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  About Schmidt (2002)
  • (Continuity) Jack Nicholson is at his character's retirement party. Camera shows him and wife eating dinner at the head table and their plates are nearly finished. Camera goes to a guest speaker at the party and back to head table and now their dinner plates are full again. - Sharsie


  Above the Law (aka Nico) (1988)
  • In the scene where Seagal fights the guys in the liquor store, he picks one of them up, throws the guy over his shoulder, and jumps through the plate glass window. In the fight and while preparing to jump, Seagal is wearing black cowboy boots. When he crashes through the window and lands on the sidewalk, he's wearing black Reebok athletic shoes. - Kieth Moreland


  Abyss, The (1989)
  • In one scene where the bad guys enter the "exit pond" room in the underwater base, they sees the base of the "water worm" where it emerges from the water. You can clearly see that the computer graphics that makes the worm stops somewhat above the bottom of the picture, forming a cut-off line. - Axel Eng
  • Not really a goof but funny. Why does a underwater drilling platform need license plates? - navylady2
  • When the bad buy is trying to set off the nuke, Bud is chasing behind him. If you look at the bad guy's propellers his submarine you notice that they aren't spinning yet the submarine is moving forward at good speed. - LordCthulhu
  • I just keep wondering and wondering... on the scene where 2 main characters have to swim to reach an other side... How is it possible to keep your breath for so long? Okay perhaps they have big lungs.. they are divers anyway... How come the seawater looks so clear, it doesn't look polluted or troubled. But what I really wonder, how come none of them seem to have problems with the water's temperature?? - Dennis
  • In the part where Bud and the Navy SEALs go into the sunken submarine there are the dead sailors. There is a bright light shining on them to sort of show their faces better. A director's effect. Anyway, one scene shows a dead sailor in the bottom right-hand corner. When the light shines on him his eyes twitch from the bright light. (DVD) - Bowzer
  • (Revealing mistakes) Along with the amount of time that the divers can hold their breath, let's also consider the enormous pressure of being that far under water. When a minisub gets a slight crack, it implodes violently, but we're supposed to believe that the fragile lungs of a human can stand up to similar pressure? - dhull
    • Correction: Divers are pressurized so the pressure surrounding them are the same as inside their body. Therefore a sub do not implode if cracked... neither does a human body! The facts shown, because the level of water inside the ridge is pressured to sustain a low level, making it possible to dive from an open-buttom ridge. - MDK
    • Explanation: Let's also consider the enormous pressure of being that far under water. When a minisub gets a slight crack, it implodes violently, but we're supposed to believe that the fragile lungs of a human can stand up to similar pressure? Actually, The human body will adapt to the pressure, and become equal to the surrounding pressure... otherwise we could never dive more than about 20 feet deep... the whole point of the guy Coffee going crazy was about the uncommon failure to adapt to the pressure. - Caradoc


  Accidental Spy, The (Te wu mi cheng) (2001)
  • In this movie starring Jackie Chan, there is a scene where Jackie and a girl pushes a car to a ditch using a SUV. Watch closely when the car hits the ditch, a guy in a yellow Jacket can be seen on the right side of the screen. This could be a stunt coordinator or one of the crews. - tochi


  Aces High (1976)    Buy this movie
  • In one scene an Avro 504 K with Peter Firth as pilot and Christopher Plummer as photographer is attacked by a German fighter. When we see the Avro from the German pilots point of view, the plane has transformed itself into a Caudron Luciole, because those shots are borrowed from "The Blue Max". - Olav Westerman



  Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls (1995)
  • This is near the end of the movie, in the scene where Ace is talking to the guy with all of the dead animals in his office. There is a chess board, and this chess board has all of the pieces neatly organized on it. Now I forget if Ace knocks the pieces off or what, but in the following scenes the chess pieces are not on the board, and then mysteriously back on the board. - James Wiese
    • Ace doesn't knock the pieces off, they just disappear.
  • When Ace falls out of the back of the fake rhino, you can see his balls if you put it in slow motion. - Beck1
  • In the beginning, when Ace and Fulton (is that his name?) are in the jeep crashing through the forest, Ace sings "CHITTTTTTYYYYYY!!!" really loud and guns the pedal. The car comes busting out of the brush, flips over, and the driver side door opens, revealing the driver, who is wearing jeans. Excuse me, but when did Ace wear jeans? - Sue
  • When he's driving the jeep and it crashes the front window gets broken. He keeps going and they show the jeep from the front again and its not broken anymore. - uptowngrl79
  • (Continuity) After Ace says "CHIIITTTTYYY" really loud and guns the gas pedal, if you look close enough Greenwald or a second passenger is not in the passenger seat. (VHS) - PragmaticStinkyCheese


Patric Knowles as Will Scarlett
Herbert Mundin as Much the Miller's Son

  • In the scene where Will Scarlett rides up on a horse, and sees the wounded Mutch the miller's son lying on the ground, when Will dismounts his horse to go help Mutch, you can see a car drive by in the background of Sherwood Forest. - susie


  Affliction (1997)    Buy this movie
  • When Wade is taking Maggie to meet his parents, the rear view mirror and the microphone and cord dangling over it both disappear from the windshield during the from-the-hood close up shots. They reappear at his parents' house. - Scott


  • In the movie the boy is making a house for Bud. He puts a little smiley face on it then it goes to another person for a sec then when the seen comes back to the house the smiley is drawn different. Hmmmmmm. - Ichabod2000
  • There's a scene where the boy (don't know his name) and buddy are sitting down outside, the kid has his ball and buddy bites it. That prat you can tell the ball is flat, when he does. - ange
  • Scoreboard in final game says wrong score. (VHS) - i_live_online


  • In the scene where the F15 pilot has been ordered to fire on Air Force One, just prior to firing the air-to-air missile we see the pilot reach down and flip weapons mode on his panel from air-to-air mode to air-to-ground. - Mike
  • In the scene where the President first tries to get into the conference room, we see one of the terrorists put two bullet holes in the door. Later, when the President opens these very same doors, the bullet holes are gone. - Mike
  • In the part where Harrison Ford Has been tied up and he unties himself to attack the bad guy, he swings to punch the guy, but if you play in in slow motion, you can definitely see he swung at nothing Yet the guy who got "punched" must be a really good actor because it looked like it hurt. - Katie
    • Comment: Katie says it's a goof when you can see, in slow motion, that the actors doesn't hit each others for real in fights. It's just a movie! The heroes aren't for real, and it's not intended to be watched in slow motion! I'm pretty tired of reading all this "goof-comments" about what you can see in slo-mo. A goof is, in my opinion, something that you can see in normal viewing, that shouldn't be there. - Olav Westerman
      • Comment: When someone says "If you watch in slo-mo." or something to that doesn't necessarily mean that you can't tell the goof is there without slow motion, it could mean that watching it in slow motion may help you see the goof better. And even if the goof needed to be viewed in slow motion to see it, it is still nice to know in case you want to check the "goof" don't have to take it as a slam to the directors of the films or the films's just something cool to see. - David
      • Comment: "Olav"'s comment on "Katie"'s goof. Hey Olav! how do you think Katie saw the goof? Do you really think she watched the whole movie in slow-mo? The fact that she noticed it means that she saw it while in "normal viewing". So, Olav, next time, before making any comment, think about it first, okay? - tochi
  • On the plane when the terrorists shoot a guy, bullet holes appear in the back of him but there are none in the front. - Dr. Crawford
    • Correction: I'd like to point out that bullets do not always necessarily go "through" a person when shot. You can be shot in the back and not have one mark to show for it in the front. Thus making this NOT a goof. - Aine
    • Explanation: It is perfectly possible that you see only the exit wounds. The entry wounds are small to invisible, especially if through clothing (don't believe all those blood fountains they show you :-)) - Ido
  • In the scene towards the beginning of the movie when Harrison Ford first boards the plane, he is in his room and he's talking with his wife. Look at his tie and you will see a huge coffee stain on it. A very noticeable goof, Indiana Jones. - Sean
  • In the beginning of the movie when the terrorist are shooting guns, Alison opens the door to see what's the matter and yells for "daddy". It's clear that her shirt is white. At the end when they "retake" the plane her shirt is now gray. (And not from just being dirty.) - Cerasi
  • (Factual errors) When it is learned that Air Force One is hijacked, F-15's are scrambled from a base in Germany called "Rammstein Air Force Base." In reality the base is called "Ramstein Air Base" and it does not contain fighter jets, including the F-15's. I know, I lived there. Perhaps the makers knew this, and went with it anyway. However, this factual error didn't ruin the movie for me or anyone else on the base when they saw it in the theater. - AZJoe


