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  • The star, Harrison Ford, makes an unforgivable error: He pronounces "nuclear" "nucUlear." Amazing how he got away with it. - M Kate
  • At the end of the movie when the crew meets 28 years later and Harrison Ford and Liam Neeson are old and scary looking. Pay careful attention to the hat that one of the crew members is wearing. I think he is the 3rd of 4th guy they show a close up of, on his navy hat you can see the reflection of one of those microphones on a stick that is held over the actors while they talk. (Theatre) - Phoo
  • Several times in the movie, the distance being reported to the captain from the navigator in terms of "miles". This on a Russian submarine? (Theatre) - Mark
  • (Factual errors) As K-19 is leaving it's home port, it is quite obvious that it is leaving Halifax Harboru. You can make out one Canadian Destroyer and one Canadian AOR (Oil tanker) . Further the "American" Destroyer is has the silhouette of the the very same Canadian vessel that was previously seen as a russian one in the harbour. - DasBlade
  • (Continuity) At the start of the movie Harrison Ford wears the rank of Captain (3 Stars on sholderboard) moments later he wears the rank of Commander (2 Stars on sholderboard). It is however, customary to refer to the ships commander as "Captain" regardless of rank. (DVD) - Gun nut
  • (Anachronisms) In one scene, the crew is shown a propaganda film depicting the racial protests/riots of the mid to late '60s. These events had not yet occurred since the movie is set in 1961. (DVD) - Bill


  K-911 (1999) (Video)
  • Early in the movie, when the cop (sorry, forgot his name) steps out of the shower, he is supposedly naked, but, if you look carefully, you can see that he's wearing something blue. It's not easy to see, you may need to slow it down to see it. (VHS) - Asertix
  • Johnny's group of cobra kais who constantly beat up on Daniel consists of Johnny, Dutch, Bobby and Tommy. But after the Halloween dance when they are beating him up dressed as skeletons there is 1 extra skeleton. Who?? - SuperMathia
  • (Continuity) When Johnny and Daniel are fighting on the beach, Watch closely as johnny shoves Daniel with the Gettoblaster. When Johnny first pushes him with the ghetto.. the speakers are facing towards Johnny.. but then the second camera angle shows the speakers towards Daniel! - Miller


  Keeping the Faith (2000)
  • At the beginning explaining what Anna is like Bryan says she is like Tatum O'Neal in Foxes but Tatum O'Neal has not been in a movie called Foxes or credited for one. - Pam


  Kid, The (2000)
  • When Willis is talking to his father in his office at work you can see the microphone hanging above Willis while he is talking. - jes


  Kidnapped (19??)
  • (Crew/equipment visible) Near the end of the movie there is a shot of a main street in some town\village. In that shot there is a redcoat rinding a horse and a man wearing a leather jacket and sunglasses walking behind him. - romulan


  Killing, The (1956)    Buy this movie
  • The clubroom has its name "Academy of Chess and Checkers" printed on the inside of the glass panel of the front door so it can only be read as normal from inside the club. The other club windows also display printing but it is backwards as one would expect it to appear from inside the club. - Soma
  • The suitcase containing $2,000,000 loot does not burst open when it hits the ground after falling from the trolley. It actually opens the instant it wobbles prior to falling, despite Johnny having locked it and thrown the key away. - Soma


Arnold Schwarzenegger as John Kimble
Pamela Reed as Phoebe O'Hara

  • John and Phoebe pull off the road, and Phoebe runs to the bushes to get sick; on the return trip to the car, she trips over a log not previously there. - Sean
  • Although the sign on the bathroom door says Ladies, it contains urinals. - Sean


  King and I, The (1956)    Buy this movie
  • At the start of the song "Is a puzzlement" Yul Brynner is wearing an earring. During the song it disappears and then returns. - Jeff


  King David (1985)    Buy this movie
  • This film is suppose to have taken place in the dessert, but in one scene if you look hard enough you can see snowcap mountains in the background. (TV) - Soulman


  King of Kings (1961)    Buy this movie
  • Just after Jesus gets the crown of thorns, he has suddenly a vase on his head. Where does it come from? - Darev


  King Kong (1933)    Buy this movie
  • I have always wondered why the natives who wanted to keep King Kong out of their village had a King Kong sized door in the wall surrounding their village. Doesn't make much sense. - The Snake
  • When one of the natives falls down his afro wig comes off. - David


