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  Eagle Has Landed, The (1977)    Buy this movie
  • Early in The Eagle Has Landed, Michael Caine (a German paratrooper officer) and his men pass through Warsaw when soldiers from an SS detachment are rounding up Jews. Caine and his men, while trying to rescue a Jewish woman, get into a confrontation with an SS officer. A couple of SS soldiers who are with the officer have contradictory elements in their uniforms--specifically, they are wearing SS insignia on the arms of their great coats (correct!) but have Wehrmacht or regular army bars on their jacket collars (mistake! They should have had SS runic letters) and Wehrmacht insignia on their helmets (which should also have had SS insignia or, more commonly by that point in the war, no insignia at all). - Bill Painter


  Eddie and the Cruisers (1983)
  • Towards the end of the movie when doc is posing as Eddie Wilson in his 57 chevy goes to pick up Joanne right after he flashes his headlights 2 times he leans over to open the door in the process of leaning over he appears then appears opening the door obviously in the movie he could have been notice so they cut that 2 seconds off of him leaning over. (DVD) - frankiep76
  • Anyone that knows how to play the guitar knows when watching actors try to act out playing the guitar or any instrument unless they know how to play it it quite funny. Most of the music parts you can see especially when they play down on my knees look closely at Eddie's hands when he is talking on the mic you hear the guitar playing but his hands are not on the guitar and non of them come close except the drummer to looking like they are playing. (DVD) - frankiep76


  Eddie Macon's Run (1983)
  • During a scene with Eddie Macon in a hotel room with his rescuer, Jilly Buck, at the top of the screen you can see the microphones and stands. - Teenee


  Ed Gein (2000)

A.K.A In the Light of the Moon

  • (Anachronisms) There is a night scene with two vehicles going toward one another and the on coming vehicle has square headlights. I know of no pre 1960 cars with square headlights. - mungo


  Edtv (1999)
  • (Plot holes) When Ed reveals his phone number on the air how comes he isn't bombarded with calls as would happen in real life? - mboosey


  Edward Scissorhands (1990)
  • When Peg is placing calamine lotion on Edward, she pulls her glasses up over her head. The scene cuts to a view of pegs hands placing some purple calamine lotion on a small foam square. When the scene comes back to Peg her glasses are back down on her face. - Ichabod2000


  Eight Days a Week (1997)
  • In mid movie the main character Peter's (Josh Schaefer) best friend buys a battery operated sex device, a scene or two later he is electrocuted by the device and the lights in his house flicer and go out- he clearly states that it was battery operated. (VHS) - the jackal


  Eight Legged Freaks (2002)
  • (Crew/equipment visible) When Joshua and Mike are talking at Joshua's spider farm the scene cuts and the tarantula comes out of the tank, you can see a metal pole tapping the spider to get it moving. - Brett Schaub


  Election (1999)
  • In the scene where Mr. Mccalister comes home he finds his wife, Linda and her child sitting on the couch crying. They look at him like they want him to leave. Then he says "Ok" and leaves. What the heck was that all about anyway? I've seen the movie dozens of times but could never figure it out. It's bothered me for years. If anyone understood that scene at all please e-mail me at WARDENX1@AOL.COM. Thanks! (VHS) - Raymond
  • Why in the world would Tammy take the blame for the posters that were torn down by Tracey? They hated each others guts. Was she trying to get expelled or something? - Smiley


  El Mariachi (1992)
  • In the beginning, the lady guard's hair changes between shots. - David
  • In the fat dude in black's place there is a Playboy bunny sign. During shots, it disappears along with the sign below it. - David
  • In one scene, the Mariachi is looking in a guitar shop and the guy in plaid with the sunglasses shoots at subsequent shots the gun changes. - David
  • When ---- dies, the Mariachi touches her face...if you watch her face it twitches despite the fact that she is dead. - David
  • At the very end when the Mariachi is on the motorcycle the shadow of the camera man is visible. - David


  Elvira's Haunted Hills (2001)
  • (Continuity) When Elvira is cooking her the recipe from the cook book she leaves the spoon in the pot. When she came back to the pot after doing something the spoon had disappeared. - Tina


  Emperor of the North (1973)    Buy this movie
  • Near the end of the movie when Ernest Borgnine and Lee Marvin are fighting from one end of the train to the other, a stationary camera films as the train goes by. Just as the two actors jump from a boxcar to a flatcar in front of the camera, we see another camera crew filming from the opposite side of the train looking across the flatcar, right at us !!


  Empire of the Sun (1986)    Buy this movie
  • Somewhere in the beginning of the film young Jim sees an airplane high in the sky and shouts something about "Nakajima Zero". The "Zero" was a Mitsubishi design, even if a number of them actually were built by Nakajima. - Olav Westerman


  Empire Records (1995)
  • In the scene where liv Tyler gives Gena back her red bra, she puts it on the table and then the camera leaves and comes back and the bra isn't on the table. When liv and Gena leave, the bra is on the table again. - Lindsey
    • Comment: The bra is actually on the ground when the camera comes back after the two girls leave. The waiter (cant remember his name) picks it up off the ground by the table and yells that she forgot her thingy. - Wyldkatt88
  • Just before Gena and Rex come out of the "count out room", Eddie puts on a new shirt that is buttoned, then in a min when it comes back to him it is unbuttoned, then buttoned again! - marg
  • I haven't seen the movie in a while but I still remember the goof. In the dancing scene when the bald chick and that one dude are dancing, he shirt is off, then on, then off again. - Bams
    • Addition: Right, well, sort of... A.J. takes off his shirt while he's dancing with Debra, but while they're dancing the camera shows a shot of Mark (Ethan Embry) dancing with a customer, and in the background you can see A.J.'s back with the checkered shirt, but you never really see a close shot of A.J. during the song with his shirt back on. And anyone who refers to Debra as the "bald chick" probably isn't an expert on the movie. - Saige
  • In the scene where the bald chick is making buttons, if you watch the basket closely you will see a button that she will make in the next shot. I think it is the one that says "Stupid" but I could be mistaken. - treehugger36
  • When Corey tries to seduce Rex Manning, she takes off her sweater and it's inside-out. As she's running outside to the roof, she pulls her sweater back on without fixing it, but it's already right-side out! Not a big deal but hey, when you've watched the movie like 100 times...! - Saige
  • I have one question, in the movie Empire Records right before Lucas goes to talk to Warren, Lucas has just walked in the main part of the store from the couch with just a pillow in his hand and he sits down on the steps I believe and talks to Mark while putting on a new pair of shoes. Where do these pair of shoes come from? - Slug5050
    • Correction: In Empire Records before lucas talks to warren he does not put on new shoes but rather tie the ones he has on. - ???


  Empire Strikes Back, The (1980)    Buy this movie


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