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  Go (1999)
  • (Continuity) In the scene where Scott Wolf's character is in the kitchen with the wife she licks the blades of an eggbeater with her right hand but when the camera cuts to the next angle she has her left hand at her mouth. (Theatre/ DVD) - LuisG
  • (Audio/visual unsynchronised) In scenes throughout the movie you can tell that words are not synched with lip movements. (Theatre/ DVD) - LuisG


  Godfather, The (1972)


  • In the street scene where Sonny beats up Carlo, from the camera angle shown in the movie he clearly does at least one "air swing" that misses by a foot or more. Carlo responds as if he took the punch square on the chin! - mikewill
    • Addition: Also a sound effect of a hit is heard although the hit clearly misses.
  • Now this is weird, during the funeral scene in some shots you can see a woman's face imposed over the scene. It looks like don Corleone's wife. Not really a mistake but weird. - David
  • When one of the traitors is shot in the car, you can clearly see a crew member in the windshield. - David

The Godfather - Four Men

The Godfather -
Four Men
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  • When ---- is shot all over his body, there are bullet holes above the door of his car, but in a different shot they are gone. - David
  • This is really subtle, but we see the American flag (the modern 50-star version). In 1945 America had only 48 states... oops. - Andrew
  • In the fight scene where Sonny beats up his brother in-law in the street, Vito Corleone's co-worker from the grocery store in "Godfather II" can be seen as an onlooker. When the movie is played cronologically on TV he seems to appear in both generations without aging. (TV) - RichM


  Godzilla (1998)


  Going Bananas (1987)
  • Sometime during the movie, when the trio are chasing after ostriches, the encounter a tree and crash, causing Big Bad Joe to lose a tooth. But, you can plainly see that his tooth is just blackened, instead of missing. (VHS) - Asertix


  GoldenEye (1995)    Buy this movie


  Goldfinger (1964)
  • When Goldfinger is cheating at cards in the beginning, and Bond goes into his suite, the girl goes from on her back to on her stomach a few times. - Bob
  • Listen to Bond when the bomb is stopped. He says, "three ticks and he would of won." The goof is that the bomb stops at 0:07. In the original version the bomb stopped at 0:03. - James
  • When Oddjob demonstrates his hat throwing move and hits the statue the hat flies further than in the next scene when the hat is next to the statue head. - James
  • Goldfinger claims his nerve gas is invisible but when pussy's flying circus commences operation rock-a-bye-baby the gas is very clearly visible. (VHS) - mr.dark
    • Comment: The gas was invisible when it was spread in the air, but just as the carbondioxide, which also is invisible, can be seen when it leaves a pressurized container like a bottle or fire-extigusher, the gas became visible for a short moment when it left the pressurized containers on the planes. (VHS) - Olav Westerman
    • Correction: You moron! You can see the gas because Pussy Galore replaced the gas canisters with a different thing! The troops wouldn't be alive if it was the gas!!! If you listen to Bond in one scene he says,"Well Goldfinger, it just so happens that Delta 9 is fatal!" DUH!!!! - Mexican dude
  • When Oddjob kills the guy and crushes the car, they take the cube the car was crushed into and put it in the back of oddjobs truck. How could he even drive that is like putting a car on top of another car. - Chubb's
  • In a longer scene, Bond is playing golf with Auric Goldfinger. Bond wins, and Goldfinger issues a check sitting in the passenger seat of his 1937 Rolls-Royce Phantom III. When the car drives away after that, the passenger seat is empty. (VHS Widescreen) - Reiner
  • (Factual errors) In the hotel near the beginning of the movie, a girl is killed by "skin suffocation" after being painted from head to toe in gold paint. There are four problems with this:
    1. Why would she let someone paint her all over with gold paint? It seems like she would have resisted (getting gold paint everywhere). 2. James Bond is only out of the room to get a drink, about 45 seconds worth of work. It would have taken much longer than that to paint her all over. 3. There must be easier ways to kill people (besides taking the time and effort to paint them all over). 4. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS SKIN SUFFOCATION! She wouldn't have died from being painted all over. Otherwise you would die from going in water up to your neck. You don't breathe through your skin, and her mouth wasn't painted shut. - PyRoPHiLe


