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  Hocus Pocus (1993)
  • When Mary is flying on the vacuum there is a sucking noise. However, the vacuum is not plugged in. - elvega
    • Isn't she a witch? She has witch powers.
  • When the three kids are all in the house right before they open the book that summons the witches with that bright orange stream of light. When they are on the stairs it looks like there is daylight coming in a window. But when you look outside after they take Dannie it's still dark. (VHS) - CJ1017


  Hoffa (1992)
  • (Continuity) Early in the movie after Jack Nicholson and the old man blow up the laundry, the old man is wearing a hat. As he falls down from the explosion, the hat falls off. Next scene, he is laying on the ground and his hat is on his head again. - remedy


  Hollow Man (2000)


  Holy Man (1998)
  • In the end credits of this film, there are people credited for hair and make up for Eddie Murphy. How can this be? Eddie Murphy doesn't have any hair in this film. - steelflesh
    • Correction: People may have needed to shave his head and keep it shiny, besides, that's not even a flub. - Saralo


 Hombre (1967)   Buy this movie
  • In the movie "Hombre" Paul Newman is armed with a Colt single-action revolver, the most common handgun in Westerns. However, at the end of the movie where Newman and the Mexican bandit have fallen to the ground and are furiously firing at each other, the Colt single-action revolver has been magically transformed into a Colt DOUBLE-ACTION revolver, not manufactured until well after the turn of the 20th century. Apparently the single-action couldn't be fired fast enough for this fast-paced scene which led to the substitution. - Harry Thomas


 Home Alone (1991)
  • (Revealing mistakes) When you see Kevin in the toilet getting washed you can actually see his little pecker. - Celtic FC
  • (Continuity) When Harry grabs the hot doorknob he grabs it sideways. But the M in his hand is right side up. - Vince Dad
  • (Continuity) The mother has agreed to exchange some first class tickets, money, pocket translator, her ring and earrings, to an elderly couple in return for a seat on a earlier flight. When she gets to the airport in Scranton, her ring and earrings are still on. - Laur
  • (Continuity) Near the end, where Kevin is sliding down the rope to his tree house, you see a shot of the rope, and it's tied to the tree the house is built around, right ahead of Kevin, but he hits the back of the tree house instead. - Ian
  • (Plot holes) Kevin's parents are unable to get a call through to Kevin because the phone lines are down. Then how is it that they are able to call the neighbors houses who are across the street and next door? Even worse, how can Kevin call to order a pizza? - BLOTT
  • (Continuity) When Mr. Beaupre is in the garage, he grabs the toy-car, pulls it apart, and throws the car parts on the ground. During this, the car parts switch places with each other 3 times. (VHS) - HA321 girl


 Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (1992)   Buy this movie
  • In the movie in the part were Kevin's parents are talking to the guy in the police station, when she spells his name she spells it Kevien when it's actually Kevin. I don't know what kind of error that is but I'm pretty sure that that is a goof. - Alan f rodriguez
  • The sequel is supposedly set one year after the original, isn't it? Well, in the original, Kevin was 8. In this, they say he's 10... 2 years older instead of 1. - JP
  • When the family is running in the airport to catch their flight to Florida, Kevin has his father's bag and is looking for batteries, while his family still has his bags containing all of his belongings. When the guy from the hotel enters the room, Kevin pulls out his pool clown, a present from his aunt, in which he placed in his bag. (VHS) - Tavia


 Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey (1993)
  • (Revealing mistakes) When they are dropping the animals off at the farm they are in a hurry to get out. Chance doesn't want to wait on the little boy and he jumps over him and the boy hits his head on the car door. Then he acts natural about it. (DVD) - SRS
  • (Crew/equipment visible) In the scene when the lady who is looking after the dogs leaves the note for her friend, the note falls to the floor u can clearly see a hand go in to pick up the note then quickly move out again. - fish


 Homeward Bound II: Lost in San Francisco (1996)


 Homicide (1991)   Buy this movie
  • When Joe Montegna's character is being recruited by the Israeli/Jewish group, the group's leader writes a word/letter in Hebrew in chalk on a blackboard. As the scene goes on, the actual size of the writing, and eraser patterns on the blackboard change from shot to shot. - Kieth Moreland


 Honey, I Blew Up the Kid (1992)   Buy this movie
  • As the kid is walking down the main street in Vegas we see his left shoe lace is undone, setting up the expectation that he may trip over it. When he does trip over a shoe lace it is the right one that is undone. Further once the child gets to the Hard Rock cafe they are both nicely tied again! - marywinkle


 Honey, I Shrunk the Kids (1989)   Buy this movie
  • In the widescreen edition, while they are riding the ant, you can see a crew member pulling the ant along in the bottom right hand corner. - FlyBoy


 Honeymoon in Vegas (1992)   Buy this movie
  • Nicholas Cage wears a shirt with a design of multiple "suns". Notice that he has different "versions" of the shirt as the pattern of the "suns" change. Keeping an eye on the shirts collar will help point this out. (VHS) - signal6x