  Airheads (1994)
  • In the scene where The Lone Rangers are on TV Rex has on a Rebel Radio hat but in the next shot it's off. - Ryan
  • When The Lone Rangers' demo tape is played the bass comes in at different times each time they play the demo tape. - Ryan


  Airplane! (1980)    Buy this movie - Buy Posters
  • When Lloyd Bridges asks one of his assistants to check the "radar range", the assistant opens a Radar Range microwave containing a turkey. The assistant says, "Just a couple more minutes, chief." But the turkey is completely raw and no steam comes out of the range when the door is opened. - Bob F
    • Well, not much makes sense in this crazy, spoof, parody, comedy. "Surely you can't be serious?" "I am serious and don't call me Shirley."
    • Correction: When you've seen the whole movie, you'll see that the man of which you presume he is an assistant is completely nuts (Bridges:'more koffee!' Man:'no thanks'.) - Bart
  • String visible when the heart starts jumping around the table. - The Big J
  • The girl says she and the guy should have used the plans they made before the war, but they met during the war. - The Big J


(Sexual references in this and other Disney movies are not goofs. Therefore, they are mentioned in the Movie Trivia section.)

  • On the carpet ride, Aladdin and Jasmine fly past a full moon. A minute later, they see a half moon reflected in the water. - The Big J
    • Correction: Actually, when Aladdin and Jasmine fly past the moon, you see the whole moon but only a portion (on the left hand side as you are looking at the moon) is lit up. Therefore, they did not fly past the full moon, since a full moon would have been completely illuminated, not just one section. So the reflection in the water is correct. - Macrae
  • The ring that Jafar asks the sultan for, draws itself on him, two seconds before he asks for it. - The Big J


  Ali (2001)
  • In the scene where the FBI is doing the wiretaps as the camera closes in on the ashtray the cigarette and ashes jump from place to place in the ashtray by themselves. (DVD) - tom


  • When the white rabbits watch was smashed to pieces in the tea party of the hatter and hare, the whole screen turns black and white for about 2 seconds. - prootski
  • Alice breaks off 2 pieces from a mushroom after talking the the caterpillar. She was holding one piece and the other was on her lap. However when she bites the piece she is holding and becomes very tall, both pieces are on her hand. - prootski
  • When Alice goes into the White Rabbit's house, there is a grandfather clock by the door. When her leg plunges down the stairs, there is no clock. - 420
  • When Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee are telling Alice the story about the walrus and the fisherman, when the walrus has the oysters in the hut and he looks at the menu it is right ways up telling you that oysters are being served. He then places it upside down on the table so the menu should be upside down writing however when the next shot comes in the menu is the right way up. (VHS) - cris