  Gone in 60 Seconds (1974)
  • (Continuity)In the scene where the red Challenger is being towed away from the dealership, there is one part where, while going around a corner, a hubcap can very clearly be seen flying off the wheel. That wheel is later shown having the hubcap again. - Nitro Poptart Man


  Gone in 60 Seconds (2000)    Buy this movie


  Gone with the Wind (1939)    Buy this movie


  Good, Bad and the Ugly, The (1966)

(Original title: Il Buono, il brutto, il cattivo)

  • (Anachronisms) At the end, when Tuco is balanced on the cross with the rope around his neck. In at least 2 of the closeup scenes, cars can be seen to the right (look for flash of light on windshield) and to the left (driving on dirt road). - clintBoB
  • (Continuity) At the end of the movie in the graveyard hanging scene the noose is loose so you can see all the wrappings from the front view, then tight around the neck from the rear view, then loose again each of the many times the camera angle changes. - D Lagesse


  Good Burger (1997)
  • Near the end of the movie when there at mondo burger and fall into the dumpster if you look on the side you can see that Ed's hat falls off with the hair. - Dill Pickles


  Goodbye Girl, The (1977)    Buy this movie
  • After Richard Dreyfus's disastrous debut as Richard III, he gets drunk and staggers around the living room, knocking some magazines off a table. Later in that same scene, the magazines are mysteriously back in place. - Paul Forrest


  GoodFellas (1990)    Buy this movie



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  Good Son, The (1993)
  • When the kids drop the dummy off the bridge and cause the accident you see the windows of many cars break out before they make contact with other cars. - loony
  • When the parents go out for dinner and the kids play hide and go seek. Macauly Kulkin(?) Turns of the power for the whole house. However when Elijah Wood is running looking for the little girl in the background you can see red numbers which are an alarm clock. - Dill Pickles
    • The alarm clock could as well run on batteries and not need electricity.


  Good Will Hunting (1998)
  • When the teacher is giving out the problem to solved he put the blackboard down and on the other scene it is up and then down and up again. - alex barraza
  • Ben Affleck says to Matt Damon that Casey and him are going bar hopping, referring to his brother Casey. But in the movie, his name isn't Casey! - Chrissie
    • Correction: They weren't referring to Chuckie's brother, Morgan, they were referring to a friend of theirs, "Casey" who is the bouncer at the Harvard bar. When they go into the bar, they're all saying high to the bouncer, "hey Casey". - Poe
  • When Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are talking and drinking beer after hard day at work, beer can in Ben's hand somehow changes from one hand to other... - Goalie
  • At the beginning of the movie when Will is writing the answer to the first problem on the chalkboard, he is seen writing in the lower left side of the chalkboard. When the Professor shows up to look at the answer, he finds the answer on the right side of the chalkboard. (DVD) - troyu


 Goofy Movie, A (1995)
  • If you watch Max carefully throughout the movie, you see that he switches from being a righty to lefty. Ex: When he is changing the map, the pencil keeps moving from his right hand to his left hand and the same thing happens in the next scene while he eats eggs. - Beck1
  • (Revealing mistakes) In the scene at Lester's Possom Posse Jamboree, we are introduced to the animatronic possoms as being Lester, Beauford, Beulah, and Mordicai. Mordicai asks Lester if he is ready for yodeling, and Lester replies "Sure am, Beauford!" (DVD) - Superviolist


 Goonies, The (1985)       Buy this movie


Gosford Park (2001)
  • Bloody Mary's, a vodka based drink, would not have been served at an English country house party in the Thirties as vodka was introduced as a "smart" drink only after the war and the success of the Russians. - Dick


Gossip (2000)
  • When Jones accuses Deric of being a rapist. Deric hands her a drink half full when she throws it on the floor it is empty. - AM


 Graduate, The (1967)       Buy this movie
  • Dustin Hoffman is supposed to be driving to Berkeley via the Bay Bridge late in the film, but he's taking it toward San Francisco! I'm glad he eventually made it. - Andrew


