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  3 Ninjas (1992)    Buy this movie
  • When Rocky, Colt, and Tum-Tum are in their room their mother comes in and says that they (meaning the parents) are going out and just before she leaves her earring falls off. - Starr
  • In the same scene with the earring falling off, if you notice they are two different earrings. - mary


  3 Men and a Baby (1989)
  • When Ted Danson is talking to his mother in the back ground behind the curtains you can see a kid looking at the camera. Rumor has it he is one of the producers kids, he is a kid that wonder into the set, or he is a ghost from a kid who jumped out the window. OOOOHHHH Spookie. - Dude
    • Correction: The goof mentioned by the Dude about the kid in the back of the scene is not true. When the rumor first started, it was said to be the ghost of the boy who lived in the apartment where the movie was being filmed. He died when he fell out the window. When his mother saw the movie, she saw him and screamed, "That's my son!" The result was a run on Three Men and a Baby at the video stores as everyone rushed to see the ghost of the dead boy. As it turns out, there was no dead boy or mother. The boy in the background was actually a cardboard cutout of one of the actors in the film, Ted Danson, I think. They even took a picture of Ted posing with the cardboard cutout and put it in People magazine, with a small article explaining this urban legend. - Jim M
    • Comment: In that same scene where Jack passes the two windows while his mother is there, yes, the second window does have a cardboard cutout inserted into one scene and as Danson goes by the window again it is gone, but also in the first window. Danson goes by the window and there is a rifle in the window, when he repasses that first window again, it is gone. I was told that this was the gun that the boy who killed himself used, but we all know now that this was not a goof, just a publicity stunt to get viewers interested in the movie just in case it did not do so well at the box office. - lisa46224
    • Comment: Everybody knows about the boy behind the window. Well if he was a fake then why does he appear again. When they are all singing Goodnight sweetheart its time to go, and the baby is sleeping in the crib. Look in the round window above the crib. At first he is not there, but then you will see his head float up in the window, then it will float back down. I have done research on where the movie was taped, and it was filmed in a real apt, and filmed on the 2nd floor. So why would they go to all of this trouble for a fake ghost sighting. - wazzzup
    • Comment: There is a ghost in the film and yes it is of the boy that lived in that apt. The film makers paid the mother of the boy a huge sum of money to film the movie in her apt after her son died of leukemia. When she saw the premier of the film she saw him, still dressed in the same outfit he passed away in and yes she tried to get the movie stopped. If you notice that the new movies don't included that scene or it was dubbed out. Answer this, why would they keep filming if there was a boy standing in the window? Because you can't see it in real life only on film since it goes so fast you have to really look, I never knew it was there until I was told it was. Stunt or not, I still believe that it's a ghost and it's of the woman's son. Rest his soul. - Just Me
    • Comment: Do you ppl also believe that The Blair Witch Project was true?!? There is no ghost in Three Men And A Baby. Here, straight from, is the truth about the (rofl) "ghostly figure." "The strange figure seen behind the curtains of a window in the background of a Three Men and a Baby scene is a cardboard cutout of Ted Danson, not the supernatural image of a dead boy. Also, all filming took place on soundstages, not in any real house or apartment." Read all about this urban legend at the Urban Legends Reference Pages. - hikkchik
    • Comment: How can people keep saying that the little boy in the window is a cutout of Ted Danson in a tux with a tophat on? Look closely at the boy and you will see that he is definitely not wearing a tophat and it looks nothing like the cutout of Danson shown later in the movie. (VHS) - Christine


Sweet mother of god! It's a boy! It's a ghost boy!
Oh, hang on a sec... It's just a fake Ted Danson.
(Images provided by Urban Legends Reference Pages)


  6th Day, The (2000)
  • (Continuity) When the rich guy is giving his speech on cloning in front of the crowd towards the beginning, at the end of the speech he sets the microphone down and starts to turn. Right away it shows him again with the microphone and he says, "enjoy the party" to the press. Then it shows him at the old camera angle and the microphone is back where he first se it down. (VHS) - BcW


