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  Galaxy Quest (1999)  Buy this movie


  Game, The (1997)
  • When the kids father is playing squash you can clearly see when he tries to catch the ball he misses. - anXiety
  • When Michael Douglas gets mad and throws the pictures in the lap of the guy, there is a picture in his lap that keeps on appearing and disappearing. - offmybach
  • In the movie the game, when Michael Douglas is involved in a car pursuit, the speedometer is at 0 when it should be at least 100 miles per hour. The car must have been carried on a truck or something but they forgot that little detail. I hope you understood my English, I usually speak French. - c.deschamps
  • At the end of the movie when Michael Douglas and the other actor get off the elevator the actor calls Michael Douglas by his real first name "Mike" not by his movie name which I believe is Nick. (DVD) - JD


  Game of Death (1978)
  • In the beginning of the film when Bruce goes backstage to his trailer where he is confronted by a syndicate boss. Some shots of Bruce's image are clearly reused from old footage of him, however this clearly changes a obvious stand-in which looks nothing like him. The one thing which takes the biscuit is the fact they use a cardboard cut out which is strapped upon another actors body. This is seen when his image is reflected in the mirror and the syndicate boss taps him with his stick. - Matty S
    • Correction: It's not a cardboard cut-out, Bruce's face has been transposed onto the film using what looks like an image from 'The Big Boss', but you're right, it looks ridiculous, and the scene before it with Bruce Lee from 'Enter The Dragon' and a naff looking towel draped around his shoulders really does 'take the biscuit'! - Austin Powers


  Gandhi (1982)
Ben Kingsley as Mahatma Gandhi
  • In a very busy crowd scene a pair of Adidas trainers can be seen. - ssnf
    • Comment: Please be a little bit more specific on which scene when you submit a goof. - Bart


  Gangs of New York (2002)
  • (Factual errors) Towards the end of the movie, the US flag is displayed on a wall. The flag has 50 stars. This was 1862. As we all know, each star represents a US state. The US did not have 50 states in 1862. - izmir
  • (Spoiler) (Plot holes) At one point in the film, Daniel Day-Lewis, as Bill Cutting, tells Leonardo DiCaprio's Vallon character that quote, "I'm 47 years old..." Later, Cutting tells Boss Tweed that his father died at the hands of the British in July of 1814. In the end, the NY Draft Riots and Bill Cutting's death take place in July, 1863. That would put Cutting as being born in 1816...two years after his father's death. And please, don't make me watch this movie again to verify this goof. I never want to see any of it again. (Theatre/TV) - Kieth Moreland
  • (Plot holes) Okay, help me here! Two main characters suffer massive trauma. One, a gunshot to the shoulder, and the other, a deep stab wound in the gut. They both live in the most unhygienic place in a big American city. They live in a time when medical science has not come up with antibiotics, and men in the Civil War are dying of infection to minor wounds in numbers higher that deaths in battle... but they survive these wounds without any long-lasting or debilitating effects! How? - (DVD) - Kieth Moreland
  • (Revealing mistakes) In the scene where Amsterdam Vallon (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Jenny Everdeane (Cameron Diaz) are becoming passionate on the dock, Jenny asks Amsterdam if he has any scars. He lifts his shirt to show her and the fake scar on his left breast is peeling up. The focus quickly shifts and the peeling scar goes out of focus but not quickly enough! - Ann


  Gator (1976)
  • In the 1976 movie Gator which starred Burt Reynolds, he was given a beefed up car to use as a white lightning running car. The goof is, as he was driving the car he was shifting the gears via a Hurst shifter on the floor of the car. When he went to visit his parents home he pulled up in the driveway and shoved the car in park via a shifting lever on the steering wheel column of the car. (TV) - Richard Paysen
  • (Factual errors) During the film, Clint Eastwood's stainless-steel .357 Magnum revolver, is fired several times. Any gun need only be fired once, to show the smoke and burnt powder on its barrel or cylinder. Yet, whenever he brandishes his gun toward any potential foe, there are no powder burns or evidence that Clint's gun has been fired. It looks like it just came out of the gun store display case. (Theatre/TV)- Kieth Moreland
  • In one scene Travolta gets hit in the head with a shovel. When he gets hit and falls he has obviously been replaced by a stunt double. - David