 Grand Prix (1966)       Buy this movie
  • Some of the racing-cars, especially the Ferraris frequently change shape. The filmmakers used at least three faked and one real Ferrari besides the scenes with real racing-cars in real races that were cut in. The faked Ferraris were all of different types, but they all played the same parts in the movie. - Olav Westerman


 Grease (1978)


 Grease 2 (1982)
  • In the part of the movie when they are having the graduation party and Stephanie and Johnny are in the pool on the canoe, as Michael jumps his motorcycle over the pool and over them, then a second person tries to jump the pool after Michael but doesn't make it and falls into the pool motorcycle and all but can clearly see that there is no Stephanie or Johnny or boat in the pool then when it flashes back to the pool and they get out of the boat the boat is there but no motorcycle is seen in the pool. - Brian Ciolko
  • While practicing riding the motorcycle Michael (Maxwell Caulfield) falls off. When he gets up to try again he says "Come on Max," instead of Michael or Mike which is his character's name.


 Great Escape, The (1963)
  • (Crew/equipment visible) This is just after Big X and Mac are discovered and start running through the streets. In the shot after the officer blows his whistle, on the EXTREME left, one of the stage lights is visible! It is so far to the left it might not show up on some TVs. Later in the chase, when Mac knocks over the cyclist, it is there again, even further to the left! Use the Zoom Function on your DVD player. (Widescreen DVD) - Bob
  • (Continuity) During this same chase, Big X is stopped by a German patrol car. They get out to question him and Big X is on the little sidewalk. Instantly, in the next shot, he is in the middle of the street. (Widescreen DVD) - Bob


 Great Expectations (1998)
  • In the seventies, when Finn is young, he drinks from a nineties-style Mountain Dew can. - Alana
  • When the guy (can't remember his name) is given a strand of hair from Uma, he flicks it away, but you can still see it on his fingers after "the wind takes it". - Wyldkatt88
    • Correction: The second response for this movie in which "Uma Thurman" is mentioned is incorrect. The movie they are referring to is Gattaca. Uma Thurman isn't in great expectations, Gwyneth Paltrow is. - Jason


  Great Outdoors, The (1988)
  • There are hungry animals going through the family's garbage. When we first see the animals there are three of them. The next time, there are two. Then there are three animals again the next time we see them. But at the end when the end credits have rolled there are once again only two animals. Very bad continuity. - Stacey
  • When the family decide to put their garbage in the house, the angry animals decide the 'break into the house' to get their nightly meal. That should have been impossible for them to do. - Lissa
  • Towards the end of the movie, there is a scene where the baldheaded killer bear is jumping on a door with John Candy trapped underneath. If you look at the bottom of the screen, you can see the animal trainer frantically waving a red stick at the bear. (VHS) - nursegirl74
  • (Revealing mistakes) I love this one, because it's so obvious. Dan and the family run into the cabin following Chester (John Candy). They are supposed to go out of sight, there is a short pause, and they run out screaming. But, the camera didn't let them get out of sight, so you see Dan Aykroyd counting 1-2-3 to the rest of the cast before they run out. It's a scream! - Matthew
  • (Crew/equipment visible) When the bald-headed bear has entered the cabin, putting the characters in danger, one camera shot shows, on the bottom of the screen, either a piece of food or a taming-whip-type device being shaken at the bear; right there, plain as day. - Eric____


  Great Race, The (1965)     Buy this movie
  • At the end of the Movie, The Eiffel Tower has a Radio tower on the top. This was added later than when the movie took place. - Bob
  • This is when Professor Fate is trying blow up Leslie (who else?) with the surface torpedo that homes in on the loudest engine noise. After it starts going after Fate, there is a shot of it heading towards the shore. There is a line in the water in front of it that is either the rope pulling it, or a rail it's riding on. - Bob
  • After their visit to Boracho, Professor Fate heads on some train tracks to save time. The shot shows him heading away from us up the tracks. Then it shows him coming towards us with the front pointing at us. How could he have turned around on the tracks? If he could've, wouldn't it be easier to head off the tracks? - Bob
    • Comment: I don't consider Bobs goof about professor Fate turning around on the railroad track a goof. It is just an unrealistic joke, like the professors airship, the destruction of the Eiffel tower and a lot of other things in the movie. - Olav Westerman


