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  Cactus Jack (aka The Villain) (1979)    Buy this movie
  • When the film is projected as "normal" (1:1,37) ratio, you can see, that somebody puts a green "trampoline" on the left side of the horse, so that Cactus Jack (Kirk Douglas) gets easily on the horse's back. - Jukka Lankinen
  • When Jack throws himself from the hill on the bypassing train, green soft madrasses are seen at the bottom of the picture! Next close-up is when he is lying on the railway. - Jukka Lankinen


  • When the crowd is sneaking around the course, following the money game, the caddie wearing the black Night Rider shirt has the letters reversed. - Jim M
  • At the end of the movie, going into the last hole, the match is tied. When the putt hangs on the edge one side celebrates. When it falls in the other side celebrates. However the match should still be tied. - kkasmarick
    • Correction: The stakes were doubled based on the outcome of the last putt, so even though the match would be tied if the putt went in, the stakes were changed based on whether or not Noonan sank the putt. - Andrew Dufresne
  • When Danny is first called into the Judge's office, there is a lamp blocking their view. The judge, in frustration, slides the lamp off of the desk (you can actually hear it hit the ground). When the judge stands up to approach Danny, the lamp has mysteriously jumped back onto the desk. - bob_f


  Calling, The (2000)    Buy this movie
  • In the scene after the mom and son are in a car wreck (I forget their names) she goes to a church for help to get her son purified(?) because she believes he is a child of Satan. When she runs into the church if you look at the top of the screen you can CLEARLY see the mic and it's 4 about 3 secs. (DVD) - paige


  Camp Nowhere (1994)    Buy this movie
  • At the end of the movie Gabe's mom comes and talks to her outside the kitchen. If you watch, while they are talking Gabe's hair goes from behind her ear to not behind and so for 2 or 3 flips (when they go from camera on her mom to her). - moonrocket


  • At the beginning from the movie, when a man is walking in a street, you see a microphone on the top of the screen. - Micharius


  Can of Worms (1999) (TV)    Buy this movie
  • Its been about a year since I've seen the movie, but here goes: during the scene when the main character and the bully are in their computer class, they each put a disk in their computer which in turn causes a whole bunch of embarrassing and funny things to happen which makes us all laugh. Well, in actuality floppy disks (such as the ones they used) at 1.33 MB when formatted can not possibly hold a program to autorun when inserted. Even if they could by some way of super-compressing it, floppies just don't support autorun at all to my knowledge. - Scott F.


  Can't Buy Me Love (1987)    Buy this movie
  • In the opening scene where the cheerleaders are practicing their routine outside of the school, people off in the distance can be seen holding picket signs (on the other side of the fence). These were crew members from the movie, unhappy with some aspect of the production. - Kay D


  • When Kenny is in the bathroom, one shot his jacket is on, the next, off. - Sammy
  • Amanda's hair goes curly, straight, curly, straight. - Sammy
  • The brownie splat on (the redhead?) slips from her hair to her cheek. - Sammy
  • When Amanda is at the train station and is walking away and then stops you can clearly see the mark where she stands. - Kat
  • In the ending credits of the film, where the list of cast members appear: poor Melissa Joan Hart after all that hard work getting pushed around during the movie for being an annoying character: at the end, her name does not even appear under the cast of characters. That is a big slap in the face. (TV) - Angela Elsa Lamouth


  Cape Fear (1991)
  • When Max Cady (Robert DeNiro) is in the bar with Nick Nolte's "friend" the top button on her blouse is unbuttoned then buttoned then unbuttoned each time the scene switches between Max Cady and her. - rhoda


  Captain Horatio Hornblower (1951)
  • In one scene, Hornblower (Gregory Peck} and a few crew need to steal a Dutch sloop that already contains English POWs. During the tussle, one bloke gets an accidental elbow in the face that clearly hurts,and he bravely continues to act the role, though not very well. - Tony
  • In the climactic battle scene when Hornblower sails into a French-held seaport, his 2nd in command is injured by a falling mast (his left leg is badly damaged, his trousers leg torn). Later on, when being transported to Paris, and they manage to escape, suddenly it is is RIGHT leg that is damaged and his left trouser leg is no longer torn, but his right trouser leg is... (Theatre) - Gerry