  8 Mile (2002)
  • (Misc.) In the opening credits they spell Britanny Murphy's name wrong - they spell it "Britney". - MrsMarshallMathers
  • (Continuity) When Jimmy (Eminem) tells his sister Lilly to go inside and lock the door when the bad guys are arriving. But when the mother comes home she opens the door without unlocking it. (DVD) - TAZ
    • Comment: Do we see the sister locking the door? Maybe she forgot or failed to lock it. - Webmaster
  • In the final rap battle scene Eminem's bruised eyes, from when he got beat up, keep on changing. One moment his eyes are bruised in the next they arent. (DVD) - TAZ
  • (Anachronisms) In the start of the movie one of the rappers make a rhyme about Caller ID, but the movie takes place in 1995 and there was no Caller ID back then. - Chubb's
    • Addition: Caller ID: "Beginning June 1, 1996, when you make a phone call, your telephone number will be sent to the person or office you are calling -- even if you have an unlisted number. If those you call subscribe to Caller ID, they can read your phone number on a display device and know who is calling before they pick up the phone." - Source: - Webmaster


  8MM (1999)

Nicholas Cage as Tom Welles

  • During Tom's escape from a shoot-out, the back window of his vehicle is shattered by gunfire. In the next shot of his vehicle crossing the bridge, it is untouched. The scene after that it's shattered again. - Scott


  • When Joey parks his camaro behind Cat's car in the street its to the right of the screen so he can walk next to her car. When she backs up and hits his car his car is directly behind her as she hits the driver's door. - Jim Spencer
  • Towards the end of the movie, when the three guys are talking on the side of the running track, a group of runners run past the guy on the left. When they show the guys on the right the next second, no one is running by. - gilly
    • Comment: They could've stopped. - Chuck
  • In the scene where they are all at gym class and shooting arrows, Bianca shoots the gym teacher, if you look in the background the girl tells another girl to go get help or call 911 or something, and the girl runs to a certain point and then stops and stands there looking around. - Bad Kittie
  • (Continuity) After Cat and the character played by Heath Ledger go paint balling, when they return to Cat and Bianca's house Cat has a piece of hair in front of her face with paint on, the camara then zooms to Heath Ledger and when it returns to Cat the paint has gone and the hair is tucked behind her ear. The time in between the two shots was to short for her to wipe the paint off and place it behind her ear. - boo-boo


  12 Monkeys (1996)


  13 Ghosts (2001)
  • At the beginning when the lawyer is telling the family about the house he says that Cyrus "liked his privacy" but when they arrive at the house Aurthur says "looked like Cyrus wasn't too keen on privacy" - obviously he wasn't listening! - Ecco
    • Comment: Well, Cyrus' house WAS in the middle of nowhere. But still I see your point. - Paige
  • Dennis Rafkin the phsycic is explaining to the family that the walls are sound proof and shatter proof but when Dennis gets trapped in a room with a P.O ed ghost he can clearly hear the nanny lady yelling to him to duck! - Ecco
  • When Arthur punches Dennis and they fall over look closely you can see the sound guy with the mic in the back throughout the scene (top left in the reflection in the bookshelf). - Ecco
  • I almost forgot my fav! At the beginning when Arthur spills coffee on himself watch every time it cuts back to him the spill changes shape and position. - Ecco
  • If you watch closely when Dennis says screw the kid the jackles out you can barely see a little boy right behind them. (DVD) - moviedude
  • When looking on the dvd version of 13 Ghosts you have to have it on pause and move it step by step to see this. In chapter 15 3 minutes and 22 seconds in. After they are first learning about all the ghost and they are talking about the withered lover they show the bathroom and the words I'm sorry are on the floor you'll see a person holding a board with the numbers 445316 with the person arms showing and if you step it two more times you'll see their head and part of their body as well as the board. (DVD) - TobJas


  13th Warrior, The (1999)    Buy this movie
  • After the battle were most of the warriors die the blond warrior drinks from a horn. When he is done drinking it's a different camera angle and the horn is fliped upside-down. - Eric


