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  Face/Off (1997)     Buy this movie


  Faculty, The (1998)     Buy this movie
  • When Casey is eating lunch in the stands look at the football field there are no yard lines on it. I hope they put them on soon before the game the next night. - Ash
  • When the kids are taking the "Alien drug test" if you pay attention to it and then look at the flashback at the end it doesn't match up. Clue: Look at Marybeths Pen Cap in the first test. - Ash
  • In the first scene of the movie Marybeth supposedly walks up to the coach and the coach doesn't seem to care. - tdogg
  • When Zeke tells Marybeth do you feel something is of today at school but in the class scene where Casey Stan stokely Delilah are discussing what the problem is at the school Zeke walks in the class like he don't know what there talking Harnett is a good actor but they shouldn't manipulate him like that. - tdogg


  Falling in Love (1984)
  • When Frank (De Niro) and Molly (Streep) meet in the train for the first time, Molly says at one point that she has to get off at the next stop. Surprisingly, De Niro gets off at the next stop and Molly doesn't. Mixed up lines? - Webmaster


  Fan, The (1996)
  • In the scene where De Niro rescues Snipes' son from drowning a CU shot of what is supposed to be Snipes in the water is not. It does not look anything like him.


  Fantasia 2000 (1999)
  • (Anachronisms) During 'Rhapsody in Blue," the time frame the episode takes place in, is in the depression era, around the 1930's. During the little girl's swim lesson, not being adept at anything she's done so far, and fearing she'll drown, she appears fully outfitted in SCUBA gear... a self-contained underwater breathing apparatus, which Emil Gagnon and Jacques Costeau didn't perfect until almost the end of world war two (1945). (DVD) - Kieth Moreland


  Far and Away (1992)
  • (Anachronisms) When the Tom Cruise character gets off the boat in America, they show a crowd scene where many of the people in the crowd are carrying American flags that appear to have all 50 stars, which wasn't possible for the time in the movie [1892]. - Kristen
    • Info: The number of stars at that time was 44. - Webmaster


  Fargo (1996)
  • The scene where Steve Buscemi's partner (Peter Stormare) shoots the highway patrol officer in the head and the blood squirts except on Steve's face. Then the next scene blood magically appears on Steve's face? - A. Channer
  • When Marge confronts Gaear during the wood chipper scene, he throws a log at her. It can be seen bouncing off her leg. - Nate


  Fast and the Furious, The (2001)


  Fast Forward (1985)     Buy this movie
  • There is a scene in this movie where they are doing a dance number out on the streets of New York. As the camera pulls back, it pulls back a little to far, and you can see the camera track on the ground in front of the head dancer. - Sonja


  Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982)     Buy this movie
  • When Damone tells Rat that one way of making out is to put on side one of Led Zeppelin IV, the soundtrack immediately plays Kashmir, which is on Physical Graffiti. IS this a movie mistake or just Rat being dumb? - jodeerules
  • Brad's car magically appears in the driveway, when Stacey needs a lift, it wasn't there two second's ago. - The Big J


  Fatal Attraction (1987)

Michael Douglas as Dan Gallagher
Glenn Close as Alex Forrest

  • Dan Gallagher bangs Alex Forrest, according to the clock on the wall, for three hours in the famous "Let's do it on the kitchen table"-scene. Sure it's possible, but it could be a bit uncomfortable.
  • The daughter ages rapidly. At one point, mum says she is five, then a little later dad says she is six.
  • Alex looks to the TV and sees a news story on electronic zappers/weapon. Subsequent scene where that this is foreshadowing... was evidently cut from film. - Juju
  • After they first have sex in Glenn Close's flat, the sheet changes from covering her breasts to exposing then covering then back to exposing them again. - GABS
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      Father of the Bride (1991)
    • (Continuity) When Steve Martin and the girl that plays his daughter (Annie) are talking to Martin Short about whether or not they want veil at the wedding one shot has Annie's hair down and then they pan into Martin Short and then back out to Annie and her hair is suddenly half up and half down. - michelle
    • (Continuity) When the father of the bride is behind bars, his socks change from white to black. - Rina


