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  • All throughout this movie if you watch the top part of the screen then you will randomly see little microphones pop out above the actors. They are black and some are white but it is pretty funny! You can see them like 50 times throughout the movie. - Pukey
  • When they are in the courtroom talking to the lady doctor(Ms. Blake or something)when Mr. Turner the other lawyer starting asking questions you can see a light beam on his right shoulder at first it's kind of dim but than gets very bright on his right shoulder. (DVD) - WolfMan


  Ice Station Zebra (1968)   Buy this movie
  • 3 Russian MIGs are heading towards the Sub. They are MIG 21s When the planes fly over, they are F-4s. - pat


  Idle Hands (1999)
  • The hand sharpens its fingers in an electric sharpener, but the electric sharpeners are made so your FINGERS cant fit in them, especially 18/19 year old fingers. (Just a little flub, but might not really matter because the whole movie was just one big spoof on all cheezie horrors) - Bean Boy
  • When the two cops enter Anton's house and Anton accidentally kills the two of them, P'nub yells "Go! Go! Buffalo!" The prelude to this joke was cut, however, so it made no sense. (In the scene where the two cops stop Anton on his way home from the market, he tells them they were dorks and he says something along the lines of "Go! Go! Buffalo!" to them referring to their high schools mascott, the buffalo.) - Lord Cthulhu
  • When Anton's mom slips on the flashlight and she notices the blood on her hands and gets up you can see the knee pads on her knees. - Bad Girl
  • (You got to watch fast for this one) In the scene when Anton is chasing Pnub around the house, Pnub tried to escape out the front door, but Anton quickly shuts it. If you pause it or play it in slow motion, you can see a tall light on a stand right outside the door when Pnub opens it. (DVD) - Kay D
  • In the scene where Anton, Pnub, and Mick pull up to the school in the stolen truck, there is actually a stunt double driving the truck (because Devon Sawa didn't have his license at the time) Then the camera cuts to the left and Devon runs into the scene as if he had just gotten out of the truck (They explain this on the DVD) (DVD) - Kay D
  • At the beginning of the movie, when Anton's mother is about to call 911, and then is yanked under the bed, the light on the night stand falls off. Later on, when Anton runs into his parents room, because he thinks the killer is in his house, you notice that the fallen lamp is now back on the night stand. - Donna Rae


  I Know What You Did Last Summer (1998)   Buy this movie
  • The way Helen is holding her torch when they're at the water's edge at the start of the movie keeps changing between the short and distant shots. - Steven
  • In I know what you did last summer the fisherman kills ......, ...... and ...... in cold-blood, but in I still know he doesn't kill C.W. although he was a cold blooded kill in the first film. - Jesus
  • This may not really be a mistake, but when Julie is showing Helen the note for the first time, Elsa is shown in several shots watching them suspiciously, as if she knows or is trying to figure out what they're saying. This is never referred to again. - Jane
  • When Helen is phoning 9-1-1, she is moving around impatiently, muttering, "Come on, come on" while the other line continues to ring. It still has not picked up by the time -- screams and Helen hangs up. By then the phone would have been picked up, as it is that she's calling 9-1-1. Another goof in this scene: Helen hangs up the phone and begins to walk down the steps. There are about two or three steps to go down, but this gives enough time for the killer to a: drag --'s body into the bathroom, turn off the lights, turn off the music, and remove a mannaquin from underneath a noisy plastic wrapping to take it's place, just so that he could jump out at Helen a second later. - jane
  • On the boat, Julie is wearing two shirts: the tank top/belly shirt, and the 3/4 sleeve shirt over that. She takes off the overshirt to open the door leading to the ice (presumably where the fish are stored.) now, all that Julie is wearing are tight jeans and a belly shirt with tank top straps. After she closes the door she is piling ice against it. To do so, she has to push the ice against it, using bare hands. Are we supposed to believe that in a room full of ice (there is so much you could swim in it) this girl can keep her body heat going enough so that not even her fingers turn red? it's not only that--but she doesn't even seem to notice ice against her bare stomach and back. The ice is presumably fairly cold, cold enough to preserve dead bodies, that is. When she is piling up the ice, she does so in such a hurried manner that it'd be difficult to avoid getting ice down her shirt, as well. She must be pretty warm-blooded! - jane
  • When Jennifer Love is in the 'ice' where she discovers the dead bodies, you will notice that the 'ice' fly's through the air when she crawls among it. Ice doesn't do that, it's plastic! - nikki
  • The killer has just killed Helen's older sister. But after he does this you can see that [there is no hiding the fact] that it is a dummy that the killer is dragging along with his hook hand. - Glorianne Brentleigh


