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 Hackers (1995)
  • During the scene when Dade, Ceral Killer, and Freak are sitting in Nykon's apartment they are watching a news broadcast which shows the EXACT same interview with the secret service guy which occurs later in the film when they are taking away that other kids computer. The goof being the interview was seen on TV before it actually took place. - K2000kid
    • Correction: This was completely intended. Both scenes introduced Richard Gill from: the hackers point of view (Nikon's apartment), and the actual event (Joey's arrest). Both events happened at the same time, the tv interview was him in front of Joey's apartment, which the rest of them did not know yet, nor was the viewer supposed to know yet, which is why that scene was put first. - Ultralaser
  • When Freak gets his one telephone call he punches eight numbers on the keypad when we all know that telephone numbers have only seven numbers. (VHS) - Flipper
    • Correction: In corporation or multiline facilities you need to dial "9" to get out, therefore making Freak dial 8 numbers instead of 7. - Ripley
      • Correction: Freak does not dial any numbers at all. It is the prison guard, who dials the numbers, and he does, in fact, dial 7 numbers. 456-321-4. As you can see the numbers to dial were not scripted, and he hesitated after dialing the 321, realizing he had only dialed 6 numbers, then pushed 4 again. It was obviously a one take shot that no one cared about, since he didn't have any time to be dialing creatively while saying his lines. Freak connects to the operator by hanging the phone up once, then clicks 10 times in a row, which is the same as dialing "0" on a rotary phone (and which does actually work). This was scripted and, of course, payed attention to because it was important to show Phreaks knowledge of the phone system, AKA his "phreaking" ability. - Ultralaser
  • I've been in the computer industry since 1990, and I have yet to see a laptop with a Pentium Pro processor that Acid Burn had (I believe it was her). This processor was for servers only and there was never a "mobile" version ever made. It was a flop anyways and was short lived as a viable processor. (VHS) - Talcum X
    • Comment: This is true, there was no such thing during the time the movie was made as a mobile pentium pro. You might first note that all the computers in the movie are Macs, which is common in most movies and tv shows because they are much cheaper to use. None of their computers would be using any pentium-based processors at all. But in any case, Acid Burn claims the laptop to have a P6 chip, which does not mean pentium pro, P6 is just the architecture that specific processor is built upon (pentium pro just happened to be the first processor to be made that way). In light of other dialog including the terms "PCI bus" and "RISC architecture", the script tried to make it as vague as possible, so the movie would not revolve around any specific year, but rather the decade, as the technology advances so quickly the dialog would have been very outdated even before it hit theatres. P6, RISC, PCI and so forth, were used just to show she had better than Dade did: the latest and the greatest computer. Dade is not only attracted to Kate, but her computer. He types while looking at the screen as she talks to him. A good technique used by the director to show that his love for computers and Kate are intertwined. - Ultralaser


 Half Baked (1998)
  • During the scene that Mary Jane and Thurgood are walking and she gets hungry, the hot dog vendor asks her if she wants a drink. Mary Jane says "Ill have a Pepsi", the Hot dog vender gave her a diet Coke instead. Every time I see the movie I get mad ! - Frag
    • Correction: The hot dog vendor doesn't hand her a diet coke. In fact he doesn't hand her anything. You do however, see a diet pepsi in her hand. - mbmott21
  • When they smoke the weed from the pharmacy they float, and the people at the club float. They don't show anyone else floating, such as Snoop Dogg, Willie Nelson, etc... - NBDXMANN
    • Comment: NBDXMANN you are the dumbest person alive. Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson can handle their dope. They wouldn't be so stoned that they felt like they were floating. The point is that they could smoke something like a quarter of marijuana and not feel like they are floating. The others that do float just happen to be super stoned. - fink
      • Correction: Well since your saying that Willie and Snoop could handle that cannabis. Why wouldn't Byran, Scarface, etc. float seeing that they have been doing it since they were little kids. This makes their effect after weed the same as someone like Willie or Snoop. (VHS) - NBDXMANN
  • Is it me or do they not inhale in this movie? - Ryan
  • (Continuity) In the scene where Mary Jane and Thurgood are getting a hot dog, you notice she has a very thick Jersey, Brooklyn or New York accent. (I can't tell which one) but up until that scene and during the rest of the movie, she has no accent. - Jewels