      Father of the Bride Part II (1995)
    • During the opening credits of "Father of the Bride 2," you see Annie's wedding invitation in a frame with the wedding date set in April. In the original, the wedding is January 6th. (VHS/Theatre) - Kat Balou
    • When George is up in the new baby suite for the first time with Franc, he goes to leave to go downstairs for dinner. when he leaves the suite the clock shows ~6:05, but in the next shot, when he is down in the dining room, the clock is ~7:45. (VHS) - sport23b


      Fear (1996)
    • (Continuity) When William L. Petersen, who plays Reese Witherspoon's dad, is on the phone there occurs the most hideous of all editing cuts I've ever seen. One second the phone is in his hand and then *poof* it's between his ear and shoulder. There is NO missing it. It's as clear as day. - Turtle


      Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1999)
    • In the scene where they are traveling across the desert in a large car---here's the rub-----the car is going 80 mph---IN PARK!!! The automatic transmission lever is pointing UP!! - Joel Johnson


      Ferris Bueller's Day Off (1986)


    • When Ferris is on the float the first camera angle show he's in front of DEAK PERERA building and the next camera angle shows the DEAK PERERA is behind him. The sign is on the middle left part of the screen, FYI - Road Dogg
    • When he's in the bathroom talking to him self His Dad doesn't hear him, I don't get it! - Road Dogg
      • Correction: When Ferris talks to the camera like that, no one in the movie is supposed to hear him. It's like he is stopping his life for a second to talk into the camera and explain something. He isn't really saying it out loud for everyone in the movie to hear. - RuThiE jO jO


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    • When at the police station, Charlie Sheen's hair changes in between camera shots while talking with Ferris's sister. - Brian Fitzpatrick
    • The Ferrari shown in the movie is actually a modified MG as indicated by the wrong shaped tail lights. - Brian Fitzpatrick
    • In the scene where Ferris and Cameron are trying to roll the odometer back on the Ferrari, you can see the microphone and mic operator in the reflection of the car. This is right when Cameron says: "I never say anything." - Ben
    • In the scene where Ferris and Cameron are trying to roll back the odometer on the Ferrari, notice that the tachometer does not register the fact that the engine is running. - J. Campbell
      • Addition: Wouldn't they of immediately looked to see if it was reversing when they first put the car into reverse. They seemed it was even checked.... unless Ferris himself knew the whole time, but wanted to prolong the dreaded situation. - Traverse
    • When they are back in the Ferrari, Cameron says to Ferris 'Those guys were nuts, the ones at the garage'. The problem with this is, the both times they went to the garage, Cameron [and Ferris and Sloane] only ever saw the one guy [the one with the accent who told Ferris he could speak English because he lives in America]. They never had the privilege of meeting the other guy [the one who jumped in the passenger seat of the Ferrari for its impromptu joyride]. - Glorianne Brentleigh
      • Explanation: When Cameron states "Those guys were nuts..." It's because in the original script, the black gentleman returns the car and does so by coming down the ramp at high speed. Ferris sees this and when he gets in the car, he asks the man how fast he took the garage ramp at. His reply was "60". Ferris than says "superb" and gets in the car. This is why Cameron says those guys are nuts (and he is also starting to relax. - danzig013


      Few Good Men, A (1992)
    • In the scene where Caffey is questioning Kendrick, his head is shaved, then they show the back of his head not shaved for a split second, then it is shaved again. - Brandy
      • Correction: Kaffee is facing the jury. The shot in question is over a juror's shoulder (longer hair, white collar, dark jacket, ...). Kaffee then turns his head slightly to his right, and the next shot is of Kendrick (in Marine garb). (DVD) - Mike P
    • In the final court room scene, Jack Nicholson tries to grab Tom Cruise while two guards restrain him. In one shot Nicholson's tie is scrunched up and pushed under his coat. A split second later his tie is neatly back in place. - David
    • In the final scene after the jury's verdict is read, the lawyers' briefcases are on the ground, but seconds later, they're all on the counsel table. - Joe
    • When the panel announces part of the verdict of "guilty of conduct unbecoming a Marine", it is erroneous, as there is no such offense per se. Also in the event of a conviction of any offense in a court-martial, there is a "penalty phase" A sentence is not given immediately after a conviction. - Jim
    • The scene right before the trial, when Tom Cruise is talking to the other attorneys he tells them that it is time to go home and he opens the door. The next scene shows the other lawyer, Sam, opening the door. - Rob


