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  Babe (1995)    Buy this movie
  • When the farmer shaves a sheeps fleece he picks one fleece up and throws it in the air. The sun light shining through the fleece reveals all of the stitching and fibers underneath it because its not real. - steelflesh
  • I haven't watched the movie in ages but the scene when farmer Bob and Babe are at the fair and they are standing in front of a whole bunch of sheep, if you look when Babe is talking you see a sheep crapping, then the scene will cut to something else and then back to babe and the sheep is crapping all over again. - ToxicStarlette


  Bachelor, The (1999)
  • The friend of Renee Zellweger's character is listening to the song from the movie Titanic, and she makes a comment about the fate of Leonardo Di Caprio's character in Titanic, but she gets the details all wrong! - Rebecca-Lynn
  • In one scene, Chris O'Donnell is looking down at a wedding ring in its case, then the next scene, he's examining it in his hands, and then, it pans on it yet again, and it's back in the box. (VHS) - Emerylds


  Bachelor Party (1984)
  • A character tells Tom Hanks et. Al that he "has to check the oil" of a car that is up on a rack. While he is under the hood the car falls off the rack and he is left standing where the motor should be. Why would he check the oil in a car which clearly has no motor? - Canesfan
  • In the scene where Cole is hanging naked from the window, he falls. If u take a close look and pause it, you can see a gang of people just below him, obviously there to catch him. (VHS) - Sean
  • At the party when Brad starts dancing on the piano, you can clearly tell that it is someone else that is dancing, especially when he jumps off of it. - carrie


  Back to the Future (1985)    Buy this movie


  Back to the Future Part II (1989)    Buy this movie


  Back to the Future Part III (1990)    Buy this movie


    Martin Lawrence as Marcus Burnett

  • When Marcus arrives home, his wife yells at him for not having his wedding ring on. In fact, he does have his wedding ring on in that shot, but in the next one it's not. He then reaches into his pocket and puts it on again. - kjs
  • At the end scene where the Porsche and the other car are racing down the runway trying to avoid the concrete slab, the camera shows the Porsche move in front of the other car, but the next shot showing the two cars, the Porsche is behind trying to catch up. - Dick Corncakes
  • On the car chase scene at the end, and Marcus puts his foot down on the accelerator. You see the rev gauge of the car almost instantly move from 2000 to 9000 rpm, which wouldn't be possible if he is already at such a high speed. - [S]isq[o]
  • In the scene where Martin Lawrence goes into Julie's apartment, she tries to hit him with a bat. He then takes the bat from her. While she is on the floor you can see the bat laying next to her on the floor. (DVD) - Tom Maier


  Bad Company (1995)
  • Last scene, notice something in Chris Rock's ear that appears, disappears, and reappears. I'd tell you what but don't want to spoil the plot. - Debra Clark


  Bad Girls (1994)
  • During the scene where Kid Jarett and his gang are robbing the bank, he reaches down inside Cody's dress and pulls out the money there. If you look carefully when she is mounting her horse, you can see the money is still there. - Rose


  Bad Karma (2002)
  • (Revealing mistakes) When Agnes (Patsy Kensit) pushes the car off the cliff, the car explodes in midair, before hitting anything. - Webmaster


  • When [wont tell the name] falls off the cliff and blood spills all over the screen, you can see the bucket throwing the blood!! - Tuomaz
  • Look carefully, when Barry, Ozzy and Frank are arming front of the car, Ozzy have wear white, Tales from the Crypt T-shirt. And the end, Ozzy's white T-shirt is mysteriously changed at red, sleeveless shirt. - Levine
  • In one scene, you can see the reflection of the camera crew in Derek's sunglasses. - David
  • In one scene, the camera is panning by a blue van with cardboard cutout Beatles figures in it. While the camera is panning you can see the cameraman's shadow. - David
  • (Continuity) At the start of the movie when Frank and Derek are talking over the radio. Watch Frank's Radio Handle in his hand there is a white metal clip on it watch for a few minutes. Then the clip is gone. - lil_dude114