  Great Waldo Pepper, The (1975)     Buy this movie
  • When Waldo and Axel are attempting the 'grab onto the ladder attached to a moving plane' stunt, Waldo finally grabs it after numerous tries. But he grabs the bottom rung. In the next cut, he's four rungs up suddenly and has just been pulled out of the car. Fast climber! - Sidewinder


  Green Berets, The (1968)     Buy this movie
  • At the end of the movie, John Wayne stands on the beach as the sun sinks into the ocean, and gives a stirring speech on why we should (supposedly) be in Vietnam. Since Vietnam doesn't have a WEST coast, the sun is sinking in the EAST. - Mysterious
  • (Most of this movie's goofs are most readily apparent to military viewers. Here are but a few of the many faux pas in this film.): John Wayne is a full Colonel in 5th Group once he gets to Vietnam, which means he is the Group Commander (there is only one full Colonel in an SF Group). He goes on a very dangerous mission behind enemy lines, taking his staff; instead of SENDING an A-team. - Art Vandelay
  • On the way in, the C-7A Caribou that they jump from flies quietly and smoothly enough to have a little briefing and a chat. - Art Vandelay
  • During the jump sequence, the Duke fails to hook up his static line before giving jump commands. Jim Hutton pauses on the ramp to have a little conversation with Jumpmaster Duke, whose static line snap hook is visible still stowed to the top carrying handle of his reserve parachute. Hutton finally jumps and the Duke follows him - still unhooked and both possibly a mile or more from the drop zone. - Art Vandelay
  • A subsequent aerial shot shows the paratroopers descending under green canopies, but when they are burying the parachutes to hide them, a white canopy is seen (this is probably Duke's reserve parachute. haha.). - Art Vandelay
  • In the scene where Jim Hutton is caught by the booby trap, he can be seen to anticipate getting jerked off his feet. - Art Vandelay


  Green Mile, The (1999)     Buy this movie
  • Right before they drug Wild Bill, when they bring out the soda and they show Wild Bill getting up off the mattress, the mattress is in the floor. Later when they drug Wild Bill he sits down on the mattress and it is back on his bed. - Anna
  • After they come back with John Coffey and they let Percy out of the restrant room he turns and John Coffey grabs him he takes out his night stick and tries to hit John with it but drops it and they show it hitting the floor. After John lets that stuff go into Percy he is walking down the mile before he shoots Wild Bill they show the night stick dangling from Percy's side. - Anna
  • When it shows the older version of Tom Hanks in the rain coat, and he walks out on the porch you can plainly see something fall from his pocket! What is this?? - kat
  • When Dale is about to be executed, the "role on one" light-bulbs are on before "role on one" is acctually said. Then, when it shows Percy saying "Role on one"....the light bulbs are off, then light up. Frank Darabont finally made a mistake! whoops! - Jon C


  Gremlins (1984)     Buy this movie
  • When Billy's mother walks into the living room aware that she is being stalked by gremlins, she walks past a Christmas tree, that begins to shake, presumably by the gremlins. However if you look carefully behind the tree, there are no gremlins at all but fat technician guy shaking the tree furiously. - steel flesh
  • In one of the early scenes, rand peltzer is seen talking to an old Chinese guy trying to sell his invention when it accidentally squirted toothpaste on his coat and shirt which made it all messed up. When the camera cuts to the Chinese and then cuts back to him, his clothes is clean, and then he went to see GIZMO. When he comes back to talk to the Chinese, his shirt is dirty again but obviously not from his invention but from the make-up guy or somebody from the staff who put it on because only the undershirt is dirty and the coat is clean. - tochi
  • After the gremlin cuts the brake line, the cops drive away and when they go to the first corner the brake lights come on and they slow down. In the next scene they have no control over there car. - Tomper
  • If gremlins are allergic to bright light then how come they can just waltz into a movie theater (which is pretty bright) and watch a movie?? - JoNaS
  • You know the rule how there not allowed to eat after midnight? Well I have always wondered what time can they start eating again? They never say when! - brittni
  • When the gremlins are all in the bar, if you look at the one gremlin break dancing u can see that he is attached to something to make him move! - brittni