      Fiddler on the Roof (1971)     Buy this movie
    • In the scene where the tailer sings "Out of a lump of clay, God has made a man today" -- he bends down to grab some soil and then comes up. Before bending down his prayer strings are exactly in front of him but in the wink of an eye, they are at his side when he stands up. - PANDA1


      Fifth Element, The (1997)
    • I don't know if you count it as a goof, but just before Leeloo punches her way through the glass cage she was "created" in one can clearly see the pre-cut glass in front of her. - drano-angel
    • At the end where the stupid guy with the baret says that they have 30 seconds Leeloo and Bruce Willis start talking, they talk OVER 30 seconds. - Olle
    • When Corben Dallas opens the door of his apartment expecting to see Leeloo and is instead confronted by the Priest. The priest accidentally refers to Corben Dallas (Bruce Willis) as "Mr. Willis" where Corben quickly responds with "DALLAS" correcting the priest. - Dark Screams
      • Correction: He actually said "Mr. Wallace," which means that the priest couldn't quite remember his correct name. So it's not a goof... it's in the script. Turn on subtitles while watching if you don't believe me. - Sam
      • Comment: As you may recall the Priest says that he has problems remembering people's names, which is why he referred to Mr. Dallas as "Mr. Wallace." He could not remember Zorg's name, earlier in the movie when he was trying to recall who it was who came to him asking about the stones. It was some art dealer, the Priest said. - sXe Punkur
    • When Corben Dallas carries Leeloo to the bad guys ship after she was hurt, one minute her head is on his left arm, and in the next her head is on his right arm. This changes several times. - Lynara
    • Zorg's limp changes from his right leg to his left and back again--and keeps doing so throughout the movie. - Ricky
    • (Continuity) In the scene right before Leeloo crashes into the Dallas' cab, she is going through the tubes, you see her standing there deciding to jump or not and she is filthy, she lands in Dallas' cab and she is clean. - trixipixi


      Fight Club (1999)


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      Final Analysis (1992)     Buy this movie

    Richard Gere as Isaac Barr
    Kim Basinger as Heather Evans

    • Richard Gere seems to be quite an animal in bed: After the night Gere and Kim spent together Kim's hair is straight after being curly.
      • Correction: Hey, it could happen. Being of the naturally curly variety myself -the days I straighten mine, if there is even any moisture in the air it curls, much less get all sweaty and well... you know. - Leslie


      Final Destination (2000)


      Final Destination 2 (2003)
    • (Continuity) Whenever the teenager is sitting in the dentist chair and the spikey object falls from the roof into his mouth, whenever it shows a glimpse of the the objects hanging from the roof the item that fell in his mouth is still hanging on the roof! - verner


      Finest Hour, The (1991)     Buy this movie
    • A SEAL team is in a fierce gun battle with Iraqis at a boat-docking facility. Team members jump onto a jeep to drive through their attackers, but have to (predictably) drive off the dock and into the water. When the team was on land, they wore their neoprene dive booties. When the jeep and the SEALs are in the water, the camera shot shows them are all in their swim fins. - Kieth Moreland
    • A SEAL team has to do an underwater approach an Iraqi missile base by penetrating a submarine net. If it's going to keep out subs and swimmers, wouldn't it be made of metal? Later, when the team has to cut their way through the links, the cut links float upward. If I'm wrong on the composition of submarine netting, okay...otherwise the Iraqis deserved to lose the war! - Kieth Moreland


      Firm, The (1993)     Buy this movie
    • When Tom Cruises' character, Mitch McDeere, is leaving the Mud Island Museum on the monorail you can see the helicopters rotor in the windows reflection. - mike
    • In one scene, Tom Cruise is printing out evidence against the firm on his Apple computer. On the screen you see the message "printing to apple LaserWriter" the sound however is of a dot matrix printer. - jack ryan


      First Knight (1995)     Buy this movie
    • In the most exciting, final battle scene of the movie, watch Lancelot's (Richard Gere's) sword closely. At one point, the sword has no blade!
    • The scene where King Arthur's army is charging across the field and forming into a spear point formation, you can see tracks in the grass that the truck carrying the camera leaves. - Admiral John
    • At the end of the movie when they set the raft on fire, if you look close enough you can see smoke before the raft catches on fire. (VHS) - LiLi