  Captain Ron (1992)
  • There is a scene where the little boy knocks down a carton of milk and it spills all over his mother's blouse prints then he immediately picks up the carton but in the next shot the carton is back down and is still pouring milk out of it. "Got Milk?" (VHS) - EnJin


  Carlito's Way (1993)    Buy this movie
  • This is long, but true. In the scene where Carlito goes into the restroom after his cousin is killed and gives his "...I'm reloaded ...." speech. You can tell that although Pacino has done many gangster movies, he is not really familiar with how guns operate. Carlito removes then replaces the empty magazine, he releases the slide (the top of the gun) then he racks the gun again thinking it will return to the firing position, it remains open. The reason for this is because in automatic handguns the spring-loaded platform in the magazine has a notch in it that holds the slide open when the last round is fired. Pacino is still a professional and handles it in stride. (VHS) - ricardo


  Carpetbaggers, The (1964)    Buy this movie
  • In the climactic knockdown fight scene between Alan Ladd and George Peppard, camera swings to sideview of Ladd hitting Peppard... Ladd takes a swing at Peppard and very obviously misses by a least a foot, yet Peppard falls back as if hit. (VHS) - deamonlover


  Carrie (1976)


  • In the dream scene, near the end of them movie, the girl is walking down the street. In order to get a dream-like effect, the shoot her walking backward but play it forward. If you look to the intersection behind her, the cars drive through backwards. - zuma

Carrie - Sissy Spacek

Carrie - Sissy Spacek
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  • Fog and rain in north Africa?
  • 'As Time Goes By' was already old and worn when the movie came out, having been a hit many years before.
  • The goof in Casablanca that I am surprised you haven't got is when Rick is waiting at the station for her to show up it's raining when Sam hands him the letter from her. As he's reading the letter the rain is pouring on him. He gets on the train and is standing at the door of the train and he is perfectly dry while it is still raining buckets. - minxeee
  • (Factual errors) In the flashback scenes of Rick (Bogart) and Elsa (Bergman) in France they are touring the countryside in a roadster. Rick is driving while seated on the right hand side of the car. However, France and continental Europe have left hand driving as the United States does. Only the United Kingdom has right hand driving. (VHS) - danny1


  • When De Niro is talking to the chef about blueberry muffins, he has a cigarette in his hand, then he doesn't then he does, and so on and so forth. - David
  • When ---- is hit in the head with a bat, it quickly cuts to a dummy head that literally cracks open. - David
  • When an old woman is shot in the head, no blood comes from her head only from her mouth. - David
  • When Joe Pesci drives away in the dirt, his tires screech as if they were on pavement. - David
  • When De Niro is entering his car the second time, you can clearly see the camera man. The first time they show it, you can clearly see that the film cuts, and the actor is replaced by a dummy. - David
  • During the kitchen scene when Ginger is asking Sam for $25,000, watch the baby's high chair. First there is food on top of the table, then no food, then the top is off, then back on, and so on and so forth. It's really amazing how many times it changes in 20 seconds. - 420


  Casper (1995)
  • In the scene when Kat is in the classroom telling the class bout herself, you see Casper tieing the shoe laces together, but the annoying girl at the front stands up then a second before the bell rings she sits down, yet when she stands up she falls over, even though there was not enough time for he shoe laces to be tied together. (VHS) - Lawton


  Cast Away (2000)


  Catch Me If You Can (2002)
  • (Anachronisms) In a phone conversation Leo is using a phone that has a plug type receptacle. In that era they were all hard wired to the receiver. - Dartlake
  • (Anachronisms) Opening scene counting various bills ten, twentys, five even two dollars bill. I thought two dollar bill didn't come out till 1976, the movie takes place in 1968/69. - robert
    • Correction: Sorry, Robert, but the U.S. has issued and printed different types of two-dollar bills for decades. The ones issued in 1976 just bore a different picture on its back in order to commemorate the U.S.'s Bicentennial celebration. - Kieth Moreland
  • (Continuity) In the movie the FBI agent (Hanks) tells Frank that his daughter was 5 years old when him and his wife got divorced. But at the end they mentioned that she was 4. - TAZ
  • (Anachronisms) In the scene where the French police arrest Di Caprio, the cars all have rear window defogger lines which were not available until the 1970's. - Lorin
  • (Anachronisms) In the movie I could have sworn I heard a cell phone go off. I don't believe there were cell phones in the 60s. (Theatre) - TAz