  Gettysburg (1993)
  • Directly before Pickett's Charge, General Armistead can be seen wearing a wedding band. However, historically, prior to the battle, he gave the ring to General Pickett to give to his wife as a present and thus was not wearing it at the time of the attack. (VHS) - Scout


  Ghost (1990)

Patrick Swayze as Sam Wheat
Demi Moore as Molly Jensen

  • In the "making-things-of-clay-with-a-spinning-clay-machine"-scene Demi and Patrick are covered in clay, but when they turn face to face, ready to do the old in-out, they are both clean as soap. - Webmaster
  • When Sam became a ghost and saw another ghost was able to touch things, he was trying to do it. Well finally he figures it out and in one scene he punches a bad guy in the street and the bad guy feels it. So in the scene where Sam gave Demi Moore's character a penny he picked up and got in Oda Mae's body to "touch" Demi Moore's character.. couldn't he have done it when he was invisible? She just wouldn't have seen him (but she was closing her eyes for Oda Mae so it wouldn't have made a difference)... does that make sense to anyone but me? heh.. - rainyamber
    • Explanation: I think the reason they use Whoopi's body, is for the audience - how silly would Demi look standing there all by herself! Sure they could have put Sam there, but it makes it a bit easier for us visualize. They should have made Sam talk to Molly though, the way they did earlier when another ghost used Oda Mae's body. - Red
  • In the scene where Molly and Sam are in bed (more toward the beginning of the movie) Molly puts her hand up on her head and a piece of her hair is sticking up, then the camera shows Sam talking, and when it shows her again, her hair is fixed. - mlmlisa


  Ghost and the Darkness, The (1996)
  • (Revealing mistakes) In the hospital attack/killing scene when Val Kilmer and Michel Douglas run up to the hospital and find lots of dead people. They walk a little and find the doctor, dead, low and behold the doctor's stomach moves, also known as, breathing. Amazing isn't it! - Cerasi
  • (Misc.) This is just a comment, but is it just me or are Val Kilmer's teeth distractingly white in this movie?? I don't know waht the time setting is supposed to be for this movie, but I have a feeling that it's not quite accurate. - annaBanana


  Ghostbusters (1984)
  • When Vankman's secretary is complaining about her job, the background changes very clearly (stairs => wall). - Darev
  • When the marshmallow man is walking down the street melted marshmallow goo can be seen on the cars. The goof is that the marshmallow man hadn't started to melt yet. - Kim
  • In the scene at the end before they enter the apartment building, there is a loud rumbling and the building starts to fall apart. Everyone pay attention to the police barricade and you'll see a rock bounce right off it. DUH!! - Sue
  • Weaver's character wasn't present when the marshmellow man melted (she was inside has statue thing) Yet she has marshmellow in her hair at the end of the movie. - mlmlisa
    • Correction: The marshmallow got in her hair because it rubbed off Venkman. - daner21
  • When the nerd is being chased by the Terror Dog, you can hear the nerd's voice complaining 'there aren't supposed to be any pets in the building' but if you look at this, you can see his mouth doesn't actually move! - Glorianne Brentleigh
  • During a montage of the Ghostbusters on duty, the Ecto-1 drives down the street, sirens blaring. The Ghostbusters logo on the side of the car is flipped. - Nate
  • (Continuity) In the scene where Peter and Dana are looking in the refrigerator, the Coke can faces a different direction several times. - Patrick
  • (Continuity) Not so much a mistake but a clear example of a scene slipped in ...when peter and comes back to the firehouse and meets with the EPA man right after it then goes to a scene with Peter and Dana at the fountain, then to  a scene of Peter going down to hear the "twinkie" talk, if you pay attention to the clothing and even how the dialogue it clear that the twinkie should follow directly behind the EPA. - batmann_53214