  Incredible Kung Fu Adventure, The ( ? )
  • In this dubbed kung fu movie, the "tough guy" character of the group has a gruff British accent at the beginning of the movie. By the middle of the film however, his accent changes to an American one. - steelflesh


  In Crowd, The (2000)
  • When Adrien walks into the building by the pool, she has her hair down and when she walks out to find Kelly outside, she has her hair in a ponytail. (DVD) - witluvxoxo


  Independence Day (1996)   Buy this movie


  Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989)


  Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984)


  Inpector Gadget (1999)
  • (Revealing mistakes) When gadget uses his "thumb lighter" to light Rupert Everet's cigar, a shot from another angle reveals gadget simply holding up a cigarette lighter. How did that get past post production? - steelflesh
  • (Continuity) At about (DVD marker) 20:50... Claw will place the "helmet" on his henchman (Sykes?), securing the chin-strap. The helmet sparks causing Sykes to scream. In the long shots Sykes' chin-strap is snapped closed, but in the in-between close up, the chin-strap is undone. (DVD) - Kieth Moreland
  • (Continuity) When Inspector Gadget is facing his "evil-twin" and being shot at on the bridge, the background action changes much too quickly, with a car and a bicyclist disappearing from one shot to the next. (DVD) - Kieth Moreland


  Insider, The (1999)   Buy this movie
  • Towards the end of the film the character played by Al Pacino goes outside to collect his thoughts. He can be seen opening the door and as he steps out his hair is dry. However when the camera changes angle as he walks literally one yard away from the door, his hair is soaked. - Vaughan


  Instinct (1999)   Buy this movie
  • When I was on the set with Cuba Gooding Jr. and Anthony Hopkins at the old navy base in Orlando Cuba walked right into the weight bench and hit his balls then the camera man did the same thing except with the camera stick. I fell over laughing. 1998. - invisogoth


  Interview With the Vampire (1994)
  • Claudia (Kirsten Dunst) cuts off her curls, throws down the scissors, runs to her room and slams the door; she then exits the room holding the scissors. - Sean
  • In the Theatres des Vampires, the mortal girl's top is opened twice - horny vampires, I guess. - Sean
  • Louis (Brad Pitt) and Claudia travel Europe, in the 1780s, and we see drawings of the places they visited, including the Bavarian castle of "Mad" King Ludwig, which wasn't built until the 1880s. - Sean
    • Correction: Actually, they couldn't be in Europe during the 1780s, the movie starts in 1792. - Joel
  • Since neither sun nor moon can ever be directly over Paris, it is not possible for the bottom of the well to be directly illuminated. - Paulina Guarez
  • In the scene where Claudia is caught with a corpse in her bed, she storms out of the room. When they do the shot of her exiting the room, look past her in the doorway. The woman playing the corpse lifts her head. - Chrisse
    • Comment: During the scene with Claudia and the corpse, how is it possible to see the woman lift her head, if Lestat (Tom Cruise) and Louis (Brad Pitt) are standing in the doorway? That scene just moves too fast to see that happen. - Rose
  • In the scene where Louis (Brad Pitt) is changed into a vampire, the blood patterns on his face change, especially while he is dying. *Notice when he is crawling around during his death, the blood that streaked the side of his face is gone. - Mud Kitten
  • After Louis and Lestat tell Claudia who made her after Louis shows her where it happened and after the part when Louis is walkin in the street by himself then he returns to his room while Claudia is telling him that she could never be mad at him, Louis has a line of blood running from his mouth ...the movie never showed him killing anyone before he arrived back home..odd. - Nikki


  In the Bedroom (2001)
  • In a scene where Sissy Spacek & Tom Wilkenson are arguing in the kitchen, the clock behind Tom's head starts at 7:25, then switches to 6:18. In addition, it was supposed to be the afternoon. (Theatre) - Teri


  In the Company of Men (1997)   Buy this movie
  • The scene where Aaron Eckhart's character sits on the bed, with the woman his is dating played by Stacy Edwards You can see the microphone for about three seconds above there heads. - a channer


  In the Line of Fire (1993)   Buy this movie

Clint Eastwood as Frank Horrigan
John Malkovich as Mitch Leary

  • When John Malkovich and Clint Eastwood are in the elevator after the attempt on the President, Malkovich busts out the elevator lights. If you put it on slow motion, you can see that each light turns off just before he smashes them.
    • Probably for protecting Malkovich from being electrocuted.