  Alien (1979)
  • Why would a cargo ship containing mineral ore have a self destruct sequence? - The Briggster
    • Comment: It would be very wise to have such a device if the ship malfunctioned and was about to crash on Earth, or another inhabited planet. Remember: This ship was HUGE! - Olav Westerman
  • There is no security device where the captain and second in command have to enter a code to access it. Ripley accesses it by herself! - The Briggster
    • Correction: Well, Ripley is second in command of the ship, that's why she was able to access it. There was a security system as well. Before they could go into that room to talk to Mother, they had to "match" one of those little cards into the correct slot for the door to open. I don't know what that's called, but it was a sort of key system. The only people who had access were Ripley and the captain (I think it was Dallas). Ash got into the room later in the movie though, while Ripley was in there, if that's what you mean. But remember he was an "artificial person", who was programmed to kill the crew to assure the alien was brought back alive, so he can probably bend a few rules. - ToAsTeR
      • Explanation: She is in fact in the engine room not the console for Mother. She is turning the cooling system off which will lead to the detonation of the engines. This is why she is given 5 minutes before the self destruct is unstoppable. Past a certain point, turning the cooling system back on will not be sufficeint to stop the meltdown of the engines. As for the matter of not having authority, there is such a thing as poetic license but also maybe she is now the only person authorised to detonate the engines after other senior crew members have been killed. But more importantly, who is anyone to say that she needs someone else to authorise the self destruct? Surely only Weyland Yutani have any involvement in those decisions. - LazyGit
  • The amount of alien slime on Dallas's hand changes between shots.
  • The star's in the background are usually the same, implying they only had 2 curtains.
  • During the conversation about Brett being a parrot, the length of his cigarette constantly changes.
  • When the alien first starts to bust through John Hurt's chest, there's a quick squirt of blood. You can see the blood packet under Hurt's shirt. (Widescreen) - Soulman
  • When Kane, Dallas, and Lambert are in their spacesuits exploring the alien ship, all are wearing white/gray fabric voers on their heads under the domes of their helmets. These are like the "communication carriers" or "Snoopy hats" worn by Apollo and later astronauts. But when Kane's helmet is cut off in the sick bay, no Snoopy hat--- and there was absolutely no way it could have been removed with the "facehugger" alien on his head. - xentrick


  Alien 3 (1992)
  • (Continuity) When doing the autopsy, Clemens's bloodstain frequently changes. - The Big J
  • (Plot holes) At one point in the film the crew manages to seal off a part of the space they are inhabiting. This would mean that the alien should have no longer have been a threat to them because it was on the other side of the barrier they created. Yet somehow the alien still is able to get to them. Were there two aliens? Doubtful... - Jadam


  Alien Resurrection (1997)
  • In the scene where the guns are ejected from the actors sleeve, the camera changes for two seconds and you can see the same actor with his arms straight down at his side, now am I wrong??? - Les
  • At the end of the movie, as the huge "Auriga" spaceship is approaching Earth, notice that Earth is backwards--- Africa is obviously pointing in the wrong direction, as if the image has been reversed. - xentrick
  • (Revealing mistakes) At the beginning of the movie, when the doctor is examining Ripley, the instrument he is holding is a "Posner Gonioscope", supposed to be placed in contact with the eye and examined through a slit lamp. Being an ophthalmologist myself, I burst into laughter after seeing this scene. The apparently had NO CLUE what this instrument was about!


  Aliens (1986)    Buy this movie


  Alive (1993)
  • One contrast with the actual incident: In the movie, at the end, there were 17 survivors, where as in actuality, there were 16. - JP


  All About the Benjamins (2002)
  • (Continuity) In the scene were Mike Epps is handcuffed to the bed with his girlfriend, one shot he has his head on her chest then its on the bed then its back on her chest, even though they are playing dead with the killer stood right above them now I'm sure he would have noticed a dead person moving. - fish


  All Quiet on the Western Front (1979)    Buy this movie
  • In one scene the World War One-soldiers are transported by trucks. One of the trucks is from about 1930 or later. - Olav Westerman
    • Info: WW I ended in 1918, so that makes the truck at least 12 years ahead of its time.