  Ghostbusters II (1989)
  • (Continuity) In the part where they bust to window out on top of the art place the glass is all gone and when they jump down they is some back and when they hear the people singing outside they look up at the hole where the glass was and it is about all there again, they must be building it back very soon? (TV) - surgeongeneral13
  • (Crew/equipment visible) In the closing shot of the Statue of Liberty, helicopter blades can be seen at the top of the screen. - Nate
  • (Crew/equipment visible) In the shot of the crowd outside singing near the end, while Louis is shooting a proton stream at the slime, you can clearly see a crew member holding a boom mike over the crowd. - Patrick
  • (Continuity) When Louis frees the guys from the psycho ward at Parkview hospital, the team are wearing certain color belts (can't remember what), but when they get to the slime wall, they're wearing a different color of belts. - Patrick
  • (Revealing mistakes) In the scene where the toaster's dancing, the mechanism on the bottom of the toaster making it dance is clearly visible. - Patrick
  • (Factual errors) The "Manhattan Museum of Art" doesn't exist. - Patrick
    • And Ghosts do?
  • (Factual errors) Isn't it odd that the Statue of Liberty got back up on its stand so quickly and neatly? How'd it get off in the first place? It's at least 50 feet off the ground. - Patrick


  Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai (1999)
  • When Louie shoots one of the guys who is beating up Ghost Dog, his gun doesn't recoil back, and no shell is ejected. - David
  • In the scene where the mob boss and his daughter are riding in the car when they cut to the cartoons the mob boss and his daughter switch sides. - Mad Hill
    • Comment: In the DVD version, no side switch can be seen. - MacX
  • Near the beginning of the movie, Ghost Dog takes a car and he puts in a CD to listen to. The song that comes on is Killah Priest's "From Then Till Now," but the CD that he put into the player is Gangstarr's "Moment of Truth," which does not contain this song. You've gotta look close (and know what this CD looks like), but if you inspect closely, you'll see it's true. - Ron
  • Near the end of the movie when Ghost Dog is in the mob guy's house and shoots him in the eye through the drain which he takes off of the sink from down in the basement is not possible. There would be a trap between the basement and the sink and he would not be able to shoot directly upwards. - e_____p_____i


  Ghosts of Mississippi (1996)
  • Alec Baldwin scratches is chin as he explains the case to his son. As the camera angles change, his hand disappears and re-appears several times. (VHS) - katman


  Gift, The (1982)
  • In the courtroom scene, the defense attorney sets down a dollar bill on the witness stand. Throughout the scene the dollar bill changes places. - David
  • In the movie the physic girl said that her husband died in April, but at the end of the movie when she went to the cemetary with her kids the tombstone said that he died in November. - Adrianna


  G.I. Jane (1997)
  • When G.I. Jane is doing one of the drills the master chief shoots at her from a elevated position through a scope but as G.I. Jane comes to the end and Cortez doesn't help her over the wall it shows the master chief seeing this from G.I. Jane's position who is standing below Cortez. - be brown


  Girl in Gold Boots ( ? )    Buy this movie
  • Mst3k fans will probably know this movie, as well as this goof: In the scene when they arrive at the diner (the one that's close to Los Angeles) we see Michele and Critter in a booth, talking. Suddenly, Buz appears, next to Michelle out of thin air, drinking a beer. (TV) - mst3kman


  Girl, Interrupted (1999)    Buy this movie
  • Taking place in 1968, Lisa and Susanna are at a party (where Lisa steals someone's wallet), and a song called "Roadhouse Blues" by The Doors is playing. Roadhouse Blues was released in February 1970. This goof caught my attention because I'm a Doors fan. - Webmaster


  Girls! Girls! Girls! (1962)    Buy this movie
  • Toward the end of the movie, Elvis Presley is in a small boat leaving a yacht, as the small boat goes around the bow of the yacht, the yacht runs over the small boat, the scene cuts to show the small boat coming away from the yacht on the other side, it is quick, but if you watch it you can see that the small boat it tipped over by the bow of the yacht. I worked in a theater when the movie played, seeing it over and over you find all the flaws. In the movie the Comancheros, during one of the big fight scenes, on a hill behind the action, a Greyhound bus goes across the top on the screen, must have been a highway just over the hill, again it is very quick, but it is there... - Old Guy