  King Kong (1976)    Buy this movie - Buy Posters
  • King Kong runs amok and steps on two groups of people. We get an aerial view of this. On his second step one person falls down as though stepped on, despite King Kong's foot completely missing him! Then he suddenly writhes as though he had gotten stepped on. - Jagannatha
  • Another point - if he walked on people, wouldn't they turn into pulp underneath him? How come they stay completely intact and jerk around as though they felt pain? They should have turned into paste! - Jagannatha
  • (Spoiler Alert) The goof takes place during the final scene. Kong puts down Jessica Lange, gets all shot up and falls from the top of the Twin Towers. As soon as he hits the ground Lange suddenly pops up. How did she get from the roof of the tower to the street below so fast? - Soulman


  King Kong vs. Godzilla (1962)    Buy this movie
  • In the scene where King Kong goes rampaging through the city of Tokyo, we see him destroy everything in sight. He destroys the bridge then picks up a passing train, when the camera focuses on this, you can clearly see that the front of the locomotive says Lionel Trains. - jodeerules


  Kingpin (1996)
  • Randy Quaid's character Ismael, berates himself late in the movie for desecrating his body by getting a tiny tattoo on his chest the night before. This tattoo is clearly visible earlier in the movie when he hops in the convertible. - Jim M
  • The scene where Ishmael asks Munson to pull over and let him out, Roy looks in his rearview mirror, sees the old hag, and flips the mirror up. In the very next shot, the mirror is back to it's normal position. - Hot_Pants
    • Comment: I have something to say, I really hate it when people submit goofs so petty that no one cares. Just for ex. the one above, why do people care if the rear view mirror is flipped or not, maybe they did it off screen because there are things in movies that are just implied. If they showed everything that happens in the time span off the movie, movies would be F'n long! - Nickm
      • In this case, the time off screen is a split second, a change of shot, camera angle. Nothing should change between shots, there is not enough time.
        • Comment: I understand that during split second shots are supposed to stay exactly the same, but I believe that when people are looking for cool goofs so that they can go, watch the movie & laugh at it afterwards. I don't really think the people that go to this site avidly really cares about small unnoticeable slip-ups like that! - Nickm
          • You might be right. However, this site is about movies goofs - big and small ones.
  • When Woody Harrelson is flossing his teeth in the mirror, look at his "hook hand". His sleeve is loose and you can see his hand holding the hook apparatus. - Dennis
  • In the beginning of the movie when Roy arrives at the bowling alley he pulls the rearview mirror off. The next time the car is shown the mirror is back in its original place. - Cornbread
  • When Roy goes to the store to buy coffee and there ends up being no free bee milk. Then he leaves and helps pull a lady's baby up the curb. After he walks away he has the babies milk and then after he puts some in his coffee he throws it in the garbage, but when he throws into the garbage there is no sound when it hits. (DVD - Special Edition) - Modestobowler/Skeezer
  • A while into the movie when he first meets Ishmael at the bowling alley and he tells him to move his feet to a different board. Then when Ishmael throws it, if you watch carefully you can see the thing they use to set pins up(like a little metal rod) hit the right side of the pins to knock out the 10 pin. They did this because the ball came in heavy and probably would have left a stone 10 pin(because he is left handed). (VHS/DVD) - Modestobowler/Skeezer
  • When Roy throws the first ball at the tournament and his hand goes with it. When it comes back you can see that the thumb isnt in the ball and the thumb hole is plugged. (VHS/DVD) - Modestobowler/Skeezer


  Kinjite: Forbidden Subjects (1989)
  • There is a scene in the middle where Chuck Bronson comes in a room and you can clearly see the boom mic above him. (VHS) - Potgoblin
  • In the scene where Chuck Bronson and his partner hang a black guy over a balcony, they drop him and when he falls into a pool below and dies, you see a body float up of a fake body and if you look it is a white body, (you can see the side of the face and hand). (VHS) - Potgoblin


  Killer, The (1989)    Buy this movie
  • In one scene, Chow Yun-Fat points a gun at his friend's head and then is attacked by mob hitmen. In the duration of this scene, Yun-Fat fires his berretta over 20 times without reloading. Later in this scene Yun-Fat shoots a guy who is carrying an uzi. When the guy gets shot, he fires his uzi inadvertently at the floor, but the couch right by him is getting shot. The bullets hit the couch too rapidly for Yun-Fat's berretta to be hitting it, therefore it must be from the guy's uzi, even though he isn't aiming for it. - David
  • At the beginning when Jenny gets shot near her eyes, she has blood covering her shoulder, but in the next shot it is gone. - David
  • When Jeffrey shoots a guy in another car, the glass breaks and blood flies up. In the next shot when Jeffrey's car hits the dead guy's car, the windshield of the dead guy's car is no longer broken. - David