  Almost Famous (2001)    Buy this movie - Buy Posters
  • (Anachronism) When Penny Lane boards the Eastern Airline plane, a "winglet" on the tip of the wing is clearly visible as the plane is moving away from the terminal. "Winglets" became popular after the first non-stop flight around the world and airplane manufacturers began adding them to commercial planes. This milestone in flight and the subsequent appearance of winglets on commercial airplanes occurred long after Eastern Airlines ceased to exist. - Andrew Dufresne
  • When the band is coming to NYC you can see the Citicorp center in the background years before the building was built. - hifijohn
  • When Russell and William are walking down the street before they get picked up (and Russell drops acid) the Volkswagen that picks them up pulls up numerous times in the different shots of the scene. - katie
  • When William is looking through the albums his sister left him, all the albums are time appropriate except one. Joni Mitchell's Blue came out about half a decade later than the other ones. (VHS/DVD) - Haley


  Along Came a Spider (2001)
  • When Alex Cross is trying to break into a computer, near the end of the film, we get to read the password as he types it in. Excuse me, but I've never seen a system, yet, that does not protect passwords with asterisks (*****)! - Kieth Moreland
  • In the first scene on the boat, when Mr. Sonji is watching the news, the newscaster describes Megan Rose as 12 years old, 3'5" , and 52 pounds. My 4 year old is 4 feet tall and 48 pounds. You do the math. (DVD) - Leslie
  • (plot holes) I believe this is a goof, and accidental. During the "chase" scene, Morgan Freeman is receiving instructions over the phone. He is told to go to Pennsylvania, and 6th (street corner) He radios it over to the girl following him in the car. Once there, he is told to go to Madison and 12th. The girl meets him there, though he never told her where he was going. Since she was in a car in traffic, and he was running on the sidewalk, I don't think she was following him. Correct me if I am wrong, but I think it's a goof. - bootsy_girl13


  • When Kevin Spacey is taking off Mena Suvari's pants he takes them all the way off and then in the next scene they are back at her knees. - Becks
  • When Kevin Spacey is talking to a client on the phone in his office he says "Do you want my number? It's 555-0199" But when his wife has a real estate sign up it says their phone number is 555-0195. - Susan
    • Comment: When they use two different phone numbers in the movie, one is their home number, and the one on the real estate sign is most likely her business number. I don't know many real estate agents who put their home number on their signs. - Lisa
  • (Revealing mistakes) When Annette Bening is in her car talking on her cell phone she is turning her steering wheel constantly but you can tell by looking out the window she is going straight. - Bradler



  American History X (1998)


  • In the seen at the end of the movie when the white kid gets shot he has a paper in his hand. When he is falling down the paper flies out of his hand. Then it shows a close up of him on the ground and the paper is magically back in his hand. - HeyZues
    • Explanation: In the original script, after the boy shot Danny, he picked up the paper and read it, got a different perspective and was overcome with guilt, which is why he put it back in Danny's hand after he shot him. Still a goof in the actual movie, and maybe you've heard this before, but thought I would add it in. - gummoboy
  • In the scene where the kid is having a meeting with the principal you can see the mic in the reflection of the picture behind the principal's head. - Bo

  • In the scene where the brothers are pinned down by the union army and the the sharpshooter is shooting at the cannon. He first shoots at the wooden box next to the cannon and it explodes. The box is labeled cannon balls not powder. - Joshua Parry