  Girls Just Want to Have Fun (1985)
  • Innocent or innuendo. Janey (Sarah Jessica Parker) is taking a bath when her little brother breaks into the bathroom. Although; she calls her little brother a (perv) meaning pervert, he tells her she has a telephone call and she literally jumps out of the tub. It could have been considered innocent only when she comes out of the bathroom to answer the phone (in her robe) her little bro follows her out. Plus, there is another scene where her brother comes in her room and she is in her tank top and undies. And, still she has no problem with it. Now, I a female with two brothers, and not once in all the years we lived together have we been that comfortable with each other to be that bold. Am I being prudish or not "Let's hear it". BTW I still love the movie. - Giddie
    • Comment: Well, as far as I can see, You must be very prudish, or may be just living in the United States... - Olav Westerman


  Gladiator (2000)    Buy this movie


  Glass House, The (2001)    Buy this movie
  • When Ruby (Leelee Sobieski) first arrives home and meets the 2 cops, on the DVD scene selection, it says, about that scene, "Your parents are dead." But they actually say, "Your parents have been in a car accident." That's all they actually say. (DVD) - JP
  • At the end of the movie, the sheriff car used to run over the bad guy switches from a brand new Ford Crown Victoria PI to an older model with a clearly different front end grille. (VHS) - BK


  Glimmer Man, The (1996)
  • At the end when Steven Seagal absails down the side of the building to rescue his partner there is a crew member noticed controlling the line out of one of the open windows. - Matt B
  • Just before the fight with the credit card the car which Seagal and his partner are driving has it's windscreen wipers working. However some shots show the wipers not working and then working again. - Matt B
  • At the end when Seagal is fighting the the grey haired man, the same shots of the man performing his kicks appears to replayed over and over again using the exact same footage. - Matt B
  • (Continuity) At DVD marker 27:00, Seagal's character goes outside to deliver the bad news about his ex-wife's murder to his kids. Seagal's new wife is in the house looking outside through a window at the scene. The camera angle will switch looking out with her, to looking in at her, and there are no raindrops/condensation on the window panes visible, yet the final shot has rain drops covering the windows as Seagal hugs the kids. (DVD) - Kieth Moreland
  • (Continuity) I could be wrong on this one, but Seagal goes one-on-one, with a masked intruder, at the Russian Translator's house. We are supposed to believe it's the killer played by actor John M. Jackson. Later when seagal fights Jackson at the end, they look about evenly matched in size. While fighting the "masked intruder," Seagal looks taller and wider than his masked adversary. (DVD) - Kieth Moreland
  • (Continuity) In the final fight between Seagal and actor John M. Jackson, the blood patter on Jackson's face changes from shot-to-shot, often in the (supposedly) "same" action sequence. (DVD) - Kieth Moreland


  Glitter Dome, The (1984) (TV)    Buy this movie
  • In this cable-TV adaptation of the Joseph Wambaugh novel, the filming was split between Hollywood streets and Canadian interior work. As an African-American actor plays a uniformed LAPD cop walking a Hollywood street, his "corporal"-type stripes are "points-up," American-style. Later, when the same actor is indoors, searching for a crook, his stripes are "points-down," U.K. and Canadian-style. - Kieth Moreland


  Glory (1989)
  • In the Battle in the Woods, the bayonets on the Union troops appear out of nowhere. - pat
  • In the attack on Fort Wagner, the Atlantic is shown on their left. Historically, the Atlantic was to their right. - pat
    • Comment: Well if they were coming from the north of the fort, the Atlantic would be on the left. - msr1225
    • Comment: The attack on Fort Wagner commenced on Morris Island. In the movie, it was done on another island. Also the reason why the attack came from the north was because that was the only way they could shoot the scene without modern buildings in the background. - Bildo
  • When marching through a Southern town, Morgan Freeman stops to talk to some children. When he leaves to join his regiment, they wave to him, but when they raise their hands, notice that the youngest on the far right is wearing a digital watch.
  • Before the final scene the troops all stand around a big campfire wearing full uniforms and blankets and while they sing songs you can see their breath - problem is they are in South Carolina in the middle of August. - Sprizouse


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