  Bait (2000)
  • When Julio and Ramundo abduct Alvin Sanders for a ride in their Mercedes, their gun is fired, and the driver's side window is cracked, with the sound of breaking glass; however, when the Mercedes goes onto the sidewalk, prior to hitting a telephone booth, the driver's side window is in pristine condition. - Mr. X


  Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever (2002)
  • There's a scene when Antonio Banderas running towards Lucy Liu and shoots a group of bad guys behind her with a shotgun, but the buckshots from the blast somehow misses Liu and hits the bad guys. (DVD) - Soulman


  Bambi (1942)
  • At the end of the movie when the animals are coming out of the river after the fire, notice a mother raccoon is licking the dirt off her baby, in the next frame, the mother is still licking, but the baby is not there, it looks like they forgot to draw the little baby into that frame. - monica polo
    • Correction: The baby raccoon DOES disappear, but the artists didn't forget to draw it into that shot. If you watch the right side of the screen, when the baby disappears from under mama's tongue, it magically materializes in the litte clearing. - Mindogger
  • When Thumper meets his girlfriend she is eating a pink flower. When she drops it is on the ground beside her. The camera flicks to Thumper and then back to her. The flower has disappeared. - ~pink skittles~


  Bandits (2001)
  • Terry is in the bank, working the drive up window talking to a customer. Terry is dressed up as Robin Zander of Cheap Trick during the 70's-80's. Robin would not have worn a stripped shirt with that tie, he would have worn a solid shirt. - The Tonester
  • (Continuity) Joe and Kate are in their bed scene; Joe starts out on the right side of the bed then the camera flashes off for a 1/2 second and kate is now on the right side of the bed! - yeslynne
    • Correction: In the scene where Kate and Joe seem to be switching places, I too thought it was a mistake at first. But after rewinding it, and checking it out further, I found out that it was not a mistake. When the scene begins, and you first see Kate and Joe laying in bed, the shot is shown through a mirror rather than head on. - Donna Rae
  • (Revealing mistakes) Note the inside of the car door when they flip in the ditch and it flys open. Clearly a stunt car as it han no fabric, handles, crome etc... just a smooth door. - Unknown User
  • Harvey continually saw "the girl" during the movie, and finally gets to talk to her. He pulls up in that red car and they begin chatting. If you look to the left of Harvey, where you can see the girls reflection in the shiny paint, at one point you will notice she is smiling, but in the next second when you see the girl, from her head on camera shot, she is NOT smiling, and she isn't even looking in the right direction. - Donna Rae


  Barbershop (2002)
  • (Revealing mistakes) After Ice Cube bails out Ricky. As they are driving Ice Cube pulls over to the side of the road, as he does you can see him move his hand over the steering wheel but he does not actually turn the wheel. He does it again a bit later as the make a U-turn. (DVD) - Mr. Roboto


  BASEketball (1998)
  • When Reemer does his little somersault flippy thing out into the middle of the court you can clearly see that it is a stunt double not actually Matt Stone after he takes his shot and then sits down you can clearly see the "other" Reemer run across the screen. - str8jacket
    • Correction: It is part of the movie. It is supposed to make it funny. Duh. - Trey
  • When the kids are in the cab on the way to the last game Jenna asks if the driver could go any faster. Dale Earnhart turn around and puts on his helmet. But if you look in the rearview (when he hits the animal) you can clearly see hair. - Vince Dad
  • When they are first playing BaseKetball, Coop takes a picture of the dude and Remer, the dude ends up breaking a window on the garage door, well the camera goes in a different angle, the window isn't broken. - Chuck
  • At Brittany Kysers party at the beginning of the movie the two boys (Reemer and Coop) are playing basketball while standing in place...if you look in the lower left corner of the movie every time after the ball goes into the basket you see a stage crew member coming out to retrieve the ball for Reemer and coop. This might have been on purpose, but it is still funny and practically a goof. (DVD) - lax4lifeguard