 Halloween (1978)


 Halloween II (1981)


 Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers (1995)    Buy this movie
  • The chick at the beginning of the movie (who is supposed to be Laurie Strodes daughter) has a child which is taken from her and blessed into the same satanic cult that Michael was blessed into. Tommy later finds the baby in a bathroom at the train station, but they never follow through on what happened to the baby. (Possibly another sequel featuring this baby since Michael has no head???) - 311


 Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers (1988)
  • Apparently Michael Myers tried to escape the police by changing his name From Michael Meyers to Michael Myers. If you don't believe me next time you go to a video store and look on the box for Halloween 4 his name is spell Myers but in Halloween and Halloween 2 its spelled Meyers. - Joe
  • Alright folks, take a good look at Michael the first time you see him in the school house. You know! When Dr. Loomis bumps into him with Jamie. Why the hell for just that scene is Michael's hair puffy and white????? Uhhh did I miss something here? Haha ah well I guess he got is hair done for one scene! - Dave M
  • (Revealing mistakes) When Michael finds the picture of Laurie, it's a picture that was obviously taken behind the scenes on the first one. It couldn't be a real one, because it's of Laurie sitting with the pumpkin, but nobody was there to take the picture.
  • (Misc. errors) On the back of the VHS box, it says, "Two women trapped in their own home, stalked by the most dangerous creature alive." In fact, they're not trapped in their own house, it's the Sheriff's house.
  • (Crew/equipment visible) At the garage, after Dr. Loomis shoots at Michael and then disappears, Dr. Loomis runs to the window to look for Michael. At a closer look (even clearer on the DVD) you can see the camera man's reflection in the window. (DVD)


 Halloween H20 (1998)    Buy this movie
  • After Keri tells Will that Mike Myers is her brother, she unscrews the cap from the vodka bottle, takes a swig and hands it right to Will, who has to take the cap off the bottle, again. - Tim
  • One of the girls gets killed and dragged through the kitchen, leaving a major blood trail that the others follow. Miraculously all blood has been cleaned up when Mike chases Keri through the same kitchen later in the movie ! - Scott
  • According to the story Halloween 2, 4, 5, and 6 never happened but when Jamie Lee Curtis is talking to her son because he snuck out of school her son says "you saw him burn." which happened in Halloween 2. - Mike
    • Comment: But this film was supposed to ignore all sequels--It was always said that only the Carpenter films would be acknowledged for H2O, so that includes 1&2(3?) but not 4,5,6... On the DVD edition they make this very clear during interviews that took place during the filming of H2O. - Jim Kaiser
      • Correction: Yes it is assumed the sequels never happend..but only after part 2....3 and up never existed...Halloween 2 does because it picked up the same night Halloween 1 left off so of course 2 exists. It is 3 and up that we assume don't. - LilTimber
  • In the very beginning of the movie when the first murder takes place in the neighbor's house with the kid from "3rd Rock", they enter the house in the evening, but minutes later when they walk out it's night! this is POSSIBLE but not probable. - mark
  • In H20, Jamie Lee Curtis has a son, but in the Curse of Michael Myers (part 6) the chick at the beginning of the movie that has the baby is Laurie Strodes daughter. She winds up getting killed in a barn after crashing her car while Michael is chasing her. Why isn't she ever mentioned in H20. The son in H20 is about 17 in the movie, definitely old enough for both brother and sister to have been around together in part 6? Either they just forgot to follow through on that link or it will be explained in the sequel now being filmed. - 311
  • After Keri/Laurie goes back inside the building to look for Michael, she is walking through the hallway. Michael lowers from behind her, she hears him, turns and slams the axe into his shoulder. When she does this with the axe, you can see the cut on her arm, however, Michael doesn't cut her until after she hits him with the axe. (VHS) - Kelli