 Hong King 97 (1994)   Buy this movie
  • In the first part of the movie where Robert Patrick's character is in a gun fight with assassins coming through his balcony he has a gun in each hand. Near the end of the fight the gun in his left hand is out of ammo, and in the next scene it has magically loaded it self. - a channer


  Hook (1991)    Buy this movie


  Hoosiers (1986)    Buy this movie
  • In every gym where it shows the American flag throughout the movie, the flag is hanging backwards. The blue field with the stars should always be to the top left when hanging the flag. (TV/DVD/VHS) - Gary Darrow


  Hope Floats (1998)    Buy this movie
  • When "Birdee" comes back from "Justin's" house and walks in the door, she shuts the door before the sound of the shutting is heard. - Karen
  • In the scene where Birdie pulls up in front of her mother's house, you see her unloading the trunk, then leaving the trunk open, she goes in the house. As she starts to go up the stairway, her mother tells her to lock the door, which she does..... does her trunk stay open all night?? - littlefrog
  • We see Birdie driving her station wagon from Chicago to Texas, then never see the car again. When she goes to the employment agency, she is driving what we can only assume is her mother's truck. Where did her car go? - littlefrog
  • Gena Rowlands plays Birdie's mother and her character's name is Ramona Calvert. At the dance she says hello to a young man. The man walks up and asks her to dance, but this man must have a problem with remembering people's names as he calls her by her real name [Mrs. Rowlands]. - Daria


  Hornblower: Retribution (2001) (TV)     Buy this movie
  • Captain Sawyer and midshipman Willard are gunned down with Willard standing left of Sawyer. They are then found lying on the floor with Willard lying right of the Captain. (TV) - pat


  Hostile Intent (1997)    Buy this movie
  • Near the end of the movie when the army is moving through the bushes and woodlands. One of them goes off on his own, and as he does keep an eye on the bottom right of the screen. For a second you can see the head of one of the film crew pulling out of the way. - Raef
  • Another one for you! At the end when Rob Lowe is climbing the cliff face he is holding onto the rope attached at the top, but if you look closely you can see a grayish safety cable, to keep him from falling. - Raef


  Hot Shots! Part Deux (1993)    Buy this movie
  • When Charlie Sheen is shooting the bad guy (right before the bunny comes out) he's got alot of bullets, when it shows the bunny he's about to run out, it shows Charlie again, and he's got alot now. - ange


  Houdini (1953)
  • Houdini (Tony Curtis) did the stunt of going into the frozen Detroit River in a trunk on Halloween. The river would not have been frozen that time of year. - Jim


  Hours, The (2002)
  • (Continuity) Nicole Kidman and the actor playing her husband, are having an argument on at a train station. They're standing under a clock. The argument lasts about 10 minutes. But the clock doesn't move at all! (Previews) - Duh!


  House (1986)    Buy this movie
  • Near the beginning, when Roger is spooked out by hearing noises upstairs, he checks each room for nasties. When he looks into his son's room, it is dark, so he turns on the main light. But when we look again, the lamps by the bed are turned on as well, even though Roger is still in the doorway. - Sidewinder


  House II: The Second Story (1987)    Buy this movie
  • In the scene where great great Grandpa Jesse and his great great grandson's friend are getting drunk, the old guy states that he should drive home. In the next scene you see them driving off, but the grandpa's in the right seat driving. In the next scene he's in the left seat driving. Someone flipped the footage during editing for some odd reason. - pitboy


  House Calls (1978)    Buy this movie
  • When Dr. Nichols (Walter Matthau) goes into his girl friend's bedroom to watch a ball game he complains that the TV is black and white. Later when Ann is watching the same TV when that station signs off for the night the American Flag is in color. (TV) - Steve


  Houseguest (1995)    Buy this movie
  • In the scene where Sinbad and the kid are playing B-Ball Sinbad is holding the ball then it cuts to a different angle and he is not, then he is then he isn't It happens alot in this scene. - Tim
  • Sinbad is driving Gary's van and then he cuts across the grass if you look behind him you see a red car following them. - frank


  House of Games (1987)    Buy this movie - Buy Posters
  • After getting a piece of glass stuck in her hand, the lady shrink drips blood on a folder...right on the white label. When the camera shows a wide shot, the blood is much lower on the where near the label. (TV) - I. C. Flubs


  House on Haunted Hill (1999)
  • After the part when the movie star girl dies everyone goes into the living room to figure out what happened to her Watson gets a drink. In one shot you see him pour the rest of what's left in the bottle and then one second later you see him pour the drink a second time. - becca_DBZ
  • In the scene where Jeffrey Rush's character pulls out his pistol, you hear a cocking noise, but if you look at the gun's hammer, you will see that it is not cocked. - David
  • The hospital is in LA according to the "documentary" at the beginning of the movie. Thus, when the hospital is shown overlooking the ocean, it has to be the Pacific Ocean. When the two final survivors escape by making it through the night, the sun is rising in the west! - TC Unbeliever
  • When a character revealed her name to be Sarah, nobody was around but the house... Later on, Eddy calls her by her real name even though he wasn't ever told. - Morbid85