  Basic (2003)
  • There is a scene when a character vomits blood on Osbourne. However, in the next scene there is no blood on her clothes. - Tina


  Basic Instinct (1992)
  • One thing I noticed watching this film (which takes place in San Francisco), is how easy it was for Michael Douglas to find a parking space. I've lived in the San Francisco area all my life. Neither I nor anyone I know has ever been able to just pull into a parking space. Never. - Soulman


  Batman (1989)





  • When the German fighters attack the French airfield in the beginning of the movie, in one scene the pyrotechnics that are used to simulate bullet-strikes are fired too late, so the bullets hit the ground and a Hurricane when the attacking Messerschmitt has already passed by. - Olav Westerman
  • In another scene later on the British airfields are being bombed. A Spitfire that tries to take off is hit and bursts into flames. It loses its landing gear and skids all too long and all too slow along the grass before it hits a fuel-truck and explodes. - Olav Westerman
  • When one of the main characters Spitfire catches fire, it is transformed into a Hurricane when it goes into a spin. - Olav Westerman
  • One of the German bombers trails a long cable behind it when it has been shot into flames and dives towards the sea. The filmmakers try to fool us that it is a control-cable for the rudders (there is a short scene cut in, showing the cables being ripped from their mounts), but it is all too long and thick for that. In fact it is the cable that suspended the bomber-model. - Olav Westerman
  • When General Milch inspects the German bomber-forces during the opening credits, in one scene towards the end of the inspection, there is a modern high-winged plane coming in from the right to land in the background. May only be seen in widescreen format. - Olav Westerman
  • In the scene when the Polish pilots break formation and attack the German bombers the squadron leader is flying a Hurricane while the Poles are flying Spitfires.  They should of course all be Hurricanes, which is odd since they seem to have had 6 to 8 of them at the beginning of the movie. (What they got right, though, is that the squadron leader is Canadian. Canadian Johnny Kent was S/L of 303 (Polish) Sqdn RAF during the actual Battle of Britain.) - wally
    • Comment: about the Polish pilots flying Spitfires instead of Hurricanes: Spitfire Productions managed to assemble 7 Hurricanes of which only 3 could be made airworthy. In the opening scenes this 3 Hurricanes double for 6-7 planes taking off, by the use of clever editing. Furthermore, the planes that are destroyed on the ground are fiberglass mock-ups. In the Polish squadron -scenes they used the 3 Hurricanes in the foreground, and NOT Spitfires, but Buchons (the Spanish license-built version of Messerschmitt 109, that played the roles of the German fighters in the movie) repainted in British colours in the background. As they didn't use Spitfires in those scenes, the Buchons obviously were meant to represent Hurricanes. In the theatrical version (and maybe even in widescreen video versions) one can see the 3 Hurricanes flying in front of 3 Buchons, so it was not just the squadron-leader who flew a Hurricane. - Olav Westerman


  Battle of Neretva, The (1970)    Buy this movie
  • In a battle in World War Two between the Yugoslav partisans and the German army a German Tiger-tank is destroyed. When it is pushed down from the road by another tank it transforms from a disguised Russian T-34 to an American M-4 Sherman. (For those who are unfamiliar with tanks: The T-34, even disguised as a Tiger, and the M-4 are very different in appearance). - Olav Westerman


  • The events depicted happened in the winter in the Ardennes, a landscape with mountains and forests, but many of the scenes, as for example the big tank-battle at the movies end, are filmed on big fields with hardly any snow or trees at all. - Olav Westerman
  • The weather is said to be too bad for air-operations (it was so in the real battle), but the sun shines almost the whole time, because the film was made in Spain. - Olav Westerman
  • In one scene the German general shows the colonel some models of Germanys "secret weapons". The "Kingtiger" tank is of course an American M-47, since that is the type that plays the real German tanks in the film, but none of the other models of a jetfighter, a V1-bomb and a V2-rocket look like the real items did. - Olav Westerman
  • When the German paratroopers jump behind the American lines, a close-up shot shows them stepping out of a Junkers Ju-52 transport. When we see the planes from a distance they are Douglas DC-3:s, despite the fact that the Spanish airforce had some Ju-52:s when the film was shot. - Olav Westerman
  • When Robert Shaw as the German tank-commander joins his comrades in the song "Pantzerlied", he does not sing the German words, but just moves his lips because he couldn't speak German. (The Germans in the film spoke in English but sang in German). - Olav Westerman