  15 Minutes (2001)    Buy this movie
  • When the firefighters and police are checking the burned building to determine if it was arson, a firefighter swabs the inside of a body's mouth, checking for ashes, to see if it had been smoking. If it is just a charred corpse, of course there are going to be ashes, right? But he doesn't find any! - PyRoPHiLe


  23 (1998)    Buy this movie
  • The plot is based in the early 80's (about that little explosion in Tschernobyl), but as the characters walk through a street there are several new cars in the background (VW Passat, Renault Clio etc.) - RoadRunneR


  28 Days (2000)    Buy this movie
  • While Sandra Bullock is talking to the ballplayer (can't remember his name), her shirt alternates from hanging out to being tucked in to hanging out until she sits down on the couch. - Snoopy


  48HRS. (1982)
  • During the fist fight scene between Nick Nolte and Eddie Murphy, you can tell that they used a stunt double for Murphy no matter how hard they tried to hide it with dark lighting and quick edits. I guess they thought no one would noticed. - Soulman
  • Eddie is handcuffed while in the car going to see Luther but as they switch scenes Eddie has his arm across the seat, then when they get to Luther's he's handcuffed again. - WittWicked


  61 (2001)    Buy this movie
  • Near the middle of the movie, Roger Maris is warming up playing catch with Mickey Mantle while talking to a reporter. Maris throws the ball to Mantle and then answers the reporter's question. Then Maris throws the ball again - without having a return catch in between! - Jim Hayes


  101 Dalmatians (1996)
  • If this film is set in England why are there racoons and skunks running around in a country that isn't inhabited by these creatures? - steelflesh
  • When the man with the dog named Pongo (don't know the man's name) falls into the water after Pongo knocks him in, he loses his hat. When he gets out, Pongo is pulling him down the street, and his hatless head goes off the screen, but when it becomes visible again, his hat is still there. Strange isn't it? (VHS) - bry22
  • When Lucky is slipping on ice during the puppie's trek back home you can tell for about 2 or 3 seconds that Lucky's ears have forgotten to be painted black like they are in the rest of the movie. I wonder if that was done on purpose (I doubt the artist would draw so many frames without noticing the slip-up). - Bo Jangles


  200 Cigarettes (1999)
  • In the scene in the punk-rock club, when Val is making out with Dave, she runs her fingers through his hair(red), you can tell he's wearing a wig, because it almost slides off his head. A true punker would have dyed his hair. (VHS) - Bookworm


  300 Spartans, The (1962)    Buy this movie

Richard Egan as Leonidas

  • At the start of the movie, the Persians are seen marching into Greece. The Persians invaded Greece from the north by following the Aegean coastline. The movie shows the Persians marching with the Aegean to their right. This means they are marching north when they should be heading south.
  • Throughout the whole movie the actors cant seem to pronounce the characters names right. For example Leonidas is pronounced at least five different ways. - pat


  1941 (1979)    Buy this movie
  • Living room scene: can see camera crew in reflection of mantle mirror. - bones


  2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)


  2010 (1984)
  • The "Leonov" has compartments with artificial as well as zero gravitation. It seems as if both the director and the actors from time to time forget were they are. In several scenes the actors don't even try to simulate weightlessness when they should do so. For example: Roy Scheider leans over a table, supporting on his elbow, while demonstrating something with a couple of floating pencils. - Olav Westerman

  • [View Trivia]


  3000 Miles to Graceland (2001)    Buy this movie
  • In the movie a voice over by a law enforcement officer giving a synopsis of one of the characters bios that the character played by Costner was born in 1955 and served in the US Army Vietnam as a medic in 1969-70. How many 14 year-olds were in Vietnam? - MIKE


  20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (1954)    Buy this movie
  • When the "Nautilus" goes through the underwater-tunnel, we get some views seen from inside the wheel-house. Some of the cliffs seem to pass by directly under the windows, so the hull of the "Nautilus", on top of witch the wheel-house is placed, can't possibly have any room to pass over the cliffs. - Olav Westerman
  • In the beginning, Ned has two girls with him. One's dress has shoulder coverings the keep disappearing, then reappearing as the camera angle changes. - Bob


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