  Cats and Dogs (2001)
  • The fat maid has just fainted after she heard Mr. Tinkles talk. The evil cat orders his assistant to 'lock her in the closet'. One little pussycat on his own would not have the strength to even lift the fat maid, never mind moving her into a closet. If he could, he'd be giving Superman a run for his money! - Sarah
    • Correction: Um, think about it. This is a comedy movie, 3 problems with what you said.1. At the end, she takes Mr.Tinkles to her sisters house, which means if she was in the closet, she wouldn't have been there. 2. How would the dogs know where he lived, and how would the maid know he was there. And finally 3. how did he even live being in the middle of that explosion? Thus, another clever ending from ME, PerfectOutlaw. Muhahahaha! - PerfectOutlaw
  • At the part when all the mice with the virus are running, if you watch one of the mice it all the sudden disappears. I can't really tell you which one (I don't remember), just keep looking. - Delano R.
  • In the scene just after Scott(the Son) returns from soccer tryouts, he is standing in the yard talking to his mom. He has just kicked the ball into the bushes. During the course of conversation with mom, the soccer ball is mysteriously back and he kicks it again. (DVD) - Dawn
  • After the scene where Lou is placed outside because of the poop, Butch and Lou jump in the basement window one after another, but when Lou jumps through, the window closes and is latched. The very next thing you see is the window open and then close and latch a second time. - ~*~Shorty~*~
  • How many hubcaps can one "Limo" have? In the scene where Mr. Mason's Limo pulls into the Factory hubcaps begin to fall off and magically reappear as the car makes it's way to a final stop by the entrance to the building. Have fun counting each one coming off and then seeing them back on the tires where it just left from. - ~*~Shorty~*~
  • (Continuity) When the evil cat genius has the humans locked up in the room in the factory, the brown cat (who later gets locked in the burning room) sits on the Doctors shoulder. There is then a shot of his back from behind and the cat has mysteriously disappeared from his shoulder! They have obviously not edited it very well! - cecilia
  • (Plot holes) Just another thing to mention. The evil cat genius locks the brown cat in the burning room. Later on the brody family are released by Lou and the brown cat has completely disappeared from the room! Did he escape or something? - cecilia


  Center Stage (2000)
  • When Jodie and Copper finish dancing at the other dance studio, Jodie is seen wearing a black hair tie in her hair and when they get back to Coopers apartment she is seen wearing a white hair tie? How did that happen? - mel
  • Emily is still part of Cooper's production even after leaving the school. - Little Wolf
  • Eva was never announced as an understudy, and yet she still managed to know and execute Maureen's part perfectly. - Little Wolf
    • Correction: I've seen this one at also. This is NOT a goof because excellent dancers are sometimes able to adequately fill in on short notice for principle parts--they have been to so many rehearsals that they know the parts. Example: Ashley Bouder of New York City Ballet performed the lead in "Firebird" after learning the part earlier in the day. - Nikita
  • Jodi and the dark haired guy are sitting in the audience during rehearsals browsing through the newspaper, looking at their ad about the upcoming showcase. The "guy" has his arm around Jodi, but then takes his arm off her. When they shoot from behind them you see his arm still around Jodi. (VHS) - Audrey and Stephanie
  • At the very end of the movie in Jodie's last dance number, they show a close up of her feet and she's wearing white ballet shoes and then they show her dancing and she's wearing red ballet shoes. (DVD) - witluvxoxo
    • Explanation: The reason why Jodie is wearing light pink (traditional ballet slippers) and then red ones is done on purpose to throw you off and surprise you with her drastic costume change and to exemplify the change her character in the dance has gone through. - annaBanana