 Halloween: Resurrection (2002)
  • In the begining of the movie, the crazy guy at the crazy institute was trying to act like Michael and he did he research because he knew when he was born, when he killed the sister and so on, the are 2 errors in this.
    1. Where did he get all this information, usually crazy people dont ready newspapers or watch the news.
    2-He said after he met Michael, that in the last movie, Halloween H2O happened around 23 years after the first murders but in fact it took place 20 years after because H20 stands for Hallowen 20 years later. (DVD) - TAZ


 Halloweentown (1998) (TV)
  • When you first see the movie theater it says "CLOSED FOREVER", and the words are side by side. Then the next time you see it, it says "CLOSEDFOREVER", word on top of word. - Keith+Paul Moviemistakers
  • When the vampire gets her tooth taken out you can tell that there isn't really a space because you can see her real tooth. - Keith+Paul Moviemistakers


  Handmaid's Tale, The (1989)   Buy this movie
  • About one hour into the movie, in the scene where Serena Joy (Fay Dunaway) tells Kate (Natasha Richardson) that her daughter is alive, the boom mike is clearly visible above the actresses. It hangs there a few seconds showing its butt. (VHS) - Webmaster


  Hang 'em High (1968)
  • (Anachronisms) OK, this is admittedly pretty obscure but it's still there: In the movie "Hang 'em High" our hero, Clint Eastwood, has 3 bad guys in a farm house surrounded (all by himself). So the head bag guy turns loose the farm dog on ol' Clint. The problem is that the movie takes place in the old west cica 1880 and the dog loosed on Clint is a German Shepherd, a breed that did not exist as we know it until the early 20th century. Shocking? Spoil the movie? No, just maybe the most obscure movie anachronism of all time. (TV) - vintagemxr
    • Info: The first German Shepherd Dog exhibited in America was in 1907. (Source:


  Hanging Up (2000)
  • Towards the end of the movie, the three sisters are driving in their cars to visit their father in the hospital. Their cars are traveling on the left side of a L.A. highway rather than the right. Did they shoot the scene in England, or did they erroneously flip the film? - Nom Deplume


  Hannibal (2001)


  Happiness (1998)   Buy this movie
  • When police inspectors visit Dr. Maplewood concerning Johnny's rape, as they enter the living room, we can see the crew's microphone hanging on top of the screen for a brief moment. - Yann Ropers


  Happy Gilmore (1996)   Buy this movie


  Happy Texas (1999)   Buy this movie
  • At the end of the movie, William H Macy's character is standing alongside his car looking on towards the children on stage. Take a look into his sunglasses and you can clearly see the camera crew. - Raef


  Hardball (2001)
  • When Keanu Reeves takes the Little Leaguers to a supposed Chicago Subway Series game b/w the White Sox and Cubs, they actually go to the old Tiger stadium in Detroit. This isn't exactly the greatest movie, but come on, how about giving us a little credit! (VHS) - Eric R.
  • When the coach (at the end of the movie) calls the batting order it goes Ray-Ray and then Clarence. Well when they get up to bat Clarence actually goes before Ray-Ray. - meg
  • When Conner is handing out uniforms to the kids, he says there are ten uniforms numbered from 2 - 11. Later on you see some of the kids wearing higher numbers. One can clearly be seen wearing 16. (VHS/DVD/Theatre) - webs1
  • (Continuity) When Keanu Reeves (Conner) watches Miles pitch the very first time and the batter misses, he stands up against the fence. You can see Conner the other 2 times the batter misses standing at the fence. he next shot you see him sitting down comfortably even though you never see him actually take the time to sit down. (Theatre) - Peteball


  Hard-Boiled (1992)    Buy this movie
  • When the chick shoots that guy that calls her a "b-tch", the blood packs are visible through his shirt. - David
  • When Mad Dog is shooting up a room in the warehouse massacre, wires are visible on some guy flying through the air. - David
  • When ----- gets shot through the eye, if you watch the scene is slo-mo the head is obviously fake. - David
  • When Mad Dog rides his motorcycle into a guy, if you look you will see that not only is the guy getting hit a dummy, but a guy lying on the floor is a dummy also. - David


  Hard Times (aka The Streetfigher) (1975)    Buy this movie
  • When James Coburn is reading the newspaper, he is at first wearing long sleeve pajamas and then "pow!" he's suddenly wearing a tank top. This is quite possibly the most obvious goof I've ever seen. Oh Roger Spottiswoode, you're usually so good at editing these things. What happened? - David