  Grinch Who Stole Christmas, The (2000)


  Grosse Pointe Blank (1997)     Buy this movie

John Cusack as Martin Q. Blank
Minnie Driver as Debi Newberry

  • In the scene where John Cusack has entered Minnie Driver's bedroom, he clearly hangs his baseball cap on her bedpost. When he goes to leave, he has the baseball cap in his hand. Pretty spectacular seeing as he never picked it up! - Stacy
  • In the scene when John Cusack and Dan Aykroyd are talking on their cell phone and John hangs up and throws it on his trunk. When they finish talking the phone is gone and one rings on the front seat. - TXmoviefan
  • In the opening scene Dan Aykroyd makes a hit dressed as a bell hop. He is firing from 2 revolvers, usually holding six rounds, but no more than 8, he fires upwards of 20 times without a reload. - kb


  Groundhog Day (1993)
  • In repeat day three, although Phil runs out of the bed and breakfast without lingering as he clearly did in day one and two, he still meets the characters on the street in the same time and place as he did in day one and two. - salamander
  • What's with the piano teacher on the last day? How could she be proud of her 'student' if she just met him that morning? - salamander
    • Comment: Because he's been reliving the same day over and over. He been reliving each day so many times, that he learned to play the piano. The teacher thinks it's her first time meeting him. - Kansas
  • This is a tough movie to follow. Phil seems to be reliving the same day over and over, yet seems to grow and learn after a few failed attempts at suicide. How come the other characters (Andie Mcdowell) don't realize that they too are reliving each day. They also go to sleep at night but also wake up the next morning too? That would mean that Andie Mcdowell falls in love with Phil in one day? I don't think so. Lot of story flaw here. - pat A
    • Comment: The whole point (and humor) of the movie is that Phil (Bill Murray) is stuck in the cycle of that one day. The movie is filmed from his point of view, just as you live your life from your point of view. If you happened to get into some Twilight Zoneish alternate reality, the rest of the world/universe wouldn't know it. It wouldn't be all of us reliving the same day. That's the whole point! The kid that falls out of the tree wouldn't get up there everyday would he? Your "goof" would kill the premise of the movie. - Natrone Fett
  • Before any other repeptitions of Groudhog Day, Phil pours a cup of coffee while talking to the owner of the bed and breakfast. He picks it up and you can see it in his hand as he walks away, but when it cuts to the next shot, he no longer has it in his hand. - theshadow


  Grumpier Old Men (1995)     Buy this movie
  • The scene where Walter Matheau is video taping Jack Lemmon in the nude, he sits down, turns on the TV to watch the recording. But as they show the picture, it focuses in and out. Kind of hard to focus from the chair I imagine. - floyddog
  • When Walter Matheau plays the video of Jack Lemmon in the video store he has his left hand to his chin, but when he made the video Jack had his right hand to his chin. Also the distance of the camera doesn't match how close the video looks. - floyddog


  Guardian (2000)     Buy this movie
  • In a scene where Kross, a woman and a boy is riding a van being pursued by Telal, Telal shoots the van and the bullet holes on the side of the van are clearly seen, but in the next shot the bullet holes disappear. - tochi


  Gunga Din (1939)     Buy this movie
  • In one scene, the leader of the Thugee cult threatens one of the soldiers with a pit of snakes. If you look, you will see that the snakes are all being held up by strings. - David


  Guys and Dolls (1955)     Buy this movie
  • When Sky Masterson is talking with Nathan Detroit in Mindy's Diner (the scene talking about stroudel and cheesecake), there are people walking in the background. At one point these people disappear and a new set of people start walking across normally. - BroadwayBishop


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