  Challenge for Robin Hood, A (1968)
  • In the opening shot during the credits you see Prince John's castle. You also see the vapor trail from a jet flying overhead. This goof is only visible in the widescreen version. The pan and scan version, like all pan and scans, hacks the picture too much for viewing. - Jim Kaiser


  Charlie's Angels (2000)    Buy this movie


  Chasers (1994)    Buy this movie
  • As is the case in many movies, the rear view mirror in Tom Berenger's van disappears and reappears on several occasions, particularly in the scene with the blue cadillac. - Jim M


  Chasing Amy (1997)


  • This goof is quick, but pretty funny. It happens after Ben Affleck chases Joey Lauren Adams down the street in the rain...while Ben is walking back to the car you can see a camera guy and another crew member's reflections in the window across the street. Classic Kevin Smith... Goof or not, he's awesome. - Japhysun79
  • Alright, so when Aylissa is telling the guys her slut stories, comparing scars, her last one is about her eating a chick out in some guys car. She says her knees are on the ground and the girl is flailing about so much that she knocks the parking break off... now I don't know what kind of station wagon has an emergence break accessible from the back seat. Because when it shows the flashback her knees are hanging out of the rear door, of course I am just assuming that the other chick is in the back seat as well. For comfort purposes. Check it out. Peace. (DVD) - Jamie Czajkowski


  Cheat, The (1915)
  • According to the date on the check, the shooting occurred on September 17th. However, the next day's newspaper which reports the crime is dated April 27th.


  Cheech & Chong's Next Movie (1980)    Buy this movie
  • When Chong is peeing out the window on the rose bushes the scene changes and what is assumed to be HIM!!! is actually a water hose and he quickly pulls it in. - mrsa99
  • When Cheech tells Chong to hit the "hydraulics" Chong starts jumping up and down to make the other cars think he has hydraulics but when it shows the van rolling down the street bouncing you can see a bunch of feet behind the van pushing and bouncing it. - mrsa99


  Cherokee Kid, The (1996)
  • In the scene where the Cherokee Kid's new friends are rushing out of their canyon hiding place to rob a bank, look closely at the windows of the stage coach as it passes. You can get a wonderful view of the full camera crew, director, even the horse trailer still attached to a brand new looks like chevy dually. Very out of place for a western. - bear


  Chicago (2002)
  • (Continuity) This continuity error occurs towards the end of the picture. During the very glitzy duo dance number, take note of the silver shoes on both Rene's and Catherine's feet. At the start of the dance Catherine's shoe has an extra strap (down the middle of her foot) that Rene's shoe does not. A dozen or so steps later Rene's shoes suddenly have the straps as well. (Theatre) - Gerry
  • (Crew/equipment visible) In the courtroom scene, as Billy Flynn passes the jury, a boom mike drops into shot for a second. - Emily
  • In the last number with Roxie and Velma, you notice lipstick on Roxie's teeth, then it's gone! - Red
    • She could have licked it off.


  Chicken Run (1999)
  • At the end when Ginger finds out about the cannon, how does it stay on the wall, she doesn't tape it! (VHS) - PerfectOutlaw
  • Second, how's that guy (I forgot his name) gonna get out from under the chicken coop? (VHS) - PerfectOutlaw
  • How's a chicken gonna hold on to a women holding a to a rope? AND DON'T SAY IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A CARTOON! Cause those go against the elements. (VHS) - PerfectOutlaw


  Children of the Corn (1984)    Buy this movie
  • Figidy Dead Boy. In the very first Children of the Corn, at the very beginning when "nosy" Bert hits Joseph (the boy who was trying to escape) with his car, when Joseph was hit, he was lying on his stomach. Nosy Bert then comes over to see if the boy is dead (he obviously is). Bert completely rolls dead Joseph on his back. But then Bert goes into the cornfields, finds Joseph's blood decorated suitcase and then heads back to the car ... OK. Why is Joseph on his stomach again? If Joseph is really dead, he should have still been on his back. - The Blaq Gypsy