  American Pie (1999)    Buy this movie


  American Pie 2 (2001)    Buy this movie
  • In the overhead shot of the guys heading to the beach in the Bronco, they run the light which appears to be red... - Scott
  • At Stifler's party, when the Jim, Finch, Kevin, and OZ are sitting at the table, they are playing cards. There is a pile of cards in the middle of the table, but when the cops come inside to bust up the party, the camera flashes back to the table and the cards are gone. (DVD) - dodgerfan
  • In the movie if you turn on the Closed Caption, when Stifler calls Finch "Shitbreak" it shows up as "Shitbrick". (DVD) - MrBeaner
    • Comment: I always thought Stifler was calling Finch "shitbrick" anyway?? "Shitbreak" doesn't really make sense... - Saige
      • Comment: Just a note; The term "shitbreak" which is what is used for Finch. He is called "shitbreak" because when he had to do it his break would be off school grounds. Hence on his break to take a shit; then you get the word "shitbreak". - Frec
  • When Finch is hanging the pictures of him Stifler and Stifler's mom they are one way then when he takes them down they are in a different order. (DVD) - Melissa


  America's Sweethearts (2001)
  • When the weird hippie director shows his new 'improved' movie at the junket, one of the main characters is offended by the movie and threatens to sue. The director laughs in the actor's face. A teenage girl jumps up at this point and asks if she can defend her father's work [her father is the director]. The problem with this is, when the director shows up in the helicopter with the movie, the director is the only person who gets out of the helicopter, so where on earth did the teenage daughter come from? - Leonie
  • During the scene when the actress and actor are having dinner together in the restaurant, when the boyfriend shows up and is pointing at the actor, the full shot of the boyfriend shows him pointing with his right arm but when showing the actor being pointed at, it is with the boyfriend's left hand. - James Pounders, Jr.
  • The windows of Eddie's limo are darkly tinted while driving to the hotel. After he arrives and is looking at Gwen the window is no longer tinted. (VHS) - Danielle
  • As Kiki recalls her first romantic encounter with Eddie, the silhouettes of one or two crew members are reflected in Kiki's barrette. (VHS) - Danielle


  Amityville Horror, The (1979)
  • I DO know that Amityville is a town on Long Island in NY, however.... the state police cars (wouldn't be there anyway it was a township) but even if it were state policed, wouldn't they at least be New York state police? The police cars all have NJ license plates. - notbriefs
  • When the adults walk into the attice for the first time when looking to see if they want to buy the house, look at the windows to the attic behind them. The man bumps into one window and it starts to rock back and forth and the clouds in the window rock with the window. It is obviously fake. Also, notice that the clouds never move. - stevo


  Amityville II: The Possession (1982)
  • Just before the priest left his office, he got a phone call but his friend picked up the phone and left it off the hook. Later on, the priest knew exactly who called him at that moment and what the reason for calling was. Strange because I don't believe there was any caller I.D. on that phone (or even at that time period) and the priest was across the room from the phone when his friend left it off the hook. - stevo
  • Is it just me or did it seem that everyone in all the Amityville movies were Catholic? - stevo
  • I think everyone noticed the a lot (maybe majority of) flies in all the Amityville movies are obviously fake.
  • Towards the end of the movie, the priest's friend comes up to the Amityville house in his green car. When he stops the car, you hear his tires squeel yet he was only going about 5 mph. If it did squeel for real, it wouldn't have made a squeel noise for as long as it did. - stevo


  Amityville 3-D (1983)
  • At the absolute beginning, I don't think this is a goof but what the hell are the little black things running across the screen? - stevo
  • When Melanie is looking at the black and white pictures of the man when his face is melted, what the hell was she thinking? She picked up the photographs with her bare hands! I believe that bromine is used to develope pictures and last time I checked, bromine burns the skin! - stevo
  • How did the girl (Meg Ryan I think) know exactly how the murder happened? Nobody was there when it happened. And didn't the murderer commit suicide before the night was over? - stevo
  • There was a part where some girl was in a test chamber (called "Limbo") and the doctor was talking to some other lady. He said that the test girl was in this chamber to test how the body responds to no touch, no sight, no hearing, no taste, and no smell. He said she was in there for 52 hours before she started flipping out. Well 52 hours is a long time to go without eating and pissing because both of those require some type of interactment of the senses. - stevo


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