      First Wives Club, The (1996)
    • When the ladies are singing at the end, Goldie Hawn's shoes change when they leave the building. - Kellita
    • On the scene near the end when Goldie Hawn steps outside when they are singing "You don't own me". Her shoes change, when they are inside her shoes have only one strap across the top. When they walk outside her shoes have a cris cross strap across the top. Interesting Huh! - Hugalishous
    • (Continuity) At the end when they are singing the song, Diane Keatons's hand goes down the back of Goldie Hawn's coat and her hand seems to get stuck in the cord. But on the next take her hands are in front of her! (VHS) - Amy


      Fistful of Dollars, A (aka Per un pugno di dollari) (1964)     Buy this movie
    • At the beginning of the film Joe (or the Man with No Name) says "Hello." This is an anachronism since the word "Hello" was not invented until the telephone. - David
      • Info: The word "Hello" dates back to 1889.


      Fists of Fury (Tang shan da xiong) (1971)

    Aka: The Big Boss, Fists of Glory (Europe: English title)

    • In the final fight scene in the grounds of the house, the bad guy throws a bird cage up into a tree where it catches on one of the branches and hangs perfectly without the branch even moving. It has obviously been hung up there to start with and pulled down, the footage has then been reversed to give this effect. - Orin Boyd
    • When Bruce returns home to find his family and friends murdered the blood effects are awful.The colour of the supposed real blood is of bright reddy/orange and looks like they have OD'eed on dulux paint. - MattyS
    • In the final fight within the grounds of the mansion when Bruce is fighting, the main bad guy throws a knife at Bruce. As Bruce is on the floor he decides to defect the knife with his own foot but as this is a Hong K. - MattyS
    • This is not a goof as such but more of a comedy error in the special effects/recording of the movie. In the final showdown the big boss throws a knife at Bruce, he then in turn deflects it and sends it back towards the bad guy impaling him in the chest. The strange thing is that the bad guy seems to completely freeze for around 2 seconds, then the camera changes angle and he is seen in agony lying on the floor. - Orin Boyd
    • There's a part where Bruce has to throw some ice down a platform and it has to smash through the side. To do this, a piece of wood was nailed into the platform to divert the ice, and it is clearly visible. - Austin Powers


      Flashdance (1983)
    • After Alex (played by Jennifer Beals) comes home from rescuing her friend and her boyfriend Nick is waiting. The two of them go inside and argue a bit. There is a scene where she slaps him and when she does this the window blind goes flipping up. When they pan back to Beals it is obvious the window blind is down in the left hand corner. Don't know if this is an editing goof or the director felt compelled to put the blind back down to finish the scene. Check it out!! - Yvette


      Flight of the Phoenix (1965)     Buy this movie
    • When the Phoenix is being built, the skids don't have wheels. When it is shown taking off, it has wheels. - Mark


      Flintstones, The (1994)     Buy this movie
    • In the movie, Wilma is breaking dishes and other items saying she doesn't need them to be happy. She breaks off the string of pearls around her neck and they fall to the floor. In the next scene, the pearls are back around Wilma's neck. - anita


      Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas, The (2000)     Buy this movie
    • In the fist Flintstones, Fred is saying to his secretary when Wilma first met him, he was in some sort of eating competition and Wilma was the one to clean him up. Well in the 2nd movie, Fred meets Wilma at a restaurant and he wasn't in an eating competition. - Nicko


      Flipper (1996?)
    • Sandy kicks the can in the water, then Flipper throws it back at him.... but it hits Sandy's shoulder yet he holds his head. (VHS) - Cerasi
    • When Sandy is doing something to the dock he's bare foot and when Flipper hits him in he has on shoes. (VHS) - Cerasi


      Fly Away Home (1996)
    • New Zealand ambulances do not have the word Paramedic written on their sides. - Sean
    • Amy's nose ring continually appears and disappears during the movie. - Sean
    • At the start of the movie when the car rolls over it lands on its side, but in the next scene it is on its roof. - joel


      Flying Leathernecks (1951)
    • In the scene where John Wayne is leading air support over LAND-based troops, one of our boys is shot down. The overhead camera angle shows the backdrop as the Pacific Ocean - a scene taken from an earlier SEA battle. (TV) - Saint


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