  Beautiful Mind, A (2001)


  Beauty and the Beast, The (1991)
  • In the scene where beauty and the beast are eating, the porridge on the beasts face magically appears and reappears. Repeats twice. - Joe
  • When Gaston shoots the bird, it falls with an arrow in its heart, yet Gaston is holding a smoking gun in his hand. Strange. - Joe
    • Correction: Actually, he hit the bird with a bullet. I paused it at the part. - Sydney
  • Shortly after arriving in the Beast's castle, Belle sneaks into the forbidden West Wing by going up the staircase to the left. But, when Belle and the Beast meet on the staircase to go to dinner (when Belle is wearing the gold dress), Belle comes down from the left and the Beast comes down from the right, even though it's clear that the Beast was getting ready in the West Wing. - Andrea
    • Explanation: The Beast coming out of the West Wing. He is allowed up there, it's his castle. - amycbs
    • Correction: This is in response to the Beast getting dressed in the West Wing. If Belle was coming down from the left, (the direction the West Wing was in when she went there) that would mean that she, not the Beast was getting dressed in the West Wing. - chelle
      • Correction: Andrea meant that the goof was in the fact that Belle went up the wrong staircase to go to the west wing. She should have gone to the right because that is where the beast came from because that is where his bedroom is. - Smyle
  • (Plot holes) When the set-up is given by the narrator at the beginning, we are told the enchanted rose given to the Beast will bloom until his 21rst year, and are shown a picture of a youngish man. In "Be Our Guest", Lumiere sings, "Ten years we've been rusting, needing so much more than dusting". This means the Beast should have been 10 or 11 years old when he met the Enchantress who gave him the rose. (VHS) - viscountmelbourne
    • Explanation: Regarding the comment about the Beast being a youngish man when the fairy made him a beast, & Lumiere sings "10 years, we've been rusting...". It may have been 10 years that they were enchanted, doesn't mean they aged normally during that time and only the rose was affected in real-time. - jennymonster
  • (Revealing mistakes) Just before the song "Beauty and the Beast" Chip looks out from a door. You can see his reflection on the floor but not his "nose". It was not corrected on either of the three versions on the DVD. (DVD) - Mr. Roboto


  • When "The Devil" is in a mini skirt, teaching a bunch of highschool boys, and telling them about their homework she erases the math thingy and is now talking about the history...right??? Well, when you get close-up of her you see the board in the back and the math assignment and its gone. Then we see her whole body and the math is magically there again!!! Once more we see just her face and it disappears!!! WOW!! - Cerasi
  • When he is playing basketball the score is 135 his team and the other team 85 but when he dunks in the again you can see the score is 46. But when he dunks again it is 85 again, weird. - Catrice
  • When Brendan Fraser is the basketball player and they show him flying through the air to do that monster dunk you can see the shot clock go to zero whick means that the dunk would not count. Also everytime you can see the score of the game on the score board, it's the exact same score, but you have to love a movie that makes the devil hot. (no pun intented) - floyddog989
  • (Plot holes) This may have just been an attempt to not overuse a prop, but when the devil turns Elliot into the gay writer, to get out of the wish, he doesn't hit 666 on his little pager thing. All he does is sit on the bed and it takes him to the school scene...hmmmm? - Froggy
  • (Revealing mistakes) Hey! When Brendan Fraser is a huge basketball player, its after the game, and he's being interviewed, if you look in the background in the stands you can see some people walking around and others sitting down, look at the people sitting down, they're not moving at all, they are cardboard cut outs. Ha Ha Ha! - RabbitPoop