  Hard to Kill (1990)
  • The goof takes place during the scene where Segal's partner gets murdered. When gets a shotgun blast to his chest you can see the imprint of the blood packet under his shirt. (TV) - Soulman


  Harley Davidson & the Marlboro Man (1991)    Buy this movie
  • In the movie Harley has a Ruger Blackhawk converted to shoot .454-caliber bullets. During the firefight in the airplane graveyard, he reloads the gun with six (6) bullets. I'm not sure if it is at all possible to convert a Ruger to .454 (the bullets might be too long to fit the cylinder) and even if it was, the gun would only take five (5) bullets because of the amount of pressure generated by the .454 caliber. - KjPuu
  • Watch when Jack picks up Harley at the end of a barfight, and throws him out the window. It's hysterical, because its so obviously a dummy. - Teenee


  Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (2002)
  • (Continuity) In the first movie, Harry Potter has green eyes, in this (2nd) movie, he has blue eyes. (Theatre) - angelram909


  Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (2001)

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  Haunting, The (1999)   Buy this movie


 Heart of Dragon (Long de xin) (1985)   Buy this movie
  • During the car chase in the back alley, in which Jackie is being pursued by thugs. The car which he is driving goes over a small jump, as the car lands the number plate falls off the car only to reveal another one which is the exact replica of the original. - Matty Spence


 Heat (1995)


 Heaven Can Wait (1978)
  • (Plot holes) I just don't get the point of the movie. Warren Beatty is Joe who is taken to heaven prematurely by his guardian angel. It's decided that he will be returned and put in another body to finish living out his life. At the end Mr. Jordan tells Joe he will not remember what had happen. Joe in fact, forgets he is Joe and becomes the individual whose body he now has. The only person who does know what happen is Jack Warden. I don't mean to sound ignorant, but I just don't get the point of giving Joe his life back if he doesn't get to remember he is Joe. - Mad Mel


 Heavyweights (1994)
  • In the seen where Tony Perkis (Ben Stiller) is trying to find out who is responsible for the goodies in the hole in the floor under the trunk, Josh (forget his name) tells him it's "Seemore Butts". Tony repeats the name. If you notice neither of the actors lips say Seemore Butts, but they say something else. - Axel


  Heidi (2002?)
  • Okay I don't really get this. Dete promised Heidi that she would only have to be in Frankfurt for a week. Well she ended up staying for three months. Whatever happened to coming back in a week? (VHS) - Smiley


  Heist (2001)
  • In the actual heist scene, when the thieves are taking the gold bullion off the airplane, you can see the name "Bank of Geneva" on the boxes is the picture of an eagle. The symbol for the Bank of Geneva is a bear, the symbol of the eagle belongs to Berne, the Swiss capital. (VHS) - Gerry
  • Also, in the climactic shoot-out scene near the end, one of the characters fires a double barreled shotgun three times without reloading. (VHS) - Gerry


  Hellraiser (1987)
  • When Frank is trying to stab that girl, his switchblade has a line in it were the blade will go in. - David
  • When the girl goes through the hallway, and is then chased by a weird-looking creature, you can see the crew and the dolly that is pushing and controlling the creature. - David


  Hell Up in Harlem (1973)   Buy this movie
  • In a scene where Fred Wiliamson is killing off a number of mobsters, there's a moment that takes place on a beach where he stabs one of them in the chest with one of those large umbrellas. When a close-up is shown, you see animated blood flowing from the guys chest. Very sloppy. (TV) - Soulman


  Helter Skelter (1976)   Buy this movie
  • When the lawyer Bugliosi is reading the paper that has Susan Atkins' grand jury testimony, the picture is the actual Susan Atkins--not the actress's. - Reddfoxx


  Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer (1986)
  • 7-8 minutes into the movie a crew member's reflection can be seen on one of Henry's victims car door. (VHS) - Webmaster


  Henry V (1989)
  • In the climactic battle scene, Henry V (played by Kenneth Branagh) is running in slow motion...if you look in the background you will see two guys supposedly fighting...except their swords are not even coming close to hitting each other. - David