  Chill Factor (1999?)    Buy this movie
  • When the bad guys raid the lab, one of the men shoots a door in order to open it, but when the camera pans to the door, there is no bullet hole, mark or whatever. - tochi


  Chinese Connection, The (Jing wu men) (1972)

Aka: Fist of Fury, Fists of Fury (Hong Kong: English title), Iron Hand

  • When Bruce Lee enters the dojo and begins to fight all the students, he grabs one on each arm and begins to swing them around. These 'men' are clearly dummies, probably made by the legend himself. - Orin Boyd


  Chorus Line, A (1985)
  • When Val (Audry Landers) is singing her tits and ass song, the characters behind her change positions. One minute their hands are behind their backs on a far shot, then cut to the close-up and their arms are crossed. This actually happens quite a lot. Bad editing. Bad movie of a good musical. - JBone



  Christmas Story, A (1983)
  • Ralphie has just gotten into trouble after accidentally blurting out a four letter swear word. His irate mother demands to know where he learnt it. Ralphie does not tell her who the real culprit is, but, courtesy of a voice-over narrator, we learn it is his father [yelling it when he is having problems working in the basement]. Now, Ralphie's mother isn't stupid, and she doesn't have hearing problems either.... if the father really made a regular habit of yelling four letter swear words in the basement, then the mother should have heard him too. - Glorianne Brentleigh
    • Comment: But that would have ruined one of the funniest parts of the movie where the mom calls the other kid's mom! - Jeremy
  • When Ralphie's mom is working on the turkey, there is a jar of pickles on the table. When Ralphie gets hurt and his mom helps him inside, there are no pickles on the table. Then in a few moments, she is seen coming up from the basement with a jar of pickles in her hand. (TV) - Chris
  • Near the beginning, Ralpie's brother (I forget if they even mention it) says he can't put his arms down, later, he's moving them as if they were alive, and puts them at his side! - PerfectOutlaw
  • When Ralphie and Randy are waiting in line to see Santa Clause, the wicked with comes over to them. While she's walking towards them, Randy is making faces and smiling to someone off camera, looks back at the camera, then continues with the scene. (VHS) - jenn4516


  Cinderella (1950)
  • (Anachronisms) When the King is accusing the Grand Duke of trying to wreck the Prince's finding of a suitable bride, he shouts, "sabatoge!" This fairy tale takes place a long, long, time ago. The word 'sabotage' was first used to describe the deliberate wrecking of work done by French Railway Workers. It doesn't belong here. (I've read elsewhere that "sabatoge" is also used in the Clark Gable/Charles Laughton version of Mutiny on the Bounty and does not belong there, either.) (VHS) - Kathi Moreland


  Citizen Kane (1941)    Buy this movie
  • A very fatal flaw: I don't seem to remember anybody in the room who would have heard the last final word "Rosebud." So the entire premise of the movie is in question. - Jen
    • Correction: In fact majordomo claims to have been in the room and heard Kane say "Rosebud", he also says he knew Kane died when he dropped the paperweight. - David
  • In the scene where Boss Jim Getties reveals Kane's mistress to Mrs. Kane he shouts to Kane, "We've got proof! It will look bad in the papers" Look closely. His lips move to: "...It will look GOOD in the papers..." - Gullywhumper
  • After Kane says "Rosebud," and drops the snow globe, the glass breaks *before* the globe hits the floor. - R.J.S.


  City by the Sea (2002)
  • (Continuity) Toward the end of the movie Robert De Niro's son has his class ring taken away by a drug dealer. In the final scenes he is in a building with his father in a police shoot-out and as they show the son with the gun in his hand he has the class ring back on his hand. (Theatre) - Zoso


  • In one of the scenes where Meg Ryan's character is reading in her bed late at night, the straps on her tank top are about two inches thick. A few seconds later, they are spaghetti strapped (really thin). - whistler77


  City Slickers (1991)    Buy this movie
  • When a "certain character" dies, after they bury him, There are flowers on the grave, but when Billy Crystal goes by they are gone, then the next shot shows them back again. - Bobby Ware


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