  Howard the Duck (1986)
  • Howard, Beverly and Doctor Jenning go to a diner. A waitress comes up and she thinks that Howard is a child in a duck costume [she even compliments him on it]. Beverly orders 'three specials and three beers' for them. But it's illegal to serve alcohol to children, if the waitress really thought that Howard was a child in a duck costume why didn't she make a comment about this? - Sarah


  How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000)
  • While Cindy's mom is on the roof in the beginning she tells Cindy to get the bulb from out of the fridge. But when The Grinch goes into their fridge it's still there! - Road Dogg
    • Correction: Cindy never got the bulb from the refrigerator that's why it was still there. She goes inside to her room. - girlygirl
  • I think its about half way through the movie, when Mrs. Who is telling her husband that she wants to have the best Christmas decorations. The lady next door starts shooting her lights up with a canon like thing and Mrs. Who has a string of lights over her shoulder that are on. The camera flashes back to the lady and when it comes back to Mrs. Who the lights are off and when they come back again the lights are back on. (DVD/VHS)
  • In the middle of the movie when Cindy asks The Grinch to come to the Whovillation and he says no and pulls the string so that she goes down the 'Dump it to Crumpit' tunnel, it shows her flying out of the tunnel and it shows her landing in the pile of snow then it shows a close up of Cindy and she lands in the pile again. - LinkinParkChic


  How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (2003)
  • (Continuity) In the scene where the three guys are looking at the purse Kate Hudson left behind in Matthew McConaughey's apartment, in one shot the two purse straps are straight up in the air. In the next up close shot, one of the straps are down, and the next shot has both of them back up in the air. Right before they knock it off the desk, the strap is down on the purse again. (Theater) - Prock
  • (Continuity) When Ben has Andie's purse in his office, it's sitting on his desk with the handles in upright position, but when the camera does a closeup of the purse one handle is down.


  Hunchback of Notre Dame, The (1996)


 Hunted, The (1958)
  • (Continuity) A jacket worn by Mr. Jones disappears and then later he is wearing the very same jacket. He is wearing one color shirt while running and then when he stops, it is a totally different color. There is a lot of blood on his face and then it is gone. Where? And how many times can you be cut, slashed, gorged or whatever and have absolutely no blood on your clothing? Just thought I would ask. - LHS
  • (Continuity) One character refers to another as Loretta and another character (supposedly the mother) calls her by Lauren. Clear as day. - LHS


 Hunters, The (1958)
  • One of the F-86 "Sabre" fighters is hit by enemy fire and when the pilot tries to land, the plane is transformed into a F-100 "Supersabre" just before it crashes. (The crash is "news-reel footage" of a real accident). When the "Mig-15" fighters are shown in big formations, the planes in the background have different color and American markings. - Olav Westerman


 Hunt For Red October, The (1989)
  • When the Russian crew is evacuating the Red October, they are caught in a terrible quall. None of the crew are seen wet. - pat
  • When Ryan is trying to find a good depth for the October to meet the Dallas at, it shows his finger going down the map with a pen in that hand. In the very next shot, he says,"OK! Send him this!"(or something like that). He didn't write down the depth! Yet, Sean Connery still knew where to meet them! - heavenly sax
  • Right after Jonesy says,"Way to go, Dallas!", the screen changes to an underwater shot with the October on the left of the screen and the Dallas on the right with the missile coming up from the bottom of the screen. The missile's propellers are twirling the water waves in the camera's face. When the twirling moves out of view, and the camera gets back to the two subs, the October is not there! - heavenly sax
  • The F-14 trying to land on the carrier becomes a different aircraft in the crash scene, The F-14 is gray and the plane crashing is dark color. Probably stock footage, just like in Midway.
  • (Crew/equipment visible) In the evacuation scene, check out the audio boys on top of the conning tower (left side of the screen). - fred
  • (Revealing mistakes) When Ryan is fished out of the water and helped into the sub, as he is helped along he brushes against a valve, and the valve "bends" like the foam it is instead of being hard metal. - Pat


 Hush (1998)   Buy this movie
  • When Helen & Jackson are dropped off in the alley at their New York apartment, the cab that drops them off has a Virginia State Safety inspection & county tax sticker at the bottom of the windshield. Most of the film (and obviously this scene!) was shot in Virginia. - Scott
  • When Gwyneth Paltrow's character and an old lady are having a conversation, she hands the old lady a picture in a wooden frame. When the lady takes the frame out of Gwyneth's hand, the picture is upside down. The old lady looks at the picture upside down, but the camera cuts directly to a right-side up close up of the picture. And when the camera cuts back to the conversation, the old lady is holding the frame right-side up. Ack! - Eric Burroughs


 Hush ... Hush, Sweet Charlotte (1964)
  • The sheriff is seated at his desk and the blades of the rotating fan cast shadows that pass across his head. He does not move, but when the camera angle changes to be above the fan there are no longer any shadows passing across his head. - Soma


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