Léon (AKA The Professional) (1994)    Buy this movie


  Lethal Weapon (1987)
  • Riggs handcuffs himself to the guy who throws himself and Riggs off the roof - but when the camera cuts to the instant of the jump, they aren't handcuffed. - Scott
    • Comment: Riggs is actually handcuffed to the guy but if you watch carefully the handcuffs break when they jump. Strong cuffs Huh? Then they grab hands to make the appearance that they are still cuffed. So I was just telling that they are cuffed, Just the cuffs break. On the interesting side the jumper is Anthony Kiedes's father. (Lead Singer of Red Hot Chili Peppers). - Tim
      • Comment: Tim says the jumper in the handcuff scene is Anthony Keidis' father, this is not true. Actually, one of the bad guys at the Christmas tree lot in the beginning is Anthony Keidis' father. - David
      • Correction: Actually, the hand cuff do not break. We know this because after they hit the inflated mattress, you see another police officer uncuff them. - Sager
        • Explanation: The cuffs as said before DID break. After the stunt gag was over, they brought back in the actors and went back to using real handcuffs. Try actually watching the scene and you'll see it. - wolf68k
  • After Riggs (Gibson) gets shot through the window of the store, and he and Murtaugh (Glover) are plotting what to do next, they get a call on their radio. As they pull away from the curb, the headlights on the car are on, then turned off, then turned on again. - Scotiascot
  • Also, as they're racing to the "scene" (Murtaugh's house), the shot from behind the car shows the car skewing to the LEFT (after making a high-speed right hand turn), but the next shot (from another angle) shows the car skewing to the RIGHT (as if from a left turn). - Scotiascot
    • Correction: There is only one camera angle, and it does only make a right turn. What the car did was what is called "fightailing". Try doing a 90-degree high speed turn some time and you'll see what I mean...and yes I have done it myself a couple times. - wolf68k
  • When General McAllister's car gets flipped over after being hit by the bus, holes cut into the floorboard for the stuntman to escape out of are visible. - Scott
    • Correction: When General McAllisters car is flipped by the bus, the hole in the floor is not for the stuntman's escape, but for the "Needham Cannon" A device invented by veteran stuntman Hal Needham which consists of a mortar and wooden plunger that is expelled out by a small charge and forced to the ground to help flip the car. You can even see it rolling away just after the flip. - Al
  • At the beginning of the scene where Dixie's house is about to be blown up, you clearly see that Murtaugh and Rigg's are both wearing protective eye gear when they get out of their car, in anticipation of the explosion. After the explosion the glasses magically disappear. - JamLes


  Lethal Weapon 2 (1989)
  • At the beginning of the film, Riggs (Mel Gibson) and Murtaugh (Danny Glover) are chasing the bad guys through Los Angeles in Murtaugh's wife's station wagon. At one point in the pursuit, the car slams head-on into another car, and then Murtaugh backs the car up, revealing a smashed up front end. As the scene progresses, we see one of the headlights dangling from the bezel. After the chase ends, Murtaugh & Riggs pull up in front of Murtaugh's house, and the headlight is now back in proper position. - Scotiascot
    • Correction: The headlight is hanging after the crash, but it's fixed before they almost hit a patrol car which is after the BMW (the red car) flips over. Then they are back that the station, which from the lighting seems to look like day time. Then after the straitjacket scene, Murtaugh go out to his car and it's night time and the headlight is hanging again. Now he drives up to the house and it's fixed, which could be explained that he stopped some where to fix before his wife saw it. The chase scene after going the stilt house the light is hanging, and at the drive-in picking up the food the light is still hanging. Back at the house again for the exploding toilet scene, Riggs shows up with Getz and parks in front of Murtaugh's car which now fixed yet again, which again can be explained that he yet again fixed it, but it doesn't seem like Murtaugh is doing that good of job fixing it. Now just before Getz gets out of the car and gets the door knocked off by a passing car we see yet again the headlight is hanging. Murtaugh comes back to his house with Getz to look at a video, after taking the time to put plastic over the missing door, but the headlight is still hanging, guess he's giving up on fixing it. After that Murtaugh uses an unmarked car... took him long enough. - wolf68k
  • Near the end of the film on the ship, Riggs shoots a guy repeatedly, but in the next shot, as Riggs gets closer, the guy has only been shot twice. - David
  • When Leo Getz is captured and Danny Glover charges in firing his gun, one of the shots fired doesn't make a noise. - David


  Lethal Weapon 3 (1992)    Buy this movie
  • After the scene where Riggs (Mel Gibson) and Murtaugh (Danny Glover) interrogate the guy who they caught hijacking the armored truck the bad guy shoots the hijacker you see blood behind him when Riggs and Murtaugh come back its not there. - DFruity
    • Comment: The blood is there when you first see it the camera is at an angle kinda looking down. When Gibson and Glover show up the camera is at an angle where you cant see it. The blood is there but the position of the camera shows it to be behind the hi-jacker. - Ash


  Lethal Weapon 4 (1998)
  • Riggs [Gibson] is being dragged behind a moving truck while sitting on an up-side-down table which is attached to what looks like plastic. Later, the table flies off and is run over by a car, and a few shots later you'll see it again, reattached. - Crawzum
  • In a scene where riggs is running after a thug who is going up a stair (this is after murtaugh gets off a bicycle), if you watch it in slow-mo, you can clearly see the face of Mel Gibson's double (an Asian-looking guy). - tochi
  • Not so much a goof, but an observation. The end confrontation between Gibson and Jet-Li takes place at night, in the ocean, deep underwater. You and I can't make out the details of our own hand in front of our face in the backyard pool in broad daylight, pressure builds up in our ears at about seven to eight feet deep, but people in the movies can see perfectly, never equalize any pressure in their ears, and hold their breaths forever, while fighting. Oh well! - Kieth Moreland
  • Okay, a confession...I've been a cop since 1976. Let's skip all the regular cop movie nonsense and focus on this three-part brain-buster: The LAPD decides that Riggs & Murtaugh are too much of a liability as sergeants in the field, there are no lieutenant openings, so LAPD promotes them both to captains in order to keep them "out of trouble." First, it's a big violation of civil service rules. But second, why not just promote the two senior lieutenants that are eligible to make captain, then make Riggs & Murtaugh lieutenants. And third, if the idea was to "keep them out of trouble," then why are they sent back to work on the same case that got them into trouble in the first place? - Kieth Moreland
    • Correction: In reference to your third point. Actually, they're not reassigned to the same case. They weren't supposed to be on it. Butter was assigned to it, and they went to him to ask about it, then went to investigate even though they were forbidden. - chun li
  • I think that the end of the movie is cool, the only problem is when Riggs shoots Wah Sang Ku, they are at least 12 ft. underwater. The chamber of the gun would explode. (DVD/VHS) - Sager


  Let It Ride (1989)    Buy this movie

Richard Dreyfuss as Jay Trotter

  • Jay Trotter is handcuffed, behind his back, in a scene, then runs out of the track security office and to the betting window. While running his is tripped, and flies across the room, and his hands magically become uncuffed. Probably to protect his face from the fall. - Abram Rutkowski
  • In the begining when the cab driver is taping the two gentalmen in the back seat the adio is in a specific sequence but later when he plays it for Richard Dreyfuss the sequence is backwards....listen to it ...Now am I wrong ??? - Les


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