  Kiss the Girls (1997)
  • At the end of the movie when <blank> tells <blank> to "Go ahead, reach for the Glock" when he actually grabs the gun and shoots it, you can see it's not a Glock, but a Sig Sauer. - Scott
  • When <blank> says "reach for the Glock" he is handcuffed to the stove. Then he is not when his arms fly back then he is again cuffed to the stove moments later. (DVD) - GG


  Knight's Tale, A (2001)


  Knockaround Guys (2001)
  • (Continuity) When Marbles see the cop through the glass door at the gas station, we can see his reflection walking towards the door, but a second later, when the camera focuses on Marbles, he is still standing, and only then starts walking. (DVD) - Dodo


  Knock Off (1998)
  • In the final fight scene, when Van Damme is hunting down his enemies, it comes to a point where he is sliding in between the large containers.When he lies on his back and kicks off the wall, a rope is clearly visible that pulls him with a jerk, making it look as if he is sliding on his back. Rather than using a fine rope or cable to do this, the crew had to use a rope so thick that it wouldn't have looked out of place in a Fisherman's Friend advert! (VHS) - orin boyd + nico tuscani


  Koskenkorva Cowboys (1992) (Video)
  • When the main characters, who are two horny and ugly boys, go to the casino in order to meet their dream girls (also ugly), you can see people smiling and waving at the camera. Everyone who walk past the camera-view has a look on their faces that says "Oh boy, I am on TV! Gee golly gosh!". - The Webmaster
  • Furthermore; Every source of light that hits the camera lens causes an eye-burning lens flare. The overall lighting in terrible. - The Webmaster


  Kung Pow: Enter the Fist (2002)
  • I found this a big error in an otherwise very funny movie. When Chosen One's family was killed [when he was just a little baby] we learn, courtesy of a voice-over narrator, that he was 'raised by various rodents'. The big problem with this is, throughout the movie Chosen One can talk and can communicate with the other characters in the movie. He also wears clothes and always appears clean and clean-shaven! That's not very believeable at all! If he really had been brought up by various rodents [rats and mice] then Chosen One shouldn't be able to talk, or even understand what the other characters are saying to him, and he most definately shouldn't be wearing clothes! It looks like the movie's writer/director [who also starred as Chosen One] made a big boo-boo. - Glorianne Brentleigh
  • If you look really closely, you can see that there are some scenes in the movie where our hero [The Chosen One] does not have the little face on his tongue, I am in referring, in particular, to the scenes when he is talking to his girlfriend and when he is confronting the bad guys. - Glorianne Brentleigh
  • When Chosen One is getting ready to fight Master Pain for the first time, Master Pain sneers at his nemesis 'I spanked you when you were a baby.....'. Master Pain never did that. Chosen One had a flashback to when he was a baby, kicking and urinating on Master Pain, Master Pain never spanked him. Chosen One was brave enough to speak up when Master Pain made that speech about wanting to change his name to Betty. Why, then didn't Chosen One correct Master Pain and tell him that he was never spanked as a baby? - Sarah
    • Comment: Sarah, do you remember if you were spanked as a baby and by whom? Probably not, so how can you expect the Chosen One to remember? - rudypoo
    • Comment: Sarah, A major portion of the comedy of Kung Pow was in its fakeness and corny antics. It's all about cheese. If you commenting on errors in this movie, you're missing the point! - KoonDog77
  • (Continuity) While the Chosen One is falling down the hill at the beginning of the movie, his looses a shoe twice, but in shot shot immediately following each time he is wearing two. - skotot
  • (Continuity) When the Chosen One is walking at the beginning of the movie, you see his dog(aptly named 'Dog') walking beside him. In the very next shot, Dog has magically disappeared and is nowhere to be seen. Yet, later in the movie, Dog is back at Chosen's side. - Xero Maverick
  • (Factual errors) When the Chosen One plucks the eyes out of the guys who are attacking him near the beginning of the movie, you see that his fingers are in the BACK of the eyeballs, not the front. If Chosen plucked the eyes from all these people, how exactly did his fingers get in the back of the eyeballs? Should he not have stabbed them into the front? - Xero Maverick


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