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> Gone in Sixty Seconds (2000)

Gone in 60
Seconds Poster

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Gone in 60 Seconds

Directed by:
Dominic Sena

Nicolas Cage as Randall "Memphis" Raines
Giovanni Ribisi as Kip Raines
Angelina Jolie as Sarah 'Sway' Wayland
T.J. Cross as Mirror Man
William Lee Scott as Toby
Scott Caan as Tumbler
James Duval as Freb
Will Patton as Atley Jackson
Delroy Lindo as Detective Roland Castlebeck
Timothy Olyphant as Detective Drycoff

Debated Goofs - Commented Goofs - Corrected Goofs - Explained Goofs


  • When the side window breaks off the next scenes except for close ups, its PERFECT!!! - Road Dogg
  • When Memphis meets Sway for the first time (she's under the car) there are two wrenches that keep changing position. - Loaded1215
  • When Memphis starts Elenor you hear the engine start before he turns the ignition. - Loaded1215
  • When Memphis brings "Eleanor" to Calitry, and Calitry punches him when the camera is showing Memphis on the ground you can see the mark he was standing on (pink or orange tape). - Loaded1215
    • Addition: Well, you can see cage check to see if he is on the marker after getting out of the car and trys to hide looking at it by looking at his watch, its pretty obvious. (DVD) - Andrew Collins
  • When "someone" is pushed off the grate walkway and falls in a coffin his "body" falls all the way to the floor. In the next camera angle he is in the coffin. - Loaded1215
  • When Memphis is being chased in the Mustang the one side mirror is smashed off then later the mirror is back on and again when he delivers the car the mirror is off. - gomurr
  • When Memphis and Sway are in the Hemi Sway finds lips stick and puts it on. Lamborgini she does not have it on. - Pannaralli
  • I can't believe noone mentioned this: When Memphis backs the mustang up after realizing there is a accident on the bridge, the car turns to the right as it stops but in the very next shot the car is pointing straight ahead. - Andrew Collins
  • When they are steeling all of the ferraris. They walk through the garage door and Tumblers flashlight is on then its off then on again. - Michael Farris
  • Not really a goof but I just thought it was wierd that no one was out driving the cars that they had to steal on that night. They were all just conveniently left un attended for someone to steal. - Andrew Collins
  • When Memphis is being chased by the cop and Memphis crosses the street and the cop gets hit by the bus if you look carefully you can see the wire that was pulling the cop car. (DVD) - stick34
  • When Memphis steals the mustang he needs both hands to start the car. Later when the car stalls he only uses one hand to start it like he would if he had the key. (DVD) - MrStang
  • When Cage is stealing Eleanor and he stuck on the bridge due to the accident, you can clearly see that the wreckers flat bed trailer is horizontal (in the driving position). But when he hits it is in the loading position. I don't think there would have been a lot of ramping going on if the flat bed wasn't touching the ground... ya know? (DVD) - Treehugger36
  • In the first scene when they're stealing the carrera when Kip goes for the key it already in his hand before he takes it out of the box (in slow motion this is very easy to see). - steve
  • When Kitt and Memphis are driving home there in a nova in the exterior shots of the car but when it switches to the interior shots, there in a 90s car like a sable or something, it does this through out the scene and when they're scrambling out of the nova as Johnnie B shoots it up it then shows a nova interior. (DVD) - cuda
  • When Nicolas Cage is stealing the mustang the car exhausts fumes are emitted towards the back of the car, instead of the side exhaust that it has. - EMOLAS19
  • When Memphis steals the Shelby he has to use tools to start it, but when it stalls he turns it back on with the keys. - Rockerbaby
  • (Continuity) When Eleanor lands on the bridge, the whole car's unibody is impacted. You can even see the roof ripple when it hits. But the later scenes with the car only have a smashed front area. (VHS) - Miked
  • (Continuity) When Memphis and Kip are running from Jonny B and his thugs, at one point when jumping the fences Memphis has his jacket on, it disappears and then reappears after they leave the scene with the dog pen. - Indi

Corrected Goofs

  • At the donut shop when the cable is connected to Jonny B's car it is connected to the back axle tightly in the next shot it is connected to the front axle and is really loose. - COLDAiM
    • Correction: When he ties the cable on to Johnny B's car he puts one cable on the back axle and onto somthing solid then the cable from the truck onto the front axle cause if he didnt the truck would just pull the car. - azskater480
  • In the final chase scene where Nicolas Cage is driving the Shelby Mustang, "Elenor", and trying to get away from the police and the helicopter, the tachometer is red lining and he hits the nitro (nitrous oxide) button on the the stick and the car acts as a rocket on wheels and goes insanely fast (it even goes faster than the pursuing police helicopter). I'm pretty sure that the shelby mustang had 430.3ci V-8's and couldn't go over 140 mph, and nitrous oxide only gives any engine an instant burst of a lot of horsepower it won't make the car go extremely fast for a long time/distance. There is also no way that a shelby mustang could out run a jet ranger helicopter (nitrous or not) cause that type of helicopter has a top speed of 250mph. - rock
    • Correction: Nitrous does not give a short burst of power but is constantly added to the petrol/air reaction therefore giving a substantial and lasting boost of engine power. No helicopter in the world can fly 250mph, check your facts you will see a Jetranger can push around 130mph, plenty of cars would outrun one in a straight line, but how often do we get that ideal scenario. - MikeCad
  • When Mirror Man (short black guy w/glasses) is dressed up trying to get his volvo from the car impound you can look behind him and see a big white sign that reads "Gone in Sixty Seconds". - Stephen AKA: Superman
    • Correction: Actually, in the original movie, a blimp flies over in one scene that says: lock your car or it may be GONE in 60 seconds... I'm pretty sure thats what the sign says. - Matt
  • When Memphis goes to see his brother "Kit" he is in a car that is about to be crushed. If you watch the back window it breaks twice. - Pannaralli
    • Correction: Only part of the window breaks. It can do that. - Jess
  • If you look closely you will notice that the the shelby's hood is not a hood of a 67 shelby since it has no vents in the front.
    • Correction: This isn't correct, the movie websight explains that the car has been very customized (with molded hood and side vents side pipes and custom headlights). - Andrew Collins


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