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Frequently Asked Questions


What makes this movie goofs site different from the others?

1. Most movie spoilers are eliminated or warned about.

2. Goof-contributors are always credited with desired web or e-mail address.

4. Visitors are encouraged to add comments, corrections and explanations to goofs. Why would one point of view be enough?

When and why did you start this site?
I started this site sometime in 1997. I saw some movie goofs in a magazine and thought it would be a nice idea to make a web site about them. And now, here I am after all this time, still collecting goofs, and I don't see an end to it. Without you, the visitors, this site would have died years ago. I want to thank you all.

I submitted a goof (or comment), but it was never added. Why?

There are 5 reasons for why your goof was not added:

The goof was already listed.

2. The goof was totally and utterly false.

3. You submitted movie trivia to the movie goofs site. Go to the movie trivia site.

4. You did not specify which exact goof you commented on, your post was not added. (I will not read through hundreds of goofs to find find out which exact goof you commented on.) Always specify what you comment/correct.

5. The goof got lost in my mail box (very rare).

Why does it take such a long time before submitted goofs are added?

1. I am one person maintaining this site (as a hobby). I do everything manually. I have a life, which includes studying.

2. The process: first I copy the goof from my mail box, then I paste it on the correct page on the correct place. Then I read quickly through the goof and correct the spelling/grammar. After that I copy/paste the name of the goof-submitter and link his/her name to desired e-mail or website address. I also have to include what type of goof it is and what movie format is (TV, DVD, VHS or Theatre). Then I make a link from the index page to the page, where the new goof is added. Finally, if necessary, I place my own comment or correction after the goof.

3. Often people forget to mention what specific goof they are referring to when adding a comment or correction. Then I have to read through all the goofs of a movie and try to find out which of them the comment or correction is referring to. I am not Sherlock Holmes.

4. Sometimes I have to find out which year a specific movie is made or what the correct title of the movie is. I have to do research to get the facts right.

5. When the amount of goofs for a movie exceeds 8, I make a separate page for that movie. Making a page for one movie takes a while: adding director, cast and links to posters and shopping possibilities.

Why are some goofs censored? For example like this:
"When <blank> gets shot..."

To prevent spoiling someone's movie watching. I would be pretty annoyed if I read a goof where the plot is revealed. Well-known movies are not censored. E.g. The Titanic, Star Wars and the like.

What's that blue-ish text all about?

Oh, text colored like this? That's my, the webmaster's, comments/ thoughts/ additions/ point of view.

Do you check the accuracy of the goofs?
No, I put all goofs I receive on the site and let the visitors correct them. If I am sure of the inaccuracy of a goof, I won't add it, or I will add it and explain why it is false.

What are gaffes, flaws, flubs, blunders, and slip-ups?
They are synonyms to goofs. In other words: they mean the same thing as the word "goof" does. They are mistakes.

How do I post comments/corrections/explanations to existing goofs.

First you go to the goof submitting page and choose correct subject. Then you copy the text of the goof you want to comment on into the biggest text field. After that you place your comments under the original text and hit the submit button.
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