  Beethoven's 2nd (1993)    Buy this movie
  • In the fair scene when that girl Ted likes is getting her tickets, the camera is on her and her hair is in a ponytail. Then the camera goes to the bully and then back to her and her hair is down. She sure changed her hair style quickly... - Cerasi


  Beethoven's 3rd (2000) (Video)    Buy this movie
  • In the second half of the movie the bad guy breaks the window, but the other bad guy hasn't unlocked the alarm yet. If you break a window with the alarm on you should hear the alarm, right? - Moviefreak
  • Please forgive me if I'm wrong but... At the end of the movie Judge Reinhold asks to the police what the bad guys were lookin' for. The policemen say that they were looking for the dvd but how does the policemen know that? - Moviefreak



  • Liam Neeson and his son are driving their jeep and pull off the road to talk. They step out of the jeep and walk to the front of it where you see the blinker has been left on. After some face shots of their conversation, the camera again shows the blinker that is no longer blinking. - David


  Behind Enemy Lines (2001)
  • There is a scene near the beginning of the movie where Owen Wilson's character, Chris Burnett, has a football "thrown" by the carrier's catapult. After it is blown back toward them and into the ocean you hear a voice yelling, "Wilson!", which is the actor's name not the character's. (DVD) - Jenn
    • Explanation: The reason he yells Wilson, is because he (Owen Wilson) is referring to the scene in Cast Away where Tom Hanks' volleyball (named Wilson) is floating away. - DareDevil
  • (Continuity) The 3 helicopters change colour from grey on the carrier to green and then back to grey back on the carrier.
  • (Factual errors) Why does the navy use marine helicopters to pick up Burnett? Shouldn't they use navy copters, which do exist. - silvernova


  • When Maxine is first getting it on with John Malkovich, the strap on her dress falls down, but when it is Cameron Diaz's point of view the strap is back up. This alternates between the two shots. - David


  Belly (1998)    Buy this movie
  • When DMX is following the maid through the kitchen, the shadow of the camera is plainly visible. - David


  Beloved (1998)    Buy this movie
  • Sethe's mother-in-law is in the woods preaching (standing on the rock or stump), and calls out, "Men, come and let your wives see you dance". Some of the men do Omega Psi Phi and Kappa Alpha Psi steps (black Greek fraternities didn't start until 1906). One man even twirls his walking stick the way Kappas twirl their canes. Then someone yells out "WestSiyeeed!" (VHS) - Kat


  Beneath the Planet of the Apes (1970)
  • During the scene where the Underdwellers are making Brent strangle Nova while kissing her, you can clearly see her eyeshadow. Quite a statement for a primative human to be making, no? (Theatre) - munkin



  Best in Show (2000)    Buy this movie
  • When one of the couples [the one that goes nuts after they lose their dog's squeak toy] enter the airport with their dog on a leash, there is a 'no dogs' sign on the airport's sliding doors. If someone did that in real life, they would be fined. - Caitlin


  Best Man, The (1999?)
  • In the scene on the night of the bachelor party while all the guys are playing cards, when they break out fighting and the table is tipped over, you can see the cards stuck in place on the table. - Cheeks


  • A classic film. As Lane (John Cusack) gets ready for his big date with Dianne Greenwald ("you horrible thing") he sprays deodorant into his armpits, but the camera shot is too low and you can see a "J.F.K." like second sprayer underneath him. Bad goof, great movie. - Japhysun79
  • Watch the shape of the green goo on Lane's plate change between shots. - Nate
  • This is a really good movie at the end of the movie where that kid on his bike the paper boy where Lane is at the baseball field with his girlfriend I guess that's her and the paper boy comes in on his bike you can see in the grass where his bike has came in about 3 times you can see the bike tires in the grass. (TV) - surgeongeneral13
    • The paper boy has driven his bike on the lawn before. So what?
  • (Plot holes) From the start of the movie to the finish, the young paperboy continually demands the "Two dollars" he's back-owed for delivering newspapers. Wouldn't the Meyers owe him more than $2 by the end of the film, assuming that they're continuing to receive newspapers? Or does the film take place entirely within the same week? Not that I'd change a thing... it's a great running gag! - Mark D
  • (Revealing mistakes) When the French girl (Monique I think) is skiing. Look a little closer. You can OBVIOUSLY see that it is a man stunt double and not really her. (VHS)