  Invasion U.S.A. (1985)   Buy this movie
  • During the chase scene in the swamp and later during Chuck Norris' final showdown with the terrorists, the grenade launchers mounted underneath the rifle barrels are shown repeatedly firing without reloading. These launchers are single shot only. Also Norris fires a rocket launcher inside the building without the backblast destroying the plant or wall behind him. - DubbIR


  Inventing the Abbotts (1997)   Buy this movie
  • During the part where Joan Abbott visits the Holts' house, you can see a man walking down the stairs of the house across the street, wearing blue jeans. - LostSoul Inc
    • A man with blue jeans walks down the stairs? Where's the goof? In the movie Gladiator a man with blue jeans can be seen, but that goof is self-explanatory.
  • I absolutely love Joaquin Phoenix so I noticed this when I was watching the movie. I know he is a vegan so I am not exactly sure if this is a goof or not. In the scene where Doug and Jaycey are out on the porch, (right before their fight) Doug has a bowl of ice cream and if you watch the scene in slow motion you can see that the spoon is empty each time he puts it in his mouth. He's not really eating it. - scarlett


  Invisible Man, The (1933)   Buy this movie
  • The invisible man is supposed to be naked, but in one scene, he is walking along the beach and you can clearly see his footprints leave tennis shoe markings. - Angel


  IT (1990)
  • The old Eddie lives in Garden City, NY, but the station that he catches the train at doesn't look like any station on Long Island or in New York City. (VHS) - Danielle


  It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World (1963)


  It's a Wonderful Life (1946)
  • In the scene where George Bailey (Jimmy Stewart) enters the Building and Loan after the tax auditor has come to visit, he has a Christmas wreath on his arm. He tosses on the counter to take a phone call. When the angle switches to Stewart talking on the phone, the wreath is back on his arm again. - Jim Kaiser
  • When Mary Bailey (Donna Reed) tells George Bailey (James Stewart) Zsu Zsu is in bed with a cold after being sent home by the teacher, it seems odd the kids still had classes on Christmas Eve (when the incident occurred) By then, they all should have been on Christmas vacation. - Jim
  • In the scene where George puts Zsu Zsu's petals in his pocket, she looks directly at him but still believes he "glued" them back on the flower. - Linds
  • In the scene where George is at his house 320 Sicamore ( but isn't his house because he is finding out what life would be with out him ) as Clarence bites Bert ( the cop ) and allows George to get away, Bert tries to cuff Clarence and Clarence is able to vanish; Bert looks up at Ernie and says "Where did he go, help me find him!" As Bert is saying that line you can see Ernie practicing his scene in the shadow that is cast, then it flashes to Ernie and he actually does and says his line... ( I think I need a drink!). - T-Bone
  • (Factual errors) When George Bailey and Clarence see Harry Baileys grave, Clarence comments. "Your brother died at 10 years of age. You weren't there to save him." However, the tombstone reads 1901 - 1910. You do the math!! - Jimbo
    • Maybe he was born 01.01.1901 and died 31.12 1910?


It Takes Two (1995)
  • Although normally Ashley Fuller Olsen plays the part of Alyssa Callaway, Mary Kate Olsen plays her in the scene at the scrapyard ("Hail Betty, Queen of The Scrap Heap"). - Sean
  • Roger Callaway should have broken his legs when he cannonballed into the lake from the dock's tower, as that part of the lake was shallow enough for them to stand up in later, with the water only reaching chest level at its highest. - Sean
  • In the mess hall sequence, Carmen claims that "One minute she [Alyssa] was right behind me, the next..." when in fact, Alyssa was in *front* of Carmen.
  • When Diane is driving to Staten Island, there is no congestion on the highway, despite the traffic report claiming that all routes into Staten Island were heavily congested due to the wedding. - Sean
  • The scar from the Roman Candle on the back of Amanda's neck isn't visible until she near the end, even though the back of her neck is exposed during the party sequence; the scar is from the previous 4th of July. - Sean
  • In the part when Diane is taking to Rodger, who is in the lake, Diane says to him "Didn't your mom every tell you not to swim after you eat?" or along those lines, and he says " Oh, that's right, I got a cramp!" and goes under, and Kirstie jumps into save him, why would she save him if they didn't even eat. They got in the food fight before they could eat right? - Ashley
  • Just after Alyssa and Amanda meet, Amanda says "Who's that scary blonde lady?" But the only time Amanda saw Clarise was when Clarise had a towel around her head, so she would not have been able to see the colour of her hair. How would she know that Clarise's hair was blonde? - Toni Villiers


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