  High Fidelity (2000)   Buy this movie
  • In one scene John Cusack's character tells another that he bought a Fleetwood Mac album because of the song "Landslide". The album he is holding up is Rumours and "Landlide" is not on that album. - Amanda A


  Highlander (1986)
  • In "Highlander I", the characters of Christopher Lambert (McLeod) and Sean Connery met each other for the first time after McLeod's "resurrection" and exile in Spain; in "Highlander II" it is said that they were longtime pals from some other planet!!! Shame on the gaffer. - Chrispim
  • Well, in the highlander series, Lambert's character does not hold the katana blade properly. From what I know, the proper sword grip should have the bottom hand gripping the butt of the handle. This is so the wielder can have greater leverage when swinging the blade. From Pg 55 Japanese Swordsmanship. - Shrill
  • Obvious wires holding up Connor, after he kills the bad guy. - The Big J


  Highlander: Endgame (2000)
  • Completely ignores every other Highlander movie and TV series. - The Big J
  • It is set in present day, and Connor dies in the end, so how is he alive in 2025, in no.2? - The Big J
  • It says Connor has been missing for 10 years, which makes since 1990, but he was in the first episode of the TV series, in '92. - The Big J
  • Connor has been missing for 10 years, since 1990. But Highlander 3 is set in 1994, with Connor. I hate the way EVERY Highlander film contradicts every other one! - The Big J


  Highlander II: The Quickening (1991)   Buy this movie
  • During the scene where Katana is attacking the taxi, you can see the hole in the windshield change back and forth in shape and size. - Cathy
  • When the car comes to a stop after McLeod and Ramirez crash the prison, McLeod's bullet-ridden body is hanging half out of the open driver's-side door of the car. But when the security guards let Louise out of the trunk, she walks past the side of the car and looks in and you can see that McLeod's body is now completely inside the car and the door is closed. And I find it completely amazing that with the hundreds of rounds of ammunition that were fired into the car, none of the bullets pierced the trunk and killed Louise. - Cathy
  • One of the themes of this series of movies and the television series is that the last immortal left alive is rewarded by gaining mortality. So I cannot understand why McLeod is still alive at the very end of the movie after what he does at the end. - Cathy
  • One of the themes of this series of movies and the television series is that the last immortal left alive is rewarded by gaining mortality. So I cannot understand why McLeod is still alive at the very end of the movie after what he does at the end. - Cathy
  • How McLeod manages to have a photographic quality painting of the wife that died more than 500 years ago is really quite amazing considering that it would be nearly impossible for an artist to render such a painting from a description that McLeod gave them, and I have never heard anything about McLeod being artistically gifted enough to have painted the picture from memory himself. - Cathy


  Highlander III: The Sorcerer (1994)   Buy this movie
  • You can clearly read Bienvenue au Montreal (Welcome to Montreal) behind the customs desk when they are supposed to be arriving at a New York area airport. - Cathy
  • Kane, a 400 year old warrior, travels from Japan, to America, on foot. - The Big J


  High Noon (1952)
  • In the church scene when Kane is looking for help to fight the Miller gang, there is a mother and her young son sitting in one of the the scene cuts back and forth from Kane to the congregation, the little boy keeps disappearing. (VHS) - daemonlover
  • Also in the final scene when Kane leaves the town for good, he throws his badge on the ground... look carefully and you can see another badge from a previous take still imbedded in the ground. (VHS) - daemonlover
  • About half way in the flick, there is a scene with Coop in the main street. The camera pulls back and pans up 20 feet. In the distance (above the buildings) the smog of LA can be seen and off to the upper left can be seen 2 tall telephone poles (obviously not from the 1800s). - clintBoB
  • (Anachronisms) Just after the Gunfight starts and Cooper runs behind buildings the camera shows Cooper coming toward us with a picket fence to our right. It pans cooper as he passes us and shows him moving away from the camera and us. In the building just in front of Cooper there is a window air conditioner in the second floor window. Definitely out of time and place. - dew


  High Plains Drifter (1973)   Buy this movie
  • When the lady shoots at Eastwood in the bathtub, the splash that her bullet makes doesn't coincide with where she is aiming. - David


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