  Better Tomorrow, A (Ying huang boon sik) (1986)    Buy this movie
  • In one scene, a hitman uses a silencer on his revolver. Only problem? The sound from a revolver comes from the hammer not the barrel, hence, the silencer is useless. This also happens in the sequel. - David


  Better Tomorrow II, A (Yinghung bunsik II) (1987)    Buy this movie
  • In one scene Chow Yun-Fat shoots a guy with a shotgun who then flies through the air. If you look closely, you will see the wires pulling him. - David


  • Throughout the entire film, reflections of the camera and crew members can be seen. This instance happens in the chase near the beginning, and in later scenes, such as in the police station. - David
  • When Eddie Murphy disables a police car with a bunch of bananas, the bananas are curved when he first gets them, but straight when he shoves them in the tailpipe. (TV) - Soulman
  • In the scene where Axel Foley goes into the Harrow Club to look for Victor Maitland, he is approached by one of Maitland's men who is thrown across a buffet table. But if you look at it, it is clearly a stunt double and not Murphy. -


  • When hanging onto the truck, the gun falls out of Axel's jeans, but later, he has it back in his hands. - Troy
  • Axel and his mates shoot out the same tail light twice. - Troy
  • Using superglue fumes would create a white fingerprint, not a black one. - Troy


  • During the gunfight at Uncle Dave's World near the end of the movie, Eddie Murphy launches a rocket blowing one thug into a popcorn machine and spilling its contents. Realizing that he's out of ammunition, Murphy reaches for the thug's loose AUTOMATIC pistol lying in the popcorn - but when he picks it up it suddenly changes to a REVOLVER. - Mysterious


  • When Haru is practicing his karate teqniques he hits himself with the (nunchucks) which are two sticks on a chain. So when he hits himself he reacts too late on the hit. - Chris
  • When you see Haru in the shadow when he is taking his robe off he stretches his pants to fart but it sounds like a burp. - Chris
  • When Gobei jumps into the car with Haru blindfolded in the back, you can clearly see the boom mike reflected in the windshield. - Nate
  • In the airport, we see the couple who are surprised by Gobei posing as a suitcase. Watch carefully and you'll see a man with a white beard pulling a suitcase on wheels pass behind them twice. - Nate
  • In the hotel lobby, Haru bribes the man at the front desk with gold. First, he dumps out a small number of coins, and the amount of gold increases and decreases between shots. - Nate


  Beyond, The (1981)    Buy this movie
  • Watch the scene at the end, when the man meets woman and the little girl in the elevator, just before the elevator doors get closed, the man starts to load his gun by putting bullets in the gun barrel. - Levine


  Beyond Suspicion (2000)    Buy this movie


  • At the beginning of a sex scene with Charlie Sheen and (what's her name), they knock over a lamp, which is caught by a phantom hand (film crew member) out of the corner of the screen. Sound effects for the lamp crashing is then dubbed in. - Starry
  • (Continuity) This is in the scene where Sheen's character has befriended the bike mechanic and they are putting together a new bike for Sheen to ride around on. They pull down what is known as a "rigid frame." Meaning that there is NO suspension on the bike tire, it just bolts more or less straight to the frame. They then start to work on this frame to use it for Sheen's bike. When they get the bike completed, it's changed into a "soft-tail frame" with hidden shocks for the rear wheel. These are two completely different frame types. - RaFollower


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